Powerful Cosmic Events Push For A Higher State And “New Reality” To Dawn, Twin Flame Unity Grids Activating… Do You Know Your “Secret Weapon”?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Sun in Sagittarius brings atmosphere of optimism and forward momentum.

Neptune turns direct after months of spiritual processing and “lesson learning”, plus Lunar Eclipse in Gemini hits and powerful eclipse gateway opens!

Discover more below!


Before we start, make sure you use your Free Twin Flame Resources, as this is set to be an intense week – or if you haven’t downloaded them yet, click here.

Guard Your Positivity

We head into this week with the Sun entering Sagittarius, signalling the beginning of a new cycle. Themes are freedom, optimism, expansion and higher perspectives.

Sagittarius wisdom is that when we trust the Universe to take care of us, it becomes a “self fulfilling prophecy”. Pay attention to this over the coming months. Belief and projections are in focus.

Guard your positive beliefs and hopes for the future carefully, says spirit.

The biggest block is other people’s involvement with disbelief and ideas about what’s “impossible”. (Read more here)

What The Future Depends On

As the Sun is connecting with Jupiter, the sign’s own ruler, AND the major stellium going on at the gateway between Capricorn and Aquarius – we’re shown that the FUTURE being positive depends on us BELIEVING it will be.

Setting the intentions, aligning with it. With the Sun in Sagittarius, it will be easier to flow this into being during these next few weeks.

In essence, if you want something in your physical reality, you first have to be able to go there in your mind.

To connect with the POTENTIALITY of it, to then bring it into the physical with your energy alignment.

Emotional Healing

This is why so many prayers seem to go unheard, because we are not aligned with receiving. Every single prayer and request for help IS answered, but we are often by “default” set to deflect the very help we’re asking for.

To learn more about how to solve this issue, go here.

Tuesday we have a notable conjunction between Chiron and the Moon, then the Moon travels to join Mars on Wednesday.

This means healing is happening on an emotional level, especially for the Masculine/Aries Twin.

The “Recipe” Of Love…

The deeper issues why someone is NOT open to love or very outwardly loving, is rooted in their childhood.

They have likely not been given the “recipe” for how to be loving and in wholeness with THEMSELVES… And this transit is working to “teach them” how to be gentler and kinder with themselves above all.

And this will impact their relationship with their Twin Flame in turn.

Twin Flame Marriage In Focus – 2222 Code

Friday we also have a highly significant event as Mercury meets Juno, asteroid of marriage and soul mate relationships, at 22 degrees of Scorpio, creating a 2222 code activation.

We’re being shown that your Twin DOES or did want to marry you. There’s something you’ve missed. There may be something they’ve not told you.

They HAVE thought about it and wanted it. They may have been afraid of telling you in fear of rejection.

Spirit highlights that one key factor is the cultural perception that it’s not admirable for a male or independent person to want marriage and to “settle down”.

They have likely been taught to hide this loving side of themselves.

Childhood Hurts

In other words, anything that’s kept them from being open in love, is due to outside beliefs and childhood hurts around feeling judged for being open and loving.

Read more about this here in “The Real Reasons For Twin Flame Running”

In the Higher Heart Transformation Session here we go through a deep alpha meditation to help them and you untangle unconscious blocks to unity.

We activate the templates of self love and the higher heart, and we re-open the heart bond between you as a Twin Pair to usher in a new lease of closeness and harmony between you. Click here to learn more.

Ego Perceptions, Self Vs Other

While Mercury/Juno meet, there’s an opposition between Venus in Scorpio and Lilith/Moon on the border between Aries and Taurus.

This signals issues with the Feminine Twin based in Ego perceptions around love. Self vs other programming is in focus.

We see you may be detached from the truth that there are two of you on this journey…

You may be triggered and bulldozing your will based on emotion and intensity, rather than being in calm and inner peace, and attracting love from that point.

We see you may be attached to the idea that things were a certain way (most likely negative) in your connection based on you FELT about it… But you have not been correct.

Emotions As Illusions

There’s an unspoken truth that you must go beyond your emotional patterns to access. Forgiveness may be needed.

Above all, admitting that you don’t necessarily KNOW exactly what’s gone on with your counterpart or how they’ve experienced your connection.

