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Virgo Full Moon highlights the Pain of Perfectionism and the Wounds it inflicts, while the continued Overhaul of the Masculine reveals Deeper Truths About Twin Flame Running…



Strong energies abound as the week starts – the powerful Virgo Full Moon coincides with a strong opposition between Jupiter in Virgo vs Chiron in Pisces. We’re dealing with issues around perfectionism and wounds from old criticism.

With this Full Moon in Virgo, old hurts are set to be lit up and brought up so we can let go of them for good. Some of the deepest wounds we carry come from others’ words and perceptions of us. Others’ judgment of us as less than, as weak, as not good enough. This is what this current Full Moon is all about.

Karmic Relationships

Virgo is the energy template of the selfless lightworker, tirelessly in service for the good of all – but its shadow side is hurtful criticism and demands of perfection. The shadow aspect of Virgo can create deep wounds, especially from old parent-child relationships where the child never feels “good enough” for the demanding parent (or teacher, or sibling).

Relationships such as this are often brought back karmically in adult romantic relationships and friendships because our child connections become templates for our adult functioning – keep an eye on yourself under this Full Moon.

Twin Flame relationships trigger ALL wounds to come up for clearing, so that the Twins can reunite in Unconditional Love. If there’s a perfectionist lurking in your background somewhere, any turbulence you’re going through right now is almost certain to be related to that in some way.

And consider this: The paradox behind the “curse of perfectionism” that is passed on from generation to generation, is that it’s the perfectionists themselves who are often suffering the most – every person who inflicts others with the feeling of not being good enough, is locked in this pattern of lack themselves.

Holding Up the Mirror

We can therefore see that “hurt people, hurt people”. When we hold up the mirror to whatever hurt we’re experiencing like this, we often realize that the person hurting us is experiencing the exact same pain we’re going through. When we keep this in mind, forgiveness becomes easier.

And remember that in this universe there is no such thing as imperfect. Everyone and everything is perfectly imperfect for its specific role. You are the perfect you. You and your Twin’s relationship is a “perfect” expression of your energies. If there is trouble, it is “perfectly” created for you to understand what wounds and hurts are blocking you and release them. 

In the face of the demanding energies of this Virgo Full Moon, remember that Unconditional Love is the cure. To love no matter what. To love yourself no matter what.

Inner Child Healing

Inner child healing is incredibly powerful right now, so meditate on your inner child and talk to them, explain that you’ll love them and accept them. Your child is the inner part of your consciousness that’s locked in you at that age, most often due to trauma of some kind. If you, your adult self can help your inner child by using your new found understanding, you can profoundly heal old wounds.

Enlighten the child part of you with your deeper understanding from your adult point of view. Try this with your Twin’s inner child too – we go through this in the most recent energy clearing session for Twin Flames

Are You Your Own Biggest Source of Hurt?

On this Twin Flame journey, it’s as much about your own inner Alchemy as the one unfolding between you and your Twin. Loving yourself is downright essential – but most of us grow up with the opposite habits, of self criticism, self doubt, self loathing.

So take a few minutes and apologize to yourself for any harsh judgments you may have made along the way. You didn’t deserve you to be so hard on yourself.

You deserve love, you deserve to be unconditionally accepted and treasured for exactly who you are. And you know what? That love is out there and inside you already – start shifting your vibration so you come into range with it.

If we’re on a low frequency, we’re out of tune with Love. It’s there, but we can’t feel it. Shift your energy to open up to it once more.

Shielding Yourself From Others’ Drama

Adding an extra element of sensitivity and emotion to the powerful energies of the Virgo Full Moon, the sun shifts into Pisces on February 22nd too. Pisces energies are supersensitive and can tend toward the “blurry” and “hazy” and those who are sensitive to energy should be extra mindful of shielding themselves now.

