Get Ready For The Boost Of The Year! A Touch Of Luck – Doors Open… Or Is It Your Vision That’s Shifted? Mercury Retrograde “Asks” – What Can You Adjust To Allow Miracles To Show Up?

Welcome into a week full of new potential developments, lessons, challenges, opportunities and positives!

We’re given a major boost this week – In fact, it’s the most powerful current of “miracle” energy we’ve had in 12 years!

But the spotlight is on us – the universe delivers, but can we allow that much light in our lives?

Get ready to open up the best you can!

More details below.


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Lifting Into The Realm Of Miracles

What an amazing week this is set to be! With the Sun and Jupiter joining in “his” home sign Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years – this is a rare high!

Your lesson this week, delivered by Jupiter, is that if you expect things to be wonderful, there’s a good chance they will be! 

Jupiter wants you to reach into the realm of dreams come true, of “miracles”. And it might mean he’ll push you to let go of your anchors, your objections, and launch into positivity without being so concerned with the details…

True “perfection” is in the harmony of “imperfection”. As I wrote to you here: “What if your Twin Flame connection was perfect all along?”

This current will help you uplift, but it will also show up where you may still be playing the victim in life (no offense intended – many of us have this programming running).

Because that version of reality isn’t true for you as a soul! Have a look at this resource for more on how to delete those kind of negative programs that keep people stuck in the experience of “life is hard”.

Are You Feeling The “Glow”?

And as the week ends, you can immerse yourself in passion with someone very special. If you want to – do you?

It’s hard to keep a smile off your face when the Sun and Jupiter get together as they do on the 26th. You’ve probably been feeling the build up for a few days.

There’s a sort of glow around the edges of the world, a general mood of well-being and optimism. You like the world and it likes you right back.

Make sure you make the most of this time – you’re on a roll for manifestation and being able to receive your wishes tangibly.

Allow yourself to dwell in the feeling of having your dream come true right now – that’s part of the magic of inviting in “miracles”! (For more on this, click here)

“No Dream Is Out Of Reach”

Spirit also indicates, look back to where you were 12 years ago when Jupiter was last “home” with the Sun in Jupiter – and anything you wish you’d done differently then…

Now is a chance to make profound changes for the course of your life – for the better. There is no dream that’s out of reach if you can just go for it, “says” Jupiter.

This energy is very eager to communicate that to you, to lift you up, to shake you up and give you “wings” so you can expand into your true potential!

Nothing is impossible! If it feels like it is, it means there’s heaviness and negativity in your system. Clear it so you can uplift into the sparkly glow and “magic” of this transit!

This coming period you have support from the high vibrational energies of Jupiter to get you consistently up into that high vibration and reaping the fruits of your previous efforts!

So take some time to make sure your genetic lineage, beliefs and past experiences aren’t blocking your efforts…

We also go through clearing much of this in the Second Clearing Session for Twin Flames, which includes new high vibrational templates for Twin Union.

 twin flame session

Is Your Root Chakra Helping or Blocking you?

Remember that in order to receive and see the physical result of your desired manifestations (such as Twin Flame reunion) you must be in alignment with receiving the positivity you’ve asked for.

I was recently shown that many Lightworkers and Twin Flames are successfully manifesting their goals and dreams on nearly all non-physical levels, but have a block in the Root Chakra.

(Learn more about chakras and get a free reading here)

The Root chakra is connected to the physical body and existence – and when it’s blocked or full of limiting programming, it can effectively close the “door” on your dreams showing up in the physical.

For this reason, we included in the channeled Harmony Healing For Twin Flames to clear out any limiting ancestral energy grids that might be blocking you from showing up your desired Union and Harmony in the physical.

Well-being Breeds Well-Being

The law of return and the law of attraction both tell us this truth: That we get more of what we give out, and we strengthen and boost what we’re focusing on.

You can use this in an amazing way to lift higher and higher into love – attracting it from your Mirror Self too!

