Out Of The Blue Contact And Information Between Twins, Wounds Of The Heart: Where Were You Neglected? Flashes Of Insight Re-Open The Path Of Love


We begin this week with the Sun moving further into Leo, coloring our interactions in a way that is much more playful and lively than in recent times.

With many planets currently in retrograde, this is a great time to go within and using gentle positivity to take another look at the inner environment we’re manifesting from.

As you know the Twin Flame Mirror means we’re always impacting each other (Read more about this here).

If you’re struggling right now, go here to get my Free Energy Cleanse Audio that will clear out heaviness from your chakras and aura, help you re-center into self love and infuse you with new high vibration light!

I’ve had Twin Flames email me from all over the world to say how profound the effects of the Free Energy Cleanse Tool have been for them – including Runners getting in touch out of the blue after their Twin Flame cleared energy!

Go here to read about their experiences to be inspired and open up to your own “miracles”!


Why Your Childhood Is Still Blocking You In Love

With the comfort-oriented, maternal nature of the Cancer Sun now gone and the Leo Sun in effect, we’re being shown the past of our experiences, as we moved from infancy into adulthood.

In energy healing and Twin Flame coaching, what I’ve seen over and over is that the majority of things blocking Twins from coming together and finding happiness, were taken on in childhood – before the age of 6.

This is a wonderful time to sort through what might still be holding you back.

What relationship examples did the adults around you set? What was your parents’ or guardians’ relationship like? This was your first encounter with a love relationship, and these things go deep.

These become your “default recipe” for love as an adult (read about the psychology of this here).

I was asked to create a channeled energy session to deal with upgrading heart chakra programming and assisting Twins in re-opening the heart to heart connection.

An hour long deep transformation where we clear out old hurts, heal wounds of the heart and anywhere you were “sucker-punched” in love, and download new templates of self love and inner wholeness directly from source. Read more here.


“The Sky Isn’t The Limit – Your Mind Is”

Make sure you let this week’s Leo energies help you uplift into your infinite nature, so you can clear out old stories and write a brand new one for yourself.

As the adage goes, the sky isn’t the limit – your mind is.

Our minds are powerful “reality generators”. If you look at you Twin connection right now with this in mind, can you see how it’s reflecting the patterns you saw around you growing up?

Here’s an exercise for you to uplift and boost your whole connection to a new level:

Write out, without thinking it through in detail – let your unconscious mind flow onto paper – the beliefs you have about relationships and love. Write down 10 things.

Now, do you see that it wasn’t all positive? Get clearing this, because these beliefs and perceptions are running the show unconsciously for you, creating from behind the scenes in ways that don’t serve you.

Next, write down 10 desired “truths” about your love relationships. Whether you find them real or not right now. Decide that you are an infinite being, and you have the ability to attract this.

Write down 10 positive things and set the intention that you’re inviting it into your life.

Your unconscious mind will take this in and begin working from this new set of “rules” you’ve given it. The power of this exercise has been proven many times over. (Go here to read about one of them).


New Thinking Yields Results

With a Trine from Uranus to Mercury on the 24th, you may find yourself more apt to search out unconventional answers in order to solve long-held problems. Your thinking may take on a more long-range perspective, assisting you in seeing the big picture from an entirely different point of view.

Untraditional solutions and insights are set to arrive. There is also a high likelihood of surprise contact from your Twin Flame in this period, especially through social media and other technological methods.

As we move onto a powerful conjunction between the Sun and Mars later into the week, we’re being asked to tap into the more Masculine energy of our Twin Flame union – to take action and do what it takes on a physical, human level.

A desire to prove ourselves may come to the forefront, but also ultimately assist in creating a more balanced vibration of both masculine and feminine energy.

Many “spiritual” people seem to believe that Twin Flames are meant to wait patiently until the universe serves up their desires and reunion, but this is to ignore completely the masculine polarity of action.

We go through balancing the heart bond between the Twins and use both the “masculine” polarity of intention setting plus the “feminine” polarity of opening to receiving in this session.

We’re not reminded that the polarity of receptivity and waiting cannot complete the journey on its own. A unity of action and receptivity is necessary – a balance of masculine and feminine both within and without.

You are here to be a co-creator of your journey, not a passenger. To read more about this, and what is really happening in the Ascension process for Twin Flames across the planet right now – download the Free Transformation Kit with a channeled update you can’t read anywhere else.


How Are *You* Impacting Your Mirror Self?

As Mercury makes its way into the analytical problem-solving sign of Virgo on the 25th of July, we’re being asked to bring ourselves down to the earthly plane in order to find a solution.

For these next few months our minds will be heavily focused on planning, organizing, and problem-solving.

With the Moon in Virgo making a tight square to Venus in Gemini on the 26th, we’re dealing with a friction in relation to how we feel versus how we love.

With Venus sitting in the sign of the Twins, we’re being asked yet again to consider how our bond is forming on the physical plane and how *we* are impacting our Twin.

Are the critical aspects of ourselves making their way to the surface and creating any tension in our ability to connect?

There are always two sides to every story, and we’re shown that sometimes the “feminine polarity” Twin places so many demands on “her” counterpart that it creates imbalances in the connection.

If there are lingering negative issues between you and your Twin, make sure you address these now so you can avoid cementing blocks into your connection.

