Powerful Virgo Full Moon – The Journey From Wounds Into Divinity. What the Masculine Twin Wants Their Counterpart To Know…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Mercury direct shows up solutions to earlier problems. The planets show up why things had to be the way they were…

Plus, Full Moon reveals crucial messages for the path… How your counterpart really feels about you deep down.

Discover more below!

New Momentum Incoming!

We set off the week with a lesser transit that will affect the next month or so “in the background”. Ceres the asteroid of manifestation and the harvest enters Aries.

This indicates we’ll have more “oomph” to put into our desires and reaching our goals.

We’ll have wind in our sails again, says spirit. A new momentum is around, supporting your desires to be brought to physical manifestation.

Especially after Mercury turned direct on the 20th, we’re getting “back on track”. Where there appeared to be problems/limitations these last few weeks, you’ll likely see the solutions now.

And, as Aries is the sign of new beginnings, you’ll likely be made aware of and inspired by NEW ideas and desires to bring into fruition over the coming year and beyond.

Go For Your Dreams!

Keep a journal and make a note of everything for best results. And know that with Aries being the “sign of the warrior”: Are you ready to fight for your desires?

You may encounter skepticism and outsiders trying to talk you out of your goals – so be vigilant. Go for your dreams. They are there for a reason, spirit says.

For help with the manifestation process – including key info on why so many people’s desires never show up physically and how you can make sure yours DO come to fruition – have a look here.


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Why Things Had To Be The Way They Were…

We also have Jupiter in Aquarius trine the North Node Retrograde in Gemini throughout the week. It means our future path is being lit up. Our SOUL aligned guided path.

Right now we see that a KEY to opening to the highest potential is to understand, accept and recognize that the past “had to be” the way it was.

It was a gift, in spiritual terms, because it was designed to lead you to where you needed to be. Nothing happened without a reason…

You are likely being shown the gifts in past hardships now.

“Reframing” spirit is saying, so you can release past outworn identity structures and habitual limits more fully.

You Were Never Really Alone…

And so that you can have more trust moving forward. To see that yes, you were truly guided, watched over and taken care of. That yes, you were never really alone.

The elements just had to show up in a particular way in a particular order.

The jigsaw puzzle was being put together a piece at a time, and now, you begin to see the bigger picture and it begins to make sense WHY.

More aspects of your purpose, your path, your so-called “mission” are being revealed in this period.

The reason it didn’t happen before was you weren’t “ready” to see it a particular way.

My Surprise “New” Spirit Guide!

This last year I had a new guide show up so vividly and supportively it surprised me. It was so vivid, it was clear he was a soul family member.

I asked why *now*? And I was told, because I was ready to “see” and know now. I hadn’t been before.

(This is how the Twin connection works too, our counterpart is with us on a higher level all our lives, but at some point we’re “ready” to experience it on the human level of perception).

Filters Of Perception

So just like my Twin, this guide had been there the whole time, but I had been unable to perceive or be fully open.

Because our beliefs, our programming create “filters” of perception around us. (More on that here)

When we believe something or have grids that keep us from fully perceiving or receiving, we filter out things that are against it. (Read about how that works with the Twin Flame connection here).

So our job, in order to have happiness, love, positivity, is to clear those filters that have blocked it.

Our aim as Twin Flames is to be open to the most blissful version of that experience. Because we are always affecting what we allow in (or not).

Reframing Our Perception Changes Everything!

This whole week is a lot about reframing our perception. Which in turn affects what “version” of our path/Twin Flame connection/future we align with showing up.

The Full Moon in Virgo on 27th February shows us that this is a release period around old judgments around “good/bad”, “right/wrong”, old hurts where we’ve been deemed not enough, and so on…

Spirit shows us, the Full Moon is a mirror, an amplifier of what’s happening inside of us.

And right now, we are being taken through a deep purification where we are shown all the judgments we have made against ourselves throughout life (often pushed by others)…

Markers In Your Aura And Field…

So if you see all flaws now, or all problems, this is what’s happening. It’s the judgments, which are stored as “markers” in your aura and your field.

Information and codes that have been “hanging” onto you giving you more of the same. (Use the Free cleanse here to release it – or go deeper here with the Inner Child Healing)

Make sure you stay aware of yourself this week.

And if you feel angry towards your Twin or others, know it relates to what’s inside of YOU. Are you feeling unloveable or unloved by others (including your Twin)?

