Scorpio Season Intensifies, Mercury Retrograde, New Moon. Are You Ready For The Flame Of The Phoenix Reborn? Heightened Time For “Supernatural” Love

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Scorpio season means the veil of perception thinning, powerful new moon, support from the universe for your manifestations, and more…

Discover more below!

Don’t Give Up On Your Manifestations!

Beginning the week we’re encouraged by the universe: We’re shown that our manifestations and positive intentions really ARE coming to fruition.

Ceres is the asteroid of growing plants and the harvest, and ties in with patience and the wisdom of cause and effect.

When Jupiter and Ceres “team up” we’re shown that aiming high, keeping a positive mindset and “sowing seeds” of what we desire down the line really IS WORKING!

This is a message to not give up.

If you feel like you’ve been praying, setting intentions and working to make your dreams happen but nothing has shown up tangibly… yet… The universe is working to show you not to give up. Things ARE happening, it’s just not visible in your physical reality yet.

(If you could use some help with making your dreams tangible reality, click here)

Heightened Time For Making “Dreams Come True”

Don’t let skepticism and “realism” derail you because these become blocks to receiving.

Many people are amazing at dreaming things into being in the unseen but have blocks in their system that mean they never receive the tangible fruition of their intentions and positive work in the PHYSICAL.

This week is a super fertile time for setting intentions, aiming high, spending time reading positive messages, visualizing your dreams come to fruition and aligning with a high state of vibration.

If you feel triggered or heavy this week, know that it’s the “false programming” of the world being shown to you. All the ego objections you were taught, that are blocking your manifestations.

In order to really fully begin to align with receiving, clear your energy – I take you through it in the Free Energy Cleanse Audio here – to fully shift out of those blocks so you don’t stay stuck in disappointment!

I also take you through fuelling up with new light in this free session! (Read about other Twins’ experiences with it here)


What Are You “Telling” The Universe?

Spirit’s input is that when we set our intentions and take action steps in the direction of our dreams, the universe “listens”. It begins to respond, bringing us assistance to get to those dreams come true.

To begin with you often notice “angel numbers” as a message that you’ve been heard and the answer and help is coming.

But you’ll also receive guidance for actions to take, whether it’s meditating, excercising more, going to certain places, taking certain classes…

Nothing is out of reach, it’s just a question of HOW to get you there and the universe will always seek the fastest and smoothest way from where you’re at right now.

I teach you about this and more in the newest session Divine Breakthrough – Calling In Physical Change In The Twin Flame Connection.


“Thank you so much Cassady! This has truly been a life changer!!”
– Rebecca B.

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Divine Feminine Higher Self In Focus

Mercury joins with the asteroid Pallas too this period – it’s easier than usual to stay focused on what you want and how to get there, to stay in positivity… It’s easier to avoid spiralling into negativity, you’re less likely to have doubts and so on.

What this conjunction symbolizes is the higher self aspect, the divine FEMININE self, the higher wisdom, aligning and assisting you in your physical life.

“Her” message is, you know exactly what is right and best for you and if you listen within you will perceive how to get there too.

Don’t let outsiders pull you off track. You’ve got this! In fact, “her” words are, you were BORN for this! When you have a dream, a desire, it’s for a reason!

Dreams Pushing To Become Reality… Power Time For Twins Wanting To Reunite!

This whole week but perfecting on October 21st, we have a powerful trine between Venus and Neptune. This boosts that process of reaching for your dreams even more.

Venus and Neptune bridging water signs Scorpio and Pisces help you to above all FEEL into the possibility and higher truth of your desires. That nothing really is out of reach.

It’s especially powerful and helpful for love intentions and Twins wishing to reunite!

Because these two powerhouse planets join to remind us of the divine truth that love really is eternal truth, and that Twin Flames are here to unite in a state of oneness and harmony.

You’re being awakened to a deeper part of yourself and your connection in this period. And so is your counterpart whether they realize it or not. You are being stirred to connect with your divine self, your soul and the realms of infinite possibility.

Death/Rebirth Of Love – Reignition of The Heart

With Venus sitting in Scorpio in this period and Neptune being in the end of his retrograde period we have a Death/Rebirth of spiritual love happening.

There is a reignition of the heart bond of unconditional love between the Twins. We’re shown this will likely happen in the dream state or during meditation.

Many who have felt their connection was fading away and were losing hope, will in this period experience a resurgence.

The divine working to help reignite the bond and bring the journey forward. You are never alone, is the message!

And this week you are set to palpably feel it. Make sure you take some time to go within, as Pisces and Scorpio energies work powerfully from the UN-conscious.

