Reality As You Know It Shifting To Make Way For A Higher State… Plus, Discover What Sacred Message Of Love The Universe Is Working To Bring You!

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

We have several powerful transits this week – dealing with shifting the foundations of reality and your life as you know it! Are you ready to ‘level up’?

Discover more below!

Itching For Change…

We start this week with an intense conjunction between the Sun and Uranus. This highlights changes to how you see yourself and how you operate in the world, above all.

And because it’s happening in Taurus, sign of love and property/manifestation, it’s highly likely you’re seeking change in these areas.

Perhaps you’re feeling the itch to change up your appearance, particularly for a certain someone… Or perhaps you’re changing your mind about what you really want out of life or where you want to live.

Perhaps you are planning on a major move, or a new home…

Change is the big key – and it’s happening with you, inside you or around you on some level.

Cosmic Energies Pushing You To Embrace Change!

Impatience or irritability is possible, but know that this is actually you reacting to the energies pushing you to embrace change!

Be brave and think new in this period – but it’s advised to hold off on taking real world action for a week or so to make sure you’re really wanting this long-term.

I know that can be infuriating but you’ll thank me later. You don’t want to end up dyeing your hair green, only to regret it next week.

Make a note of how you feel right now and what you want to change, and set a reminder for Monday coming to go through your list again. If you still feel the same way, it’s time to take action.

Another big thing with the Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus is the universe is pushing you to deal with the most stubborn habits and ingrained patterns in your life.

In essence, the universe is working really hard to push you out of your comfort zone! To dive into the new and unfamiliar.

Spirit’s Biggest Challenge When Trying To Help Us…

Spirit comments: We human beings all *say* we want change and our dreams come true, but are we willing to actually change?!?!

That’s one of their biggest challenges when working with people.

They indicate, of course they don’t blame us but it’s a big paradox and it holds so many people back from living their “best life”.

Because guidance is always there showing us the path forward… ALWAYS …but when push comes to shove so few of us take action on that guidance.

Years ago, I once attended a high level abundance clearing/manifestation class and reported back to the teacher a year later on how I’d successfully started a website and had opened to abundance just like we were being guided to.

She responded: “Well done for taking ACTION! Because so many students get divinely guided ideas just like you did… But they never take action on them!”

UN-Happiness Showing The Way To Happiness?

This is key right now. Expect to be pushed by the universe in some way.

Spirit shows us, it might likely come as “contrast” – meaning you’ll be faced EXTRA strongly with what you’re UN-HAPPY with right now.

To create MOTIVATION in you to make a change.

It might look like this:

– You may feel jealous of others who seem to be living their dream…
– You may feel upset you’ve let things go…
– O
r that things aren’t how you’d hoped they would turn out…

It’s all “orchestrated” to get you into ACTION!

What Is “Realism” Based In, Anyway?

The problem for most of us is we fear what might happen if we try, and fail. We have been taught by society that taking action doesn’t give the results we long for.

We’ve been shown and told by the media and well-meaning others that “life is hard” that people’s dreams supposedly don’t come true…

Well those are just expressions of those people’s ALIGNMENT!

You really do have it in your power to reach your goals – you’re an infinite being!

Most people are wired to never take action on their dreams because they deep down believe it’s hopeless…

So the first thing to start doing, is “uplevel” your beliefs.

I’ve seen so many people’s situation change with energy work, and my own story is an example of how things actually begin to PALPABLY change when you shift your energy. (Read others’ testimonials here, and my example here).

When Life Takes A MAJOR Turn…

I grew up in a low income working class family where no one had a higher academic education or had moved outside of the town where I was born… I’m not even exaggerating: My father worked at the docks.

All my relatives unhappily got married with children at a young age and their lives are staying pretty much the same. (Meaning, most of them didn’t even celebrate their union with a wedding or consciously choose the pairing, several got accidentally pregnant and just ended up staying together).

No judgment, we all have free will…

But I did things differently. I worked on my energy, cleared familial karma, shifted my programming and manifested so many amazing things.

I was never “psychic” or “special” – but because I worked at it and aligned my energy, lifted my vibration, I manifested more success than anyone in my family could have dreamed of!

