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Power Issues, Conflict and The Deeper Roots Of Twin Flame Running – Shadows Taking Over. Why It Might Not Even Be About You Two – Villains From The Past “Show Up” In Disguise…


(Art: Philomena Falmoluk)

Coming out of four weeks in Libra, the Sun is now firmly in Scorpio’s domain – sign of death and rebirth, sexuality and the subconscious.

For Twin Flames, this past month’s intensive Libra energies have pushed for a continued equalization process of the Masculine/Feminine energies both internally and in the Twin Flame pair.

Like a pair of scales we’ve been prodded to release anything keeping us out of balance.

If you’re feeling a bit heavy and like the future looks bleak for you and your Twin, please do make sure you download the Free Energy Cleanse tool here.

It’s less than 10 minutes to use, and will help you feel fresher, lighter and better (read about other Twins’ amazing experiences with it here).




Try To Not Think A Single Thought

Now, we move onto more specific matters. With strong Scorpio energies, we are assisted in healing those issues that have been repressed.

Often, we approach healing from a conscious point of view and believe that this is “enough” to *intend* to release… but the human psyche is incredibly multifaceted and deep, with unconscious beliefs and patterns that must be examined closer in order to heal and resolve.

Did you know 98% of all thoughts are happening on an unconscious level? Try sitting quietly and stopping *ALL THOUGHTS* for 90 seconds. No thoughts.

You’ll see how this works – it’s almost impossible. Especially the thought of checking whether there are any thoughts. The thoughts of succeeding at stopping thoughts!

At any given moment there are a million unconscious thoughts in you, me, everyone. And they’re a dominant part of what attracts events, energies and circumstances to us.

Scorpio energies can be a big help to clear up damaging UNconscious material. Expect a month with deeper realizations of what’s been going on beneath the surface in your Twin Flame dynamic.

Healing and transmuting issues based in past wounds that were buried so deeply you didn’t know they were there.

In the Higher Heart Transformation Journey we use a specially formulated symbolic meditation to circumvent the ego’s defense blocks and get to the truth



When The Shadow Self Takes Over

Inner child healing also is extremely powerful right now. Meditate on seeking what your inner child wants you to know.

This is a powerful method, used not only in metaphysics but in mainstream psychology. Often, trauma is locked in parts of our psyche we’re not fully aware of on a day-to-day basis.

The inner child can help us access these issues and discover what’s really going on “behind the scenes”.

These are the “shadow selves” that come out when we feel the most threatened – when a situation resembles something we experienced before where we got hurt, the shadows come out to defend and ward off the perceived danger.

This is why people lose control when something triggers them – they’re not conscious anymore, the “shadow self” has taken over. Because the danger is perceived to be so strong the rational conscious mind could jeopardize safety.

You’ll see this in animals, even pets – sometimes their fear instincts kick in and their primal responses push even their owner away in an effort to protect themselves.

Who’s Really The Twin Flame Runner?

This phenomenon causes problems for so many Twins, as laying ourselves bare in the most heightened, intense love connection we’ve ever known is considered extremely risky business on a deeper level.

The chances of getting hurt are perceived as so big that these automatic defenses kick in.

When your Twin Flame “runs”, it’s their “shadow self” that’s in the driver’s seat. (Read more about this here)

The problem for Twins is, in addition, that past life karma can play a role in these fear responses. The shadow selves can be aspects of consciousness from past reincarnation experiences.

Things like abandonment, betrayal, hurt, loss of freedom… A common theme for Twin clients I’ve had is that past life experiences of being torn apart due to outer circumstances (war, emigration, family, betrayal) have caused unconscious fears in this life.

(Go here for a session where we go through a deep karmic clearing for Twin Flames)


Fears that keep the Twins feeling unsafe to come together – manifesting ongoing separation as it’s seen as “safer” that way.

Unless we heal the wound and release these karmic signals on a frequency level to recalibrate the energy field, they won’t truly go away.

Discover more here about karma and its role on the Twin Flame journey, and take the Quiz which will show you what karma is impacting your personal Twin Flame connection.


What Is This *Really* About?

As sexuality is the domain of Scorpio, ruler of the Sacral Chakra, we are being nudged to address any imbalances and repressed negativity in this realm over the next month.

If issues around sexuality crop up this month, go deep – look below the surface, ask yourself questions.

Where is this coming from? What is it I’m actually afraid of? Where do I feel lacking? What is this trying to tell me?

In any tough lesson, there is a gift waiting to be unlocked.

And once you learn the lesson and release the negative patterns, you are free to move on. We never have to re-learn any tough lessons once we have fully understood and released on an energetic level – because we de-activate the frequency that’s been locked in our field.