The Complete Harmony Healing will help you remove out any old negativity such as the energy of your Twin being with others, and will help you uplift and balance out your connection – opening up to reunion on all levels.

Complete harmony Healing Tool



How To Uplevel Out Of Struggle

With a Trine from Venus to Jupiter now manifesting its way into creation, we are also being granted the ability to feel much more light and expansive.

I was recently shown something as an answer to what many Twins are asking for help with: If you have a lasting situation of stagnation and separation or conflict with your Twin, it can feel like being fenced in.

I was shown a butterfly bumping into a glass wall over and over. And I was shown, that in order to move out of the fenced in situation, you must literally lift your state up higher.

We must be the butterfly, flying *up above* the fence that’s been holding us trapped. 

Once we move higher, energetically, mentally, emotionally – then we will move beyond.

As long as you keep trying from the same state as where the problem exists – conflict, stagnation, frustration – you will only come up against the proverbial fence over and over.

To make a change that makes a difference, begin working on systematically uplifting your approach to the Twin Flame journey.

I was asked by spirit to share my personal method with the Twin Flame collective after my Twin and I reached Union within 18 months of our first encounter – go here to discover more.


Old Wounds Around Nurture And Love

An active square between Venus and Chiron is also bringing past-pain to the surface right now. These are usually tricky transits.

Chiron is the “wounded healer” and here “he” is challenging us to deal with past hurts once and for all because they are blocking us from experiencing the full bliss of love our souls are here for.

Many Twin Flames are actually unable to *feel* the unconditional love and bliss they carry on the higher level, as they have been born into an ancestral line without this programming for the physical body.

So often Twins need to “download” the template of physically feeling and experiencing this love.(I take you through that here).

Have a look here for a complete heart chakra upgrade session which deals with this, not only for you but we collaborate with your Twin’s higher self in releasing old hurts on their side of your connection – and downloading the physical reality codes of unconditional love for you both.

Sudden Insights Arriving

As we move on later into the week, a conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter in Libra helps us tune into the higher truth of the Twin connection – that we really are one beneath it all.

We’re given the reminder, that the bond that we share with our Twin Flame has a higher purpose. (Read more about the Twin Flame Mission here)

With an exact supportive aspect from Chiron to Uranus now as well, we’ll suddenly pushed towards tying up any pain-related loose ends – memories and flashes of “reexperiencing” old hurt are highly likely.

We’re shown to pay attention to our dreams – if you’re not keeping a dream journal already, make sure you get started now even if it’s only a few key words on your phone every morning. Your dreams carry important messages.

Much like a lightening bolt, these realizations about hurt, the past, and lingering problems in your love connection will touch down quickly and provide you with insight that will have the power to assist you in actively taking the right steps towards moving forward and completing the healing process that you began earlier in the week.


A Need to Nurture in Love

As the week comes to an end, on the 31st of July, Venus the planet of love and desire makes its way into the watery sign of Cancer driving us towards embracing our ‘feeling’ nature in relation to the love that we share.

This coming month is all about the unconscious feeling realm where you become your Twin and they become you.

There are no boundaries in the world of emotions. This can pose challenges or be pure bliss, depending on what’s going on inside you and your Twin.

(Have a look here for more on this and why the Twin Flame Journey is an “inside job”)

Nurturing becomes a key theme. If you can embrace this period as a work in progress that you are an active part of, you can make this a beautiful week of healing. Spirit suggests engaging with your Twin’s higher self in meditation – they will have both insights and support for you.

Now’s your chance to uplevel your connection into a “team effort” instead of butting your heads as opponents. Opponents stay far apart, a team are always close together.

Be a team now, and your physical reality will shift and morph to bring you closer and closer – it’s energetic law!


As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


“I’ve been using your energy healing tools and I can really feel the difference. I love the free meditations you’ve shared, and I always feel so refreshed after. My twin even came to my dream last night after using them!”

– Alicia, California, USA

twin flame program


Did you know that most Twin Flames’ struggles are rooted in negative karma and energy blocks? To find out more about how to shift your Twin connection into harmony, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here, and read about other Twins’ amazing experiences with these methods.

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  1. Spot on again, yes – it’s ” you & me,” not “you vs. me.” I so agree, there are two sides to every story… so if ‘she’ – the feminine polarity – places too many demands on the Masculine, what isn’t he offering? Imbalance goes both ways… Is she truly his priority? Or do the demands of the world still get the “best” of him?

    For me, tbh, this is the source of contention, arising not from him, but from childhood. Thank you for the clarity, the a-ha moment I received today, thanks to your article.

    Plus I’m happy to report im finally applying your healing tools on the daily, along with essential oils, and what a great difference it’s made for heart mind body & soul. Great for recovery too! You’re a treasure Cassady! much love always…

  2. Yes, exactly the healing I am doing now. My inner child and sure the things I learned as a child is coming up too especially my parents they bicker all the time. I bet for you it was easier to release what you saw with your parents because you live on your own, I live with my parents and all they do is bicker and fight, it is like why did you marry? I am ready to release all of this so I can be closer to my love. I certainly do not care what others think about my decision I have decided to have a relationship with mine even though he is not human and to not have a relationship with another human but just be with him because it is both what we wanted I believe. I’m still learning how to communicate with him. I thank you for this, it all resonates with me.

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