I moved to the country of my dreams (manifested a highly sought-after visa), published a best-selling book, manifested new soul friends and people in my life… My life is SO DIFFERENT than it was just 5 years ago.

And the reason I say this is because yours can be too if you want!

My Big Wake-Up Call…

I’m being guided to share a story by spirit to illustrate this.

When I first began talking to spirit and accessing the Akashic records, living in a tiny studio apartment in Europe (it literally didn’t have a real bedroom) with the rain lashing down outside – I was encouraged to visualize a big house in sunny California…

When I did, spirit said: “You know, you can live in a house like this someday if you want!”

It was so new to me the idea of a beautiful mansion in the sun, that I replied, “You mean on the other side, when I’m dead?”

They showed me, kind of sad on my behalf… “No, in THIS life! It’s really possible!”

That was a big wakeup call for me and it took a while before I got used to that idea… But I followed their advice. I got my vision board together, and began picturing it. And clearing any blocks in the way. Over and over.

And guess where I live now?!

The Universe Reaching Out To You…

I’m not saying this to brag or to put anyone down for not living in a big house… I’m saying – look how fast things can change when you open to the possibility and begin to shift your alignment!

There’s a whole world out there – don’t take it for granted that things won’t be amazing! The Universe is trying to show you this right now.

It’s challenging you to ****QUESTION YOUR REALITY****!

When you change your beliefs and your energy, things begin to shift so powerfully. And this is why I share the methods I share – to help others experience the same amazing shifts I have.

This week, the universe is showing us that stagnation in beliefs, manifesting repeating cycles of the same situation again and again doesn’t serve anyone.

So we’re being pushed to break free. All of us. Humanity.

Starting Over To Make Your Dreams Your New Reality

If I was going to leave one piece of advice when I do move onto the other side one day, it’s that you don’t have to just play the cards you’ve been dealt!

You really have it in your power to live your happy ideal.

But in order to get there, you have to start embracing your power of creation. If you need some help with this, have a look here. I take you through one of my favorite methods for manifesting – step by step so you know it’s done correctly.

Pluto’s “Plan” To Help You In Love…

On April 24th Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn, echoing these themes. That our unconscious beliefs and our relationship with our own power needs to be refined…

Because that’s what is always affecting our manifestation and what we attract into our lives. Pluto will be retrograde until October 3rd and signals a time of going back over the past – especially as regards your power to create your reality.

With Capricorn as the backdrop to this retrograde we see that what happens over these next months is serving to show you where you have UNconsciously given up power to create your reality…

Where you have deferred to other people and the “standard” 3D version of reality… Including for your Twin Flame connection (read more about that here).

“Decisions To Disbelieve Your Dreams”…

Pluto is showing you that these “decisions to disbelieve your dreams” are happening deep underground in your being. You are not even aware of it. It’s “on autopilot”.

“He’s” showing us that these are perceptions you took on early in childhood.

The message is that you’re unaware of where you’re even “opting out” of your dreams come true, where you’re aligning with the idea of “impossible”…

So in order for you to fix this, and begin manifesting the life you truly deserve… Full of love and happiness…

He will be showing up the snags.

Yes, you may feel challenged, you may come face to face with negativity you’ve unconsciously aligned with… But know that it’s a message of love from the Universe.

To show you where you let go of your power and gave it to someone else. Because you deserve so much more!

Power, Secrets, Rebirth, Sex…

Because in your world, you are always king or queen! You are the master builder of your life. It’s time to embrace the play and the fun in this – to shift into a higher state of experience. Click here for some help with this.

Pluto is the smallest planet in our solar system (not actually classified as a planet anymore by astronomers!) but a real powerhouse when it comes to exerting influence both on an inner emotional level and in society.

As the planet of death, rebirth and power Pluto “moving backwards” is likely to bring up old conflicts so that you can heal and move on once and for all.

Keep an eye open in terms of family relationships, employer-employee relationships, situations with past lovers and friendships gone awry in terms of power conflicts – these are likely turn up in new guises so you get a chance to heal…

This may also happen between you and your Twin Flame…

Because the Twin Flame connection is above all one of healing and transformation, transmuting past pain and teaching us forgiveness, self acceptance and unconditional love.