Keep in mind that much of the energetic baggage we carry related to sexuality and the Sacral chakra are ancestral issues.


Your “Inheritance” Could Be Causing Problems

If things don’t make sense to you and your situation now, this is the reason. You are the genetic result of thousands of generations of people thinking, feeling and fearing.

We are only a few short generations into the relatively safe, comfortable modern society we now live in – but the energy we carry in the deeper energetic layers often stems from way before that.

When it was dangerous just to be a woman, when there was no law enforcement, when people married out of necessity instead of love, when a husband was allowed to abuse his wife, when women were seen as a man’s property…

If you feel that you could use some help in resolving negative emotions and patterns individually or in your Twin Flame dynamic, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Energy Program I’ve created for Twin Flames.

It focuses on giving you day-to-day tools and information for you to shift out of anything that’s been holding you back, including lifting your vibration and moving you to Harmony and Twin Flame Union with ease and speed.

You can read here about some other Twins’ incredible experiences with the program


Heightened Twin Flame Telepathy

As Mercury trines Neptune for 3-5 days around 24th October, we have a wonderful time for spiritual communication, insights, inspired creation and Twin Flame telepathy.

In some way or another, you’re able to tap into higher intuition, high dimensional insights being communicated to you in this period.

Remember that no matter what’s going on with your Twin Flame’s ego self, their higher self is always present with you in Unconditional Love.

Do take this opportunity to begin connecting with them and enlisting more active help on your journey (because of free will, they have to wait for you to ask before they can step in fully).

Go here to discover how to enlist your Twin Flame’s Higher Self to interact with you, and use the Free Meditation to Connect With Your Twin Flame here to begin fully reaping the benefits of this positive energy transit.


Heightened Positivity and Expansion

As the Sun conjuncts Jupiter for 3-5 days around 26th October we have one of the year’s most potentially positive days at hand. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and “luck”, and amplifies the energies it comes into contact with.

We see you feeling powerful this midweek, like you can take on the world – new hope and a sense that yes, you can get to your dreams and goals, and you’re ready to take action!

This can be a wonderful time, especially if you’re conscious with what you focus your efforts, energy and emotions into – as Jupiter amplifies, make sure you don’t dwell on negativity, conflict or problems in this period as it can exacerbate these things.

As one of my energy healing teachers once told me:

“The Universe doesn’t understand what we want versus what we don’t want. All it registers is the signal we keep sending.

If we keep focusing on negativity or have it in our field, that’s what we’ll get. Our predominant frequency is always out there inviting in its like from the Universe”.

So be clear on your desires, keep your energy light and free right now.

To cleanse away old congestion and negativity from your space and infuse with new high vibration light, go here and use my Free Energy Cleanse Tool.

Warning, may cause “miracles”! I receive emails from Twins every single week whose Runner Twin got back in touch out of the blue after they used this guided meditation.


The Secret Cause Of Twin Flame Conflict

As Venus squares Pluto a few days later, we see a challenge in love – power issues are at play. The Twin Flame connection is likely to be the “canvas” old conflict is playing out on, whether your Twin had problems with authority or a demanding father earlier in life, or you yourself was undermined by a former mate…

This time brings up power issues.

Be careful you keep your eye on the underlying issues now, as old drama and conflict is likely to “masquerade” as now moment problems.

If something comes up between you and your Twin – sexual encounters are highly aspected to trigger conflict right now (read more here about Twin Flame sex) – ask yourself what the deeper motivations might be.

Fear is highlighted. When others have “attacked” us in the past, it causes us by default to put up walls in front of our hearts – in self defense.

The problem is that these become blocks to love reaching us, and this is the “secret reason” conflict so often comes up between Twin Flames. So that these walls can be dismantled.

If you know you’ve put up walls around your heart, or even have closed down out of self defense, have a look at this session to remedy.


The Fire Of Twin Flame Love

Above all, the Twin Flame connection is a journey of re-igniting the inner fire of love, which burns away at every fear and block to love in your system until you stand free, vulnerable, open – only love remaining between you and your other self.

This is why the journey can seem to hard at times – it’s both Twins’ systems trying to rattle us to let go of our fears and old baggage (click here to read more about the Twin Flame Mirror).

As Mercury moves into a supportive flow with Pluto over the weekend, we have a unique opportunity to address and heal the unconscious issues that might have been causing problems between the Twin Flames.

Meditation and other methods of accessing the deeper levels of the psyche open up in this period.

If your Twin Flame is noncommunicative or hesitant in “real world” terms, this period highlights other methods to reach through and re-open the connection between you.


