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Opening Doors To Twin Flame Encounters In The Physical – Both Sides Moving Closer.
Complete New 29 Year Phase But: Have You Reached The Inner Harmony That Creates Lasting Love?

Before we get started today a reminder – Cleansing away the negative energy that might be pushing you and your Twin apart, is an essential part of the Twin Flame journey – Make sure you Download my Free Energy Cleanse Tool and Guided Meditations For Twin Flames.  

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Welcome into the last week of 2017!

We’ve been through a year full of transformations, and in many ways this week’s New Year’s cycle shift is the most powerful we’ve had in years – get ready for profound changes in 2018.

We now have so much energy centered in Capricorn and involving the sign’s ruler Saturn, who just returned to his “home” for the first time in 29 years. This translates into deep physical world changes on the rise.


Manifesting Lasting Reunions

We have in these last few years been asked to work on our inner issues, healing karma, clearing and uplifting energy, releasing shadows…

To reach a state of harmony within with ourselves, centering into self love.

And with our Twin Flame – to connect as souls and align our energies with love no matter the outer state. It’s been about the Inner Journey, above all.

For the Twin Flames who have done their inner work, a completely new stage is set to begin in this coming period. Love built on strong foundations. Remember how spirit said in spring “would you rather come together quickly or harmoniously? This is what they meant.

For those who have harmonized and uplifted their own inner situations (and helped their Twin Flame to activate awakening if they were as yet unaware of the connection), the journey begins to progress more and more into physical encounters that don’t just fizzle out into running and cycles of separation.

The inner platform has been laid for outer reunions to be lasting and harmonious. We see this as the case for quite a few Twin Flame pairs.

If you’re looking for insights on how to put an end to Separation and Running, go here.



Love Comes Home Into The Physical

As Venus enters Capricorn to join Sun and Saturn here on December 25th, it’s as if love comes “home” to the physical. Somehow, in this coming period, love will find its way to you, is the message.

And if you’ve done your inner work this is not just set to be a flash in the pan. This time, it can be for good.

We see this as Venus activates the classic “marriage point” Venus conjunct Saturn on December 25th. This is considered highly beneficial for long term relationships, for lasting love.

Denoting stability, happiness, a sense of commitment.

As Saturn has just moved into this sign, there’s an indication that we’re moving into a new stage of the collective development of Twin Flames.


What Would Your Dream be Like In The Flesh?

Where more and more are coming together in the physical, potentially sharing joy but also starting to learn many of the lessons and experiencing what comes with this kind of a co-existence.

To live together as one soul in two bodies.

What would it be like to live with your Twin Flame? To sleep next to them every night? To negotiate schedules and tastes and their choices and priorities with yours?

If this brings up some concerns for you, make sure you clear them.

Now we see why we’ve been pushed so hard to clear and manage our energy and karmic baggage in recent years – because now, this activation brings love and the opportunities for physical reunions.


Did You Leave The Baggage To Pile Up?

For Twins who have left the baggage piling up, not resolving karmic challenges, this transit will simply activate the negativity.

Because the universe will always keep pushing for us to resolve our “issues” and confront our shadows, until we do. Read more about this here

It keeps pushing for harmony between the Twin Flames – purging everything in the way of this.

Anything in your systems that constitute blocks to love (fear, victimhood complexes, anger issues, old hurts and letdowns and all the rest of it) need to be removed for you to experience the unconditional love you’re here for.

Watch this brief video on how it works:



The Real Cause Of Running/Chasing And Separation

Ultimately, what determines whether your Twin Soul connection is harmonious or fraught with problems is your energy vibration and your core beliefs. The actual hows and whats of your journey actually make very little difference.

If your energies are clogged up with negativity on any level, you and your Twin Flame will experience an energetic repulsion – translating into continued Running/Chasing and Separation cycles.

Try my free energy cleanse tool here to connect back to pure light and begin to experience what it feels like to dwell in high vibrational energies – that’s where love lives!




Answered Twin Flame Prayers

In order for Twin Flame Reunions in the physical to be happy and lasting, we have these last years been pushed to prepare the ground, to clear out the snags, the blocks, the unconscious negativity that would otherwise trigger the connection to come apart once more.

A highlighted issue right now is: Are you really able to accept the idea that life can be so good? That love really is possible? That happiness with your love can be *real*? 

Do try to feel inside and confront any lingering shadows at this point. The truth I really really want you to know right now is, you really do deserve that much love. You really do deserve that much happiness, miracles, for your dream to come true.

