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Digging Deeper: Secret Reasons Behind Twin Flame Struggles. “Un-Love” – False 3D Ideas. Why Many Twins’ Higher Selves Are Holding Off On Physical World Reunion…

Today I’ve been asked to deliver a message to the Twin Flame collective. We’re heading into tumultuous times energetically the next few months, with powerful eclipses and Venus Retrograde set to push for lesson learning, integration of new light codes and a detox of old holdbacks…

This period is challenging, so I was asked to bring a message of information and inspiration forth.

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A Channeled Message For Twin Flames:

“Dear friends,

We are entering into a significant period for all. Earth’s Ascension is ever increasing and there is much more going on now than before. There is more activity energetically from the outside, affecting the earth plane.

You are here for a reason. We want to remind you of this. We see so many of you losing sight of this in your daily life. You get caught up in the events that don’t serve you, the problems, the challenges.

The truth is, it’s all a small part of the greater project of love you signed up for long before you were born.


Your Twin Soul’s Love For You

You are here because you chose it. You chose to come here, out of love. Your Twin Soul chose to come here, to reencounter you as a human being and to rediscover the love you have shared since the beginning of your existence. One being divided into two, meeting itself mirrored.

This is the most beautiful journey of love in the universe. It encompasses all avenues of the nature of love. LOVE is your mission, your lesson, your journey. If ever in doubt, go back to love. Love is the answer.

And to know this, leave your mind for a minute and go into your heart. Focus on your feelings – and this is why discernment and elevation of your energy is so important – so you can know your TRUE feelings, and not be interpreting others’ fear.

In your hearts there is love. You are bound together by love. You are forever tied by love. Voluntarily. Think of this: Before you came to earth, your twin soul loved you so much they wanted to be eternally tied to you so you would never lose touch once you came here.

Your Twin Soul loved you so much they never wanted you to stop feeling that love, even in the midst of the illusion of human life. This is why twin flames are bonded together by the heart. Because love is what brought you here — And love is what will take you home.

Love is your compass. If ever in doubt, yet again we say this: “Does this feeling/action/thought/decision/step take you closer to love, or further away from it?”


Why You Have Been Hiding From Your Power

We hesitate to give you insights into the future of the developments for the twin flame collective and the human race. Because we have noticed a tendency in your collective to always be thinking forward.

Many of you are struggling with the soul lesson of living in the now moment. Even those of you who are otherwise spiritually advanced students of life and existence.

Focusing on the future is futile – unless you are creating it. Many of you have been hiding from your true soul’s power – even those of you who perceive yourselves to be the “awakened” Twin.

We tell you this – the past is gone, it only exists in the mind. The future is yours to create more than you ever imagined possible. So even if we tell you now, “we know that your twin soul will awaken to the truth of your connection within two months, three months, and return to you” – will it change anything?

Will you enjoy the now moment more? If so, ask yourself why. If yes, it means you are hinging all your living happiness on an event outside of yourself. Do you understand what this means?

It brings you into a vulnerable state to negative experiences. Because you become someone who hopes all the time, but never creates certainty.

When aligning with this you become a passenger to others’ creations, to the default creation done by the automatic processes in your being – inherited from family and surroundings. You are sending into the future, energy signals of not being the sovereign creator of your journey.

The Twin Flame path is a complex and challenging spiritual journey for all souls who have chosen this. Only the bravest chose this. Volunteered.


How Awakening Is Influenced By Cosmic Transits

You are co-creating simultaneously, affecting each other with all your decisions, actions, feelings, projections, manifestations.

When you project “When is my twin flame going to wake up? I really hope they wake up soon, I don’t know how i can cope otherwise” what happens is that you send that energy to them, creating clouds of stagnation around them.

Your doubt and worry become blocks to awakening actually happening.

We can say that yes, there are cosmic transits of energy forthcoming that are set to assist those who are Unawakened to stir to knowing. To become enlightened – in other words, to recognize the soul’s truth. To remember who they are.

The coming Eclipses are a part of the awakening process. Removing the mask. Removing the veil of forgetting, layer by layer.

However, this triggering an individual to awaken is not the full process. You have full freedom to create your journey. We never interfere with your creation.


Free Will And The Twin Flame Journey

On your plane of reality you all have free will to create. We do not step in to change your life’s creation. That is your job. We provide you the insights and the methods for creating differently – to step into more love, more harmony.

But we can never un-do your creation for you. This is regulated by the free will agreement you all accepted, and which is in place for all beings on your plane.

The truth which we so badly want you to know – so that your journey can alchemize from the inside out, so you can rise up into your full potential of love together – is that you are already home with each other in every minute.

We urge you to above all step back from the human illusion of chasing all the time for something in the future. Love exists in the here and now. Love exists between your Twin Soul and yourself in all minutes, in all dimensions. Your love is all encompassing and eternal.