Overreactions are highly likely. Again, this is because it’s the past we’re dealing with. Old wounds. If someone flips out on you, remember that the past has a part to play here. They might not even be upset because of you. You just happened to trigger that old hurt they’d been carrying around…

It’s easy to get dragged into the collective fields of heavy emotions right now, and you don’t want to end up feeling others’ emotions. My experience is we have more than enough of our own to deal with…

So, imagine a glowing shield around yourself every day when you wake up and when you go to bed – setting the intention is the most important thing. For more advice on shielding yourself from and clearing outside influence from other people, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program.

Mars in the Shadow Zone

We’re now officially in the shadow zone of Mars Retrograde – and the planet representing the Masculine is now receiving strong input from the higher realms to prepare for the big push. Pluto is heavily involved with the Masculine right now, as Mars is visiting the home sign Scorpio and stirred by Pluto itself.

This is signalling that the clearing and purging of the negatives from the collective masculine karmic fields has already begun. We are set to be receiving support from the “higher realms” with new high vibrational templates incoming, while low vibrational subconscious negativity is being funnelled up and out. 

Before the low and heavy energies and old negativity can be released for good from the earth plane and each individual – it has to be brought up to the surface. This is Pluto’s “job” – detoxing the Masculine. This is never pleasant, as with any detoxing – it means that a lot of old weird stuff is coming up, and a lot of the time it’s like trying to decipher a foreign language. The human psyche is incredibly complex and some of this stuff might seem completely incomprehensible.

We’re given the message from spirit to have patience, stay rooted in our positive identity as souls (that we are limitless and light), and to use whatever tools we have to purge these negatives so we don’t have to let them stay around and influence us any longer than strictly necessary.

Releasing Masculine Blocks to Twin Flame Union

This can be a challenging time for many, and the way this expresses itself varies from individual to individual – do not be surprised if repressed emotions well up in the form of aggression or tears, it can go either way.

The purpose of this energy transit is to release the energy of harm and abuse of power, but also to heal the self inflicted wounds of the Masculine – when someone inflicts harm on another, this creates a mirror wound energetically in the aggressor too.

A clear message here is that the Divine Masculine is undergoing a specific purge this year in order to release blocks which have been getting in the way of complete Twin Flame Union.

The Root Cause of Twin Flame Running

In order to stop the Running from “himself”, the masculine must clear those most deep-seated wounds that he is still holding himself in shame and guilt and pain for. Only then can he fully open up and rise into Unconditional Love and Twin Flame Union.

It is shown to me that this is the root cause of Twin Flame Running. Twins do not Run from their counterpart, but from their own mirror reflection. If your Twin Flame is Running, he or she is ultimately Running from him or herself, not from you. 

Remember that Unconditional Love is an unparalleled power – send your Twin Flame love at this time, and know that you are helping them more deeply than they or you might understand right now.

Energy clearings are a fast, painless way to heal wounds, even remotely – because the Twins have signed up for this journey together and both souls are working for Union regardless of any problems going on at a surface level, one Twin can help the other by clearing negativity for them. This can truly work wonders in seemingly hopeless cases of running and ongoing separation.

A Message for Aries

Have compassion on yourself too right now, no matter where you’re at on your journey. There’s a lot of congestion “up in the air” right now that can create illusions of conflict. It’s easy to be triggered with all of this going on.

It’s worth noting that Aries natives and those with strong Aries placements in their personal chart are set to be affected by this retrograde period, as Mars is the ruling planet of Aries. 

In energy terms this means that Aries carries a lot of Mars energies in their physical being and this planet’s energies might therefore trigger them more strongly than others. Again, try to take this as a gift – as we’re getting to “clean house” to move forward with increased lightness of being after Mars has finished his retrograde period by late June.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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  1. Energy clearing … I went with my TF to my Akasic Records room and then went to his. Because we are twins, I thought this would be ok to do. It was the most powerful moving of energies I have ever felt in going through your courses!! I was just buzzing. I think he may have been able to lift some of the guilt as we locked the past behaviors away. His heart opened a bit more and he was given an energetic as it came to my mind. Afterwards, we both lit on fire the combined pile of old vows and contracts. I hope this was ok, and I was ‘told’ he felt the energy of all this. It was quite the moment!