Twin Flame Messages Working To Reach You!

There are messages and love working to reach you, but it’s happening on a feeling level from the depths and the spiritual states, so if we’re too preoccupied with “busy-ness”, analysis and daily hassles it can pass us by.

In particular there may be new revelations about the past, regarding love. Love illuminated.

Spirit shows us, you’ll be shown in some way that you truly were loved all along. Your Twin soul never went away. They were never NOT there.

It was just your ability to perceive it was blocked due to 3D congestion and the collective fields not being aligned with that kind of immense unconditional love. (To open your telepathy have a look at module 2 and 4 here)

In this period the cosmic energies align to create a space that opens to this kind of “divine eternal love” to be experienced in a palpable way in our physical reality.

Soul Exchanges, Unawakened Twins Stirring To Awareness
– Glimmers Of Light

There is an opening, a gateway between the dimensions where divine love flows in. We’re shown souls descending to the earth plane…

Including the higher self aspect, the spirit self, becoming more active… Especially in “unawakened” Twins.

(This can also be regarding “Twin Flame walk-ins”, where there is an exchange of soul essence and energy – agreed with soul contracts since before birth).

It’s set to first happen from behind the scenes, subtle hints and indications. Glimmers of light. The spirit self rising up from the unconscious, not an immediate change in awareness but a gradual shift from behind the scenes.

We’re shown that Twin Flame sex can be powerful in this, as light code downloads and heart activations happen during intimacy. And yes, this can be “remote romance”. (Read more about this here in the Vibrational Alignment Program module 6.)


Twin Flame Dreams, Astral Encounters…

Many Twins will experience Dream encounters and Astral adventures together at this time and there is a sense of remembering the Oneness and bliss we shared as souls.

But beware that as this happens between Pisces and Scorpio, there is a sense that you may experience this when you have ended up feeling in the dark.

In the midst of hopelessness, love reaches through.

The potential negative side of this conjunction is confusion and haziness and being pulled down by the “undertow” of the collective’s emotions (those who are still asleep).

Keep your wits about you and ***shield yourself*** in this period for best results – so you can experience the peak of unconditional love without outside stuff getting in the way.

Shift In The Cosmic Atmosphere – Shadow Speak

Still in an opposition with Uranus R, the Sun moves out of Libra and into Scorpio on October 23rd.

This signals a shift in the general “cosmic atmosphere” and in the themes of how we see ourselves, how we function and what’s going on in our lives for the next four weeks.

When the sun enters Scorpio things go deep we are asked to face and heal our shadows.

To integrate the parts of ourselves that have been “lost” in trauma so we can access and live in our full light and power as divine beings and align with love. (I help you with this here)

For many people, Scorpio season is heavy, but if you can open to the immense transformative potential and see it as the universe working WITH you to HELP you – it flows a lot more smoothly!

A Warning About “Other People”

There are challenges. Above all we see Uranus “saying” we have likely been giving too much of ourselves to other people to the detriment of our own truth and alignment.

Remember in order to fully draw in our divine mirror self in oneness and harmony, we have to be aligned with our soul’s truth. 

This is what activates the “soul song” we share, which then magnetically draws them in.

So Uranus’ message is we’ve kind of been slacking on this… It seems like in the immediate last 4 weeks but it can be a message about a larger theme of our life.

That we’ve been too concerned with what other people think and want. And we’re now being challenged to re-align with our deeper purpose.

This may come as a sudden change, challenge or disruption. If something like this is going on right now, know that it is a “gift”, a blessing in disguise.

Symptoms Of “Wrongness” – Intuition Working To Be Heard

Where may your system be signalling that a change is needed right now?

Where may there be “symptoms” of “wrongness” in your Twin connection or your system, signalling that some outer influence has crept in and is negatively affecting that connection?

These are issues that will be brought to light this week. For best results, journal about your dreams and any repeating numbers, signs and symbols you see, as they are messages of help and healing.

(Discover what the angel numbers mean specifically for Twin Flames here)


Spotlight On Death/Rebirth, Transformation, Sex And Power…

In “Scorpio season” we have an intensification of sexual themes in the Twin Flame connection. Releasing old negativity from the Sacral Chakra (such as remnants of connections with outsiders, infidelity and more), so that we may be healed and function from a higher vibration in all ways.

Remember that whenever we have a sexual or close romantic relationship with a person, we exchange energy cords with them.

As the Twin Flame journey of purification begins, these cords will be stirred to be released – however, clearing cords must be done consciously.

