The Future Calls – Powerful Aquarian Current Of Progress And New Thinking… Time To Stop Hiding Your Light! Plus, Can You Open To Your Twin’s Perspective To Give Love Room To Grow?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:
Sun moves into Aquarius, joined by a light-bearing New Moon. But are differences in perspective and energy causing trouble for you and your Twin?

Discover more below!

Cosmic Shift In “Atmosphere”

This week we’re seeing a shift in the cosmic “atmosphere” as the Sun moves from Capricorn into Aquarius, joined by a New Moon in the same sign.

Things have felt heavy in recent times, with a powerful 5-planet stellium in Capricorn, sign of karma, responsibility and restriction…

When the Sun moves into new terrain in Aquarius along with the New Moon, we shift into air energies, bringing a sense of fresh momentum.

In fact, you may feel rushed to complete and make progress on everything you have going on right now.

You seem busy with major projects that deal with long-term changes in your life. You seem like you may have picked up old ideas and plans, determined to finally make them work and bring them to completion – and this week you’re feeling the time crunch….

Staying On Top Of This Tricky Current…

The cosmic atmosphere loosens up a little as the week opens with the Sun entering Aquarius – ruler of technology, groups, the unorthodox and starseeds.

But one of the challenges this week is to fuel the boost of energy in a smooth way. Rushing, tempers raging and frustration are possible downsides.

You could get irked by rules, others’ expectations and perceived constraints this week.
Rules are fine in their place, but you might be irritated with others’ perspectives and demands.

The general mood this week supports finding new ways to do things, to freshen things up – and you can make nice progress now.

New perspectives opening can transform a stuck situation open doors that recently have seemed bolted shut!

Aquarius is a powerful sign and energy for the Twin Flame path – what does your zodiac sign bode for your journey? Get a free zodiac reading for Twins here


Lessons Of Patience And Self Love…

Again, a challenge is to fuel this forward momentum wisely. Frustration is a potential stumbling block. You seem to want change NOW. I mean, YESTERDAY. And sure, that’s a great idea, but right now we’re dealing with changes that can feel slow to come.

Patience is a current challenge for many.

The universe “says” if you want to reach those big goals, sure it can happen, but you may have to put in some work YOURSELF to get there… It won’t happen without any effort.

Spirit comments, that an underestimated form of self love is to truly commit to our dreams and goals.

To hold ourselves accountable along the way, to make those big things happen.

Self love doesn’t mean slacking off and taking it easy all the time – self love can mean seeing the highest potential in ourselves and our lives, and pushing to get there!

(Read more about the importance of self love on the Twin Flame path here)

Concerns About Romance And Relationships…

Venus and Lilith periodically “team up” in Pisces this week, which tends to trigger karma around love and the feminine (clear the negativity with the Free Energy Cleanse here). We’re faced with an extra challenge when Venus makes a semi-square to both Pluto and Saturn too on Monday.

This tends to trigger karmic patterns, and is pushing for us to release OLD ways of approaching love and relationships. To get out of “self sabotage”, says spirit. So it’s likely that the issues where WE are blocking our OWN love, are triggered.

Jealousy, envy, fear, insecurities and victimhood complexes are key… And with Saturn in the mix, it’s likely karma is the root of the issues you’re experiencing right now. (Test yourself here in the quiz – what Karma is affecting your Twin Flame connection?)


When Twin Flames Block Their Own Connection…

The situation is brought to a head when on the 23rd the Sun squares Uranus and the feeling of wanting to break free goes into overdrive for a day – this is the universe trying to assist us to release the old modes and step into a new state…

But it can cause problems because of the impatience and the abruptness of this current.

Be mindful you don’t cut ties with someone (your Twin is highlighted) out of an emotional reaction right now, because you’ll likely change your mind down the line… And sooner than you’d think.

Did you know many Twin Flames’ journeys have become derailed because they have pushed their counterpart away in moments of hurt and anger (even “telepathically”)?

Things like saying or thinking or “vowing” “I never want to see you again”, “he hurt me so much I can never get over it”, “I will never trust you again” and such…

And although you may not realize it at the time, this creates soul contracts, blocks and karmic cycles pushing you AWAY from unity you deep down want and deserve.

