Solstice Gateway Opens To Higher Awakening, Light Codes Incoming… Plus, Powerful Recalibration Of The Forward Path In Love, To Anchor In Twin Flame Unions


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Venus Retrograde continues, bringing back “lost love” and possible exes for resolution… Change is seeking you, but are you afraid of what might happen?

Solstice gateway opens to higher levels of awakening, and – the sacred, heart powered gateway you may not have heard about?

Discover more below!

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Solstice Gateway

We head into this week with the Solstice gateway energies building, and it can be intense.

The Solstices have since ancient times been considered times of heightened spiritual potential, where we bridge into the higher dimensions. 

Where the divine makes its presence known, where there is a temporary influx of light and new potential.

For Twin Flames, it is all about helping us bridge in the codes and spiritual information that helps us create the next chapter.

“Ascension Symptoms”

You may feel tired and zoned out, as your system works to integrate this immense potential. Or you might feel elated for “no reason”.

The reason this happens, is that the high vibrational codes and info incoming are a much higher vibration than we are used to…

However, a factor many miss when we’re dealing with gateways, is that their effect depends on US and OUR state.

What does that mean?

In short, the more high vibrational we are already and the clearer our system, the more we notice benefits, uplifting effects, synchronicities and “good” showing up at this time.

“Downloading” Higher Potential

If we’re full of congestion and in a low vibration of shame, anger or conflict, these times get intense in a bad way.

It can bring up old cycles and feel very uncomfortable, and this means it’s hard to bridge into the highest potential really available at this time.

So remember to go within and align to make the most of this time and the incredible shifts possible.

(Go here for the channeled session especially created for gateways to help you anchor in your highest and activate codes, timelines and templates of unity which then bridge into the 3D physical.)

“I was very heavy for weeks and felt drawn to the Star Activation. I decide to jump in and now I feel SO different afterwards. I feel 100 times lighter now. I really felt my twin there as we did the clearing on both of us, and I got a text from him as soon as it ended!!!!! The same night, I dreamed that we were together and I feel this huge shift has happened between us. Thank you so much!!! It’s really making a big diffeence” – Helle, Copenhagen, Denmark

Go here for more testimonials

Intensification Of “Darkness”

Something many people don’t realize is that Solstices cause a purge – intensification of baggage looking to leave during the gateway.

Both for us individually AND on a global scale. 

We often notice “darkness”, issues and problems flaring up in the lead-up to the solstice. This is because it is coming up to RELEASE during the gateway.

Because as the solstice gateways open (about 5 days around December 21st) we experience an increased soul driven pressure to purge old baggage so we can shift into a higher “grid”.

(More on that here in “What is 3D and 5D really about? What does it REALLY mean?” article). 

Why Your Soul Pushes You

When your own personal energy rises sufficiently, you are able to be anchored in the unity grid, or crystalline grid. Shifted out of the “karmic separation reality” often known as “3D”.

This helps you become more stabilized in a place of harmony, within yourself and your TF connection.

But it can’t happen until YOU are in alignment with it, from the inside. So your soul often pushes for you to release negativity so you can reach up in that way.

Therefore, any work you do to elevate your vibration now around the Solstice, has long tail positive effects.

(Are you aligned with 5D? 7D? 9D or even 12D or beyond? Have a look here for more, and to anchor in alignment)

Soul Love In Focus

The Solstice does not always tie in planets – but this year we have have several, giving powerful indications for Twin Flames.

Because during this Solstice we have a conjunction between Pluto and Venus Retrograde, plus Mercury conjunct Juno.

This means that the Solstice is STRONGLY focused around love – in particular SOUL love, such as what we Twin Flames share.

Especially, opening to a NEW chapter and breaking away the old separation reality. 

Detox To Open To Physical Unity

You may remember me talking earlier this fall about the preparation for the “second Twin Flame reunions” in February 2022, as Venus and Mars will meet then in a rare conjunction…

Well, we are still in process and preparation for this period, to make sure we are “ready” (a match) with the highest outcome when the time comes.

