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A Week For The History Books! Twin Flame Alchemy, The Soul’s Remembrance… Age Of Aquarius, Massive Star Activation. Have You Felt This “Rebirth Of Light” On The Way?

Highlights this week include:

Solstice Gateway brings influx of crystalline light and timeline shifts. Mercury and Sun enter Capricorn – time to get practical.

Plus, highly rare and immensely powerful impact of the “great conjunction” – the “rebirth of light”, activating the “Star of Bethlehem”.

Welcome to the Aquarian Age!

Discover more below!

A Week For The History Books!

This is set to be one of the most significant weeks of the year astrologically.

You may remember from last week, that Jupiter and Saturn just entered Aquarius – opening to the “Age Of Aquarius”! A new and major cycle collectively.

Further into this week, these two major planetary “heavyweights” join and form a “super star” known as the “great conjunction”…

Bringing key themes of rebirth, massive incoming light codes and the implementation of a whole new planetary grid of a higher consciousness – growing behind the scenes.

This new shift can be intense and cause purging, headaches and other physical body issues as our systems work to integrate and receive new programming.

More info on this and my brand new resource here

Smoother Path Ahead For Twin Flames

For Twin Flames, this new shift is hugely positive, as Twins are high vibrational souls who often have struggled in the old “karmic reality” of density, opposition – the so-called 3D.

If you’ve been feeling triggered and like nothing has been changing for the better in recent years, you will begin to sense a new and higher state emerging this winter….

When you opt in and can run this new programming in your being, it brings online more of your higher dimensional templates of harmony and unity.

Not overnight, but in time as your system adjusts

How To Make Sure You Receive The Most Of The Solstice Shifts

This new resource includes a crucial sovereignty seal, which means we cancel any blocks, limiters and stops from outside negative influences in your system or field.

If you’ve been doing inner work and things aren’t improving it’s nearly always because there’s a genetic/ancestral/collective override, stop or limiter blocking your intentions.

I take you through a powerful ceremony to claim back your true intention and soul timelines in this new resource, so the shifts you’re calling in can actually reach you and take full effect!

Again, have a look at this new resource here – which is designed to help you get massive positive shifts during this solstice gateway!

Bridging “Heaven And Earth”

The Solstice happens with Mercury in a conjunction with the Sun, crossing paths on the border into Capricorn from Sagittarius.

It means we’re being asked to bring a higher reality into the physical, and that’s what this powerful Solstice Gateway is all about.

Experiencing a shift in “realities” – new higher templates coming online. We are working on bringing our desires and hopes into PHYSICAL REALITY.

Many are receiving “visions” and inspirations in recent times. Our understanding is expanding, we’re reaching into more of our higher aspects of self.

You may have felt your third eye chakra or crown tingling, even headaches as new programming tries to come online in your system.

A New Chapter Starting

And this week is a BRAND NEW BEGINNING not just for Twin Flames but for the planet.

The darkest times are over, we are told. New light is coming in.

Things will begin to improve. Hang in there. It will get better.

The Highest Templates Of Love

Also on Monday during the Solstice, the Moon and Neptune meet. Your heart and emotions bring in higher guidance. Showing the path forward.

The highest templates of love are being made available so we’ll anchor unity into the physical grids. (I take you through that here)

Many Twins will experience heightened feelings of their Twin’s soul with them, showering them with affection, spiritually, through dreams, picking up on their thoughts about this…

Open to it. Release skepticism or blame. You’ll also likely notice inspiration and guidance coming.

Solstice Gateway – Massive Power Of Light

December 21st is the KEY day of the week, even of the year, as a number of INCREDIBLE and rare cosmic events all hit on the same day.

I could say it’s rare to have such things happen by coincidence… But I’m sure you know there’s a higher purpose…!

The Solstice happens as the Sun enters Capricorn. And on this key Solstice Gateway we have the Great conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, happening on degree 0 of Aquarius.

The “great conjunction” has not been in this configuration in 800 years – we are in a highly rare period!

Divine Design… Did You Know This?

Along with Neptune and Mercury’s involvement, these are such highly rare occurrences all happening at the same time that we can see there is a divine design behind it!

It is said that the Bethlehem star was a great conjunction – because when Jupiter and Saturn meet they appear as one much larger star in the sky.

This was also happening in December, as you may already know. So the “Christed consciousness” figures strongly in this event.

What that means is, really, the soul’s awakening in human life. A return to light.

“Becoming” the illumined self. Enlightenment.

Christos means “golden one” in Greek, so whether or not you are a Christian, this is a key time of light consciousness coming into the collective.

An exceptionally high vibrational unity energy. Remembrance of the soul’s origin.

