Eclipse Season, Mercury Retrograde Open To Major Shifts… The Twin Flame Soul Path Of Love In Focus. Are You Ready For Transformation?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Powerful Full Moon “Super Blood Moon” Eclipse and massive shifts brewing. Gateway open till mid June. Plus, Mercury Retrograde brings up issues around love.

Did you misunderstand something? Is your counterpart about to change their mind? Will love return these next few weeks?

Discover more below!


Improved Flow from Recent Weeks

We have some highly significant transits for Twin Flames ahead this week.

If you’re feeling heaviness on the rise, try to keep a cool head – there’s a lot going on cosmically and that’s what you’re feeling. Already now, intensity is building for the Eclipse midweek.

First of all, Gemini season is officially on since the Sun moved in here last week! As the Sign of the Twins, duality, opposition and finding balance between “self and other” are in focus now.

You may be nudged to see things from your Twin’s perspective this coming week, or at least be open to new perspectives.

If you can release perceptions of right vs wrong, you’ll open to a higher state in your connection.

Read more here on how this works.


The Twin Flame Soul Team!

As Sun conjuncts North Node, your soul path is in focus — for you AND as a Twin Flame pair.

Pay attention to what you feel drawn to and any ideas and inspirations and directions that show up… Especially anything repeating from the past.

This is working to help you align with your divine purpose and bliss.

Because the North Node is retrograde, it’s likely you come face to face with somewhere in the past you may have UN-chosen something that was truly guided and in your soul’s truth.

If so, remember you always get second (and third, and fourth, and fifth) chances!
(Make sure you clear any limiting beliefs/blocks so they don’t mess you up again though.)


Soul Purpose — Theme For 2021

You’re being directed or re-directed in this period – back to your soul’s truth and aligned path.

Do your best to pay attention because logic or limiting beliefs may work to convince you again to NOT choose your soul’s truth.

How you handle this week will set the course for the rest of the year and beyond – Including in your Twin Flame connection. (This is a once in a year transit.)

Spirit highlights, opportunities may show up to open to you following your soul path.

They’re working to help you. Your soul path is being lit up this whole week.

(A quick tip on knowing more about your soul path/purpose in this lifetime, is check out this resource on Twin Flame zodiac signs)



Ascended Self — Divine Feminine

Pallas conjuncts Neptune also, signaling a period of higher awareness for the Divine Feminine — especially those who are in their ascended self.

Remember to go within,  to be AVAILABLE to the inspiration and wisdom working to reach you right now. If you’re busy in the outer world, it might pass you by.

Saturn is still retrograde, so another “background theme” this week is that anywhere you aligned with NOT being wise or divine or powerful or having access to infinite spiritual knowledge, is being shown up – so you can clear it.

(I help you with that here)

It can also be that you’re being alerted to damaging information you’ve taken in, which has put limitations on your spiritual development.

Anything that has created dis-empowerment, a feeling of being less than capable, aligned you with NOT having your dream come true.

(Read more here in whose beliefs are mapping out your Twin Flame journey?)


Can Beliefs Wound?

Keep this in mind if any heavy energy comes up to confront you over the next few weeks: — How has this kept me from wholeness, both within and with my Twin Flame?

What limiting beliefs about yourself do you still have, that might be blocking or stopping you from truly opening up with your Twin Flame?

This is key to the soul path lighting up as well.

Because we’re shown that the reason you may NOT have been experiencing your desired changes or developments, is that often, YOU have not made the choices that would get you there…

BECAUSE you were “wounded” energetically by beliefs and ideas that told you, you couldn’t do it. So you didn’t try.


Focus on Past Disappointment

In essence, Saturn R and the North Node R are pushing us to tidy up our own INNER situation, so we’re free to pursue our truth. So our path opens up.

So we stop holding back or compromising due to self-fulfilling fear prophecies that have been pushed onto us by others.

Because Saturn deals with karma, it’s highly likely the past plays a part in why things may NOT have worked out the way you wanted.

It’s being brought to your attention now in some way.

Get a free energy healing session here to start clearing it.