I take you through a deep healing for this in the Complete Harmony Healing session.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Your Twin Working To Show You Their Eternal Love

Any Twins whose counterpart is on the other side (or in separation), will also be shown STRONGLY that they are never fully gone. 

And again as mentioned above, many of these Twins are seeking to reach their counterpart on the physical plane in some way or another.

The main method I’ve been shown is they seek a “bridge” – a living human being who is open and willing to let them express through their physical being like a “visitor” so they can reach you.

It’s also shown to us that it’s becoming more and more common to have soul exchanges where one person “leaves” and the other “comes in” – although these exchanges aren’t instant.  Spirit shows us this is similar to our own awakening, we become more than we were, but we are still our “selves”.

Reaching Higher Consciousness…

It’s a gradual process where the energy systems shift and one party steps out bit by bit while the other begins to step in. An “overlap” of consciousness.

If you’ve been meeting people who remind you of your Twin on the other side, this is them working to present you with “options”, working to reach through.

They always want to make sure you are in agreement and that it works for you. If this has been happening to you, I’m sure this will “ring a bell”.

The message is, your counterpart on the other side wants your honest opinion about this project/people and they want to make you happy. So communicate with them – use the free guided meditation here to do so.

Twin Flame Reignition – The Phoenix Rising

For Twins, Scorpio “season” can be a time of magic as the veil between this world and the next thins. And separation is shown to be an illusion for ALL Twins.

Expect your counterpart’s soul to make themselves palpably known to you, regardless of the physical situation.

Themes of life and death abound right now – nature is shedding her “life” in the northern hemisphere, to be resurrected. These are eternal themes, reflected in religion and cultural traditions worldwide. All of existence is a series of deaths and rebirths.

The old fades, the new arises out of its ashes – an age-old symbol for Scorpio (and Twin Flames) is the Phoenix rising.

Scorpio New Moon – Death/Rebirth

On October 27th we also have a New Moon in Scorpio – and the themes of death/rebirth are echoed again by this.

We see this is a new beginning for humanity as regards cultural mass perceptions of life and death and physical “separation”.

Spirit is working strongly to show that there is no such thing as “the end” of love.

For all Twin Flames, this new moon deals with a new beginning based in ONENESS – stepping out of perceived separation.

Love Is Never Truly Lost

The universe is working to show up a new state of existence, where we begin to understand that no one is really ever lost to us and that “love is the bridge that takes us there”.

When we love someone, they are never really lost to us. And this is a powerful thing for Twins in “separation”.

These themes are heightened – the experience of separation, which is based in the human illusion. And the universe and your Twin’s higher self is working to show you that you are never really apart.

(Have a look here for a session where they reach through to support you and show you their undying love)


Reaching Beyond “Impossible”

This Scorpio new moon is set to be an incredible restart!

Happening in an opposition with Uranus and a trine to Neptune, we’re being shown we as a collective need to rethink what is possible.

What we experience in our physical reality is only a fraction of what truly exists. There is so much more. There is a whole higher spiritual level of existence and possibility.

Love never ends, it just seems to from our limited human cultural paradigms – the beliefs we’ve been given by others.

And our beliefs can block us off from receiving that love. When we have strong beliefs, we “wire” our reality to it, and block out any other possibility. (Read more here)

Why Some People Struggle More Than Others…

This is why you often see people who believe life is hard… experiencing that… And people who believe that Twins always struggle… Well, they very rarely experience anything else.

This opposition to Uranus challenges us, showing that in order to invite in that higher state we must let go of the old beliefs (above all the UN-conscious content) and the past.

Spirit suggests cutting cords to exes from the sacral chakra, to make sure sure old connections/attachments/cords to exes on either side of the connection don’t tangle up your love and reunion. (Again I take you through it here)

Do You Want A Physical Reunion With Your Twin? The Universe Will Help You!

This is New Moon is a great time to write down a list of intentions for the next 28 days – setting out intentions for what you are willing to create and wishing to draw to yourself within the next Moon Cycle.

Allow yourself to think about what your ideal situation with your Twin Flame would be, and feel it as if it was already your reality!

This aligns your energy to match to it and attract it. There truly is a whole universe out there, and this week it’s working to show itself to you.

Things are more spectacular than you may have dared to believe. Open your (inner) eyes and prepare to be mesmerized.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

“I started with your free toolkit and immediately felt results so much that I had to get the Vibrational Alignment Program and wow! I’ve been doing it consistently and I love the energy clearings and exercises. I feel lighter and my twin and I are so much closer. Every day gets better and better. And since my vibration has become higher and higher, I’m attracting in wonderful opportunities and amazing abundance as well. I’m so grateful for your work, Cassady. Thank you!” “

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