What The Universe Really Wants For You, Focus On The Feminine Twin – Your True Divine Power And Masculine Essence Revealed. Are You Ready To Take Charge?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:  Neptune brings unity but also fogginess between the Twins, the cosmic energies ask you to address your own INNER relationship with your Masculine/Feminine essence, and Leo energies challenge you to allow your “best self” to step forth!

Discover more below!

Feeling Cloudy? Emotional? It’s The Moon…

You may already be noticing the first key transit of this week, which is the moon travelling over Neptune Retrograde in his home sign Pisces.

This often leads to a feeling of fogginess, yet there’s a sense of inspiration and tapping into unconditional love is more heightened than usual…

For Twin Flames this time is heightened for telepathy and connectedness.

You’re likely to FEEL your Twin’s feelings at this time, so spirit shows us something so small as to visualize yourself with them and giving them a hug can uplift the shared mood between you so much!

They remind us that the Twin Flame mirror can be the greatest gift – when there’s love it’s reinforced and magnetized and built to big proportions between the pair…  (Watch a video about the Twin Flame Mirror here)

What Happens When You Pick Up On Your Twin’s Heaviness

However, when there’s heaviness this is also reflected. As Neptune is involved with emotions right now, collective stuff is highlighted.

So do make sure you shield yourself to avoid absorbing issues that aren’t even “yours”…

Try my free energy cleanse tool here to connect back to pure light and begin to experience what it feels like to dwell in high vibrational energies – that’s where love lives!

I’ve had Twin Flames email me from all over the world to say how profound the effects of the Free Energy Cleanse Tool have been for them – including Runners getting in touch out of the blue after their Twin Flame cleared energy!

(Read their testimonials here)


Expecting Disappointment?

So this week starts with a feeling of fogginess and you might get worried that it means something bad is happening – however, the opposite happens.

Just as you start feeling that love may be an illusion and out of your reach, you rediscover that it was “hiding” inside and/or trying to reach you the whole time.

As Jupiter and Neptune have been in a square for the last week, you’re probably getting used to the idea that you need to constantly check out whether or not your dreams are realistic – that things might be out of reach.

(In universal truth, any dream you have can happen – it’s just a question of knowing how to make it show up in the physical. If you want to learn how, click here)

Stuck In “Daydreaming” With No 3D Change?

Realism and the contrast between dreams and “real life” is still highlighted right now, and ultimately the universe is challenging you to refine what beliefs are in your system… The inner stuff which affecting your ability to truly manifest your dreams in your physical life.

Spirit shows us, many spiritual people have had early life experiences that have blocked them from actually receiving their desires in the “3D”.

And therefore they end up locked in a loop of daydreaming, fantasizing, exploring the spiritual, even enjoying the Twin connection in the “5D”…

Without anything actually coming of it in their physical here and now lives!

Is Your Root Chakra Helping or Blocking you?

I was recently shown that many Lightworkers and Twin Flames have a block in the Root Chakra that’s preventing them from actually receiving their desires in the physical.

The Root chakra is connected to the physical body and existence – discover more and get a Free Chakra reading here.

When the root chakra is blocked or full of limiting ancestral or collective programming, it can effectively close the “door” on your dreams showing up in the physical.

For this reason, we included in the channeled Harmony Healing For Twin Flames to clear out any limiting energy grids that might be blocking you from showing up your desired Union and Harmony in the physical.

Transforming Into Effective Manifestation

Spirit showed me that cleansing these blocks, which most often includes clearing ancestral negativity and even to detox the body, can be hugely transformative in opening the door to these manifestations finally showing up!

The image I kept being shown was all the dreams waiting right outside the door – for the final block to be removed and the door to open to all the goals and manifestations arriving.

To learn more and download this session and open up to receiving your desires and reunion in the physical here and now, click here.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Higher Dimensions “Checking In” On Feminine Twin

At the start of this week Venus also squares Neptune immediately after it makes an exact opposition to Jupiter.

So we can see that although reality is that things are probably nowhere near the disaster you might think… In essence, if you keep excepting disappointment, that’s exactly what you will get.

There’s a challenge from the universe going on right now… And we see it’s the higher dimensions checking in on the feminine Twin and kind of nudging her – are you SEEING YOURSELF and your role in love clearly?

In other words, she needs a bit of a reality check on herself and her own creative role in the Twin Flame connection… (How she affects it)

Wishing Vs Goal-Getting

You’re likely feeling pressured right now, like the higher dimensions or your Twin’s higher self aren’t helping you, like the blissful connection you desire isn’t possible…

You’re being encouraged by the cosmic energies to lift your focus. To seek a higher perspective and align with the KNOWING it is meant for you.

When you step into your own Masculine essence and go from “wishing, hoping” (yet disbelieving) your love come true…

And step into the approach of: “I want this, I’m powerful, I can DO it!”

There’s an inner balancing needed for many Feminine Twins – to balance into their OWN Masculine essence and embrace their power for action, their desire for achievement and their inner “goal seeking” alpha…

This is what will bring your connection into physical reunion, is the cosmic message.

Rejecting Your Own Inner Masculine/Feminine Essence…

If this sounds off-putting to you, it’s a STRONG indication it’s exactly what you NEED the most!

Because if you’re avoiding embracing a wholeness of your OWN inner Masculine energy polarity, it unfortunately manifests as a struggle and separation between you and your counterpart in physical life!

Remember that your INNER union is incredibly powerful in attracting with EASE a lasting and harmonious outer union with your Twin Flame. (If you need help with this, click here).