      1. Still working out if it was real or not! Vibrations were strong … how do we know if it is just wishful thinking or not? He’s bi-polar, so I always get soul-level and then person-level …

  2. What’s up with the runner always being masculine?? I’m the chaser and I’m male. I’m the aware one, the more spiritual one. I’m the kundalini teacher. I’m sure that I have some energies to clear, but you need to write these in a different way. I love the blog, I check about once a week, and skim the posts, but yeah the whole Mar’s retrograde healing the masculine stuff doesn’t make sense if I’m not the runner

    1. Hi Ryan, you’re right, there’s nothing to say the “runner” is always male! However, in this particular energy configuration, that’s what’s being highlighted to me… I write all these forecasts in collaboration with spirit. For purposes of clarity, it’s not practical to go into every possible permutation of these energies.

      It’s highlighted to me each week what the majority of the Twin collective are experiencing, so we can deal with those things.

      Mars retrograde won’t affect everyone the same – it depends on the energetic baggage you as an individual are carrying, or not. Read last week’s forecast for more info on exactly how this works in terms (it has to do with the soul contracts we sign when we incarnate into female/male bodies).

      Thanks for your input, Ryan!

      PS: The Mars retrograde hasn’t begun yet – we’re just in the shadow zone!

      1. To me it is about the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies. Male or Female, we have both. So when I read this, I always see it as the masculine energy in the runner whether they are male or female.

        1. Yes, Anna! I wrote something about it before I’ll include it in the next post that touches on this but you’re right, it’s all about the inner energy, not necessarily the physical sex of the person. <3

    2. The “runner” can be a Female but embody the Masculine energy in the connection. In other words, I’m a Male but it’s been shown to me that I’m the Feminine energy while my Female Twin is the Masculine energy in our connection and she’s the runner. That being said, as Cassady brilliantly pointed out in her blog today there really is no such thing as a “runner” in the way that most Twins perceive it. 🙂 Scott

    3. Ryan, I hear ya — I am in the same boat. I have come a long way with releasing negativity and child hood fears, but it still seems like she has no idea of the connection.

      Cassady, my question is do both twins receive similar signs? For instance, I’ve been getting daily signs/synchroncities for MONTHS and some of them there’s just no way even if I was unaware could I possibly miss these. These have been increasing as of late by a lot.

      Love your blog and thanks for all that you do. Definitely makes the journey more enjoyable and fascinating to me!

  3. It feels like I just went through these energies last two weeks… and cleared it. Might be a good opportunity to see coming week if I really got through those.. 🙂
    Thank you. <3

  4. It’s interesting to get a sense in my own body what the masculine is going through. I can be having a fantastic day and feel deep within a sadness or anger and so on,yet, I know it’s not mine. It’s so very clear, most times!! I’m just curious, when they go through process, are they getting an understanding of what this is connected to? From the beginning I knew all of it was tied for the betterment of myself and tied to him but of course finding you made that even more clear. Do they get insights that their twin is connected to the purges? Or maybe it’s just a purge?

  5. This just made me cry. My heart feels to be in about a million pieces right now. My twin has “found” someone else and expressed his lack of interest in anything other than friendship with me. I know that he’s working out issues- in fact, he even told me that he has many issues he needs to work out…but this is still so very difficult. It’s nice to read this and have confirmation rather than just feeling as though this is silly unrequited love and heartbreak. Thank you.

  6. Well i’m not the runner and i can identify with some things from the arcticle. Like the feeling of not being good enough. Because i was born in a narcissist family , my parents see each individual as an extension of themselves. So you are just a ”object” to please them all the time, never feeling good enough.

    So, i believe even the ”chaser” still got issues and energies to clear. This arcticle can be benefial for both 🙂

    1. Yes, I agree Marcos, the labels can get a bit restrictive and most of us have elements of the same lessons we’ve set for ourselves to learn.

