The Universe Is Trying To Tell You Something! Twin Flame Unity Working To Reach You… But The Solution May Lie Way Back In Time – Are You Ready To Open?


Welcome into a brand-new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:

Cancer season begins, powerful Full Moon in Capricorn – spotlight on the unconscious and past lives.

Plus, Mercury Direct brings a message about Feminine vs Masculine, and Neptune Retrograde shows up a “mirror of divinity”…

Discover more below!

Cancer Season!

We just had an intense Solstice, plus Jupiter Retrograde happening over the weekend – but expect things to settle down into this week.

As the Sun moves signs on June 21st, we officially enter “Cancer Season”! A time for emotion, introspection, dreaming and rest…

With Retrograde activity high right now, we’re being pushed to go within and to get some rest on a deeper level….

And it means we’re asked to deal with any emotional baggage we’ve not been facing.

(And the chart shows it’s something we’re likely not keen to do.)

Cancer energies can also be intense, and tend to drag us down into the subconscious and into the past.

So take a break if you can, be good to yourself… but be careful you don’t buy into everything you FEEL in this period.

Weird Dreams?

Don’t be surprised or scared if intense dreams surface over coming weeks — it’s the Cancer energies, which deal with emotions and the unconscious.

We’re being pushed to release any old emotional negativity/limitation we’ve been carrying around. Especially the UN-conscious “baggage” we have repressed.

Creative writing/art and journaling are good ways to make sure anything unhealthy is expressed…

But energy clearing tools will most powerfully speed up the process so you don’t have to be “deep in the water” going through it all, but can usher out anything that doesn’t serve you within minutes.

To get started, download my FREE Twin Flame Starter Kit:

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Good News for Love!

In good news, love can deepen and people are often softened up, so it’s easier to get close… But be aware that many feel extra vulnerable and self protective now.

If you can show your counterpart that you can be trusted, they will be more likely than usual to open up – and your bond will reignite…

But if they feel judged or like you’ll pull away as they open up, or some other hurt they fear, they will likely withdraw so you don’t even get a chance to wound them.

Remember, if they’re touchy or seem disinterested, it’s more about them than you.

They’re afraid of being hurt. That’s the real cause of all Twin Flame running, whether or not the person is open about it. It’s fear based in past trauma. Always.

Read more and get solutions here.

Mercury Direct – But Hold on A Minute!

June 22nd, we have some good news, as Mercury finally moves direct after weeks in Retrograde!

The issue is, he turns in conjunction with Lilith, ruler of the Shadow Feminine…

This can mean a couple of things:

One possibility is, you could catch wind of your counterpart with some “toxic female presence” or they seem influenced by a karmic “third party”…

Or you may experience or see/hear/feel something that triggers fear/jealousy/insecurity in YOU…

It may be you feel a pang of hurt, as you see or are told about “what men are like” from someone in your life or in social media – ideas of toxic behaviors that cause fear regarding your counterpart (or shame about yourself)…

Misunderstandings Cleared Up

But the good thing is, it’s based on a misunderstanding.

Mercury turning direct shows us, something is set to be rectified in this situation. Things are being cleared up.

And it also tells a deeper story. That it’s time to stop approaching life based on the gender model.

Because there has been so much toxic emotion and conflict in the collective fields, that when we identify with “Woman VS Man”/”Masculine Vs Feminine” on some level, it starts to play out in our reality…

Moving forward, it’s helpful to identify with SOUL… Beyond those collective stories.

Deeper Identities, New Focus

To focus on identity BEYOND biology – the SOUL. Because the “woman/man” historical experiences have SO much baggage and negativity attached.

So we’re being encouraged to take a different approach. This will open the Twin Flames’ path wide again, spirit shows us clearly.

If we can release those “3D” models of relationships, because they have been causing problems for so many Twins.

The Universe Supports You

An interesting transit shows up June 24th: Sun trine Jupiter, Venus opposition Pluto and Saturn sextile Chiron. It shows that there’s deeper healing needed in love.

Things may feel challenging, but you’re being encouraged to know that you’re supported by the Universe…

And that if you deal with INNER toxins and wounds that may have caused OUTER issues, your path will blossom, ESPECIALLY in love…

Finding The Roots…

It also shows us that the CAUSES of negativity lie deeper than you probably thought, and that it’s not really “yours” in the now moment.

It’s karma, ancestral or even SOCIETAL baggage, that’s been causing issues for you – including in the Twin Flame connection.