So the more you compliment those around you, the more they return the favor. You do a good turn and someone does two for you. The more love you send your Twin, the more love you get back…

When you consciously feed into positivity this way one bit of good luck seems to lead to another, then another, then another…

(Watch a video on the Twin Flame Mirror here on how it works)


Inviting In More Love…

It’s an amazing feeling, even though the facts of life haven’t really changed that much. It isn’t as if all the fairies got together and decided to give you a good time. It’s the energy current.

The cosmos boosting a shift in your attitude that makes you see the opportunities ahead of you and realize how you can take advantage of them.

And spirit comments – you can use this for life! Not just while Jupiter is boosting you.

If you allow yourself to see the good in the people in your life, they’ll usually justify your faith in them. If you choose to focus on the love between you and your Twin, the more it will grow…

The more you focus on good, the more you see it and the more you attract it…

(Learn more about how the laws of energy work in “5 Crucial Insights For The Twin Flame Journey”)


The Secret Love Ingredient

Take advantage of the good mood floating about and try to expand your horizons. Enjoy the feeling of being in a golden flow of potential miracles.

Unfortunately, there is a glitch however. Mercury is in square to Mars, which can leave everyone a lot more short tempered than they usually are.

It’s an odd combination. On one hand the mood is positive, uplifting and forward looking, and on the other people rush to conclusions, speak without thinking and get into arguments about things that don’t really matter that much…

This tendency will likely be worse in your most intimate relationships where you’re likely to have let your guard down. For best results, shield yourself, clear out any anger/conflict energies that show up…

And stay aware!

If a situation appears headed toward an argument or a clash, you’re allowed to say: “Let’s take a time-out and discuss this later,” or to distance yourself.

You’re never obligated to participate in negativity. You’re allowed to say no to whatever feels bad.

(Read more about this in “Self Love – The Secret Ingredient”)

Thinking Twice


Forgiveness is the balm that will help you get the best out of Jupiter’s boost while not being dragged down by Mars’-Mercury’s irritation.

The edge is taken off a little when the Sun makes a conjunction with Mercury Retrograde on the 27th.

There may still be a few fractious moments, but with the Sun shining its light on situations, it becomes much easier to find ways of preventing a minor disagreement from turning into a battle.

In addition, Mars is now in sextile to Saturn which manages to curb its more overpowering influences. Self-control is easily within your reach – and should be to everyone else as well.

Spirit shows us, a lesson everyone is being asked to learn right now is self discipline. Self awareness. Self mastery. So keep this in mind. Are you being the master of your own self?

Are you acting according to your inner truth, your highest aims? Or are you RE-acting out of fear, ego, anger? This week you can make big progress in this area, but it might take some work.

Meditation is a wonderful way to step into greater calmness, and lift your vibration to invite in more love and harmony from your Twin connection. (Get my free guided meditation here to get started)

Second Chances In Relationships

With Jupiter and Mercury Retrograde forming a tight conjunction, small talk is off the agenda. There are so many important things to say – why waste time talking about trivialities?

And so many people seem lackluster, boring right now. You want someone with whom you can discuss your hopes and dreams, what you believe deep down.

(Really, you’re longing for the Twin connection, naturally!)

(If your Twin Flame is Unawakened, click here for spirit’s advice on how to raise the subject of Twin Flames with them without “scaring them away”)

Another indication is, you are likely being shown where you may have allowed pessimism to pull you off course in the past. Know that in spiritual truth nothing is “impossible”. You and your Twin Soul really can enjoy a wonderful happy connection.

And if your thought was that it’s not going to happen, that’s a snag right there. This is the kind of perception that might be holding you back!

The universe wants to deliver your desire, but your own energy might be blocking it due to doubts, skepticism, past hurts… (Read more about this and how to change it)


Alchemy Of Passion

Be prepared to be caught by surprise. On 30th November Venus forms an opposition to Uranus, just like she did at the end of October.

Maybe you made a relationship mistake at that time… Perhaps you acted without thinking and wished you could make up for it. Now is your moment.

