Awakening Feminine Power, Magnetism Switched On. The Universe “Gets Involved” To Steer The Masculine Twin To Love And Unity In The 3D Physical…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:

Twin Flame reunion preparations for 2022 continue…

Plus, Sagittarius Season begins, Mars opposition Uranus R brings shakeups and changes to the Masculine Twin, designed to get them to love.

Discover more below!

The Power Of Gratitude

It’s been a while since I’ve said it – but I want you to know I’m truly grateful you’re here and that my work resonates with you!

Waking up to the Twin Flame connection is such a heightened and special experience… And yet it can be challenging… So I’m truly grateful to be able to help and support you on your path into love!

This week is Thanksgiving here in the United States…

So as a token of my gratitude, this whole week you get 22.22% off any of my programs and sessions! To help you shift higher, anchor in more of your soul’s light and call in Twin Flame unity:

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Union Preparation

Now onto the energies at hand: We are still in a period of preparation and purification for Twin Flames this fall into 2022…

Building up to the “second reunion period” when Venus/Mars meet in Capricorn in February.

As the two met in Leo this July, the Twin Flame pairs experienced a re-ignition of the soul bond, a re-connection of love on the heart level.

An inner activation, triggering the next step of the journey… And when they meet again, it will be in Capricorn, sign of the physical domain.


February 2022

This means we have a heightened and rare time for Twin Flame Reunions AND tangible first time meetings in February 2022 (which also activates rare 222, 2222 and 22222 – even 222222 codes!)

In the lead up to that period, we are undergoing purification, so we are fully in ALIGNMENT with lasting union.

This means we’re asked to heal and clear inner issues and blocks that have distorted our connection…

Childhood wounds, fears of abandonment, past heartbreak, feelings of unworthiness and more, are being brought to our attention so we can confront, heal and clear them.

When Reunion Breaks Apart…

Why is this necessary? To help us be fully OPEN to a harmonious and lasting union when the time comes.

Because as so many Twins have experienced, Reunion can often break apart into Running/Separation if the counterparts are full of “issues”, past hurt and fear.

The inner issues and above all fears and hurt, tend to deflect the Twin Flames from each other.

So now, the Universe is helping us be ready.

Opening To Love

We’re being shown what needs clearing and healing, AND how to fully be at peace enough to be OPEN to love when the time comes.

Because otherwise our own stress, worries, concerns about the future/being “good enough” can cause disruptions and deflections.

So consider what’s been going on in recent times…

Can you see that this has been happening – you are being GUIDED to get clarity and wholeness within… And shown how to be more open to love and unity?


If you listen now, February 2022 can become a MAJOR time of reconnection on a tangible level.

And if it makes you feel tense, worried, stressed out, that’s a HUGE sign there is inner work needed.

Go to your fears, shed light on them and work to heal and step into inner alignment. For personal help with this process and preparation, have a look here.

Twin Flames Guided Together

This week, Venus trines Mars and Neptune, while Mars is challenged by Uranus and Saturn.

This tells us that the Masculine and Feminine counterparts are being STRONGLY guided to each other.

There is divine guidance at work but the Masculine Twin may be more unaware of it. Mars is still in Scorpio, so it may be happening unconsciously for them.

However, they ARE being re-directed from old habits and modes of behavior.

Challenges from Saturn and Uranus R say, they are likely feeling blocked… As if how they used to approach the world and life, isn’t “working” anymore.

Dream Encounters…

This is to get them to open to something higher.

They ARE being opened to their guidance and their higher self, whether or not they know it. But it’s coming in the form of a challenge.

With Venus supporting, it shows us the Feminine Twin’s higher self is closely involved with this guidance, even if you or they don’t realize it.

Ego Interference?

The Masculine Twin is being presented with perspective shifts and pushed to open to their soul.

But as you may have experienced in the past, Ego resistance can be strong in an Unawakened or Runner Twin – and it can complicate things even if guidance is “trying” to get them to love.

This channeled session will help dismantle 3D ego “masks” such as anger, ghosting, hostility and conflict, in full alignment with Free Will. It’s a powerful tool for opening to higher love in the physical.

twin flame awakening

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring completely blew me away. Not only did this seem to impact me on an enormous level, I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah, UK (via Facebook)

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Sagittarius Season Starts

Monday, the Sun enters optimistic, expansive Sagittarius.