      This was a strong Full Moon! It’s so worth it though, to get to understand the dynamic we’ve had in childhood and how it influences our current situation so we can shift out of it for good. Growing up, I had so many friends whose dynamic with me was almost identical to what I had with one of my parents (and not in a good way). Shifting my energy allowed me to recognize that dysfunction and finally move out of it! <3 x

      Glad to see you here again Marcos, thanks for being a part of the community! 🙂 xxx

  7. I wonder why spirit led you to use the picture you did at the top. Just last week I had two bloody noses, one from each nostril, for the first time in a decade.

    1. Really interesting to see this comment because I too noticed the above picture… My son suddenly had several bloody noses last week, I had one spontaneously in the shower the other day, and it was mentioned to me just this morning by two clients that they’ve each been experiencing them as well. Between that and many people mentioning that they’ve been experiencing super sensitive teeth and mouth issues lately, I’m certain there’s some connection.

  8. This is exactly what I felt!
    I read some messages in my dreams about this these lasts days!
    And I don’t know if you feel it too, but it seems like something very positive and important will happen soon.
    My twin is Aries, I hope it will not be too hard because he is in an important step of his job…
    But somehow, it might be good for him and I. ^^’
    Thank you to confirm everything!

  9. Amazing! I was shown by Spirit about two months ago that the relationship my Twin is in right now is with a woman who was his father in a past-life and that this relationship was in his path now to bring up and clear out everything that you listed above. I was especially shown his need to stand in his own power and the Emperor card came up for me in a reading about this. In the past life she was a very domineering and controlling figure in his life, playing out themes that have been present on Earth for lifetimes. Currently she is bringing tighter control over him by her jealousy toward me–she knows very little about me but he shared that they’d had a huge fight regarding a gift I’d sent him after Christmas. I have not heard from him in weeks but I know much progress is being made. In the mean time I am focusing on my Life Mission/Work which I’ve always known I will need to launch on my own as my North Node is in Capricorn and as a Scorpio I’ve generally been able to use people in my life to help take care of me instead of taking sole responsibility for an important business undertaking on my own.

    1. Wow, that’s so enlightening, Kimberly! Yes, as spirits we swap roles between lifetimes to get to experience both sides of situations and energy polarities – very interesting! Sounds like you’ve got big things in your path with your sun in Scorpio and that Capricorn placement – a lot of willpower and depth! xx <3

  10. I’m particularly curious about this part……

    “….Enlighten the child part of you with your deeper understanding from your adult point of view. Try this with your Twin’s inner child too – we go through this in the most recent energy clearing session for Twin Flames….. ”

    Where can I find the energy clearing sessions that involve working with the inner child? I tend to interact with my twin on a soul level as children much more easily. Fantastic post by the way!

  11. I’m going through a serious clearing right now, my TF has severe trust issues. Constantly leans on me cheating everytime something doesn’t add up in his waking dream. Once his mind is set on something that’s it. Something came up this weekend and he is still upset with me. I feel like I can’t function normally without knowing I have his support. I hate when we’re out of sync and this time hurts more than any other clearing time before. I’m not sure what to do bc he seems so hurt this time and is questioning everything. I’m sending him nothing but love letting him knowninam here and that he is covered in love. This too shall pass.

  12. Hello Cassady, I love your articles. I do have a question for you. My twin is VERY fond of running, he reconnects then disappears without a trace. It has ranged from months or years of separation and it’s incredibly painful to have to process through it all over again after getting my hopes up for a reunion. When he runs it doesn’t hurt as much anymore, but the pain of even the idea of him trying to reconnect at any point is excruciating; if that makes any sense. He is currently running now after another abrupt disappearance. The problem is, now I feel like running.. I’ve stopped chasing him and I’ve been focused on self growth and making improvements to my life and the positive changes that continue to present themselves to me, tells me that all my hard work is paying off. However, when it comes to HIM I’m caught somewhere between missing him and wanting to be with him and anxiety central.. I was able to move past those anxieties this last time, but now everything has changed for me. No matter how much I love him and just want to be with him, deep down I’m terrified to let him get close to me again. Deep inside, I’m screaming “Don’t come back”, “Stay away”, “I don’t want you to hurt me again”, “I can’t take it anymore” I can’t be the only chaser to feel this way, but I can’t seem to find anything that can help me.. I know my twin won’t come back if he’s sensing all these barriers that are popping up. So,how does the Chaser avoid becoming the Runner?