Have a look at this session where I take you through clearing all of this, and opening your path again. We also and go through a powerful transmission of codes and invite in the sacred ceremony of souls – Hieros Gamos.


“Wow! Cassady thank you. This was the most powerful session I have ever done. I felt like I was walking on air all day after. You are transforming my life in the most divine way possible. Thank you divine soul”

– Shay B, Melbourne, Australia

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Healing The Template Of Self Vs Other

One issue with these energies happening with the Sun in Aquarius, is you may tend to withdraw from others. You may feel more irritated than usual with other people.

It’s not specifics, it’s more that the presence of others irks you and makes you feel like they’re attempting to control you or steer you off course.

Spirit comments, this is an excellent time to heal your “template” of self versus other – your relationship with other people in general, which was given to you unconsciously in childhood.

Were your parents’ relationship harmonious? Did people get along peacefully in the household? Did you feel loved? Do you make friends and get on with others easily?

If not, there’s some work to do here because these are all “relationship templates” that impact your Twin Flame connection. If there are any blocks to love, your system will be pushing for its release until they’re gone…

(I take you through clearing this stuff in the Free Twin Flame Help Kit.)


Cosmic Lesson – As Within, So Without

There’s a sense of urgency this week – but again, the challenge is to steer the energy wisely on your path. Because it could cause a lot of rushing around that doesn’t lead anywhere.

The cosmic lesson is, in order for our LIVES to flow smoothly, our INNER world has to be in harmony. As within, so without.

The sense of simmering panic around in the collective can make your love life difficult, to say the least…

With Pluto and Saturn involved, unconscious fears are being triggered. A sacral and root chakra focused purge of density and outworn programming…

Confront the deeper fears, externalize them. Write it out; Why the future scares you, what you’re really worried about. And then face those fears and issues head on. Write them out. Clear the energy, invite in new light.

Do something. Don’t wait for it to fix itself because it will just keep it around as your soul waits for you to take charge…

Higher Perspectives To Open The Twin Flame Path…

Fortunately, Venus also sextiles Jupiter this week – which helps bring optimism about your love life. So love and romance has a chance to be re-ignited in this period.

A higher perspective and optimism that can light up your heart.

If you’re not with your Twin in the physical currently, you feel more forgiving than usual and see ways of getting there you may not have realized even existed.

The higher current of energy is lifting your perspective, showing you a higher path.

If you’re an artist, you’ll also feel extra inspired. And this is a great time to go out and socialize. You’re set to have more “luck” if you reach out to someone.

Be brave, take confidence and don’t hold back from going for your dreams. You don’t want to be the one who stops yourself.

Remember, there is no such thing as “impossible” – it’s just a question of finding the way to your dream come to physical fruition. (Read more about that here)

Dealing With Non-Twin Outsiders?

If you’re dealing with a non-Twin, things can get hot and heavy fast at this time because the positivity and glow of Jupiter/Venus play right into Uranus/Sun’s sudden connections.

There is a slight risk you could get a little carried away. Yes, you could make some enjoyable connections…

But that doesn’t mean every single person you meet could be the love of your life (that’s the kind of glowy outlook the energy tends to highlight).

Some Twins will wonder whether someone NEW is their true counterpart at this time… And whether they may have been wrong before.

It might not be a False Twin situation, it could just be confusion… The shakeup of the energies.

Don’t worry so much, because you’ll just tangle yourself up in negativity. Everything happens for a reason – every person shows up as a “teacher” in our lives. There is always something to learn from every connection.

New Moon In Aquarius – Shine Bright!

The Aquarius New Moon on January 24th also brings an air of excitement and passion for change – bordering on impatience.

Use this power to move forward, to raise your perspective and create a life that uniquely works for YOU! This time activates latent higher self/star origin programming to help you get on track with your divine purpose…

Don’t hide your light, is the universe’s message – you are here to be uniquely YOU, so shine bright! You are a soul with so many gifts and so much good in you.

A spiritual lesson at this time is that states of love and happiness are available to us at all times – from WITHIN, from our connection with pure light, source.