It’s about you feeling that way about YOURSELF on some level.

This mirroring may get heavy, so do clear your system to avoid getting dragged down. If you’re unsure where to start, ask what you feel most drawn to. That’s your intuition speaking about what’s to your highest good right now.

What Blocks Twin Flame Love

As Venus moves into Pisces, we’re reminded that unconditional love and a state of unity is ALWAYS available to Twin Flames. It’s never out of reach…

But illusions from the human collective and OTHER people’s negative experiences may have clouded up your ability to perceive it and be AVAILABLE to it.

Since we’re children, it’s projected onto us that love is a certain thing, and we’re given a number of damaging beliefs from well meaning outsiders.

Saying things like “love hurts”, “men always cheat”, “women always love too hard and end up hurt”, and so many other heavy beliefs (feel into the energy, it’s like a rock in your stomach, which is a clear sign it’s low vibrational).

So we become clouded up with other people’s hurtful experiences and the collective stories, and it keeps us from often even TRYING to access love or unity.

Showing Up Illusions

This week, the universe is working to show up these illusions, these “limited 3D versions of reality” so you can see them for what they are, clear them from your system and finally be open again.

Again, the Full Moon is likely to build toward this release phase throughout the week leading up to the peak lunar culmination. So keep an eye on yourself!

And use your energy clearing tools – to cleanse it out for good now.

Spirit shows us that for the female Twin this is highly likely to involve issues around feeling undesirable – physical appearance and others’ prior judgments of us as “not good enough” measured by a false standard.

How Your Twin Flame Really Sees You

And we’re shown, the truth is, we are so different than how we see ourselves. Your Twin Flame’s higher self is always trying to show it to you. How beautiful you truly are to them, inside and out.

But you may not be open to hearing it because of the “scars”, spirit shows us, of other people’s judgments.

So that’s why it’s being purged now. To open you to your TRUE beauty and wholeness. So YOU can appreciate yourself in your uniqueness.

And see how amazing you are, and so you’re AVAILABLE to the love your Twin has for you.

Why The Mirror Is “Brutal”

We’re shown the Twin Flame mirror – the unfortunate thing is, that as long as “not good enough” or “unloved” or other negatives are inside of you, they become projected onto the “screen” of your Twin Flame connection.

Meaning, your counterpart reflects it back to you because you are so closely connected. (Not deliberately, but on default – unconsciously)

So the solution is to clear it from within and it will stop being reflected in the Twin Flame mirror. (For more on how the Twin Flame mirror works, have a look here).

twin flames

What The Masculine Twin Collective Are Trying To Say

The higher self of the Twin Flame community, in particular the masculine essence, are this week BEGGING their counterpart to not believe other people’s perceptions.

Don’t look at yourself through the lens of society!

SOCIETY is ugly/mean/cruel, they’re saying. Meaning, society is distorted. You ARE always perfect. And your counterpart truly wants you to see it so much…

For this Full Moon, a theme figuring strongly is of females being cruel to other females based in judgment. (If you’re male but the feminine dominant Twin it could be relevant for you as well).

Know that outer judgment and criticism is ALWAYS due to people’s inner fear and feelings of not being good enough.

Release any of this type of experience from your system, and be free (get the no cost energy cleanse for Twin Flames here, which takes just 9 minutes to shift you into a higher vibration, releasing old baggage and heaviness).


The Breakdown That Opens To Breakthrough

We’re shown a girl or woman in the bath or shower, crying. Over being mistreated, unloved, feeling “not good enough” in some way.

All the while, she is surrounded by support, love… Her counterpart’s soul wanting to show her how amazing she really is.

We’re shown, as she releases, almost gives up on ever being “good enough” in the eyes of the world… A change happens. Her inner light shines through.

She begins to feel and receive the love she is no longer deflecting.

She looks in the mirror and sees she was a goddess the whole time…

The Hieros Gamos, Working To Reach You

Your Twin is always with you, trying to show you the undying support and love they really feel as a soul.

The problem for most Twins is, we’re too full of the toxic material of the human world to perceive it. It can’t get through.

This week, do what you can to release and open up.

And for my help, where I take you directly to them and open you to the higher unity of light on the soul planes... The hieros gamos, union of souls, click here.

They are ALWAYS there. They NEVER stopped loving you.

One day, you’ll see.

All my love <3

I know how amazing you are xx


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