Aries Season: Stepping Into Your Boldest Self! Venus/Sun Combo Boost Your Beauty And Authentic Purpose… But Who Made You Feel “Wrong” For Who You Are Deep Down?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:
Sun/Venus combo say it’s time to boldly for your desires and be yourself unapologetically! But Chiron asks: what past hurts are stuck in your system, blocking your connection?

Discover more below!

Love Is With You

We start off with a continued transit from last week. Venus and the Sun are still traveling together. Happening now in Aries, it’s a lot about putting action into your dreams and into love.

Believing in yourself and fueling energy into your heart’s true desires!

This “dream team” of Venus and the Sun traveling through Aries show us that this is a period for you to above all focus on YOURSELF in love.

The universe is urging you to focus on your heart’s desires and put effort into them.

Go for Your Dreams!

 Beauty, harmony, creativity, enjoyment and love are highlighted – and it’s revolving around YOU.

It’s a time when anchoring into your authentic purpose is highlighted. You’re being encouraged to not “play safe” or align with collective realities or others’ opinions…

Having courage and taking action on your heart’s true desires, are likely to pay off.

Spirit comments, not necessarily instantly… But this is an IMPORTANT week of the year when your choices, intentions and actions will have a major impact on the path for the next year or so, in particular the next 5–6 months.

So use this time wisely. You are extra powerful right now… But you have to stay on top of your perspective.

Healing Around Self in Love and Romance

Because from Thursday and into the weekend we encounter a challenge, as Venus and Sun move into a trine with Saturn, then a conjunction with Chiron the wounded healer.

This indicates we are set to have triggering (and potential healing) around self-perception, especially in regards to romance and love.

It can bring up old issues around identity and where you and/or your counterpart may have been made to feel “wrong” for who you were.

(For help with this, go here)

How Will It Show Up?

If there’s a lot of baggage in your system and connection, this time will likely stir up old issues. The UN-healed parts of you and the connection. (For help, go here)

If we have a lot of dark energy and old wounds in our system, there’s no ROOM for love and higher unity to come in.

This is why energy clearing is crucial not only for the Twin Flame connection but for life in general — because we create room for positivity and new developments.

Instead of being full of baggage, hurt, conflict, fear and all the stuff that will unfortunately keep us unavailable to good…

Again, this video explains it in a brief and easy to understand way.

twin flame video

Highly Unusual Time for Love and Healing!

Chiron/Sun/Venus all together are HIGHLY rare — so this is a KEY time for healing around love.

Spirit tells us the core of what’s going on is wholeness and inner unity:
Do you love YOURSELF? If not, what caused that, originally?

That’s likely to be highlighted at this time. Remember that the Twin Flame mirror is always on and inner self acceptance and wholeness are always a part of the Union process.

So any old ego perceptions of not being “good enough” or “loveable” or attractive (Venus rules beauty and romance) especially in terms of relationships, are being triggered at this time.

Is It Really “Real”?

Keep an eye on yourself this whole week into the next, and make sure you clear the negativity and old hurts that come up.

I know it feels awful when negativity is triggered, and it can feel so “real”… But the truth is, it’s “just” energy, “just” emotions.

It’s congested energy from a PAST trauma. Don’t let it play out in your now and future reality! It’ll just bring more negativity!

You can use the Free Energy Cleanse Session for Twin Flames to cleanse out negativity, or to go deeper the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames will help you root out the core issues so you don’t have to go through cycles of hurt, separation and struggle…


Allowing Emotion to Fuel Change

Another great way to work with the intense energy this weekend is to express yourself, and spend time fueling your focus into something you LOVE.

If you can allow the energy and emotion to come THROUGH you into action or creation…

Or helping others in a meaningful way that takes you out of your own “ego complexes” … you’ll find this a DEEPLY REWARDING time.

If you’re an artist or musician, allow the emotions you feel to come THROUGH you and become works of art.

If you work with animals or charities, allow the emotions to come THROUGH you sublimating into healing by going fully into that process of helping.

Your emotions will become your ally via the transmutation of love and the heart, when you do this.

Chiron “Helping” You

Feel into it above all. Chiron may also activate or highlight healing abilities of your own during this time, or you may encounter a person (or spirit or animal!), that will help you.

But be aware that this can arise from pain.