We can describe this as a rebirth of light on the planet. (To fully tap into this immense golden light, use this)

New Templates Being “Birthed” Onto The Planet

Spirit says the Great Conjunction on the Solstice ties in with the BIRTH of Jesus.

The story of light being born into the dark to illuminate the world.

Again, the Christed consciousness is a term for being in light.

Being free from “darkness”, in other words transcending anger, shame, hatred, conflict, polarity and all the lower vibrations – into UNITY.

There is a new template of unity “birthed” or brought onto the planet right now.

Don’t worry if you feel more tired than usual. It’s your system calibrating and processing these “downloads”. (Again, I have a new resource and help for this intensity)

The “Second Enlightenment”

For Twin Flames this is key because the collective “reality” is rising ever higher to “meet” us as souls.

You have probably experienced that your counterpart is with you “in 5D” or on the soul planes, even if you are not physically together.

Over the coming years, the collective grids will rise to meet this state. Over the next 2-5 years so much will change on a global scale.

As the great conjunction happens in Aquarius, degree 0, the emphasis is on a new beginning of a “second enlightenment”.

Aquarius is the sign of technology, starseeds, equality and individuality.

Massive Shifts In Consciousness

The shift from Capricorn’s earth element to Aquarius’ air suggests a shift in consciousness.

A more unity based, collective approach to the world that will allow us to make progress both as the human race and as individuals. Soul identity rising.

Problems won’t disappear overnight, but we will find new ways of looking at them. New solutions.

As the conjunction perfects, Jupiter and Saturn are also square Uranus which helps us to release the old patterns and karmic timelines – the “old reality”.

(This causes a purge of old attachments and timelines – for help with this, click here)

How To Handle This Intensity

This truly is an era defining week in the cosmic energies. A time that historians will look back on. Be gentle with yourself at this time.

Know that even if things have been hard this year, change is slowly but surely opening.

First of all, it comes from WITHIN.

Awakening to the soul’s truth. Releasing the paradigms of self vs other, of conflict and polarity.

Just like you’ve noticed when you do work on your energy, you first begin to experience the shifts WITHIN, then more and more your outer experiences begin to reflect that new higher state.

(Read Twins’ amazing experiences with energy work here!)

Collective Feminine “Darkness”

We still have interactions between Lilith R and Uranus R, happening in Taurus, the “home of love” – Venus’ own sign.

So we’re still being confronted with old karmic negativity around the collective feminine, that have blocked love.

Density and blocks are coming up that have caused separation, hurt and negativity in relationships.

Age-old human templates that have been reinforced and passed down, causing cheating, heartbreak, the female being treated badly and the like.

If you get triggered, don’t just hope it will pass. It’s coming up as a “gift” so you can clear it and live a higher love – also in your physical life. You’ll come into alignment with having Twin Flame harmony in the physical.

If you need some help with this, click here


“I have been doing (the Oneness Activation) every week since you made it and now the karmic relationship my twin was in is over and I know it is because of this …I can’t thank you enough Cassady…lots of love…x” – Diane

Click here to learn more and download

Where Did You Separate From Your SELF?

Tuesday we have a challenge as the Moon travels over Chiron in Aries.

This indicates inner self wounds. Where we were cut off from ourSELVES, from our fullness.

Childhood wounds where we were made to feel “wrong” or not enough. Rejection and feeling criticized or “not good enough” are key.

These are blocks to love, and that’s why they’re coming up.

Know that the past figures strongly, and make sure you stay aware of yourself.

Whether you or your Twin are triggered, use this tool to heal so you can move on in harmony together.

A Snake Shedding Its Skin…

This week, the major planets try to tell us that the shell of the past constructed identity is falling off more and more, for both individuals and the collective.

Like the skin from a snake becoming itself again, or like the cocoon from a butterfly about to open its wings after a beautiful transformation.

Trines from Sun/Mercury to Uranus and Lilith say we’re seeing ourselves differently now.

Compared to early 2020 so much has changed. We’ve been preparing ground for a higher chapter – which is now imminent.

The Soul Going “PUBLIC”…

As Mercury/Sun move into Capricorn we see that you’re becoming more and more anchored into your SOUL.

Moving beyond the physical “constructed identity”.

Bringing the spiritual higher self into the physical.

In essence, you feel like there’s no point holding back. You have nothing to lose by staying in the past. You are ready for a new state, a new beginning.

Masculine Twin “Waking Up”?

A trine to Mars also says, it may actually be the Masculine Twin going through this. They may be going out searching for info on recent inner experiences.

Over recent months they seem to have struggled and want answers, and we see them taking action on it.

