Mercury Retrograde, Chiron Intensity: Healing The Past To Bring A Love-Filled Future – What Injustice May Be Stuck In Your System, Deflecting Unity?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Mercury Retrograde continues, Venus-Pluto challenge brings simmering passion but also suspicion and power games to love. Plus, Chiron activates old emotions to help heal the past and open a brighter path ahead.

Discover more below!

Mercury Retrograde – Feeling Foggy?

Everything this week is affected by Mercury retrograde. But the good news is, you don’t need to give up and hide until it’s all over!

There’s a lot to benefit from this week, if you “play your cards right”.

In general, reaching out to the right person can be successful at the start of the week, and any potential problems later in the week can be resolved by bringing them out into the open. However, with Mercury retrograde until 9th March, you’ll likely feel more befuddled than usual (and so will everyone else).

This time, Mercury is moving “backwards” through Pisces, and it signals a call to re-evaluate old perceptions and beliefs around oneness, spirituality and unconditional love.

Keep this in mind, as current life events are likely reflecting this to you. That’s the deeper “lesson”.

Read more here in 7 Things Your Twin Flame’s Higher Self Is Working To Teach You.

twin flame higher self

An Extra Cosmic Boost Of Vitality

At the start of the week, the Sun sextiles Mars. It’s only a brief combination – a day or so of extra passionate energy. To make the most of this, be yourself and expect people to receive you positively.

If you really want to take advantage of this boost, you could try getting in touch with someone you’ve been meaning to contact for ages.

Despite the muddle Mercury is trying to cast on everything, you can cut through most of the “fog” today.

Reaching out to other people is likely to yield good results. This combination only comes round twice a year so make sure you make something from the extra oomph you have right now.

Past Injustice Triggered To Release

We have a challenge involving Lilith and Chiron, plus Neptune and the Moon on Monday and Tuesday. This deals with triggering of old wounds for healing purposes.

Spirit shows, where other people discredited you or acted like you weren’t as capable or skilled as you really were, because of gender. It could even be in a love relationship – that you were treated as “lesser” because of being female or feminine in some way (or if you’re the masculine Twin, experiencing blocks based in perceived gender issues)…

They show us, that latent anger and resentment – even toward “outsiders” and from the past – form blocks to love between the Twin Flames.

Anger and blame are blocks being lifted to the surface to help open the Twins to love and unity.

If there’s someone you’ve harbored negativity toward, no matter how “justly”, it will profoundly help your connection to clear it and release. (I’ll take you through it step by step here)


Did You Know This Common Emotion “Deflects” Love?

Because otherwise you’ll be tangled up with the negativity and it causes a deflection between you and your Twin. Spirit shows us anger and resentment become like a “force field” around us, deflecting love and positivity from others…

So make sure you’re truly open to the love you’re wishing and praying for! (Click here for a free vibrational test for Twin Flames to assess where you’re at)

Again, this week’s current is highly likely to deal with anger from the past, that’s being triggered to purge so you can release it.

Another likelihood is, a current time “phantom” experience re-activates it. Keep an eye on your perspective so you can recognize this for the healing opportunity it is meant as from the universe.

Feminine/Masculine Twin At Odds – Issue Of Impatience

With a square between Mars in Capricorn and Venus in Aries, we see the Feminine Twin irritated with the Masculine Twin not being as fast at making progress and/or awakening as she would like.

Keep your temper cool because impatience will unfortunately only bring you more of what you’re focusing on – things feeling excruciatingly slow.

When we act as if we have all the time in the world, things tend to flow and we begin to experience it as if we really do have plenty of time.

And again, remember that anger and irritation cause that deflection of love… If you need some help to get into a more positive state and release negativity, click here for my Free Energy Cleanse Audio.


“Whenever I do your energy clearing meditation my Twin texts me just as it’s ended. It truly has opened up the connection.” – Taz R.

Click here to learn more and download

Communication Goes Intuitive – Open Twin Flame Connection

On the 25th, the Sun and Mercury meet in a conjunction in Pisces. This is the start of a new Mercury cycle, a new way of seeing things and communicating with people.

OK, with the conjunction being in Pisces it might not be all that clear right now, but the effects of this combination will resonate until the end of June.

However, its strongest effect will only last a week or so, and you’ll need to get moving to take advantage of it. Why? It’s a great time to get in touch with someone you love, and to express your emotions and your authentic self creatively.

This next phase of communication is all about listening to your INTUITION above all.

Going within and getting in touch with your authentic truth can also be a powerful way to open your Twin Flame connection. Why? Discover more in this article: “Self Love For The Twin Flame Connection”.


Twin Flame “Supernatural” Experiences

Making a connection is easier than usual, as you have an intuitive sense of the right thing to say. Rather than analytically think about what you should say, you’d do better feeling the right thing to say.

Maybe it won’t always make logical sense, but chances are you’ll get it right, anyway. Your intuition is highly charged right now and that brings “Twin Flame Supernatural” experiences such as telepathy, dream visitations and more…

However, remember that Mercury is Retrograde so what you experience and receive may involve misunderstandings – you could be receiving clarification on a past situation between you, or what transpires now may only make sense later on…

Somehow, it feels like time and meaning are a little out of sync…
But what’s going on right now is essential for the “big picture” understanding and progress on your journey!