Read more here, and I take you through clearing this collective separation-based karma here.

“I have been doing this every week since you made it and now the karmic relationship my Twin was in is over, and I know it is because of this… I can’t thank you enough Cassady… Lots of love x” – Diane, FL, USA

“Wow! Cassady thank you. This was the most powerful session I have ever done. I felt like I was walking on air all day afterwards. You are transforming my life in the most divine way possible.” – Shay B, Melbourne, Australia

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It Wasn’t “You” – It Was Karma…

Saturn R sextile Chiron shows us, there are things in the PAST that have kept us from fully healing and feeling whole and well now.

There are DEEPER roots to any problems we’ve been having. It’s karma.

Often, PAST LIFE karma.

For Twin Flames this is highlighted: any issues you’ve been dealing with aren’t “now moment” events! They are “phantoms” of past trauma.

No Wonder It’s Been Hard! “Says” Saturn

Saturn’s message is that NO WONDER many are finding it hard to fully heal and have their ideal show up.

It’s because they’re not aware of the TRUE causes, the ROOT blocks. It’s like looking on the surface for something that is buried deep down. And it means they’ve kind of been wasting their time.

We’re shown, so many people give up, based in feeling that “things can’t change”, “healing doesn’t work”, “manifesting is ‘bs'”, and so on…

But there’s a REASON it’s not working for them:
Karma. Deeper wounds they’re not addressing.

So, in this period, pay attention to your dreams, visions, guidance. They’re trying to show you the deeper karmic wounds so you can clear them for good.

Because when you do, it shifts everything in your whole field and alignment on a massive level.

Karma Is Key – Twin Flame Unity

When you clear karma, your timelines are uplifted, your Twin Flame dynamic becomes more harmonious, you feel more whole and well inside, things begin to flow in life…

You begin to feel more “alive” and well and loved. The stuckness and feeling of being trapped fades.

As this transit happens during the Full Moon in Capricorn, we see yet again that karma is key right now.

Because Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is the “ruler” of time and physical reality — and karma.

The Lord Of Time And Karma

Saturn’s energy is heavy, constrictive and powerful.

If Jupiter is the “Santa Claus” of the zodiac, bringing luck and positivity… Saturn is the mentor, or tough coach, trying to help us by pushing us and showing up our weaknesses.

“He” means well, and there is a cosmic wisdom to Saturnian energies that many miss out on.

“He” has a bad name, but really this energy current is a teacher of solidity, long-term manifestation, of building not just small things (or “pies in the sky”) but what stands the test of time.

And he deals with deeper karmic lessons.

Are You Ready for This?

So Saturn is the perfect “teacher” for a project like Twin Flame unity: “bringing heaven to earth”.

And even though his presence tends to cause feelings of depression, pessimism, showing up all the flaws and problems in our situation…

“He” is doing it to help us correct course… So we really CAN achieve our true heartfelt goals.

Saturn helps us see the structural problems so we can dismantle and fix the flaws and actually succeed.

Now, he’s showing up old karmic wounds that were blocking our desires from coming to pass. So we can actually HAVE our desires.

Illusions and Ego Tumble

Saturn’s presence tears down what is not serving your highest – whether that’s an emotional pattern, an identity structure, a relationship or anything else…

So this Full Moon (June 24th) can be tough for many. Illusions and Ego may tumble. We may get a rude awakening that things have not been how we hoped…

We may feel afraid that the future won’t work out how we’d fantasized…

But know that this process is highlighting something CRUCIAL to you! It’s getting you to go deeper. To find the CAUSES.

Because what you wanted was NOT impossible.

There was just stuff in the way! (Or your approach wasn’t aligned or effective). Now you get a chance to change things!

For more on this, go here

Taking A Second Look at Physical Reality Twin Reunions…

Like a strict mentor who sees that their young protegee is setting themselves up for failure, Saturn is telling us to take a second look.

To figure out what *isn’t* working, so that we can correct course and succeed.

For Twin Flames this is about the PHYSICAL world connection. (Saturn rules the physical “3D” reality and karmic soul mate connections).

Full Moon Relationship Release

It’s highly likely that relationship karma is coming to a head in this Full Moon period.

When we have past hurts and karmic wounds from as far back as other lives, these can keep us trapped in repeating cycles of struggle.

Especially for Twin Flames, as the intensity of this soul connection pushes to the surface anything that is a block to love (such as betrayal, abandonment issues, anger issues, conflict and more).