Googling and searching, spirit shows us. Trying to make sense of their experiences and looking for ways to make life better.

Who knows, they may even end up right here reading the same words you do!

(For more on dealing with an Unawakened or Runner Twin, have a look here)


Cosmic Blocks – New Views Only, Please

A square between Jupiter/Saturn and Mars plus Uranus, shows us that Ego and the “old way” of doing things (opposition) is being strongly opposed by the cosmic energies.

It’s as if they are blocking any efforts and actions made from that approach.

The door is closed. Those things will not be accepted anymore.

Remember, there is a part of you in everything, and a part of everything in you.

We are being pushed by the universe to rise UP into unity consciousness, the soul identity – not polarity and opposition as before.

Opposition is ALWAYS a low vibrational state so be aware who you let influence your journey – for Twins, opposition energy always fuels into separation.

When Male/Female Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Unity is the path forward, especially with the new Aquarian “era”.

It doesn’t mean people can’t be masculine or feminine, or be together as man and woman, but it means the SOUL leads the way.

That it’s about LOVE, not the old stories.

Culture is pushed to shift out of biology and physical body perception. This is the way forward. Out of suffering. This is the answer to so many prayers, we’re shown.

Where the SOUL is self.

This is the solution to inequality, racism, sexism and everything that has caused so much pain in society via alienation of self as “other”. (For help to click into this state of all is well, inner soul unity, have a look at this article)


Major Identity Shifts

We are being pushed from BIOLOGICAL identification to SPIRITUAL/SOUL identification.

From the outer body to the INNER ESSENCE. From the temporary ego identity to the eternal self.

This is true freedom. To love and be loved as SOULS is true love. True meeting of hearts.

Without the filters of judgment and baggage of preconceptions. This is the joy we have been looking for.

Will it be swift and easy? Perhaps not, but we are being pushed in this direction because that’s where love and harmony and unity lives!

Holiday Issues…

24th December the Moon and Mars meet in Aries.

This can cause extra stress and potential conflict triggers so be aware if you’re around family during the holidays.

There’s some good news though. With Mars moving over his retrograde path from earlier in fall, we see you’re likely tired of conflict now and will rise above where you may have gotten triggered in the past.

Not every battle is worth fighting, and you know it.

Good for you!

Challenges In Perspective…

25th December, a conjunction between Uranus, Lilith and the Moon may bring irritation…

One likelihood is encountering older people via family and holiday celebrations, who are pushing for the old way of existence.

Trying to reinforce it or push it (back) onto you. The gender based model of inequality, opposition, karmic identities.

In cosmic terms, know that this stuff has outlived its time.

The Major Talking Point Of This Holiday Season!

Spirit suggests approaching any potential disagreement with a higher stance.

Don’t get into polarity, conflict or opposition because it will bring more of the same and it WILL affect your Twin Flame connection negatively. 

Instead, rise above. And change the conversation!

Whether or not you are religious or a Christian, you will fascinate and uplift people this holiday season by talking about the incredible double-bright star visible in the sky this week.

Perhaps you can even see it from your house during the holidays?

Raise questions around what something so unique may mean. And the incredible fact that we live on this small earth in this big universe…

Awakening Souls…

When you do this, you activate people’s souls. You may notice this. They perk up in a different way. Make no mistake about it, we are ALL souls.

Some people just bury it deeper. Talk to the soul, and you begin to awaken its presence.

Praise yourself lucky you get to experience something that goes higher than what most human beings ever get to experience.

To experience the miracle of meeting your Twin, to experience the synchronicities and the higher love most people don’t even know exists!

To awaken to a higher reality. To remember and live as the true self.

The soul. Beyond the human “illusion”.

Major Changes By The End Of This Week…

This is set to be a truly heightened week in so many ways.

Spirit shows us, by the end of this week you’ll feel you learned and experienced a lifetime’s worth. That’s how different things will be.

They say, look back to early 2020, can you see already how much has shifted – within, above all.

This is an immensely important era and it is no accident that you and your Twin are here.

Nothing is as it seems on the surface.

Awaken, dreamer. The time is at an end.
It is time to wake up. Love is waiting.

Feel with your heart. It knows everything.
Every step, every truth. Let it lead you.

For more assistance at this immensely powerful Solstice Gateway, have a look at the brand new report and Crystalline union packages here:

With all my warmest most heart-felt blessings for a beautiful holiday season and a peaceful New Year <3

Cassady x

“Cassady’s guided meditations help me uplift better than anything I’ve tried in the past 6 years of clearing/trying to heal! I’ve tried violet flame mantras, psychic energy clearings, etc.” – Erin B, Indiana, USA

Read more testimonials here

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