Chiron is the wounded healer, and it’s highlighted that often the biggest help we contribute to the world comes from facing our wounds to heal ourselves.

Above all, listen to your intuition and pay attention to your dreams, as there will be more info working to reach you. (Learn about how to interpret Twin Flame dreams here)

twin flame dreams
Artist Irina Vitalievna Karkabi

The God of The Underworld

Chiron is active in multiple ways this week — “he” is also quintile Pluto, the master of detox and the god of the “underworld” (unconscious).

When Pluto and Chiron interact, we have deep level healing. We’re actually shown the ley lines of the planet itself being in a purging and transmutation process.

The shared unconscious we as the human “animal” have deep down embedded in the roots of this planet, are being “detoxed” … and so a purging of primal density is happening.

Keep this in mind if you feel collective “noise” and static, subtle fear that doesn’t make “sense” to your situation and so on.

Planetary Ley Lines Purging

We’re being asked to clear the toxic survival programming, as a “service” to the planet, to allow for more light to reach us and for the collective to ascend higher.

This, in turn, helps Twin Flames, as the more the collective grids are aligned with love and unity, the easier it flows for Twins to unite physically.

This is a fairly long-lasting transit, which will be going on in the “background” for weeks and has to do with purging and clearing physical body survival programming.

Recommended for this time is the Golden Light Infusion session, where we clear out karmic fear content and lower density human historical programming, and activate higher ley lines for you and your Twin as a pair.

Guided Actions

Therefore, this work will be immensely powerful in healing and bringing harmony to your Twin Flame connection.

When we “do our soul work” and shine light where there was dark in ourselves and on the planet, we activate higher levels consciousness and our own soul’s presence.

We access more of our power. It can often feel like, we’re being rewarded by the universe. Things begin to flow more smoothly.

And it’s for a reason. It’s encouragement, to do what is to the highest good. The Twin Flame Mission.

Repeats from February … But Different?

Also this week we have a repeat of Mercury square Mars, from mid-February. Now Mercury is direct, the combination flows more smoothly. Back then, it tended to bring up arguments and conflict.

Challenges based in opposing perspectives – saying and meaning or intending and doing different things… 

Spirit’s comment is, it’s a lesson to go beyond the mere intellect. To use our intuition — our energy faculties — to assess what’s going on.

Because energy never lies. When you learn to tap into energy, you’ll never be confused about someone’s feelings, intentions or real self again.

Physical Body Issues

The good news is, any disagreements around right now can blow up quickly but be over just as fast.

With the deeper processes going on, we see conflict is mostly due to underlying BODY fears. If you or others are feeling stressed, panicked, upset… Ask yourself how does it relate to your body?

Is it based on a fear of others withdrawing protection? That safety is being compromised? That things like survival or procreation or loyalty, are at risk?

Be good to your body, work to show it that you’ll take care of it no matter what, and it will calm down. Make sure its needs are met, and everything else will flow smoother – including your Twin Flame connection.

Short-Lived Issues

Watch what you say in the heat of the moment this week. Not every battle is worth the fight, as the saying goes.

(This is something humanity as a whole is learning as well)

“Deep down, do you not all want the same things?” asks spirit rhetorically. We want to feel loved, acknowledged, appreciated for who we really are. And physically safe.

If you can remember this, things will begin to look completely different. Especially in your Twin Flame connection.

Love and Light — And Action!

To demonstrate this point, the Sun and Venus show us that the light of love is what is really needed. Mutual understanding, empathy.

To feel with the heart how we are all the same in essence, instead of judging with the mind that we are opponents…

With Sun and Venus being in Aries there’s also an added push to DO something about this!

On a world level, you may be nudged to stand up for something good, to uphold the values of love and unity. Your soul purpose may also be in focus, you may be pushed to take action on your soul path.

Read more about that here:


Positive Attention Coming Your Way!

You’ll likely get positive attention this week — especially if you lean into your authentic self. People will appreciate you being “real” with them this period, being openly unique.

And making someone feel seen and appreciated for who they really are deep down, is SUPER POWERFUL!

If you can make your counterpart feel like you really “get” where they’re at and understand their INNER world… They will be much more open!

Venus/Sun is a powerful energy of positivity — even with Chiron in their midst.

Creativity Is Heightened!