Helping “Sleeper” Twins To Awaken Themselves

Spirit recently channeled to me a special transformation session for Awakening Sleeper Twins and assisting the Twin Flame pair in anchoring into the higher dimensional 5D unity grid.

In this session we enlist your Twin’s higher self aspect to use their own system to gently trigger them to awaken more fully, to remember on a conscious level who they are.

twin flame awakening

To activate latent light-codes and soul memories – in complete alignment with Free Will.

This is a 45 minute deep session where we also enlist your guidance team to bring new added assistance, clear out limiting ancestral programming, including sexual blocks and 3D illusions that cause problems between Twins and show you insights about your soul’s true background.

One day as I sat down to meditate, this session began being transmitted immediately with the message that this is the answer to what many Twins have been asking and praying for help with! Go here to learn more.

Above all stay open to deeper insights this week, and remember that right now it’s all about what’s hiding underneath. Little is what it seems to be on the surface right now.

Let these energies guide you past any previous assumptions and experiences and show you the deeper truths…

Until next time I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“I started with your free toolkit and immediately felt results so much that I had to get the full program and wow! I’ve been doing it consistently and I love the energy clearings and exercises. I feel lighter and my lover and I are so much closer. Every day gets better and better. And since my vibration has become higher and higher, I’m attracting in wonderful opportunities and amazing abundance as well. I’m so grateful for your work, Cassady. Thank you!”

– Jessica N.  California, USA

twin flame program

Want more? For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union within just 18 months of our first encounter – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. And you can read here about other Twins’ experiences with the program!

Alternatively you can try our Free Guided Meditations and eBooks for Twin Flames!

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  1. Hi Cassady,
    I have been on this twin flame journey now for 4 yrs and since I have been using your tools, my life has changed for the better. My connection with him over the past few weeks has opened up tremendously. We communicate so much more often. He has been sending me the most beautiful song “Can’t You See” by the Marshall Tucker Band. Besides that, I wanted to tell you that before I met my twin I started to write a novel. It was just something I wanted to do and the words just came to me. I kind of put it to side unfinished because of the world wind of meeting him and our situations. I decided it was time to re open what I started before we met. I had already wrote 8 chapters. Looking over the book to remind myself, I notice that a lot of what I wrote mirrors him. The car he drove. The clothes he wore. I never met him before in my life and it just seems so bizarre to me. I want to dive in and finish what I started. Do you believe I may have envisioned this man coming to my life and wrote about some aspects a year or more before we actually met? More and more I find this journey to be filled with amazement and wonder. Thank you so much for providing the tools to better help me understand the true beauty of this…Dani

  2. Twin Flames 11:11 is turning out to be such a juicy journey of self discovery, who knew? When you write Cassady, sometimes I’d used to divide us, thinking oh she’s talking about him, not me, and now I’m like ‘yikes that’s my Shadow, not His! Turns out we are identical and He’s my mirror… I couldn’t have done it alone. Thanks to your angelic guidance wisdom insight & tools now I can see we’re more alike, than not, than ever before. That alone has been healing revealing & transformative…I’ve since discovered parts of myself long ago frozen & forsaken…

    What a thrill! Eternal thanks Cassady for being our beloved “tour guide” on this soulful journey into unconditional love, so powerful, healthy, transformative, more enriching, so much more satisfying than conventionally ‘conditional’ love & marriage! Namaste.

  3. Amazing, ScarletRose!

    How exciting that you’re following your guidance into exploring the shadows from a point of curiosity and embracing all that you are <3

    North Node in Scorpio is a lot to do with embracing and mastering transformation, to confront and rise up above fear to become your infinite spirit self living in a human body.

    Sending you love and light <3

    Cassady x

  4. It’s almost frightening how much your articles help me understand my current situation better. My Twin Flame and I had a rough patch recently, which seemed to come to an explosion within the last two weeks. At the moment I don’t really know how to fix our bond, as so many things stand in the way. He is a true runner with no intentions of changing, and I’m short from letting him go for good. He is so afraid of letting this happen and you helped me understand there is nothing I can do about it. Nevertheless, I am not very much at peace with myself. I have a Borderline disorder, and albeit taking therapy and group therapy, I just can’t seem to find inner peace. Things throw me out of order too easily, I fall into depressive phases, and this dysfunctional Twin Flame relationship with him has hurt me for a long time. I don’t believe he is my “false” twin, though. I just think he’s got so much more emotional pain than me, and he is too scared of serious relationships. I am at a loss here, really, but reading your blog helps me in many ways. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who experiences this kind of situation. Thank you for writing these articles.

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