We don’t just need to love someone else, we don’t need someone else to love us.

When we love ourselves, we can fill up with immense joy and light, fuelling a path full of happiness.

And the irony is, when we can fill ourSELVES up with our love, we become magnetic to love from others. Especially our Twin Flame.

(Read more about that here)


Making Connections, Reaching Out

On the 25th Mercury is sextile Mars meaning that for the next ten days or so the emphasis is on reaching out and making connections. And, taking action on the insights and guidance we’ve been getting!

 It also means the Masculine Twin is likely to be brought into communication with his counterpart somehow if they’re currently apart.

And it’s easier than usual to “be yourself” and to say what you mean. However, with Mars in the mix, be mindful you don’t offend people by saying EVERYTHING you’re thinking. Mars is notoriously un-diplomatic, and conflict can drag you down…

Plus, everyone has their own lessons to learn in life! We cannot save someone from their own fate, as the saying goes… Because we are not the ones walking in their shoes.

In fact, it can majorly hold back your journey to get involved with others’ issues. (Read more about that here)

Respecting Others’ Opinions… Runner Twins

Venus squares Mars on the 26th and we see the flow of love is not smooth. Masculine and Feminine are not on the same page, and it can spell conflict.

A challenge right now is, you’re being asked to respect others’ right to disagree with you – including your Twin. Remember, we can never push someone to love us.

Right now, a lot of Twins are unaware they’re pushing their counterpart away by stressing over the connection, worrying and pushing analysis into it via their mind and emotions.

The lesson for many is:
If you can relax your energy, clear the static and release worry, your counterpart will warm to you… Much more than if you push.

Their higher self is always there for you and love you no matter what, but their human self cannot help but respond to tension you push into the connection.

When someone pushes, the counterpart feels controlled or opposed, and often they shut down.

(Read more about how this works here, and how to fix it if your Twin is “running” or has shut you out).

twin flame mirror

Passion And The Twin Flame connection

If you’re the impatient type, be extra careful to keep a rein on your temper if you feel rejected. Maybe you can reach a compromise or maybe you have to accept that you may not get your way right now.

The problem is that you might be so in touch with *your* desires right now that you forget the other person has their own – and they may not match yours! Try to see things from a higher perspective.

And make sure you do your inner work, because when you shift your energy into a higher state, your Twin Flame dynamic changes too.

When your inner state is harmonious, you attract a completely different reaction from your counterpart.

Because ultimately, what determines whether your Twin Soul connection is harmonious or fraught with problems is your energy vibration and your core beliefs. The actual hows and whats of your journey actually make very little difference.

Try my free energy cleanse tool here to connect back to pure light and begin to experience what it feels like to dwell in high vibrational energies!

How To Bring Harmony To The Twin Connection…

It doesn’t matter what’s come before or what we call it – when your energy shifts, your connection and your situation begin to shift too!

(Learn how to uplift your Twin Flame connection into Love and Reunion with my step by step Vibrational Alignment Program)

We go through eradicating negative karma, cutting old cords and attachments to previous lovers, opening your telepathic connection and hearts to each other, clearing outworn soul contracts, unleashing Kundalini energy, looking into your personal Twin dynamic and “mission”, and much more…


(Read here about other Twins’ experiences with the program – and know that no matter what’s happened before or what pain you’ve experienced, things really can change for the better! I’ve seen it happen time and time again)

Forward Momentum

This is set to be a week which brings a fresh breath of forward momentum, and some excitement you may have been longing for.

The main issue is to channel the energies in a positive direction. You have passion at your disposal but it’s up to you where and how you direct it.

You may feel impatient for more, for faster changes…

But the lesson right now is to work on your inner state so that you flow divine potential into creating a positive journey long-term – instead of letting old programming draw back more struggle and “issues”…

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“Where can I start Cassady! Since having started your harmony meditation tool things have changed so rapidly. I have changed. I cannot even describe it with words. My heart has opened so much. I keep seeing 1111 and 111. Kindness and understanding for my twin are making him progress. I feel the changes inside. Thank you. Xxxx”

– Annalisa, London, UK

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