Powerful New Moon Restart! Plus, Cosmic Push Brings Challenges To End Non-Twin Connections – Making Way For The Highest State Of Love… 

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

 Jupiter asks you to let go of the past and aim higher than you ever have before and Saturn brings challenges designed to reunite Twin Flames…

Plus, a powerful New Moon in the sign of Relationships and Harmony!

Discover more below!

Feeling Tired Of The Karmic Wheel Yet?

This is set to be a week with several challenges, but remember as always that you have it in your power as a being of light to live happily no matter what the collective energy current is up to. It’s all about energy.

When your personal frequency and mindset is high enough, you can live in a state of bliss no matter what others experience, and you will attract your “reality” to match this back to you!

We’re NOT here to learn lessons forever – but we may be “tested” by the universe to push us to question that collective version of reality and “up-level” into a higher state. Actually the universe “wants” us to rise into that higher state, out of “lessons”.

So how do you know if you’ve “up-leveled”?

Well, that is what is called “enlightenment”. When we are truly “awakened”, not just to spiritual experiences in our human reality but to the light in ALL things – even the so-called “shadows”.

Living In A State Of Light – The Consciousness Shift

When you live life from a state of inner light, when you know there is nothing else than love, in spiritual truth, and that there is no true division between self and other…

And that you are the creator of your experience and can have, be and do what you choose. (Read more about this here where I guide you to it)

When you’re in the “old reality” and state of being it can seem impossible to get to that point BUT that’s an illusion! That’s part of the old human blocks. The consciousness of limitation, the “small/lower self”.

We can get to the higher state of consciousness and light quite smoothly when we raise our energy and cleanse out the old human “baggage”.

Struggling? What It REALLY Means Spiritually

I receive emails from Twins every single week who tell me how improved their lives are since they started using my methods.

If you’re finding things a struggle from week to week, it’s a sign there’s still “human negativity” (i.e. not the soul’s light) in your system and it’s affecting your experiences and your Twin connection.

(Watch this video for a brief explanation of how this works).

For best results, don’t just read the forecasts – cleanse away the density of the 3D world and infuse your system with new light. I take you through this and more in my Free Twin Flame Help Kit Here.


Tired Of The “Old Mode” Of Existing?

And to create the deep fundamental shift out of the separation consciousness version of reality and the Twin Flame connection and into a higher state for the long run… Have a look at the Oneness Activation session here.

In this session we clear out the “false karmic programming” of conflict, separation and clashes from the 3D realm and infuse you and your counterpart’s systems with new light codes of unity.

This is my own favorite session to use as it is so powerful for creating more harmony both in the Twin connection but also in all interactions with other people – it truly phases out so much of the “drama” and “struggle” most people have to deal with!

Karmic Feminine Collective Challenge – Feeling Abandoned Or Unheard By The Universe?

So onto the week’s energies. We’re still in a weeks long phase of Lilith interactions with Neptune Retrograde.

This indicates a triggering and purge of collective FEMALE karmic material regarding feeling abandoned by the universe, prayers unanswered, feeling unwelcome in life, unloved…

It’s as if there’s a cloud of static between us and the higher realms lately… But it’s this old density coming up to be released once and for all. By above all recognizing that we ARE the divine!

Remember above all that you’re an infinite being! And make sure you clear the old “baggage” so you don’t have to live through the outer experiences of these past historic experiences of “spiritual abandonment” or disempowerment. Again, this is the best session for it.

And for more info on what’s really going on – “Reasons Why Your Prayers Seem To Be Unanswered”…

twin flame prayer

Positive Infusion – Aim Your Highest!

It helps that Mercury perfects “his” sextile with Jupiter on the 24th. It’s easier to see the bigger picture than usual, and there’s a buzz of positivity in the air. Plus it’s much easier to feel positive when you look forwards rather than backwards.

Use this positive current to plan for the future. Jupiter’s adventurousness is also a great boost for travel and moving home, if that’s been on your mind. Aim high, is spirit’s input!

If your Twin lives across the world, visualize them moving to your town or you to theirs, or you living in a third location happily together. Know that all of this truly is possible. Don’t settle for less!

Challenges In Love – Shadows Rising

On the 25th Venus moves into a square with Saturn and will likely feel as if someone has cast a shadow over matters of the heart.

The truth is, nothing has really changed but the shadows are making themselves known. And long term it’s to help you.

If you feel like things will never work out for you in love, this is what’s going on! (Read more about how the “shadows” affect Twin Flames’ connection here)

Venus Squaring Saturn shows us that you’re likely feeling blocked in love this week. You’re experiencing delays, problems… Above all there are issues with your outlook and the cultural baggage taken on in life – that’s what’s messing with your Twin connection.

Remember that Twin Flames embody unconditional love as souls… But what we’ve seen and been told about love in our modern society while growing up paints a far less light-filled picture.

A great exercise to do right now is write down all the beliefs and perceptions you have about love, without editing yourself… And see what comes out. You’ll almost certainly notice that some negativity has snuck in there…

Twin Flames “Promise” To The Cosmos…

Saturn is practically standing in your way like a bouncer right now, telling you, this is what must be removed in order for you to be open to receiving that state of blissful love.