You’re getting a second chance – and this time things are set to work out much better.

With Mercury Retrograde sneaking into Scorpio on the 1st and Venus joining him on December 2nd, the mood feels more intense than earlier in the week.

But not necessarily in a bad way. Mercury makes you more observant and more able to focus, while Venus gives a kick to your desires.

Passion is key. A relationship that consumes you to the core of your being.

Though you might have a niggling worry that being consumed can be a little scary. Many Twin Flames are terrified of the intensity of the connection – that’s why they “run (Read more about that here)

Twin Flame Runner

If you can admit to yourself that being scared isn’t necessarily a bad thing and that letting go can lead to wonderful places… you can decide which risks are worth taking…

Beware Ego In The Connection

Does the relationship feel worth it? (I think so, that’s why you’re here on the blog!)

If it is, allow yourself to take the plunge right now! Don’t hold back from love. And it could be you’re happy together already, but if so this is a time to take things to a deeper level.

Just keep a handle on your ego – and beware your Twin’s. The Sun squaring Mars in Pisces on December 2nd means you both want to stay firmly in charge and might resent what you perceive as someone trying to claim your power.

There’s also high likelihood that you’re feeling really impatient with your Masculine counterpart… Like they’re not DOING anything, just floating along. And you feel like your happy future is at risk…

Spirit shows us, however there’s a purpose to what they’re going through. They’re growing on a deeper level of consciousness – even if they seem inactive on the surface.

To help them in this process, have a look at this.

twin flame awakening

What’s The Message From Your Twin?

There’s a LOT going on that you can’t see with your eyes or hear with your ears. For best results, go deeper in this period.

We see their higher self is waiting to reach you with important messages…

In fact, they’ve been trying to reach you for a long time but you’ve been out of reach. Click here to read more and get a personalized message from them.

Mars tends to bring clashes. Try to find a compromise where you can in this period, rather than get into a fight, if you’re not happy with the way things are going.

Otherwise, you might find yourself in a fight that no-one can win.

Is something up in your Twin Flame connection? Tension, running or things seem like they’re not improving?

It’s likely congestion and negativity is blocking your Twin’s side of the connection… Click here to resolve it.

Opposites Attract? Mars Brings Sizzle…

The other side of this combination is that you could encounter someone who is highly attractive to you, but who challenges you. (And yes, that could be your Twin!)

In fact, the physical side of your connection can be an amazing way to sublimate the tense energy around at the end of this week…! (Read more here in: Twin Flame Sex And Why It’s Literally Out Of This World)

You don’t have to accept the challenge and turn it into an argument. There are other, and much more fun, ways of using that passionate energy.

And – you don’t have to be physically together with your Twin for this to work (discover why and how here in class 6)

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


“I experienced the power of these tools rather quick. The Vibrational Alignment Program is great and very empowering. It is allowing me to experience an inner peace I never thought I’d feel again. I wish I had found this a long time ago. Thank you!”

– Danielle, New York, USA

twin flame program

Want more? For powerful methods to heal blocks and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at my Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames!

Alternatively you can try my Free Help Kit For Twin Flames here!

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  1. We had family stay with us for the holiday and when I went into our guest room to get it ready I noticed the clock had stopped, later that day I changed the battery and went to reset the time for 1:05 but then i noticed the clock had stopped at 1:05… talk about synchronicity… and then a thought crossed my mind ‘when the timings right, life is easy and just falls into place’.
    Which is something I’ve been learning with my TF, when I try to plan something to say, it never plays out as well as I expected. But when I relax and go with the flow, everything goes better than I could have imagined. As though life help you along when you loosen your grip.
    In fact I got the same message through music. I asked my TF’s Higher self to send me a message through a song then I hit shuffle, well I didn’t care for the song so I hit shuffle again, and kept doing that over and over, finally I thought in my mind “hes not in the mood for that game” so I quit hitting shuffle and the very next song was One Last Song by Sam Smith. Made me laugh.

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