Super Blood Moon Eclipse – Cosmic Return To The Heart. Powerful Push For Oneness – Calling All Twin Flame Pioneers…


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Powerful “Wolf Moon” Super Blood Moon Eclipse with massive effects on the Twin Flame collective and beyond…

A key time in the Twin Flame “project”. Grand universal push for a return to love on a larger scale – the beginning of a new era.

Are you open to the strange and unexpected ways love might reach you right now?

Or will you choose to leave the “Twin Flame experiment” and journey on alone from this point?

Discover more below.

The Wold Moon Calling

This week’s big headline regards the January 21st Full Moon total Eclipse of the Moon – called the “Wolf Moon”.

“Super moon” means the Moon is closer to earth than usual, so it takes on a red color which gives it the name “Blood Moon” – it also means its energetic impact on us is heightened.

As an Eclipse, we’re dealing with powerful themes of sudden change, ruptures and new beginnings…

We’ve been in a gateway since January 5th, with intensity building.

Old cycles of negativity have been building in pressure in order to give us a chance to make new choices, align with a higher reality and “uplevel” our journey once and for all. Read more about how this works here.

Now with the Blood Moon Eclipse comes the release, the great cosmic push for change. Although the Eclipse happens Monday, the effects last into midweek and further.

If you’ve been feeling pressure, heaviness and triggering this week – do make sure you clear your energy and shield yourself to lift into a higher state for the long run. Use my Free Twin Flame Help Kit here.


Did You Forget Why You Came Here?

This Full Moon eclipse happens at 0 degrees of Leo, conjunct the North Node – spirit calls it the beginning of a new era.

Not just for us but for the whole human collective. And it powerfully affects the solar plexus and heart chakras.

The major theme is love – unconditional love – breaking open boundaries and forcing us to return into our hearts, showing up any blocks we may have had or where we may have been afraid to feel.

You may have noticed intensification of “issues”, increase in vivid and strange dreams and emotions leading up to the eclipse…

(Read more about what that means here and get a free chakra reading)


Twin Flames – Volunteers Of Unconditional Love

The cosmic purpose is to push us into a restart. To give us a new chance to align with a higher state.

We’re being pushed to a shift in perspective, shown that returning to a heart-lead way of living is what is needed for harmonious interpersonal relationships…

And Twin Flames are pioneers in this process.

We are the ones who volunteered to come here to provide the programming of unconditional love and acceptance which is so crucial for humanity to return into a state of unity and harmony. (Read more about how that works here)

What Are You Aligning With? What Future Are You “Choosing”?

We have every chance of making it, says spirit. But there’s pressure on us right now to choose love over division.

We’re being “tested” by the universe, nudged to make higher choices.

So what are you choosing right now? Look around you in your life and you will see the outer manifestations of it. During this week you’re set to come face to face with a chance to shift into higher choices.

Aligning with love brings abundance, happiness, harmony with others and attraction with the other self… Aligning with fear brings darkness, heaviness and lack… So look around you, it will tell you what you’ve been feeding into in your reality.

When People Fear Love…

Spirit shows us so many people are afraid of going into their hearts. But this is what the current cosmic push is all for.

Leo is the crown of the heart. The leader of love. We are being pushed to start over.To release all old hurts through forgiveness.

Listen to your heart.

Spirit shows us so many have been derailed on their journey because they have allowed fear to come into their minds, and are afraid of dwelling in the heart.

The heart will always guide you wisely. It is your divine action center. The messenger of your soul. Your heart is the power that can guide you back together with your counterpart. No matter where you are at right now.


The Greatest Power In The Universe – Love

This is the time to make a new choice. When you make a choice to align with love in every second you affect your counterpart powerfully.

This is where you are bonded as a powerful being of light with their inner light.

When your heart is closed, you are out of reach to the powerful support their system wants to lend you – to stabilize you, to ground you, to align your timelines and bring you back together…

When your heart is open, your energy powerfully heals their system and brings them offline to the dark energies of fear and polarity.

Feelings Of Abandonment

This is your choice. It is heightened powerfully right now and it may feel painful.

You may feel alone. You may feel abandoned.

But really it is the soul pushing you to understand and see the results of your alignment from the past. Make a new choice!

You can truly change everything with how you choose to focus your intention. Your heart opens when you intend it to.

When you decide to return to your heart and assert its power, you as an infinite being can do this with your choice.