So now comes the tough question… If love is there all along, then what are you chasing for? Why the focus on the future all the time?

Are you looking for another kind of satisfaction? Physical belonging? Someone to support you? Validation? The end of uncertainty? Or are you unable to perceive that love, the perspective that you are always sharing love?


What Happens If You Never Reunite?

Do you see that this situation is not so simple as you merely desiring to love your twin flame in person?

It is not about wanting to come together with your Twin Soul out of love, because as souls you already love them and they already love you. This is eternal truth.

No, we are in most cases dealing with fear. The fear of “what happens if…”, “What happens if they never wake up? What will I do then?”

And in that state of unconscious fear, you are not creating happiness. Those thoughts and feelings are all creating disappointment. Creating the very scenario you fear. We urge you to take a step back, go within. Center into your own divinity. Your role as creator.

When you came to earth, you were so excited to get to create. It is only from the human perspective that this feels frightening of difficult. Re-center into your infinite self. Go within. Relax your mind. Meditate. Stop listening to the habitual.

You are master souls, each and every one of you. Ascended masters, high vibrational beings. You chose this because you could. You wanted the challenge. Know this. You are not powerless.


The Spiritual Path To Reunion

The mind plays tricks on you. The mind is the single biggest problem for most twin flames. There is no real underlying negativity on the journey, aside from the thoughts you have been trained by the human world to think and the energy you have taken on from the world.

This is why the journey of love is a journey from the perceived ego self and back to the soul. Love, in its purest essence, is foreign to the human world.

Romance is known. Desire. Sexuality. Bonding. Attachment. Sympathy. Those are known. Relating to relationships between people, but they are not unconditional love.

Unconditional Love is an energy, an emotion characterised by an expansion from the heart outwards of light, incredible joy and goodwill, effervescent pleasure to just be. It is the pure absence of darkness. The pure absence of fear. This is what you seek. Incandescence of the heart. Bliss.

To love is to bring things to life. You can love someone back to health. You can love someone to success. You can love your Twin Flame back to reuniting physically with you. But it must be true love – the essence, undiluted by fear and worry.

Feel into this difference, as it will serve you well. Many of you are laboring through a labyrinth of thoughts and misperceptions as to what is really going on between you – and this is why your soul keeps presenting you with lessons, hardships. So that you will change your perspective. Go deeper.


The Human Pattern Of Conditional Love

The problem is that through your life on this planet you have been filled with reasons not to love. There is a myriad of belief systems, patterns, engrained programming handed down to you by society and adults which are all about why you should not love.

All the reasons why men should be treated a certain way, why women must a certain thing, why children should be castigated, why animals can’t be trusted, why people from another country are suspicious, why love must be on certain terms. Why you can only love someone who is good to you.

This the human recipe for Conditional Love. “I love you as long as you…”, “I love you if you treat me in such and such a way…”

The Twin Flame journey is one of UN-Conditional love. If you feel deep down in your heart, you will sense it. There is an eternal, if maybe subtle right now, feeling of always being together and openly accepting. Love for the sake of love.

You will have felt it at some point of your journey, guaranteed. The feeling of loving your counterpart no matter what they might have done or thought or felt or said.

And this UNconditional love is most noticeable when you are in a good place with them. But when something “bad” happens, all the reasons not to love come up.

This is what the human perception of separation is about. Separation as a mode of living, engrained in the human being since the beginning of physical existence.


What The Twin Flame Journey Is Really About

We are in deep, dear friends. This is a project which isn’t merely about two people in love and having a good time together. Of course this can be the case for you every single day of your experience if you choose it.

But the challenges are there because you are working on dismantling the human system of UN-LOVE from the inside out. In order to break open the human paradigm you chose to go deep.

You chose to embody the UN-LOVE, so that your inner spark of eternal love could flare up at your first meeting and begin to disintegrate every part of the UN-LOVE from the inside out.

Revolutionizing not only your love relationships but allowing you to provide everyone around you with the example of TRUE LOVE. Love that knows no bounds.

Know this – any struggle you have had with your Twin Soul has stemmed from the fact that the two of you have had engrained in you from birth all the objections to love that humanity could ever think of.

You have been carried so far away from your true selves – love – and now you are making your way back to it. Struggle comes from denying love or fearing that love will be denied you.

You, dear friends, have traveled from the realms of love as souls, into the human realms of fear, and are now in the process of making your way back home to love again while still in the physical.


Finding Your True Self To Call Out Love From The Mirror

This might feel like a journey of detective work at times, dear friends, but it is needed. You must learn to differentiate between what is truly YOU and what is outer belief structures, traits, programming, thoughts given to you by the human world.

