Divine Feminine Warrior Self Rising – New Beginnings, Mission Activating. Are You Allowing Your Truth To Step Forth?

Before we start today, I was specifically asked to share a message this weekend on what’s happening in the collective right now – click here to read, along with a new session to assist in these challenging times with anchoring in unity consciousness and the “new earth” grid.

As you know we’re in an unprecedented time in history at the moment. As the world is swept up in fear, those who came here as emissaries of light (twin flames and other lightworkers) are being called on.

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2020 – A Watershed Year…

As 2020 rolled in, astrologers knew this would be a watershed year, and you may remember I described this as “the end of one reality and the beginning of a new world”.

We are now right in the middle of this breakdown/rebuild process, and it has taken the world by complete surprise.

It’s been hundreds of years since Pluto and Saturn have met head-on in Capricorn, and traditionally this spells out major clashes, breakdowns and a “death” followed by a later rebirth in physical reality.

Many expected the economy to take a downturn, but few realized the complete breakdown of “modern life” that lay right ahead.

In the long run, this international crisis will likely usher in much needed adjustments and changes for society and the planet, but right now, most people’s lives are upended…

Cosmic Opening To A “New Beginning”

The planet is in panic. People’s jobs are gone overnight, schools are closed and exams canceled, airports are shut down, cities are in lockdown, many are in isolation, many have loved ones who are sick or at risk, businesses are closing, banks are slashing interest rates in a desperate attempt to slow down the crash…

None of us have experienced this on such a mass scale before. And so in this crucial time in history, we beings of light are being called on to step into action. To guide the planet from darkness into light.

To shift out of the 3D karmic reality of density and conflict, and into the new 5D grid of higher unity consciousness, a higher vibration.

We have spoken about this before in energy and symbolism, but this year it is truly becoming a physical reality.

Pluto and Saturn’s clashes are set to continue until the beginning of 2021 and so in order to assist the new state of light to rise forth, to fuse out the old fear reality and to shift into the new reality with more ease and smoothness, we are being called on to ride the wave of energy to its highest potential.

And in the midst of this crisis, spirit reached out with help. As I asked for assistance for all Twin Flames and for all of the planet, I was shown to create a guided activation and immersion of support – to bring in more light.

To bring in a state of wellness NOW, to release the old karma that has triggered trauma and breakdowns.

Again, click here to read more about the new Golden Light Infusion And Activation session and download. (It’s being offered at $17.97, to enable as many as possible to benefit.)

Immense Power In The Sign Of Physical Reality…

This current week we have massive new momentum building… A breaking point, where a new chapter begins to open.

As the New Moon hits in Aries, the sign’s ruler Mars is joined up in a highly rare conjunction with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. So this is truly a multiple new beginning energy, especially tying in with the equinox gateway still open till midweek.

When Pluto, Jupiter and Mars meet we’re dealing with IMMENSE power and energy.

This can change worlds. Physical worlds. Spirit shows us, this is like the incredible flow of strength that comes when a mother flooded with adrenaline lifts up a car to save her baby.

The kind of transformation that defies seeming “reality”. People working together to take action to change the world palpably for the better. (Read more on this subject here)


Uplifting Belief And Alignment

With Pluto and Jupiter involved we’re also dealing with a purge, detox and refinement of beliefs and self, and physical reality itself. There is a strong detox of the solar plexus, action, willpower, motivation and belief going on.

We see Pluto and Jupiter working to cleanse especially the Masculine polarity and Aries dominant individuals of limiting beliefs.

And on a larger scale, cleansing society of ego dominated, separation based habits and structures. Opening to unity and a higher state.

We’re shown, encouragement. Rediscovering inner power for the forward journey. (Read more about this here)

Rare Transit – Major Reversals Of Fortune

Pluto and Jupiter joining is a highly rare event which happens only once every 12 years (and it’s not happened in Capricorn for centuries) – and can bring MAJOR reversals of fortune.

A tumultuous time where things are pushed apart, to be reinstated on a higher level… The “rebirth” part of a death/rebirth phase.

Happening in a trine to Venus a “rebirth” of love in the physical is likely. We see, the initial steps that lead to a reignition of romance. And that humanity’s focus is shifting to love, caring for each other. In general, a new more “feminine polarity approach” to society’s structures in the time ahead…

One warning we get from spirit for Twin Flames is, the Feminine Twin may not be in a mood to receive her counterpart’s advances at this point.

Being more confident and being used to being strong on her own, and she may deflect what is truly an olive branch and a desire for reunion from her counterpart. She may not realize what it really means right now.

Did You Know This About Your Counterpart?

Keep your mind open and listen with your emotions and intuition.

If you turn your counterpart down now or they feel like you do, they’re more likely to give up. They’ll feel much more rejected than you’re intending.

There are seeds of a new beginning right now, and they’re likely very small and coming from a runner Twin… But they are the glimmer of light that will grow to a sun shining if you open up.

Spirit shows us, you’re likely unaware of exactly HOW un-confident your counterpart has felt.

Your outer projection onto their “ego facade” may have blinded you to the fact that they are feeling DEEPLY vulnerable… (Read more in this article)

And they see you as MUCH more powerful and intimidating than you know…

The Secret Reason Why Some Twins Opt For Non-Twin Partners…

Spirit shows us, THIS is why many Twins in Separation find their Masculine counterpart has opted for someone else. They’re “lowering their standards” out of fear.