So now in the lead-up, we’re being shown any blocks, “lessons” and karma that have kept physical 3D unity and lasting harmony from happening…

Separation programming is purging, in particular.

Plus, we’re likely to receive some IMPORTANT key reminder of soul love, via communication in the physical.

With Pluto conjunct Venus retrograde, we see that SOUL lovers are being brought back together or prepared for it via a deep “detox”. That is the goal.

Karma Coming Up For Resolution

Since this all happens in Capricorn, it deals with the PHYSICAL realm and karma..

So old cycles and problems may seem to intensify or return.

If so, know it is karmic. We have to go deep to resolve this once and for all. And this is happening collectively as well as individually.

There is a lot of UN-conscious material rising. It IS for the highest good, to help you reunite when the time comes…

Understanding Twin Flame Karma

But right now it can be very challenging, so do your best to actively clear any negativity or fears.

Because it’s being brought up for a REASON – so you can release and heal it, to become a MATCH to unity inside and out.

(Clearing karma can help you permanently step out of separation, running/chasing and other Twin Flame problems, because it is one of the deepest and most stubborn blocks to unity.

In the Vibrational Alignment Program I teach you how to access the Akashic records, be shown your past as a pair, and heal karma, clear outworn soul contracts and more.)

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(Read more testimonials here)

“Lost” Love Returning 

Pluto is the god of the underworld, sex, death and rebirth, so in this period you may get flashes of past life, soul visions and glimpses of the connection from the past.

There may be “love returning”, or a reevaluation needed in a relationship.

When Venus goes retrograde and moves backwards past Pluto, we see “dead or lost love” coming back to life. Eternal love, reborn.

Or even someone on the other side expressing their devotion. In short, some aspect of love you thought was lost to you, returning.

The unconscious, sex, life/death cycles, eternity and “beyond life” is figuring STRONGLY this period. Especially for Twin Flames and those who are soul lovers. 

Karmics? Soul Mates? Third Party People?

This is nearly guaranteed to deal with the Twin Flame connection, but it is also possible that you notice a soul mate connection from a past life show up again.

In some way, lost love is being returned… But if someone “else” shows up, don’t fret – because it IS a divine gift for your Twin Flame connection.

If so, it’s about opening you up to unity, including possibly by building your confidence or showing you deserve more.

On some level it deals with gaining resolution, opening to love.

Helping you believe in true love again. To align you in the physical, with an open heart. 

The Zero Point

The solstice also represents what the Ancient Romans celebrated as Saturnalia, as the Sun returns to Capricorn.

This means that we enter into a new theme for the coming month.

This is the depth of winter, and yet this “darkness” is also a time of sowing new seeds, or letting seeds grow.

It is a time of potential. A zero point. Stillness.

If you feel the need to rest, then do so. Remember that insights and guidance and love can reach through to you most powerfully in that stillness. 

Messages Of Support

On the 21st Ceres re-enters Taurus in her Retrograde motion as well – which indicates that we are likely revisiting previous goals and dreams.

And we are being encouraged to pursue them!

If something lights you up, do not abandon that passion (including Twin Flame unity)! It is STILL possible, is the message we get.

Figure out what belief caused you to abandon the pursuit, and clear it, so your path opens again.

Ceres “promises” that if a desire is in your heart, if you FEEL longing toward a goal or person or situation, it is divinely placed there. It is guided. 

So don’t give up. Clear the blocks, and guidance will show you the steps to take (more here). 

11:11 – Challenge

 December 24th we have a square between Saturn and Uranus Retrograde, on 11:11 degrees of Aquarius and Taurus.

This shows us there are MAJOR shifts happening in terms of creation and manifestation. Collectively and individually.

Above all, there is TENSION between the PAST and the FUTURE.

We’re shown you may be AFRAID of trying something new… or going beyond what you know.

Or you may be trying to abandon something, such as the Twin Flame connection, when really you just have to KEEP working on the process.