Over the next month, this will push us to learn about past mistakes and release old scars that have blocked us from embracing new experiences, fully enjoy life and be truly OPEN to love.

It’s a time for breaking through any limitations we have had on how we see and experience “reality”.

Taking a look at our “filters” of perception, and how they may have blocked out what we want from being able to ARRIVE in our lives…

How Life “Shows Up” For Us

Because what we believe, we tend to get more of. This is how energy works.

If someone believes the world is a bad place, they tend to look for evidence of that, and gravitate toward things that confirm their belief.

So they tend to attract more of the same …Which of course cements it even more.

But a person who believes life is magical and miraculous, tends to look for that, and gravitates toward people and experiences that confirm it.

They tend to see reality through a different “filter” than someone who believes life is bad, and it means they have different “REAL LIFE” experiences!

Shifting Into Positive Paradigms

So now we’re asked re-evaluate this and to realize it’s not set in stone. We truly CAN affect and shift our experiences, if we learn HOW.

So what core beliefs are driving your life?
What thought patterns and blocks keep you from stepping out of your comfort zone, opening up to love?

Those fears and negative beliefs and filters – rooted in deeper unconscious programming – need to be cleared away for you to fully experience your happiest life…

Have a look here for more, and I’ll take you through it in a guided and gentle, yet powerful set of methods and deeply transformational tools.

twin flame story

Surprises In Love

This whole week Venus trines Uranus, the planet of creativity, surprises, technology and groups.

This helps bring new energy, “electricity” and beneficial shakeups to relationships and love. We’re being asked to think differently and approach love in new ways.

You could receive news or new developments in your connection via something unorthodox, including social media, technology, groups, hobbies… or in some surprising way.

It’s more likely than usual to accidentally meet or end up in the same place as your Twin, hear from them “out of the blue” or receive significant synchronicities and signs…

Accidental TF Meetings?

Or it could be something like seeing yourself differently and in a more positive light, feeling excited about the future…

Or even, a new potential partner showing up, or noticing positive shifts in your Twin Flame connection.

But Uranus tends to throw in the unexpected, so it will likely NOT be what you THINK it will be! 

Stay open, expect something positive to transpire and allow yourself to flow with this.

Feminine Twin’s Boundaries

Be willing to change how you see yourself and approach your connection.

Because above all, Uranus is trying to tell or show you, there are really no “rules” to love and life, except what works for you!

With Venus in Capricorn sextile Mars in Scorpio, we see that holding boundaries can work out well for the Feminine Twin this week in particular.

Without manipulation, you CAN successfully attract your counterpart now by holding your ground. If you feel you deserve better – hold that intention firmly (without anger or upset, as those will only attract distortions back).

Flames Of Passion

Your counterpart is intensely attracted to you right now, and you may have sensed this.

It’s as if the Universe is igniting passion in them, in order to “orchestrate” physical togetherness.

And by holding boundaries and intending that you are worthy of mutual commitment and respect, and will not settle for less, you can steer the path in a positive direction.

Even if they may have been reluctant to commit in the past, they would now be more than willing to reach higher into meeting your needs.

They are more likely to be respectful, loving and considerate.

For more on Twin Flame Sex and intimacy, and how this is actually an alchemical site of deep transformation and spiritiual unity, go here. (Class 6)


(You can use these sacred rituals and wisdom to bring your counterpart close, even if you have been in physical separation for a long time – and they will love this approach!)

Eternal Fire Of Love

Love is growing increasingly passionate this week, and yet it’s about the long run. And true soul love is being “divinely directed” with a more “hands on” approach than usual.

Many are being pushed more noticeably – so make sure you listen and pay attention. 

With Uranus involved with Mars AND Venus, surprises are likely.

It could include the Masculine Twin changing somehow, showing up unexpectedly in your life… Circumstances shifting unexpectedly…

Oppositions are not generally positive, so this could SEEM like a challenge from an initial perspective. However, the divine purpose behind what is happening, is to get you to love and unity.

Communication Check-In

Early in the week, keep an eye on communication, as Mercury squares Jupiter. It can cause misunderstandings and conflicts based in things that don’t truly matter from a higher perspective.

Remember that each person has their own unique approach to reality. You might have to allow your counterpart to be “wrong”, or open to others’ perspectives.

Because of this transit, it’s likely the “truth” you’d be defending would not be worth it anyway. “Pick your battles”, as the saying goes, and ask yourself: “Would you rather be happy or ‘right’?”

