Powerful “Double Power” Pisces/Neptune Full Moon: Seeing With The Eyes Of Eternity. The Journey Deepens, Rumbles Of Major Shifts In “Destiny” Approaching…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Pisces Full Moon Conjunct Neptune brings a “Double Edged Sword” – Plus themes From March 2021 Culminating.

Supernatural Twin Flame Experiences Amplify!

  Plus, deep “underground” life path recalibration happens in the background, and Mercury Retrograde brings themes of changing perspectives.

Discover more below!

Neptune-Charged Full Moon In Pisces

We have an intense start to this week, with the Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune Retrograde.

This can be heavy OR transcendent, depending on the state of your Twin Flame connection and your personal “baggage” and inner state.

If you’ve had past setbacks, difficulties with your Twin and life in general, it can trigger a lot of unconscious emotions to rise up to be released…

And that’s very unpleasant with this “double intense” Pisces/Neptune Full Moon purge. There are past repressed emotions coming forth to be released once and for all.

(If you’re struggling right now, go here to get a Free Energy Cleanse Session that will clear out heaviness from your chakras and aura)


Transcendence Or Heaviness?

Neptune and “his” home sign Pisces are like the energy of the ocean… Enormous, deep, mysterious and potentially dangerous and dark. The currents can drag you down…

But Neptune is ALSO the ruler of transcendence, spiritual unity, the collective and higher love…

So this Full Moon can go either way, depending on YOU.

Something to watch out for is that Pisces tends to amplify empathy to the extent that we pick up on and absorb others’ “stuff” and baggage.

So make sure you shield yourself so you’re only allowing in high vibrational energies of love, peace, unity and the other positives… (Have a look here for more)

What Have You Taken On?

Because otherwise you might end up having issues now, not because YOU have baggage…

But because you’ve unconsciously absorbed outside material from someone else who was struggling, angry or had negativity coming up.

If you feel bad early this week especially, ask yourself:
“Is this REALLY my stuff?”
“When did I start feeling like this?”

Often, you’ll notice it’s something you’ve “picked up on” or gotten triggered by others around.

And it could be happening with your Twin on their side of the connection too and you might be feeling it in your system…

The reason this happens is that Twin Flames share a field and are always on the “same channel”. So if you’re doing your inner work and still don’t feel right, it’s a key sign the issues are coming from your counterpart…

This session will be super helpful, as it cleanses out any negativity and blocks that would otherwise cause “issues” between you and your Twin.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Increased Supernatural Connections

Setting boundaries and keeping your system clear will help you get the best of this highly rare and powerful Full Moon…

Because the HIGHER potential of Neptune/Pisces is unconditional love and unity.

So with a Twin Flame pair who are relatively clear and high vibrational, this time will likely bring a huge magnification of the “supernatural” or higher shared facets of the connection!

Experiencing telepathy, shared dreams, feeling their presence with you even if they aren’t physically there, and more. The bliss of soul unity is “closer” than usual…

IF we’re NOT congested and full of baggage, which otherwise keeps us aligned with more heaviness and “issues”.

Opening To The Bloom Of Love

So to get to the point of love and openness, make sure you begin using the Free Transformation Kit and the energy cleanse tool as it really has worked miracles for so many Twin Flames!

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In the program, we go through:
– How to manifest unity step by step and what so many Twins get “wrong”
– Eradicating negative karma and inner child wounds
– Cutting old cords and attachments to previous lovers
– Fully Re-opening your telepathic connection and hearts to each other
– Clearing outworn soul contracts and karmic “outsider” contracts
– Unleashing Kundalini energy
– Looking into your personal Twin dynamic and “mission”
and so much more…

(This will work even if your Twin is not aware of the true nature of your connection, as you share a collective field and always affect each other energetically)

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Catching Yourself

As with all Full Moon periods, beware triggers this week. Often we spiral into negativity due to what is really a tiny comment or thought when we look back.

If something triggers you, stop, think twice and ask yourself: “is this really worth it?” Jealousy and blame or past disappointments, are notorious patterns for easy triggering.

So if you don’t want to go through the whole heavy or angry loop yet again, halt before things get out of hand.

Again, it’s easy to get dragged into the collective fields of heavy emotions right now, and you don’t want to end up experiencing and “living out” others’ emotions as it will only mess up your Twin Flame connection.

Ascension, Rollercoaster

You’ll find this channeled quiz useful to see what vibration you’re actually in — are you aligned with struggle and separation, or unity and love?

Click here to find out with this Free quiz.

My experience is, we have more than enough of our own to deal with… Especially when we’re in Twin Flame Ascension and the rollercoaster this often brings.

So, imagine a glowing shield around yourself every day when you wake up and when you go to bed — setting the intention is the most important thing.

For more advice on shielding yourself from and clearing outside influence from other people, have a look here

Culmination From February 2021

Spirit shows us, this Full Moon is a culmination phase of themes born at the New Moon conjunct Neptune in early March 2021 — especially regarding love, as it happened conjunct Venus.

Make a note of how things have developed – and how you can rise even higher now, to reach unity and a state of oneness within and in your connection.

A secret key here is your own INNER situation. You are being asked to embody TRUE SELF love.

And if you haven’t yet, that’s what’s mainly “missing” and that can unlock your connection.

If you’re not happy with how things have progressed, it’s time to take charge and MAKE things change. By shifting your own inner state above all.

Asking For Songs!

One fun way to get insights and open the connection right now is: Ask for a song from your Twin’s soul. The first song that pops into your head.

What is it saying? What are the lyrics about? Does it have personal significance? This is a message from them!