Consider this – the belief that it can’t happen might be what has had you creating otherwise. Ask yourself – who told you lasting love wasn’t possible? Who told you your dreams wouldn’t come true – and when?

Do clear these things. Set the intention to let it go for good. You really are so deserving.

What if the universe had been trying all your life to show you how amazing things could be, but other people and society had got in the way with mis-wirings and negative beliefs?

This is something to consider – especially because the holidays tend to trigger old childhood issues…

Is Your Twin Flame Unawakened?

So are you really open to the love and harmony you desire with your Twin Flame? Take the channeled quiz here to find out.

And, if you feel like there are issues still to be worked out either between you and your Twin or on their part – try this new channeled session spirit asked me to share.

One day as I sat down to meditate, this session began being transmitted immediately, with the message that this is the answer to what many Twins have been asking and praying for help with.

This is a session for Awakening Sleeper Twins and assisting the Twin Flame pair in anchoring into the higher dimensional 5D unity grid for increased stability and lightness of being.

In this session we enlist your Twin’s higher self aspect to use their own system to gently trigger them to awaken more fully, to remember on a conscious level who they are. To activate latent light-codes and soul memories – in complete alignment with Free Will.

This is a 45 minute deep session where we also enlist your guidance team to bring new added assistance, clear out limiting ancestral programming, including sexual blocks and 3D illusions that tend to cause problems between Twins.

We also activate and bring forth more of your soul’s gifts and show you insights about your pre-life background.

Go here to read more.

twin flame awakening



Masculine Twins Reconnecting Spiritually

As Mars trines Neptune around December 28th, we are shown a wonderful vision of the Masculine Twin feeling guided, stirred to follow “his” intuition… To find his other half, in essence.

To seek out his counterpart. “He” might be unaware of what the stirring means, the feeling of going to a certain place or take a certain action – but it is designed to get “him” to his love.

In other terms, this trine indicates the Masculine Twin feeling more open to and aligning with a higher perspective, with the “dream of love”.

Wanting more out of life, desiring deeper meaning. And in this, we see the memory of the Twin Flame connection of unconditional love.

Spirit shows us dreams about “his” Twin Flame, visions, astral encounters… Beginning to notice an inner calling to seek out his counterpart.



Twin Flame Sexuality As Portal To Love

As we end the year and move on into 2018 Neptune is positively stimulating both Mars and Jupiter, and there’s an indication that the energy fields of the Masculine have completely shifted over recent years.

The energy of having gone from “troubled teenager struggling to make sense of the world, the self and feelings”, to a sense of a man who is secure in himself and open to express who he is both as a human being and a soul.

(Embodying the Divine Masculine Archetype – read about what this means here)

Jupiter is now situated in the middle of Scorpio and the 8th house, with Mars in a conjunction. Sex is a big topic right now, and not necessarily romance but the physical side of intimacy. The high vibrational rehash of sex.

We see that the path that leads your Masculine polarity Twin to you most strongly, is sexuality. Don’t dismiss this possibility right now as it can be the gateway to a deeper heart activation.

Happily, Jupiter and Mars are also in a positive trine to Venus and the Sun in Capricorn, indicating a harmonious expression of sexual love.

Spirit shows us, if this not happening in the physical reality, dream and astral encounters are highly likely. Make sure you note down a few key memories when you wake up each morning to strengthen dream recall.

(Go here to read about what’s really going on when you dream about your Twin Flame)



Moving Into Solid Physical World Connections

This Christmas could give you more than you had bargained for in your Twin Flame connection – physical encounters and Reunions are highly aspected right now!

We’re shown a feeling of tender emotions between the Twin pair, as if a doorway opens that the two had lost hope of ever finding.

We also have a trine between Venus and the Sun, to Neptune in Pisces – there’s a sense of harmony and alignment between the Twin Flames right now, things are moving in a direction towards solidity.

The Earth element of Capricorn becoming a unifying factor between the masculine/feminine energies and the higher dimensional input.

Uranus is still moving retrograde through the end of Aries, the last parts of this cycle – pushing for you to clear any fear of change, changing up what hasn’t served you.

Shaking things up so you can move forward with a new foundation.



What Future Are You Energizing Right Now?

Now is the perfect time to tidy up any lingering fears of change and the future.
What do you truly believe about your Twin Flame connection?

Are you worried about the future, about what might happen if you come together (again)? If so, do make sure you clear these fears as they will only attract the very thing you don’t want.

As Abraham Hicks has said: “Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.”

(If you want to get ahead and sow positive seeds of manifestation for your Twin Flame future – go here. I take you through it step by step).