Remember emotions can be illusory. Sometimes we’ll FEEL that someone is out to get us when they’re not.

Or we FEEL worried that a past hurt will return when it’s highly unlikely and doesn’t… Be aware that your feelings may have been clouding your perspective.

The Human Brain…

It’s OK. We all experience this, as human beings.

No one is 100% objective all the time. It’s part of how the human brain is wired (read more about that here). But the point here is to admit it to ourselves.

To acknowledge that we have been skewed in our perception or approach. This levels the playing field. It opens to a new beginning.

To perceive the truth, we have to let go of the rigid perception that only we were right or of the idea we had.

Release, relax and the truth will come to you. Your soul already knows.

Karmic Gender Issues…

With Lilith’s involvement we see that above all this is a GENDER based karmic issue that’s causing problems. It’s got to do with judgments and hurts the Feminine has carried around the Masculine.

Perceptions like “men are cruel, unfaithful, driven by their basic desires” and other “typical historical” unconscious beliefs are key.

Keep an eye on yourself, because this stuff is clouding not only your vision of what’s TRUE, but it’s blocking you from being able to experience anything BETTER!

Clearing collective false karma is one of the most transformative things for the Twin pair. I take you through it in this session:

Perceiving What Is Vs What You Thought

Remember the Twin Flame pair ARE already one, already united in love as SOULS. We can activate that inner unity template!

It’s the human baggage that causes problems, and it’s often not even “our own” baggage.

Again, I help you with that here.

Unconscious communication between the Twins is heightened in this period… IF you’re open to hearing and perceiving what IS, rather than what you had attached to.

Accept that you may have been “wrong” in your perception. Release what you THOUGHT so you can allow a higher state to rise forth.

Worst Case Scenario?

Accept that you may have had a clouded perspective. Be willing to release your perceptions of your situation. Open up.

Worst case scenario? You might learn something new. Best case? You open the flow of love and communication, that had been blocked.

Venus trine Neptune at the same time shows us that if you listen to your HIGHER self, your TRUE guidance, your situation will blossom into love.

You’ll see the TRUTH and align with a higher timeline instead of being stuck in the same cycle. (Read what that means here)

Neptune Direct

Neptune finally turns direct on 28th November after months in retrograde.

During Neptune retrograde we always have a collective purge of the Crown Chakra. Issues involving feeling abandoned by the universe, and feeling disconnected from or unloved by source/our Twin, or unsupported by God, come up to be cleared.

This has put a dampener on the spiritual link. Also due to this purge, many have felt disconnected from their Twin these past few months.

We are now moving forward again in terms of spiritual development, after months of tough lesson learning and healing past wounds.

Because in spiritual truth, there is no division. (Learn more here in “Do Twin Flames Share A Higher Self?”)

Full Moon Eclipse

November 30th we have a powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini.

As with all Full Moons and especially eclipses, the intensity builds in the week preceding the actual event – so I’m covering it in this week’s forecast.

This Full Moon Eclipse kicks off the massive 2020 Eclipse Gateway, which will be open until mid December.

Happening between Sagittarius and Gemini, belief and mindset is key. The Eclipse also ties in other powerful planets, meaning there’s a LOT of energy and intensity around at this time.

There may be anger, irritation based in opposing perspectives above all.

Upgrade Into A Higher Reality

Mars retrograde this fall brought a purge and release of old karmic templates of separation and polarity consciousness – the “3D reality” or historical human model of self vs other…

Well, this Eclipse is a culmination of the EMOTIONS around this.

Spirit warns us we may see clashes in society, which are not due to CURRENT situations but are in essence a phantom from the past. Unhealed material coming to the surface.

We are asked to remember we are all ONE. Every soul alive is a soul of light from the same source. Only on earth is there seeming separation, opposition, conflict.

Frequencies Rising…

In the realms of light – for the SOUL – there is no conflict. So when conflict comes to the surface, we know there is a purge of the HUMAN baggage.

This process is part of earth’s own ascension, we’re told.

Just like WE go through purging and healing old baggage and wounds, earth itself has an energy system which is now being “upgraded” to rise into a higher frequency “reality”.