You may conceive of something special right now that, if acted on, can become a highly successful and important or healing work down the line.

(Conception of children is also highlighted!)

This is a pleasure-seeking combination and likely, the most meaningful pleasure will come from the soul deep satisfaction of knowing that you have taken action on your dreams and goals.

Spirit highlights that for creatives, this is a powerful time of initiative, positivity, recognition and new beginnings. Go for it, is their comment.

If you have artistic talent, it’s for a reason! If you have a project you’ve been holding off on or you’ve been shying away from the limelight, now is the time to stand up and be seen.

Full Moon In Libra

Lastly this week on March 28th, we have a powerful Full Moon in Libra – sign of relationships, opposite Aries sign of self/individual.

When we have a Full Moon in Libra it can add to triggering the wounds of feeling unloved by others, rejected, not accepted or not “good enough”.

And this time, with Pluto/Chiron’s involvement we see that there’s a deep human system that’s coming up to be released from the core primal consciousness that’s been “gridded” or stored in the earth.

In short, its Survival Programming causing abandonment of our true self as SOULS. Betraying our truth, due to survival.

Deep Programming

The body’s primal focus on survival, passed down through genetics and in these lay lines since the dawn of human existence… Has caused a rupture in “self.”

Prioritizing safety and sacrificing true happiness and purpose, for being accepted by others. Things like being afraid of speaking our truth, for fear of rejection.

Or conforming to others’ idea of what’s right for us, because we are scared of abandonment… On a primal level.

Which is a major block to the ascension of the planet, the collective and us as individuals.

And for Twin Flames it causes an inner disconnect from the Soul Song.

Soul Song Disruptions

This primal survival programming, causes us step out of the soul song – losing magnetism for each other.

So, this Full Moon is a period of bringing up that old content where not only we as individuals but we as a SPECIES throughout time, have listened to FEAR over LOVE, says spirit.

Where we have NOT been following our soul’s truth. Where we have betrayed ourselves, in an attempt to keep or gain the safety of group protection and survival.

Keep this in mind during the week, says spirit, because knowing this will ensure you see what’s happening on a deeper level.

You’ll recognize the pattern at work and it will make you able to shift into a higher state.

To be the full light of your SOUL. Which is always one with your Twin Soul. (And then, in turn, this makes you a match to physical and harmonious togetherness.)

For more on this process have a look here.

Full Moon in Libra

With this Libra Full Moon, we are reminded by spirit that a KEY to the Twin Flame journey is to return to our authentic *self* as individuals.

Because again, we then activate our “shared Twin Flame soul song,” a clarion call to attract our counterpart in harmony.

Twins who journey into the realms of other people’s opinions, false identity structures, compromising the self…

They find it very hard to call in the other physically because they are not in alignment with their souls and therefore the Twin Flame bond.

“There Is No Substitute for Your Own Approval”

Consider this: If your Twin Flame seems out of reach, could it be YOU are out of reach to your truth?

Could it be your souls are calling for you as an *individual* to find your way back to your own authentic truth?

To journey to unity within yourself… In order to be a match with the “outer” union with your counterpart?

Be True to YOU

Authenticity is a key theme this week. And it comes above all through releasing the underlying fears that may have pushed us out of our truth.

Keep an eye on this:
What choices are you making right now and what’s the motivation?
What are you aligning with?
When is survival or safety active, overriding your soul’s truth?

Are you being true to your own “bliss” or are you looking to be accepted by others? (For safety.)

Spirit says there is no substitute for your own approval. Those who seek approval from the outside are deep down longing for what they feel unable to give themselves.

Focus in on your soul and your passions.
Go to your Twin Flame’s higher self and they will help you lift up into the higher grids where unity becomes the norm.

Every Flower Grows Through Dirt

Chiron’s strong involvement this week shows us, that out of wounds, love can grow. Out of pain, amazing positive creations and unity can rise.

Spirit shows us, in every challenge lies the seed of healing.

Listen to your soul, and the path forward becomes illuminated through love.

You really are so powerful, and right now the universe is working to wake you up to a higher level of self – a new chapter in unity.

As always, I’m sending you love and light <3

Cassady x

“Your Vibrational Alignment program and Harmony Healing have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined.” – Joy, California, USA

Read more testimonials here

twin flame program

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Alternatively, download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit which contains samples from the full program.

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