Twin Flames Re-Experiencing Childhood Drama…

Often we re-experience childhood dramas with our lovers – especially our Twin Flame.

Someone who has felt unloved and ignored by their father or mother may subconsciously choose an adult relationship with someone who has tendencies to be cold and unloving…

Someone whose parent was never there for them, may unconsciously attract partners who are always “on the run”…

This is how we as souls give ourselves new chances to work through our issues to be free of them once and for all. The problem is most of us have no idea this is happening, so we get stuck in an endless loop of “why does this always happen to me?”

To finally get to the root of this and create a major “up-level” for your life and love connection, click here for a special quiz.

love blueprint quiz

Past Sexual Relationships Revived…

Know that Pluto stirring up unpleasantness from the past is ultimately a beneficial process where you get to learn more about yourself and your capabilities.

Pluto is the seat of power and sexuality, and when Pluto stirs up the past things can get explosive (not necessarily in a good way) – take a detached view and remain neutral whenever you can:

Ask yourself: “Is this situation familiar?”
“Where have I experienced this before?”

Taken literally, Pluto retrograde can give you a second chance to revive a relationship (especially a sexual relationship) that didn’t survive…

If so, use this period to figure out what “went wrong” last time and move past this so the relationship can be reborn as a new, healthier version this time around… (Read more here about Twin Flame sex and how to use it to reach harmony)

Masculine Twin In Resistance

As we move into the weekend we have another challenge, involving Mars vs Neptune.

This indicates a challenge for the Masculine Twin to get him out of his mind and into his heart. There’s likelihood of resistance towards the spiritual.

If your Twin’s old negative habits are flaring up, see that it’s due to fear. And to help them, have a look at this article about how to best deal with an Unawakened Twin.

Mars challenging Neptune would usually indicate we’re dealing with the Masculine Twin feeling opposed to the Higher Realms, but with this other week’s powerful transits we’re shown there’s also another powerful indication…

That we’re struggling with the contrast between reality and higher ideals.

Particularly we see, just as indicated above, that when we don’t BELIEVE our ideals to be possible in real life terms, we don’t take action on them.

Why Alignment Is “Everything”

We might even get angry at anyone who suggests that something better is possible…

Spirit shows us, this is one of the MAJOR blocks Pluto is working to release for the whole collective. The stubborn belief that a better world is “impossible”… The perceptions that it’s useless to try.

So look around you in your life – what are you “disbelieving” out of your reality?

In your Twin Flame connection – what choices and feelings stem from your perception that something better is “impossible”?

Although it doesn’t SEEM to relate directly to love, it does in a big way.

Because our beliefs shape our alignment. If we don’t believe true love is real, we wire our energy to block it out.

This is why “as within so without” – your beliefs shape your energy and what you allow into your reality. So are you open to love, or set to struggle? If you want to remove the blocks and finally open up your system and your reality field to unconditional love – click here.

When Twin Flames Push Unity Away Without Realizing It…

So many Twins unfortunately push away union with their perceptions that it has to be hard, that men cheat, that love isn’t real or people always let them down….

The real reason people feel that way is because their system is trying to help them release those blocks! This week, you’re set to be shown this type of thing in a big way.

If things feel bad right now, don’t mistake it for “reality” because it’s being shown to you for a reason!

Clear it (start with my free tools here) so you can be free to move into a better state – including with your Twin Flame connection.

Your “Expert Cosmic Coach Team” – The Planets!

It’s as if the whole universe is conspiring to help you live your dream – each planet of the zodiac an expert coach guiding and nudging you…

And right now, they’re being tough. But remember, it’s to help you reach your “heaven on earth”. They know you can do it! Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

(And if you need someone on your team who “speaks human” and is a bit gentler on you, have a look here. I’ve got your back)

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


“I experienced the power of these tools rather quick. The Vibrational Alignment Program is great and very empowering. It is allowing me to experience an inner peace I never thought I’d feel again. I wish I had found this a long time ago. Thank you!”

– Danielle, New York, USA

twin flame program

Want more? For powerful methods to heal blocks and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at my Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames!

Alternatively you can try my Free Help Kit For Twin Flames here!

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