Chakra Upgrades — Higher Advances

As Saturn is going retrograde through Aquarius (he was in Capricorn between 2018 and 2020), we’re dealing with different kinds of karma than last year’s retrograde.

Now, it’s to do more with perspective, ideas, reaching for our dreams.

Spirit highlights, this is a key period for acknowledging and un-doing where you were led to limit yourself, your dreams, your aspirations, your views of the future.

Especially due to other people’s input and collective belief systems.


What Did You Expect?

Many of us are still operating within the grid of the OLD expectations. Pay attention and it will be shown up to you now.

For more, and to unleash a higher chapter of your journey long term, have a look here at the Higher Dimensional Awakening And Anchoring Session. In the channeled session we clear out old ancestral and collective “3D” shadow timelines to open you and your Twin up to the higher timelines of unity and harmony.

Drawing in love on all levels, and gently rousing awakening in your counterpart in alignment with free will (via spirit’s unique method).

twin flame awakening

“The absolute most intense healing I’ve ever done – it completely blew me away. I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

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Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Throughout this week we have intensity brewing in the run-up to the Full Moon “Super Blood Moon” Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26th. Which opens the eclipse gateway, open until June.

Yet again this deals with limitations. We’re shown the Eclipse is a release cycle pushing up wounds and emotions around where you were limited, told to settle for less.

Where you may have “accepted” that Twin Flame love/happiness/your dreams wouldn’t happen.

A time to release any false info and projections that others/society pushed onto you.


Twin Flames ARE “Made” To Reunite

Spirit highlights that this may happen in a “hidden” way.

You may just feel the EMOTIONS around this and NOT realize it’s false, illusions. So, if you FEEL bad this week, know it’s a signpost of falsehood somewhere in your system.

For example, if you feel heartbroken that you may never reunite with your Twin. The EMOTION is showing up falsehood.

Because the SOUL truth is that you are MADE to reunite, and in this infinite universe of COURSE that can happen!

But the human stories and beliefs may have gotten into your system and created the experience of NOT reuniting.

So now, the emotions are being flagged so you can clear the limiting BELIEFS/PROGRAMMING and shift into a higher alignment.

Read more here on how this works and why the WORSE you feel, the more ILLUSION it means is in your system and your Twin Flame connection.


Don’t Make Rash Decisions!

Make sure you clear out the baggage that comes up this week, as it will open your path to reunion in a smoother way.

Don’t just think it will go away by itself, says spirit.

Because if we “accept the negative emotions/stories” as REAL, we keep them in our system. They will keep playing out in our reality and our Twin Flame connection.

All it takes is 9 minutes with this FREE energy healing for Twin Flames

(Or use The Complete Harmony Healing session for deeper clearings of cycles of running/separation and more.)

Complete harmony Healing Tool


Ascension Symptoms?

During this Eclipse window, I would definitely advise to hold off on major decisions until the energies settle again.

Things are really stirred up during eclipses, often with things seeming to break apart or break open – to open to a new and higher state. (Read more here)

Be aware of your dreams around this time, as you are likely to be given insights into what UN-conscious stuff in your system and your Twin’s which has been causing trouble…

So you can heal and clear it out for good.


Eclipse Release

Eclipses are some of the most intense energetic events we have throughout the year. They create a push for massive change, and often breakdowns in what is not “in divine alignment”.

So a lot of density and heaviness is being brought up not only in people as individuals but the collective fields for the planet.

Many Twin Flames tend to palpably feel this pressure, even physically.

Headaches and tension in the body is not uncommon during heavy cosmic events. Again, use the free session for help – it’s due to dense energy “pressure”, so when you clear that energy you’ll feel better

Connect to the light in the Free Energy cleanse session and allow the light to flush any negativity/heaviness out of your system — AND your Twin Flame connection.

(Read other Twins’ feedback here to see examples of the positive shifts that come when you do this)

cassady-cayne-twin-flame-reviewcassady cayne review

Click here to read more testimonials_______

“Upgrading” The Planetary Grids

What’s happening on an energetic level is that the whole planet, and we, are

Long-term this is an amazing gift that will help us increasingly live in the upper registers of joy, abundance and love, but in this Eclipse period of releasing, it might feel like a challenge.