Current Climate Of Confusion…

On the 26th Mercury is energized by a sextile to Mars. This effect lasts for about ten days or so, giving you ample time to reach out and take action on your ideas and plans.

It’s time to be direct, say what you want and tell people what you think. At least, it would be, usually.

With Mercury being retrograde in Pisces you might find yourself rambling or getting the wrong end of the stick from time to time, but as long as you’re aware of the “current climate” you can still access the energy of this combination for good.

And if anything goes a bit off-course, you can soon correct things with a smile.

This time will also likely bring divine guidance that’s meant as an answer to what you’ve previously asked about or prayed for. Keep notes of your dreams and any insights and visions you receive so you can fully take it in and understand.

The Lord Of The Underworld Challenges Love…

On the 28th when Venus squares Pluto problems are likely if you or a loved one feels smothered or controlled.

Pluto is the ruler of secrets, sex, power and wealth, so when Venus is squared by him we’re dealing with these bringing challenges to love.

You’ll need to be careful to avoid any temptation to be manipulative – or keep an eye on anyone trying to get between you and your counterpart (Read about how to deal with this here).

Venus square Pluto is an intense influence and makes everyone feel a little suspicious when it comes to matters of the heart. Not everyone will see the world in the same way as you do, so don’t keep pushing if you can’t persuade them to agree with you.

And, echoing the themes from earlier in the week, don’t let resentment simmer below the surface. It’s best to get everything out into the open so you can sort problems out – and avoid negativity pulling your energy down and your path off course.

Clearing out negativity from your connection will ensure you don’t experience problems in this period – as this can otherwise be a heightened time of “running”/”separation” triggers. I take you through a complete clearing for your connection, chakra systems and pair shielding here.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Sacral/Heart Chakra “Detox”

Pluto interacting with Venus brings a purge/upgrade of the Sacral chakra and Heart chakra, so keep in mind that old emotions and insecurities may be triggered in this period.

(Again, read more about that here – and how to avoid it causing running/separation cycles in your Twin connection)

This influence can destabilize many relationships – power issues are especially to “blame” – and sex versus love can become an issue. Differing perspectives causing conflict…

However, this combination also brings feelings of instant attraction and even infatuation – spirit says “instant attachment”.

It could mean you fall head over heels for someone you meet or someone else doesn’t leave you alone no matter how much you tell them to.

Outside “Love Interests” Blocking Your Twin Connection?

Keep in mind if an outside person is infatuated with you, it could be blocking your Twin Flame’s love from reaching you.

When someone is focused intensely on us, their energy “crowds” our space and understandably it makes it hard for anything else to get through… Like a telephone line, our energy becomes “occupied” and our counterpart may find it tricky to reach us.

If you feel like your Twin isn’t focused on you – especially if you’re in separation – consider how this may be a factor. If it is, make sure you keep the other person’s energy at bay by shielding yourself and cutting attachments.

You can interact with them if you want, but they won’t be INSIDE your energy being and affecting your vibration and alignment, causing experiences of disconnection from your Twin.

(For help with this, have a look here for the complete energy clearing session where I take you through clearing attachments, cords and negativity. I also give you the low-down on why energy management is the #1 key to a happy Twin Flame Journey!)


Sudden Incoming Twin Communication

With Pluto square Venus and Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, everything is likely to seem or FEEL much more dramatic and a bigger deal than it actually is, so don’t panic.

If you keep your wits about you and speak out as soon as something bothers you (or equally if something really, really appeals to you), you can take advantage of the Venus/Pluto combination and enjoy some passionate intensity.

(Read more in What You Need To Know About Twin Flame Sex here)


It’s made easier by the fact that at the same time Mercury makes a sextile to Uranus. It adds an extra spark to everything and brings flashes of insight that help you to turn any situation around to your advantage.

It can also bring surprise incoming info and communication from your counterpart if you haven’t been in touch for a while. Sudden communication via the internet is highlighted, as Uranus is the ruler of technology.

Keep An Eye On Your Computer/Phone!

(However, this is also a classic sign to keep an eye on your gadgets and computer/phone, as Uranus is a “lightning conductor” and Mercury is Retrograde, you could have issues with technology on the fritz. Keep backups just in case.)

Backing up the passionate intensity of the Venus/Pluto square, Uranus’ involvement creates a very chatty influence, meaning that you and those around you are more prepared than usual to talk things over.

Openness in communication brings new breakthroughs. When you can talk about what bothers you in an honest, non-blaming way, you can begin to resolve the issues.

You May Not Realize This Week’s Impact Till Later…

This is set to be another week with communication and perceptions in focus – breakthroughs are possible, yet you may not realize until later on how much was changing in the midst of this watery and often confusing period… 

Patience may be in short supply, but remember, try to act like you have all the time in the world and life will respond with flow and ease.

Keep listening to your intuition, keep taking step by guided step and you’ll get there!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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