    1. Sending you love and light…. you have more strength than you know. Breathe deeply, be kind to yourself, love yourself & know you are worthy of all good things. X

  13. Goodness me, again this rings so true! As a young child, I was convinced I was 1 of a twin who had maybe died at birth and all my life a strange feeling I never shared nor could ever explain, was just always aware part of me was missing. Unknowingly I have been waiting for my TF to enter my for years, having only 1 soulmate pre TF relationship and not connecting with anyone else, until he showed up. We have both run and chased in the 2 years since we have met. I have been forced to face my fears. He is now in a new relationship which is so hard to deal with, until I read the above article. It makes sense it is a karmic relationship, working out his issues and fears. One of which is that he is too high maintenance (this said by his previous long term partner who was a Virgo! ) I do worry how this relationship will impact on his new partner though.. so I try to send her light and love, i dont want anyone getting hurt, but it is hard, I’m finding it hard these last few weeks! Anyway I had a lovely dream last night that my TF had sent me a bunch of red roses and a text professing his undying love. He signed his name, but the letters were all muddled. I took this to mean be sure of his unconditional love, be patient and things will find their proper order soon…..

  14. Cassady, do both twins receive similar signs? (*don’t believe my earlier post made it)

    I would be considered a male “chaser” but really have let her go while I release all my childhood fears and negativity. I have received signs/synchroncities for MONTHS and very confused how even one that is unaware would not be able to see these. I feel like there is absolutely no way I could miss these even if I tried. These have picked up A LOT recently. I still get the impression she has zero idea of the connection and isn’t concerned of what I think/feel.

    Love your blog and the work that you do. Definitely makes the journey more enjoyable and fascinating!

  15. All of this resonates greatly, but what is amazing is ive noticed such a change of heart, so to speak, with the collective male energies, not just with twins. My husband(who is not my twin), was telling me the other day that for a long time he had a deep seated predisposition on what a “male” and “female” should be. That he is tired of men and women assuming things about each gender. He even noticed at work some man telling a woman that “she needs to listen to him because women are supposed to do what men say”, and it infuriated him. For a long time, he has struggled with embracing his feelings as he felt like it made him “less of a man”, but he realizes now that it doesn’t. Even a male friend i encountered at the store the other day was telling me a similar thing. And its great! I love how spot on your articles are , not even just with twins. You are a blessing, cassidy! <3

  16. I am a triple Aries. Sun moon and venus. So, yes, I feel both polarities. Thank you, Cassady. I am clearing both sides right now and it is intense but I accept the challenge.

  17. My twin and I met this past September, and were united for 8 weeks from November until January. One morning during the most recent Mercury retrograde he abruptly pulled away from with little explanation. I went through a severe process of grieving, the pain of being seperated from him has been like nothing I’ve ever known, yet I knew in my heart that it is all completely necessary..
    Now it has been almost 8 weeks since we had last seen each other.. Our contact via text messages has been minimal, with him sending me quite a confusing array of mixed sentiments. I have just come around to feeling like myself again, able to eat and sleep normally and not obsess. For the past few weeks I’ve been keeping up with the weekly blog update, as it resonates with what I sense between my twin and I, and provides a glimmer of hope.
    Yesterday morning I finally found the peace of mind to do the free twin flame meditation. I had been feeling defeated but thought it was worth a shot. During the evening a random string of events occurred, and I found myself in the same place as him, the place where we met. It was a little awkward for both of us at first, until I found the courage to approach him. We exchanged minimal words and held each other- two long, compassionate embraces, and now I know our journey is far from over. I am a bit mystified, as this happened within 24 hours of doing the meditation for the first time. Thank you Cassady, thank you Universe, thank YOU, thank you, thank you so very much.
    My heart, she sings again.

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