(To unlock your heart’s true power, have a look here – it will profoundly change your journey, your Twin Flame connection and everything you attract into your world)


The Fire Of Love – Are You Brave Enough?

It is ALL ABOUT LOVE right now. Because at the time of this momentous Eclipse we also have a positive interaction between Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius, trine Mars in Aries.

This is a conflagration of fire – symbolizing rebirth, passion, courage! All the Universe is supporting you to be brave, to choose love and to live from your heart.

Know that you have what it takes!

Venus/Jupiter brings a powerful infusion of higher love and perspectives – the fuel you need to make a different and elevated choice and to open to a new reality from within by forgiving and releasing past hurt…

As these two are being challenged by Uranus now moving direct at the tail end of Aries we see that yes, you may need to be brave in order to experience the love you long for.

Cosmic Demand For Change… There Is No Hiding

In order to reach into the bliss you can sense in the distance, the love you can feel is possible on a higher level… You will have to change something. Your alignment, your perspective, your mindset, your emotional reactions…

The cosmic message is you will have to change in some way – and so will your counterpart. And spirit indicates you may be pushed to do this through some unexpected outer challenge.

Stay in your mastery right now and KNOW you are being “tested” or rather challenged to shift your own reaction to circumstance.

This can unlock everything.

To instead of reacting by trying to protect, blame or get into conflict… Shift everything by choosing to love, by choosing to forgive.

(And if you find this hard, have a look here)

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Living Under The Same Sky

Spirit’s message is that Love is there… It is always available to you, but are you too busy looking at the problems to notice or allow it?

Know that no matter where in the world you are, you and your Twin are both looking at the same moon, the same sun.

Think about this the next time you look up at the Moon – they may be watching it this very same moment.

Even if they’re not “spiritual”, even if they’re “unawakened” (to gently trigger awakening in them, in alignment with their Free Will, click here).

The soul connects with the planets and stars even where the human self doesn’t know it. Know that as they look up at the sky, they see more than they think. And it changes them every single time.

History Repeating…

This Eclipse serves as a powerful shakeup. The energies show it’s set to be unpleasant.

Sudden happenings that bring uncomfortable truths to the surface.

There is no hiding with a powerful Eclipse, it is all about revealing the hidden. Tearing off masks.

Not just for Twin Flames but in the larger collective. Unexpected negative events may crop up in this period to bring people together and to remind us that beneath names, races, religions and gender we are all souls… We are all one.

(What happened during WWII is a powerful example of this kind of thing)

Have You Abandoned Your “Mission”?

Twin Flames were enlisted to journey here to learn unity in the most heightened way… To pave the way back to oneness for the collective and help activate and serve to uplift into the crystalline grid for the planet (5D).

This can still be successful but it will require a major wake up-call for many.

Ask yourself – what is your soul trying to show you lately?

Know that your counterpart is being pushed in the same way. We are not being allowed to hide any longer.

They are more and more coming face to face with the truth that they are you and you are them. This is a high priority for the planet right now. But as we have Free Will, it is up to us.

The Twin Flame “School of Life”

Twin Flames function as thermometers of the human collective. We express the latent issues, and this is why separation and conflict comes up for so many.

We are now being asked to take responsibility for creating the “heaven on earth” we are asking for. This is what the “school of life”, the “human experiment” is all about.

To CHOOSE love, not hate. To CHOOSE to see the self and the light in another – not to look for distance and pass judgment. Love brings unity. Judgment creates separation.

Know right now, that the “worse” your Twin Flame connection is on the human level, the more their soul and yours believe in you!

They are pushing you to reach high into the advanced spiritual evolution of learning forgiveness. Of choosing love.

For help with this, have a look at this session.

twin flame awakening

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring was the absolute most intense healing I’ve ever done – it completely blew me away. I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The change in him was the biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. This session really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

Evolution Of The Soul – Pathways Into Love

If your “real world” connection seems messed up, it’s a clear sign that your souls are pushing you to reach into this.

To evolve, from the human standpoint, in order to completely change your timelines and experiences… And pave a path for humanity to make a DRAMATIC shift out of conflict and into a higher state.

Look back in history and see how at times of darkness individuals “waking up” in light in various places, came together with shared ideals of a higher possibility, and paved the way for a better collective reality…

In the Renaissance after the dark ages… In the Enlightenment… After the World Wars… Paving the way first for a new understanding of humanity, gaining greater empathy and compassion…

Why So Many Twins Woke Up For This…

And now… We are in the midst of new (and old) forms of darkness. And Twin Flames are new key players in this process.