If you’re the Feminine Twin, where are you afraid of, trying to avoid, suspicious of or pushing away your OWN masculine essence?

These are key themes right now. Spirit reminds us, you’re not only the “Feminine Twin”. You’re an infinite being who embodies both Masculine and Feminine energy principles – even if one is predominant.

“As within, so without. As above, so below.”

Spirit’s Plea – DM vs DF

Whether you’re female or male, please refrain from using labels such as DM and DF as they over-simplify and distort the connection, says spirit.

Look at yourselves as individuals and things will open up much, much more. Labels cement and entrench systemic issues, is their message!

To step into a smooth and harmonious inner union with yourself, and with your Twin Flame, in energy, soul and being… Have a look at the new Twin Flame Oneness Activation Session.

I take you through a journey to the etheric realms where I and your Twin’s higher self help you activate the energy of oneness in your system so you effortlessly attract it with them on all levels. Hieros Gamos, Sacred Union.


Read more about that here. And to download the session, click here.

Shining Your Light For All To See

As Mercury enters Leo on 26th June, the mood brightens.

Mercury in Leo tells everyone it’s fine to shout out, it’s great to share positivity – if you feel like smiling at someone or paying a compliment, it will come back to you! To receive more love, give more love!

It’s as if the Sun has finally come out. There is still a little confusion in the background, but it shrinks in the light of Mercury’s call.

The cosmic energies are encouraging you to be proud, and to shine your light for all to see!

Putting The Spark Into Your Love Life

On 27th June the Sun makes a sextile with Uranus. And it adds to the desire for excitement and adventure brought on by Mercury entering Leo.

These two transits bring with them the urge for something new and exciting. The first step is to get out into the world and socialize.

Another indication is that you may receive exciting communication from your Twin Flame or their higher self – positive incoming info is highly likely, and it’s set to change your perspective on YOURSELF above all.

Leo’s mission right now is to make you see your OWN amazingness!

Have a look at a message from the Lion spirit animal and more inspiration here


The Universe Is Always “Listening” To You

Creative expression is heightened now also, and you’re likely to feel hyper inspired. Make sure you go within and make notes of any insights you receive, as they will help you manifest your desires.

Spirit shows us, answers to your prayers are likely to show up now!

The universe is always “listening” is their message – your job is to take action when the answers show up that are designed to get you to what you’ve asked for!

If you’ve asked or prayed to reunite with your Twin Flame, have you taken action on the info and solutions you’ve been shown?

Have you cleared your energy to make sure you’re actually aligned with it?

(If not, click here and ask yourself what you feel most drawn to – that’s your intuition, your soul trying to communicate what’s to your highest good right now)

Stepping Into Your Power!

This is a great time to get going because the transit is practically dragging you into it so you can finally get to the FUN, the BLISS, the ENJOYMENT of your journey!

This energy is so strong, it’s as if a symbolic lion is encouraging you, boosting you, pep talking you, trying to get you EXCITED! Because it knows so much is possible for you!

Stepping into your power is a HUGE theme this week. Focus on what you truly want. Now feel into your solar plexus. Say to yourself, “I can DO this.”

You’ll be surprised at how powerfully it works. Because it’s a command to your energy and affects everything you align with!

Pluto Brings Passion, Power Plays…

This week it’s likely you experience lirting, romance when you’re out and about, and unexpected love connections – including with your Twin Flame.

Pleasant interactions with others will lift your sense of self and your enjoyment of life. So do get out there this week, you’re likely to benefit more than you might think.

However, at the same time, Venus is making a quincunx to Pluto. This wouldn’t be a big deal usually, but this time it pulls Mars into the mix and adds some intensity and passion.

Just be aware that power issues over sexuality and past disagreements can loom in the back of your mind. Work to stay in positivity. Try to avoid dwelling on things that have gone wrong in the past. You’re not in the past now.

(And, did you realize if you’ve had issues with your Twin they’re not really “rooted” in the now? Nearly all Twin Flames’ struggles are based in past life trauma and karma. Click here to learn more and discover how to resolve it for good.)

Are You Listening To Your Own Needs?

On the 30th when Mercury makes a sesquiquadrate to Jupiter you might feel a bit confused when it comes to asserting what you want on the basis of your feelings.

Somehow, you worry that you should be focusing on the right thing to do rather than what makes you feel good.

Stand in your truth, be good to yourself not just everyone else.

What would make you happy in the long run?

Are you doing that now?

How could you be the one blocking that happiness or satisfaction? Are you focusing on the negatives rather than the positives? If so, it’s time to adjust your perspective.

Next week we’ve got a total Eclipse in Cancer happening so you may be feeling the tension building already… This is about releasing old emotional patterns that have held you back so you can uplift into a new and higher state.

Your Alpha Activation!

This is set to be a week where you can truly step into your “super-self” if you open to it!

Be prepared to get acquainted with your own alpha! Know this – in spiritual truth you can have, be and do anything you want. You’re an infinite being!

And in spiritual truth, when you have a desire the path to it exists.

All you have to do now is take action to get there! Believe in yourself and know that no matter what’s happened before you can do it! It’s never too late, is spirit’s message.

In coming decades there will be Twins reuniting in their later years, thinking only they wish they’d approached it actively sooner is what they’re saying.

The universe doesn’t want you waiting on the sidelines!

The highest good for you, your Twin Flame and this whole planet is when you as a pair reunite in unconditional love!

Look at your situation again – how can you take action on it right now? The universe is rooting for you! (And if you want a human on your side, I’ve got your back).

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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