(Do comment with which song you got!)

If you find this difficult, it’s a sign that you’re needing a re-alignment to activate your “non physical” connection or re-start it. For help with that, go here

And for more messages about what your Twin Flame is feeling and experiencing, get a free intuitive “reading” here.

Libra Season Starts!

September 22nd we have a new theme starting for the coming month, as the Sun enters Libra, sign of balance, harmony — and Venus’ second home.

For Twin Flames, this tends to push for a continued balancing process of the Masculine/Feminine energies both internally and in the Twin Flame pair.

This year, it particularly ties in with preparing ground for the “second reunion” of Mars/Venus or Masculine/Feminine, set for February 2022.

So any work you do on inner healing and clearing/uplifting your energy system and alignment now is preparing ground for that reunion period.

So that the unity you desire can actually reach you on all levels, when that time comes. 

“Too Good” To Everyone Else?

Like a pair of Libra scales we are pushed to release anything keeping us out of balance. And to embrace our own inner polarity to unite with ourSELVES.

Because Libra is so “good” at being diplomatic, that it may take some effort this coming month to make sure you’re being true to yourself and in your own sacred frequency.

As you know, the Twin Flame magnetism that is “meant” to bring the counterparts together is all about the deeper soul frequency — the shared soul song.

Why Many Twins “Lose” Magnetism

When we abandon our center and seek to please others or live up to an outer ideal, we weaken the Twin Flame magnetism.

In fact, it’s a lesson MANY Twins are learning and being pushed to by the universe. To stop listening to ‘everyone else’ and ‘standard rules’ or trying to be ‘perfect’ according to an outer ideal.

And to instead honor their sacred uniqueness.

To tap into the core shared soul frequency. Have a look here for more.

Any kinks in the balance between the Twins will also tend to be brought up for resolution during “Libra Season”, especially in terms of the Masculine/Feminine energy equilibrium.

Deep Changes Happening Re Soul Path

An interesting transit throughout the week and beyond is, we have Neptune in a quintile with the North Node, and a trine to Pluto Retrograde.

This means we’re in a process of DEEP change.

The kind of deep oceanic watery and blurry change that happens in the background without us fully realizing it.

This is true EVOLUTION happening, a deep change that reaches us on a FUNDAMENTAL level of being. Tying in with the North Node, it is directly linked to SOUL purpose.

We see that what is happening is, there is a slow un-doing of anything that has brought us OUT of our truth.

Confusion? Echoes Of Each Other’s Lives

It may feel like confusion, lack of clarity or heaviness in the background, or like life is not the way you’d wanted, that things aren’t quick to shift…

But really, the planets show us this is a necessary part of the journey for many.

We are being SHOWN the illusions, the “wrong” turns, the things that DON’T WORK…

So we can be transformed or RETURNED more and more to our ESSENCE. Returned to our TRUE soul path.

And, as mentioned above, the Twin Flame soul song.

Twin Flame “Underground” Connections

Spirit also shows us, that the Twin Flame pair are increasingly experiencing echoes of each other’s lives in this period.

They are experiencing themes and unconscious EMOTIONS, perspectives and themes you have been through. And vice versa.

The connection is being awakened on a deep inner level. A rumbling of change deep underground.

This is a part of Unity that often causes outer strange experiences — have a look here for more.

Mercury Retrograde — Themes This Time

Lastly this week, Mercury goes Retrograde.

Technically, Monday next week in most places… But when Mercury stations to go Retrograde we can notice the current changing a few days in advance.

So it’s relevant still this weekend and leading up to it.

Turning in Libra, in a trine to Jupiter Retrograde, we see that a major divine theme to this coming three week Mercury Retrograde will be: “things aren’t that bad after all”.

We’re set to be going over old ground and re-discovering things on a different level.

New Perspectives

Our perspective is being asked to change. Gratitude is a HUGE key to this retrograde, spirit shows us.

Finding the treasures in what you thought was “nothing”. Taking charge of your PERSPECTIVE by using CONSCIOUS awareness. A deepening of your experiences in general.

Awakening to spiritual wisdom — but not of the loud, shock and awe, conspiracy, out there, woo woo, mystery kind.

Simply, BECOMING awareness in itself. Tapping into inner divinity.

The quiet appreciation of what IS, which comes through seeing with the eyes of eternity.

Awakening To Illumination

Sinking into the perspective of the soul. When everything around you becomes illumined.

A true inner happiness over “nothing much”, that creates a COMPLETE change of alignment for a higher state down the line.

Remember: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. This is the magic of energy and embodiment. 

Keys over this coming three weeks are: patience, gratitude, wisdom, “slowness” and the beauty in seemingly ordinary things.

A Week For Big Changes

This is a week for shifting perspectives, and it may happen just as you thought nothing would change.

As you relax your focus and your mind, it has room to show up.

Let go of the demands, let go of chasing for an outer goal.

Allow yourself to flow with the stream of existence with conscious soul intention, and you’ll realize you get to good places much faster than if you were rushing and chasing for a dream from a place of being a “small human being”.

Be good enough here and now, be satisfied with what IS, now. No matter what it is.

THAT is what has the power to unlock your situation and your whole journey to a higher level.

Relax and let go.

Trust Fall?

And if that feels like torture and impossible to even contemplate, you have some work to do — clearing the stuck energy of fear is a massive help in this.

Because fear keeps us reactive. Fear clouds us from seeing the truth.

When fear is gone, we can open to the journey. We can open in a “trust fall” to let the Universe bring us our highest.

Otherwise, we may be deflecting the very thing we’re asking it to bring.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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