What You Might Be Getting “Wrong”

Saturn is the ruler of time and the physical domain…

So when he challenges Uranus, planet of change and sudden shifts, we see that a HUGE reason so many don’t experience their dream come true is simply that they GIVE UP too soon.

They don’t give it the CONSISTENT focus and time required. Or they waver. 

So now, you are being asked to stay on track, and above all shift your perspective to know that sure… Some dreams DON’T drop into our laps overnight but that’s not rational to expect…

So you’re being encouraged to allow it to take the time it takes. Knowing that the more you get into impatience, the more you PUSH delays into the process.



Missing Steps

A major problem for Twin Flames looking to manifest reunion and love, is that they aren’t working with a proven and aligned process.

So often there are crucial steps MISSING in their approach, and it “breaks” the process. There are widespread myths out there that unfortunately weaken your ability to manifest.

Did you know, for example, that longing and need causes PROBLEMS for your process? And you need to work around this with some “unconscious tricks”…

(Learn my aligned manifesting method here).

Give Up On Your Twin Flame Reunion?

As Uranus’/Saturn’s challenge happens between 11:11 in two different signs, it’s a CLEAR message NOT to give up on Twin Flame love.

And to not waver in your focus, or allow others or your own mind to keep “breaking the signal”.

LOVE is not the problem.

It’s the approach you’ve been using, lack of consistency, detractors from other people, doubt, fear, or blocks in your system, that are the problem. Resolve this, and love will come.

Secret Opening To Higher Consciousness

The celebration of Christmas, has over the centuries created a unique and heightened energy “bridge” that is powerful to tap into. 

This is one of the year’s “secret” and most special gateways – a bridging of realities and connection with golden light that happens around 20th-27th December.

Above all, the higher consciousness we often refer to as the angelic realms and the soul realms, comes closer. This means your Twin Flame’s higher self is also likely to “show up” more.

“Heaven” is at its closest of the whole year during Christmas, and you can benefit from this whether or not you are religious. 

Other Side Connections?

This is an energy of sparkly golden light, of peace and oneness. Unity.

Your own guardian team is more able to reach through and bring you help, support, answers and guidance and they would love to.

You might experience “visits” from loved ones on the other side, or your Twin’s higher self…

They show you, that as you share love and bring positivity to others, such as spread cheer, enjoy celebration, or listen to holiday music of devotion, they are there.

They are with you.


Answered Prayers Coming

You are never forgotten, is the message we get. You came here for this.

Although there is confusion in the world and things seem conflicted and uncertain ahead, there IS a divine plan.

It’s about moving out of DIVISION and into ONENESS. As individuals. As Twin Flames. As a society.

How To Receive

You can receive answered prayers, miracles and much positivity if you take the time to ask with a pure heart now.

But know that although it is given, you must be open and ABLE to receive. This is why people don’t always receive solutions or prayers seem unanswered.

It’s because they are not able to “hold” the answer.

It is always delivered. So make sure you are open and relaxed, and your channel is clear and your answer will come.

Integrating Soul Love…

With Mercury conjunct Juno, ruler of soul love relationships, it’s highly likely you hear from or are in communication with your counterpart this week.

However, you likely ALSO have latent worries, past wounds and fears surfacing – so you may deflect your Twin Flame out of discomfort and concerns, feeling your system lurching as it does not feel safe to open.

The clearer and more relaxed you can be, the better this whole period will flow.

Work to remember your true soul’s light, that you ALWAYS share love with your Twin, and that you truly ARE being divinely guided. 

Even if it feels challenging, know that this is part of the process. (Use the tools available to you to lighten the journey and anchor in love.)

Eternal Love

Above all, the power of Christmas is innocence, hope for a good world, and a WILLINGNESS to reach higher in our minds and hearts.

At this time, we celebrate the birth of light into darkness.
The power of love and an open heart.

This is a week where the divine and your own higher self are trying to tell you and show you the good that lies ahead.

If YOU can choose love, if YOU can awaken to your soul’s truth.

You are always loved.

With all my most heartfelt blessings for the holidays, Christmas and your celebrations this week <3

Cassady x


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– Karen, Arkansas, USA

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