Who You Were

This IS a great time to OPEN up with your counterpart though, and being honest about any fears or doubts you feel. It will make your counterpart sympathetic to you.

So don’t listen to Ego or the mind, about what to say to them. Instead, be completely honest about your FEELINGS.

This is amplified as the Sun trines Chiron, the “wounded healer”.

It means that unresolved trauma is being shown to you, so you can heal and open to more of your true self.

This is happening for your counterpart too.

Releasing Conditional Love

As children, many are shamed into pleasing others or adhering to “learned ideals” such as toxic masculinity or self sacrifice instead of being loving and true to themselves, and it is a deep block to Twin Flame love.

So now, it’s being brought up for healing.

And it’s all about CONDITIONAL love. Where we were shown that love could be taken AWAY from us if we were not “perfect” in some way.

The truth is that Twin Flames ARE perfect for each other, as who we really are deep down.

But nearly all Twins end up taking on “baggage” that distorts the connection, and that’s why Ascension tends to cause purging.

(More on how this works in a brief video here)

Unconditional Love Models

If you’re having a hard time lately, go to your Twin’s higher self so they can show you their eternal love and devotion.

They ALWAYS love you immaculately, from the dawn of existence. They love you EXACTLY as you are and always will be. 

They know it can be hard to believe, due to human culture and experiences, but give them a chance to show it to you. For help with this, go here

Excitement, Optimism

Thursday, Mercury joins the Sun in Sagittarius, which opens to a new theme in communication for this coming month – openness, honesty and optimism are key. 

This can be a positive and fun energy if you flow well with it.

Opening up and trusting life, and expanding your perspective lifts you into more of your potential – and it will help bring you what you long for.

When you’re in flow, progress can happen in an “instant”! “Miracles” happen when we are truly OPEN to them on all levels (including the UN-conscious.)

Love Event Building

Venus is also nearing a rare conjunction with Pluto – this is one of the year’s most powerful cosmic events for love.

It is a massively impactful energy current, dealing with soul deep love.

Paving ground for “heaven on earth”, is how spirit describes it.

They explain that we are in this period recalibrating and preparing for ANCHORING in the Divine union into the physical.

This means we’re likely experiencing the spiritual love and passion, soul connections, dreams, remote romance or some “taster” of immensely blissful unity… So that our system is able to bring it about more and more physically.

Anchoring Eternal Love

 We are “receiving the anchor”, is what we are told.

Pluto’s involvement shows that a part of this a detox, especially as regards sexual love and unity.

So beware insecurity, power struggles, jealousy and other intimacy-related triggers and expressions, as this is one of Pluto/Venus’ shadows. They are coming to the surface so you can clear them.

However, if can have an intimate and happy connection (even as “remote romance” you will find your intimacy helps heal this with less purging.

Your systems can balance each OTHER out.

Soul Expressions

With support from Neptune, this transit is all about bringing the SPIRITUAL potential of unconditional love and ONENESS into the PHYSICAL (and the sexual).

You are set to FEEL this, and the “supernatural” expressions of Twin Flame love are likely more noticeable and active than at other times. 

It also shows us that TRUE soul love partners are being brought together in some way – even if it’s not here yet…

Divine Plan

As the Sun/Mercury connect with Saturn on November 26th, you might notice a blurry perspective on self and the forward path late this week and into next. And it ties into this process.

You may notice a confusing yet pleasant haze that is keeping you from being “too” aware of what is going on and what lies ahead.

A divine plan to block us from getting in our own way.

So if you feel strange lately, like you’re not quite sure what’s going on…

And yet in the “background” you have a subtle feeling that you are being guided to 3D PHYSICAL or tangible love and unity… You’re right!

Guidance To Unity

The fogginess helps us to not block it by getting into analysis, worry, fear and questioning everything… 

Including the common “if I was hurt before/it didn’t happen before, why would it happen now?”

Love As Reality

This week is asking you to open to love as a real TANGIBLE truth and experience.

If there are any fears, worries about hurt happening, or not being worthy somehow, you know where your work is.

The more you can stay in a high vibration and ALLOW yourself to gravitate toward love, the more this process will flow.

Enjoy the magic this week, and make sure you work with the process, as this cannot happen fully without your conscious cooperation.

There are exciting things on the way! <3

Cassady x


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