The Crux Of A New Age. Pressure Building: Solstice Gateway, New Moon Eclipse – Are You Ready To Release Everything You Thought You Knew To Unleash A New Future?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies – and Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas wherever in the world you are!

Highlights this week include:
Major transformations underway, shakeups and challenges. New Moon Solar Eclipse dealing with love, soul origins and evolution, and more…

Discover more below!

Twin Flames 11:11 Holiday Gift For You

Before we get started today I wanted to share something with you for the holiday season.

Since I was a little child, my favorite thing in the whole world was wrapping and giving gifts, hoping to spread joy. I still wish every day could be like Christmas!

Since I can’t put a gift directly under your tree, or give you something in your culture’s customs – I decided to do something that can cross through the internet and bring a boost of love and light to you:

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Once-In-Three Decades Combustion

So onto the forecast and the energies at hand. You’ve probably been feeling the current of pressure and impending changes for a while as Saturn edges ever closer to Pluto for their once in 37 years combustion.

This winter and beyond is set to bring major transformations, and for the long run it’s designed to help you but it will likely feel challenging these next few weeks.

Many of us are in the “death” part of the “death and rebirth” cycle at this point. We’re being asked to release old heaviness, unconscious fears and hurts, and this means a purge is going on.

Many Twins’ connection is in a state of “recalibrating”, which can mean feeling “offline” while “darkness” rises to be cleansed away.

(Remember to cleanse your chakras and aura, as this will help you keep an open connection and avoid triggering. Use the free kit here or click here and ask what you feel most drawn to – that’s your system signalling what is to your highest good right now)

Deep Transformation Around Karma, Responsibility And Physical Reality…

Things feel dark and hopeless but as Chiron just moved direct in Aries and the solstice hit over the weekend, there is a glimmer of light. It’s never truly dark. In spiritual terms, darkness is just light that forgot who it was.

As a collective, we humans are being put under pressure to change outworn structures this winter and over the coming year as Saturn edges towards a combustion with Pluto.

This happens in Capricorn, sign of karma, responsibility and physical manifestation so there are major, deep and dramatic changes happening in both society and the physical world aspects of the Twin Flame connection.

Some Twins who have reached a level of unity consciousness and forgiveness, will be suddenly brought to bring light to others – they will be pushed into positions of influence.

Others who have not reached this state of awareness may try to abandon the connection. (Are you in a state of unity or struggle? Take the quiz here)

Major Inner Changes, Claiming Your Power

Whatever your situation, there are major changes upcoming. With Pluto being so key, these can be major INNER changes.

A challenge to claim your own power, likely by being faced with feelings and false belief structures around powerlessness and hopelessness. This can be highly unpleasant but is meant to help us long term.

Power is a contentious issue in our world, especially for the Feminine Twin, but you truly are meant to benefit from your own loving power of light! In fact, it’s what will get you to your happiest life.

A while back I was asked to do a session to help Twin Flames with this and show the “secret 6 steps” you can use to co-create with the universe and call in union in the physical. Click here for that.


Spirit shows us that this Saturn/Pluto conjunction will color the whole next 12 months, setting the start of a new era – and that your INTENTION is so powerful.

When you set the intention to claim and create your ideal, the universe and the cosmic energies respond with support.

Again, I help you tap into this “current of support” here.

26th December Eclipse – Shakeup in Love

This is set to be quite an impactful holiday week. On December 26th we have a powerful New Moon Eclipse of the Sun in Capricorn – a massive opening to potential new beginnings.

As this is happening in a trine to Uranus in Taurus, we see the universe asking us to change things up. To stop approaching things the same way we have gotten used to.

Especially in terms of love (Taurus is the home sign of Venus).

With this Eclipse shakeups are highly likely. Upsets may occur, in order to push you to make changes you know have been necessary for a long time. It could be family dynamics you finally end up confronting.

It could be an old friendship that comes to an end or you simply choosing you deserve more in life and decide to finally push for your dreams instead of staying stuck in a job you don’t like.

Twin Flames Called On – Soul Development At Stake

This New Moon Solar Eclipse conjuncts Jupiter and opposes the North Node in Cancer. Strong signals that we’re in a crucial time for humanity’s soul development. Our spiritual evolution is at stake.

A momentary “blinding” of the ego gives way to higher illumination but the opposition shows we are far from our potential right now – we have strayed far from our origins of higher consciousness.

This is another time echoing the 11:11 activations we had earlier in fall, where challenges and shakeups are designed to make us remember. Remember who we are. And what we’re here for. Love. Unity.

(Read more about the Twin Flame Mission here)


Taking Steps In The Dark…

Spirit shows us, this period will likely feel scary. Like you’re walking in the dark unsure what’s ahead. But there are glimmers of light incoming.

But as the Sun conjuncts Jupiter this period you’re also being encouraged by the universe in subtle ways.

You may find yourself dreaming about a happy memory, hear a song you love, remember how much you love your relatives, your home town, the planet or Christmas…

Something in some small way lights a spark inside you again. Something makes you remember.

Don’t worry, is the message. It’s always dark before the dawn, as the saying goes. We’re in the darkest time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere but in energy terms it likely feels kind of edgy and dark wherever you are this winter.

How Will You Experience This Time?

If you’re super high vibrational and already anchored in a higher dimensional state (again, check here if that’s you) you may find this time a period of slow yet positive practical progress. A time of focusing on your goals and making headway…

But if you’re carrying a lot of unhealed baggage, I’m not going to lie, this can get challenging. And if you’re feeling triggered and heavy, please don’t just hope it will go away on its own!

Use the free energy cleanse tool here, because you will feel SO much better and it will open your path to more positivity moving forward.

Watch this brief video for an explanation:

5D Gateway – Anchoring Into A Higher State

Every solstice gateway (which lasts approx 5 days around the date) we have an influx of light and a chance to “uplevel” into a higher energetic state, and some unawakened Twins are stirred to more awareness.

To make sure you get the most from this, use the Higher Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening session here.

This week we also have a challenge between Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Aquarius. Signalling that the Masculine Twin is struggling with unconscious emotions and trauma he feels unable to share with anyone…

And the Feminine Twin is pushing forward, impatient to make progress and happiness.

We’re shown gender based challenges showing up, highlighting deeper inner issues of discontent that need to be resolved before unity fully progresses.

Challenge Between Masculine And Feminine

Mars being the planet of aggression and sex, there is likelihood for the Masculine Twin to act out and try to take frustration and fear out in physical ways.

With Twins who are already happy together, be aware that intimacy can be healing and that there is more going on than can be seen on the surface right now.

If you’re not together I would highly advise working on your connection in order to remove blocks, negative attachments and other “inner” causes of repeated problems. Have a look here for help.

How To Interpret The Signs Working To Reach You…

This week is set to bring deep transformations for the long-term – a major spiritual process set to continue under the surface for months into the new year.

The Solar Eclipse also offers a possible new beginning and a fresh perspective that opens your path anew and brings a sense of relief.

Remember that everything is happening to help you. If it feels bad, it’s trying to alert you to density and blocks in your system so you can clear them and open to your desires.

If it feels light and good, it’s guiding you in a happy direction.

Pay attention and remember that even if they feel tough right now, this year’s gifts from the universe are set to carry effects long into the next decade…

With all my blessings for a peaceful holiday season <3

Cassady x

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