And as the “karmic teacher” of the Zodiac, we’re shown this is actually a part of our deepest soul contract as Twin Flame “volunteer souls”.

We agreed to come here, experience all the “human 3D versions” of love (in other words, not really love)… And then to pave the way out of this and show the collective what love REALLY is!

So if we’re stuck in that old “version of reality” where love is troubled and full of drama, we’re not fulfilling our soul contract. We’re meant to let GO of all that old stuff. We’re here for something more.

The Universe Pushing You To Reach For MORE!

This is a strict reminder from the universe and we’re shown it’s likely you’ll be brought face to face with the “phantom versions” of the old negative 3D versions of relationships (lack of love) this week.

It’s to get you to question things, ask for more, go within, pray, pave the way to a new and higher state.

It may feel hard, but the truth is these old states of “non-love” are actually energy programs we’ve been running in our systems – so we can clear them.

I take you through clearing out this “false karmic material” from human separation mentality in the Oneness Activation Session here.


Again, Saturn is asking us to cut the cords to what is NOT love, so that love can show up in its fullest. This might mean outdated relationships breaking, and old versions of relationships being tested to make way for a new and higher unity.

Saturn Pushing To Break Up Non-Twin Connections

Another indication for this potent transit is that when Saturn squares Venus, love is being challenged.

Is it true lasting love? If not, Saturn’s impact is likely to push for it to end. For our own highest good.

The same goes for your counterpart if they’re in a non-Twin relationship. Their “karmic” connections are likely to be severely challenged right now.

Because what the universe really “wants” is for you Twin Flames to reunite! So anything in the way of that is being pushed, tested, challenged this week.

Don’t be surprised if this week you feel glimmers of passion and signs of communication from a Twin you believed to be out of reach. This is a sign from the universe that YOU are the ones being guided together.

That you are the ones who are “divinely scripted” to be nudged back to reunite no matter how long it takes.

(Did you know that when you were born, your soul and your Twin’s had already made choices about many of the tendencies, blessings, challenges and lessons you’d be experiencing in love and together? Have a look at my brand new Love Resource for Twin Flames for more!)

Bothered By Tricky Thoughts About Your Twin?

Another challenge served up from the universe is an upcoming square between Mercury and Pluto which is exact on the 26th – but active in the background all week.

Once you get an idea into your head – especially a negative one – it will likely feel almost impossible to shake it. Or perhaps the issue is that you’re fixated on a person, rather than a thought?

Though it’s tempting, over-analysing their every move and word will only make your head spin. It will only hurt you and tangle up the connection.

Be careful with your mind. Again there are shadows at work. Meditation will work wonders.

Powerful New Moon In Libra, Sign Of Relationships

On the 28th we get an infusion of new energy with the New Moon in Libra. This offers multiple opportunities to get your relationship and your life situation into shape.

New Moons are times of setting intentions new beginnings, closing the door on the past for good and looking to the future.

The intentions and actions you set today will assist you in the next 28 day period.

Set your intentions and know that what you focus on today and take action on today are harbingers of the themes you’re setting for the coming month.

And to make the most of this “new beginning” take some symbolic action towards your dreams and goals, as this tunes you into inviting in more from the universe.

Current Themes That Will Culminate In April 2020

Libra is all about compromise and seeing the other person’s point of view. It’s about adding some harmony to your life. And this New Moon offers you the ability to start or restart a relationship.

This New Moon brings with it a strong desire to merge. If you’re not currently with someone, or if you’re apart from your Twin, you may be simply planting the seeds that will allow reunion or a new relationship to take place in the near future.

You will be able to fully reap the rewards of this New Moon when the Full Moon appears in Libra next April.

A Libran New Moon always brings a great feeling with it, but this one is particularly special. Venus is also in Libra, spreading affection, and makes a sextile to Jupiter on the same day. It offers a super-Libra New Moon experience.

The combination brings with it warm and happy feelings, a gateway into seeing your connection from a new perspective and re-open doors you may previously have shut with someone.

The past may have been dark but the future can be all light if we open our eyes and minds and invite it in!

Stepping Into A New Chapter Of  Light

This is set to be a week with both lows and highs, but if you use the current to your advantage you can step into a much higher state for your journey by the end of the week.

Use Saturn’s challenge to do a “spring (fall) clean” and heal any shadows that rear their heads, and be prepared to soar with the Libra New Moon’s positive wave of energy – into a new chapter of light.

And again, to learn more about you and your Twin Soul’s cosmic pre-life choices and themes for love and relationship dynamics, have a look at this.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

“Cassady’s guided meditations help me uplift better than anything I’ve tried in the past 6 years of clearing/trying to heal! I’ve tried violet flame mantras, psychic energy clearings, etc.” – Erin B, Indiana, USA

Did you know most Twin Flames’ struggles are based in energy blocks and negative karma? I take you through clearing this, reopening your connection to harmony and unity in The Vibrational Alignnment Program – a step by step roadmap to Twin Flame Union.

twin flame program


Alternatively download my Free Twin Flame Help Kit which contains 2 tools from the full program!

Plus, read here about other Twins’ experiences with the program

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