Be good to yourself. Remember to use your energy resources, as you don’t have to suffer through purging or “ascension symptoms” if you use your tools.

This is an intense period. Do shield yourself as well, because others’ negativity is coming up to be released.

Learn more about energetic shielding, cord cutting, clearing tools and how to harmonize your connection in my Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.


Balancing Mind and Heart – Mercury Retrograde/Venus

Late this week, we have a rare Venus/Mercury conjunction.

Then, Mercury goes retrograde WHILE conjunct Venus, which is even more unusual!

This means there are issues regarding head vs heart (Venus rules love/the heart, Mercury rules communication and the “head”).

It shows, logic is “going backward”… While intuition and the heart’s wisdom continues forward.

In other words, we’re set to be dealing with a period of balancing between mind and heart… Spirit shows us, allowing the HEART to lead the way to love, even when the MIND thinks it’s “impossible”.


Learning to Trust…

This coming period it’s crucial to go within and use your intuition – and not taking in limiting info mentally.

Mercury and Venus both trine Jupiter, now in Pisces, which shows us again that we’re being pushed to go BEYOND the mind.

Into a higher state of consciousness — that’s the path forward.

It will mean the difference between confusion, mental stress and “the roller coaster” of drama – versus being at peace, KNOWING the truth about your Twin Flame, the future, your connection, yourself, other people…

And being able to manifest, call in and RECEIVE unity.


Deepening the Connection

This period, journal on what is going on in your Twin connection. Ask your soul and your Twin’s higher self to show you solutions and the path to reunion and love.

Go beyond the mind.

Answers will begin to show up.

To deepen your connection with your Twin’s higher self, have a look here.

Did you know every Twin’s higher self-counterpart is waiting and wanting for them to go within to open to the “hieros gamos” (the sacred marriage of Masculine and Feminine), the Reunion of souls?

Have a look at this article for more.


Reviewing Love’s Past

During the next few weeks, know that if complications, confusion and static show up, as is common with Mercury Retrograde… it’s for a guided reason.

It’s a signpost to stop operating with the analytical mind and on the conscious “3D” human level only.

These next few weeks – especially in the Eclipse window – we’re being asked to stop relying on only the thinking mind and the “outer surface reality” of the 3D. To go beyond. Into the SOUL.

It might happen in dramatic ways, as Eclipses tend to bring sudden shifts and breakdowns.

If something seems to be destroyed now in some form, know that it is making way for a new “higher beginning”.

Returning Exes?

Because Venus is so key at this time, reviewing the past in love also highlighted.

Maybe something you thought was a problem turns out to be a misperception on your part. Maybe you misunderstood your Twin’s motivations… Maybe they change their mind.

Maybe you tried to “let go” of your Twin but in this period, they return unexpectedly (retrogrades often “bring back” an old partner).

Take an experimenter’s view of this period, and be open to anything you might learn from it. Again, if something appears to break apart, it is to make room for a higher state.

If you can work WITH this process, you’ll find your connection improves dramatically during this time.



A Week for Re-Learning To “Listen”

This is a week where major cosmic power is working to get you “back on track” with your soul’s highest – including with your Twin Flame.

It may involve the breakdown of anything that’s been blocking that.

If things feel pressured, try to see the bigger picture right now:
What are you being asked to release?
What are you being pushed to see differently?

Remember, when you came here, you and your Twin Flame already had a plan.

Inside you, there’s a “soul blueprint” to reach unity – including in the physical. It’s unique to you and them.

Your counterpart’s soul will always show you and guide you, if you just give them a chance.

We’re in a period of major change and transformations working to reach us these next few weeks. Make sure you stay aligned with the soul and your highest potential.

Do not let limiting stories get to you and “fool you” into aligning with less than you deserve.

I believe in you!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x


“Your Vibrational Alignment program and Harmony Healing have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart session weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined.” – Joy, California, USA

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