Breaking Apart The Old To Welcome The New

 The “old” reality was conflict, opposition, inequality, hurt based in not recognizing the oneness of all things.

The “new” reality is unity consciousness – compassion, love, harmony based in recognizing the “self in other”.

So, what has been in the WAY of this higher evolution of consciousness is being purged – so we can actually have room to invite in and process the new higher grids, we’re told.

And we’re shown that all of 2020 has been a part of this.

One Soul In Two Bodies

The difficulties, the problems rising, have been expressions of the past, the karmic reality of hurt and suffering coming to the surface to be released.

You may ask why is this relevant to Twin Flames? they ask.

It is why we all agreed to be here at this time. To anchor in unity consciousness. As “one soul in two bodies” we are the carriers of light templates of oneness.

Without even trying. And that’s why so many feel rattled in recent times. The pressure is on, they’re saying.

By holding love in our minds and hearts and knowing it is possible, we bring love, we anchor in love to the planet. To the whole grid.

For a session where I help you with this, click here

What Will Happen In Spring 2021

This Full Moon Eclipse is another KEY event in this year’s major shift in consciousness. Not just for Twin Flames but the whole human collective.

We see many Twins still physically apart as this happens… But we’re shown that when Twins long for each other, they “light up” the non physical connection points that create the new state of unity for everyone.

New unity grids. Where separation no longer exists energetically – and where physical unity becomes the norm.

Forced By Circumstance

We’re told it’s not by accident that Twin Flames have this ability to be “together” in seeming physical separation. It is by design.

And in this time, it is for sure a deliberate step that many are in essence FORCED by circumstance to activate this fully.

It is there for a reason. I teach you how to unlock “remote Twin Flame interaction” here, in class 2, 4 and 6.


“Dear Cassady, I can’t put into words how grateful I am to you. The vibrational alignment tools have made all the difference. I can feel the changes in me and see the changes between my twin and I. Thank you for all your energy and effort. I would be so lost without it. Sending you love and light,”

– Rachel, Sydney, Australia

(Click here to see more testimonials)

Opposing Perspectives

The Full Moon Eclipse will likely bring up issues of disagreement and “energized conflicts”.

Try to keep a level head. Spirit shows us, go within and find the *feeling connection* with your Twin Flame – at that point, you are always aligned. “Your hearts are identical deep down”, are the words I’m hearing.

Remember that you CAN always be with your Twin, as souls, and receive help, support, guidance and love from them. I take you through it step by step here.

Eclipse Release Points

Try to take a step back from yourself and see yourself from the outside leading up to the Eclipse.

Because in advance of these Eclipse release points, the low vibration energies (fear, anger, conflict, jealousy and other blocks to love) are stirred up in preparation to be cleared out.

If tension has been rising in your personal life the way it has in the world recently, take a few deep breaths and know that things will settle down again.

Hold off on judgment on any Twin Flame situations and issues until the energies settle again.

Know that if things feel tense or troubled right now, it’s likely more to do with the energies at large than with your relationship.

Making Way for New Light

In the aftermath of the eclipse we’ll have an influx of new higher vibration energies, and Twin Flames will certainly be able to feel this, perhaps even physically.

Headaches, blocked ears, whining and tension in the body is not uncommon during heavy cosmic events – this is often called “Ascension symptoms”, and is in effect negative energy stirred up in your field.

Don’t wait for it to go away, because the purpose is to get you to clear it.

Connect to the light with the Free Twin Flame Chakra Cleanse in the Free Kit! You’ll feel better in less than 10 minutes

Eclipses are reset times for the collective, so make sure you don’t get caught in the flood of emotions from others. Shielding and grounding are key – and make sure you don’t stay stuck in front of the computer.

Intense Week Ahead

This is set to be an intense week, but the changes stirring are part of paving the way for a higher state down the line.

Try to remember it’s a process, and the purpose is for good. It may just be tricky while it lasts.

Keep a cool head, use your tools and know you’re doing important preparation work for your own path (go here and ask what you feel most drawn to, that’s your intuition letting you know what’s to your highest good right now.)

Stay with love, stay with your heart, stay with guidance. It is leading the way to everything you’ve asked for. This is the path. This is the way there.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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