A Gift for Twin Flames

Paradoxically, this intense time is a huge “gift” for Twin Flames seeking to come together on the physical plane.

Because there is a high momentum for shifting out of the karma that’s blocked it from happening!

The biggest blocks are showing themselves in some form now. So, pay attention!

(And to clear, go here where I help you get the specific pattern and potential lifetime it stems from, and release it for good. This work positively affects your counterpart too!)


All Is NOT Lost

We see many Feminine Twins in particular feeling like their counterpart is a lost cause in this period… That the connection, reunion, is beyond hope.

But if you can work to resolve the ROOT causes that have kept you and your Twin from unity, you can make huge progress in this period.

In fact, it’s instrumental for opening up to the love you desire.

(If your Twin Flame is unawakened or a “Runner” you will find this channeled session a big help in this…)

Neptune Retrograde — Spirituality Goes Within

June 25th Neptune goes Retrograde, and highlights again themes from recent times. That many are trying to push on the OUTSIDE… for what needs to be done on the INSIDE.

Many are AVOIDING their own power, spiritually, and trying to seek rescue on the outside… When solutions are WITHIN them.

Neptune Retrograde works to bring you in touch with your soul’s own power and wisdom. (That’s why I share “soul tools” with you to benefit from and adapt to your own needs – not “3D rules”)

Because you ARE  truly capable of having your ideal Twin Flame situation, otherwise why would you be here?

The universe would never send us here to suffer.

Unity WANTS to Reach You

If you believe Twin Flames exist, then open to the further knowing that there is a REASON for that.

And further, can you see that there would be no good reason for Twins suffering…

But it WOULD be very helpful for the planet that Twins reunited and activated UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, to help society shift into a more harmonious, compassionate era…

So considering that, can you see that unity “WANTS” to reach you?

And now: What could be blocking it?

THAT’s where our work lies.

You’ll find this session illuminating, as we work to decipher your path forward and tap into your soul’s true guidance.

Crown Chakra Upgrades

With Neptune retrograde we have an 8 month reevaluation and inner work period regarding our own divinity. Ultimately, it’s about the fact that we ARE the divine.

We also have a crown chakra purge/upgrade happening. It can make it tricky to get guidance.

Again, the secret is to go WITHIN.

Your Twin Soul and you are always connected deep within… Go to your own heart and seek them there. They’ll be waiting. (I take you through it in this free session)

New Chapter in Love – Twin Reunions Upcoming!

Lastly this week, June 27th, we start a new chapter in love as Venus enters Leo, getting ever closer to Mars.

We could say “she” is about to “catch up” with him (which happens the week of July 10th), indicating Twin Flame Reunions or a re-ignition of the connection — and there will be more on this in coming weeks’ forecasts.

However, as well as being the sign of the heart and courage, Leo also deals with ego, drama and pride…

When Venus and Mars are both in Leo, we can have issues of deflection, conflict and struggle based in OPPOSITION.

Separation programming is set to be brought to the surface — because it is one of the deepest blocks to harmony and unity between the Twins.

Twin Flame Perceptions That Block Unity

Unfortunately, many spiritual theories feed into duality paradigms by applying Earth based perceptions to incoming information from the higher realms…

So be careful with this. In essence, any opposition/blame/conflict/judgment CREATE SEPARATION.

A common gender based perception that blocks so many Twins, is:

The view that women are in some way “pure and good” while men are “dirty/untrustworthy” (sexual perceptions of the male as not being in control of his “urges”).

This is an underlying theme to many Twins’ conflict, is the message from spirit.

And often the core beliefs stem from ancestral energies and perceptions – “beware of men, they only want one thing” and the like.

It’s a 3D pattern that blocks unity.

So be mindful in this period that you’re not projecting “inherited”/societal negativity onto your Twin – because you affect them so strongly with your energy and beliefs.

Make sure you clear this energy. I take you through it here in this channeled session.

Exciting Time for Twin Flames

With Venus and Mars in Leo, we tend to get heightened romance and passion, but drama end ego can get in the way of unity and harmony.

You may be faced with a situation this month, where you have to release and forgive in order to open to reunion.

To make the most of this period, work to stay open, stay in a space of love, stay in your heart, stay in forgiveness…

Your open heart knows the way.

We have some exciting weeks ahead as Venus and Mars near a rare conjunction.

Looking forward to bringing you more on this in the coming weeks!

Until then, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x


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– Teresa B., USA

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