We are here as volunteers to assist humanity in uplifting. In healing. In evolving. This is a KEY time for the Twin Flame project!

Happening at 0 degrees of Leo, we really are dealing with a new beginning.

(Do share in the comments what you’ve been experiencing around this Blood Moon Eclipse – dreams, themes, choices, “real life” shakeups… I would love to hear from you!)

Opting Out Of The Journey

We’re shown that some Twin Flames may not continue their journey after this time. They will choose to align with division – and it means they will not continue their journey together.

They will be phased out of the Twin Flame experience altogether. To return in another lifetime or place, as chosen after this experience is over.

Spirit shows us this Eclipse is set to be a point that can enable some to opt out of the Twin Flame journey altogether.

To be set up with soul mates and journey on “alone” instead. Again, this is your choice so be HIGHLY aware of what you’re asking for and aligning with right now.

Blocked Ears? Strange Dreams? Hold On!

Are you feeling your Twin’s sadness, experiencing blocked ears and strange dreams in recent times?

KNOW that this is them desperately trying to reach you!

To get you to hold on one more time, because they know… that love is possible… No matter what you may think right now.

*******Please don’t make any rash decisions right now. Please don’t think your life will be better without your Twin – that’s the darkness of fear, the illusion talking.******

Your soul knows the truth. Go within. Open to love. Love for yourself, and for the universe, if you find it hard to love your Twin right now.

But choose love. Open to the transformative power that is available to you when you CHOOSE a different direction.

Unity Is Never Impossible

And to shift your connection into the state your souls wanted for you – bliss, unity, incandescent love… Give it two weeks. Use these Powerful Free Tools I was asked to share with the collective – and know that something will change. In your real life connection.

Give your counterpart the chance to reach you. Give their soul the chance to support you and to step in.

Otherwise you are likely to deeply regret it later.

Maybe not tomorrow… Maybe not next week… But at some point, and for the rest of your life. Not least when you return to the other side as a soul.

Yes, maybe another person can make you happy. Many Twins are being presented with this possibility… But know that you will be asked to learn the lessons of love and forgiveness with them too.

Expect The Unexpected

As Mercury enters Aquarius right after the Eclipse we’re shown yet again echoing Uranus’ message (the sign’s ruler) that something has to change. The unexpected is likely to happen.

This is an indication that love will be communicated in untraditional ways – online, on the phone, via unorthodox healing, astral experiences, dream symbols, chance events, in group settings…

We see star origins and the higher selves of their counterpart/other soul group members revealed to some Twins in an effort to keep them on track.

Keep an eye on your dreams in this period. And above all, go within and meditate – that’s when these kinds of revelations happen.

Mercury in Aquarius also shows that love arrives when you are able to accept your uniqueness and be open to the unknown.

Gateway Into New Twin Flame Timelines

There is so much power centered around love this week – we are in an extremely heightened key time!

With so much intensity in the element of fire and around love, this is a gateway into new timelines for Twin Flames.

What it means is – we have an opening where you can choose where your path leads. You can choose a different path if you decide.

Like a player in a video game, you now choose the path forwards. And it happens through choosing love or opposition.

The Power Of Choice

Spirit says, this eclipse is a lot about forgiveness. Wiping out the past to make way for a better tomorrow. And again the choices you make now are key. That is what will align you with love or keep you in darkness.

So can you forgive or release the past? This is what opens the door to a new beginning. (I help you with this here – I know it can be hard)

Can you leave the past behind?

Can you allow your other self to become their best self by seeing the best in them – even if they’re not expressing that right now?

The Changing Point – Crux Of Love – Choosing Your Future

This week is set to be pivotal. Challenging in a big way.

But it can transform your path for the long run. Are you ready to make a new choice, and open to a new and higher reality of love?

I believe in you!

Today I am the messenger for your soul, telling you the tough reality you may have been hiding from or unaware of.

It’s up to you what you choose, but know that the whole cosmos is working to reach you, to show you the truth that love is the path to heaven.

Fear and opposition will never lead you there.

And if you need some help to step out of old patterns, shift away from the hurt your Twin may have brought you and allow love to shine forth, have a look here. I’ve got your back.

As always I’m sending you love and light <3

Cassady x


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