It’s not that they don’t want YOU – they think on some level you don’t want THEM or they’re not worthy. So they opt for someone who’s less of a “threat”… There’s less of a loss if it doesn’t work out.

This is a great time to help them cut cords, release deeper fears and open the connection again. Pluto deals with purification, so the cosmos is supporting you in this.

Click here for a session where I take you through it with Free Will alignment.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

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The Wounded Healer: “It’s Not Them, It’s You… “

As the Sun moves over Chiron at the beginning of Aries this week’s beginning we see pretty much everyone is a bit blinded to others right now.

We’re projecting our own past wounds onto how we interpret the world and other people. And this goes for humanity too – things are up in the air, we’re not seeing things clearly, there are too many emotions involved…

Chiron is the “wounded healer” and Aries the sign of self, so this is a time where triggers around feeling rejected, unwanted and unloved are coming to the fore.

Make sure you deal with what’s going on, from an energy place – because the “real world events” that are triggering you are “signposts” from your soul to show you the blocks so you can heal and move on.

When left unchecked, rejection/abandonment issues become deflections to love and keep the Twin Flames from reuniting. Watch a video below on how this works, and go here for a powerful solution.


New Moon In Aries – Restart Of Self

Also on March 24th we have a New Moon in Aries. Happening on this same point with Chiron, we see that the “new future”, the happy forward path, depends on us healing our past wounds. As a collective, and as individuals.

The KEY is those inner wounds of SELF, which have us in a mis-aligned interaction with the world and other people. ESPECIALLY our Twin Flame.

You may have read this before, but all our “relationship dynamics” in essence stem from childhood and this is why Inner Child Work is so powerful for the Twin Flame journey.

Because when we have had issues with feeling ignored, unloved, not good enough, unwelcome or dismissed in childhood on some level – it gets triggered by the Twin Flame connection.

Because it’s a block to unconditional love.

What Happens When We Run From Our Own “Darkness”

To fully open and to fully rise into a beneficial higher reality, we have to heal these old wounds.

Some of us have deeper wounds than others, but this week, Chiron is putting pressure on to get us to FACE our shadows and acknowledge the deeper hurt… So we can get a chance to heal and move on.

Because as long as we keep acting like everything is fine when it’s not, avoiding the “darkness” in our own selves… Running from history instead of learning from it…

It will keep playing out in the Twin Flame connection and in the world at large as struggle, conflict, separation, perceived abandonment from love and the divine…

The Aries energies are nudging us to be brave, to step into our mastery and our “warrior self”. To have courage to face our fears.

When we do, they burst in the light. Shadows grow stronger when we avoid looking at them.

(Read more in “The Truth About The Twin Flame Mirror” here)

twin flame mirror

Lighting A Flame In The Dark

If you pick up the mantle this week and go confront your deepest fears in your Twin Flame connection, you’ll discover the darkness disappearing. The power it had over you, will vanish.

As spirit says, when you light a strong enough candle in the dark, the darkness disappears.

****Allow yourself to think about what your IDEAL situation with your Twin Flame would be. Think about the future****

If it feels joyous, you’re in alignment.

If it feels yucky, bad, heavy, sad… That means you’re being triggered by blocks still in your being (and they might not be “yours” to begin with – you may have absorbed them from society).

But wherever it comes from, this is the litmus test! In order to invite something in we have to align our energy to match to it and attract it.

With this New Moon happening in Aries, you thankfully have courage and passion on your side – nothing is impossible! But you have to confront what has kept things out of reach.

(Remember in spiritual truth it’s NEVER impossible for Twin Flames to reunite in the physical. It’s why we came here!

And right now, going within and connecting SPIRITUALLY is the key. It’s as if the cosmic energies are forcing so many to do this, by cutting off any outside option for many. The path is INSIDE you.

(I take you through clearing blocks and collective karmic shadow timelines here)

Challenges Trying To Snap Us “Awake”

The Moon in Aries demands authenticity above all. Life is short, and Twin Flames and other Lightworkers are here with very specific plans as souls.

We are now being reminded to stop messing around, stop listening to others and their opinions about us, and remember what we are really here for and who we really are.

To align with the undying soul aspect of ourselves. Our “soul song”.

Not where we went to school, or where we grew up or what our preferences and likes and dislikes are, but who we are as infinite souls and why we came here.

You may feel your soul on the rise in recent times. This is because you ARE here for a reason. At this crucial time.

Listen to your soul. This is yet another chapter of awakening – and now, it’s happening on the whole planet not just to us… (Read more here)

Will You Vanquish The “Enemies Of Dark” To Emerge In Love?

This is set to be a week of major transformations, shifts in perception, including “real world” events changing things around. We are all being put on the spot by the universe, and challenged to step into our “light warrior self”. To be a leader.

Will you keep letting the shadows run the show behind the scenes?

Or will you pick up your “weapon” of light, vanquish the “inner enemies” and open to a new era?

The path forwards will open and be filled with light when we click into our own inner wholeness and light. Which is who we really are.

When the outside is filled with problems, holdbacks, frustrations, conflict… It means there are shadows.

In reality, shadows are messengers trying to alert us to inner wounds and trauma. And when we avoid the shadows, they become shown to us in the form of “real world phantoms”.

So in order to uplift your life, go within and shine light where there was dark. Bring love where there was fear. You really are here for a reason.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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