Why You’re Lucky To Be A Twin Flame

And to send the year off on a happy note – check in here with some inspiring facts about Twin Flames. Remember, what you focus on, grows. What you energize, manifests.

As within, so without. As above, so below. Harmony within and without – returning to a state of unconditional love for self and your counterpart, that’s the goal. And it’s within your reach! You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t.

That’s the goal your souls set, to learn about love from a multitude of angles, to overcome hurt and to experience the kind of bliss and happiness most people only ever dream of!

Read more here in “7 Reasons Why You’re Lucky To Be A Twin Flame”

This is set to be a pivotal positive week for Twin Flames, with potential for incredible bonding and sharing a new start, building into a solid future together where “heaven on earth” isn’t just a distant dream but physical creation in progress, becoming more and more palpable.

I’m honored to be on this beautiful path alongside you!

And until next time, I’m sending you love and light for a happy holidays and a wonderful end to the year! <3

Cassady x

Or if you want to go deeper, resolve karmic debt and get to the bottom of Running and Separation struggles for good – have a look at my complete Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames!

twin flame program

“This is just magical and I’m moved to tears…This huge block between us just dissolved in a snap and we are now closer than ever before! It’s like a miracle just happened before my very eyes. All this came from your work, your vibrational alignment program, and the techniques you share. She and I are doing the work, of course, but it would be so much more difficult and long without you. The only way is UP…So thank you, thank you, thank you..with positivity and abundance in all ways.”

Laurent C. Paris, France

Alternatively Download my Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes just add to cart in the store for free!

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  1. Wow, Cassady. Thank you for this very positive message! 2017 has been an intense year full of transformation and changes. For awhile this past year, I would swing between being uncomfortable and numb to feeling overwhelmed and confused… frequently asking myself: why is this happening to me now especially after all the progress I made in the past?? But I was guided to your articles when you say that these experiences are actually “gifts.” I feel like that is finally starting to sink in little by little 🙂 When I start to spiral to negativity, I am gently guided to ask myself “what can i learn from this/what are they trying to show me?” rather than entrenching in the negativity. Thank you so much for the reminder that this work will pay off and it is paying off even if we can’t see it immediately. I am setting the intention to let myself to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress. Sending you a big hug and lots of love and light <3 :).

  2. Hi Cassady,
    I’m feeling really optimistic about the next few years. Thanks for the wonderful article. I’m curious if you know if a lot of twins have Venus conjunction Saturn in their compatibility charts? My twin and I have this aspect between our charts. We currently live about 2000 miles away from each other but we communicate often and our relationship is quite good. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.
    Thank you for all your help and guidance.

  3. Everything you wrote in this article is spot on, but you already know this ;). You are a true clear channel to Spirit; I can attest to this. I am forever grateful for your guidance and support Cassady! Thank you!

  4. Hi everybody!
    I am new in this “world of TF” and l have many questions to ask ,but now l would like to ask,if somebody can explain to me this:how so that l do not have dreams with or about my Twin Flame?I mean:There is most of the signs in our case that we are TF(l was not happy in beginning about that we are TF but it is like it is and now l try to deal with all that what its my mission and do what l need and can about it),but since we have met 22.11.2016,l think that i dreamed him twice and all blurry.Its happening to others as well or…?Just wondering.Thank you and Happy Holidays to everybody.

  5. Thank you, this is great.
    My Twin and I are getting closer than ever before… I’m feeling butterflies in my solar plexus chakra a lot lately.
    However, some person nearly always snatches away my happy feelings straight after we have a night of deep connection. I will just stumble across something on the internet and the result is that I start to feel like I’m just fantasizing about me and him. Maybe a test to see if I’m going to run or not?

  6. Wow, I just discovered something! Don’t know if anyone else has experienced this?? My twin and i, feel, are days from meeting and Spirit confirms, completely ready. We have shared an amazing 2 years of blissful, supporting and loving astral connection and merging our energies into one heart light, that I felt was beginning to feel like the very start of a physical connection. I feel he lives not too far away from me and I went away (3 hours drive) for a week at Christmas and began to feel heart sick from geographical distance between us. He said he felt the same as we communicate freely telepathically, I asked what was wrong and he sung me Dire Straits song ‘You’re So Far Away From Me’!! I am home now and feeling like myself again – happy and shining. ???

    1. It doesn’t bother me if she needs time to think things through, I can wait. The difficult part is not knowing how she feels about me. Part of me wants to think that she “chased me away” at the beginning of December to break from the work relationship and after a waiting period reconnect on a personal level. Too many coincidences in us meeting to think there isn’t something there. I wish you the best of luck.

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