Only when you return to YOUR true soul self can you see your MIRROR SOUL clearly, and only then will they reflect this back to you. The purification process can be fast or slow depending on how tightly you hold on to the human systems and how much work you put into cleansing your system.

If you insist on only loving your Twin Soul if they behave a certain way, you are fighting against your eternal nature. You are putting blocks into the connection. Twin Souls are not mere mortal human beings. There is nothing “regular” about you. You are here for a reason, warriors of light who not only wanted to love to but to redefine what love is on a human scale.

Knowing in your hearts that it was simple. To love. To love, you simply allow. It is when you are denying love that problems arise.

And perhaps it is your Twin Soul who is disallowing love at this point. If so, it is not who they really are.


Why Love Is Not What You Believed

These might seem like deceptively simple and banal suggestions from us, but in order to truly bring you together in union we have to shift the very fundamentals.

It is not enough to merely give anecdotes of romance and tell you what you are looking for with your human mind, such as time frames for reunions and elaborate reasons for why Twin Flames experience struggle. Like we said – your creation is yours. We will not un-do your creation. However, we can help you yourself to adjust it to your desires.

We wish to give you the information that will change things for you. Enable you to step into your own power once more.

Otherwise you stay in the position of the child waiting to be “fed” information about your future. Not the sovereign creator you really are.

We have to reconfigure your perceptions so that you are able to shift into the love you desire.

So today, we leave you with the above information. Let it sink in. Love is not what you have thought it to be. The situation between you has not been the way it has seemed to your human eyes.

Look within, look deep – and you will find more answers than you could ever find from looking to the sky or to others for saving.

You were chosen and volunteered because you were capable. None of us ever doubt your capability to come together. Know this. We hold your Unity and your immaculate blissful Love in our hearts – we hold the intention that you are coming together on all levels.

It is your souls yourselves who are engineering challenges so that you can understand where you are holding love back.



Detoxification Of Mind And Emotions

What is most needed right now among the Twin Flame collective of souls is a detoxification of the mind and the emotions. You carry more disinformation and UN-LOVE than you realize. When you begin to remove this, bit by bit, you will realize how perfectly the path can unfold for you.

The beauty of this process is, the more you yourself return to an inner state of SELF LOVE – again, disregarding and discarding all the reasons why you shouldn’t or couldn’t or wouldn’t love yourself – the more your Twin Soul feels the stirring of truth between you.

Love can flow uninterrupted. You are then “Ready” for the next chapter – your Twin Flame’s awakening and physically reuniting.

If you were to reunite before you understood, you would merely experience a repeat of struggles you have known hitherto. You would be coming together in a human version of a relationship, with all the drama and struggle that entails.


Why Your Higher Self May Be Holding You Back

For this reason, many are on the soul level holding off from coming together. Twins’ Higher Selves deliberately directing the journey away from reuniting. So that there is a chance to get the foundation right and to come together harmoniously.

Let it be said there are no bounds to how much you can interact nonphysically. You can always reach your twin soul’s higher self and they will be happy to assist you and guide you through this learning process.

By showing you unconditional love the way souls feel it, you will have a real example of how unconditional love works. You will feel it, understand it, know it.

Our belief is, that when you experience the unconditional love your Twin Soul’s higher self has for you – every single day – you will no longer be so anxious to know about the future and when their earthly self might awaken.

And the beauty of this is, when you relax into the enjoyment of love you open up and allow for the flow to bring to you what you have been desiring. You are now open to love in the physical reality as well.

We hope this message has given you nourishment to feel into and inspiration to work from. If you need some assistance with this learning process around love – ask us to step forth to show you what love and acceptance feels like and how you can love and accept yourself more, drawing out a healthy, satisfying physical reunion with your Twin Soul as well.

With all our love and blessings,

Archangel Michael and the Angels of light”



To read more about how to safely connect with your Twin Flame’s Higher Self, have a look at this article. And if you’re interested in reading more about Twin Flame Reunion, go here.




Want to uplift your connection and shift out of Running and Separation struggles for good? Have a look at my Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames!

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“Since having started your Harmony Healing things have changed so rapidly. I cannot even describe it with words. My heart has opened so much and I am standing in a place of acceptance, love, compassion for my Twin. I keep seeing 1111 and 111 and I keep repeating myself as a mantra – we are one. I feel this love inside, I feel the changes. Thank you is not enough!”

– Annalisa, London, UK



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  1. Thank you for this.. Makes sense. I’m learning to love myself more now. This is one that is difficult because of past relationships of someone not loving me for who I am. My Twin Flame came forth to me two years ago and all he ever did was love me for who I am and I’m not used to the feeling of someone loving me this way but I’m learning to accept it and show him the same. He not here in this plane and I am more than okay with this I will love him no matter what and no matter where he is. I am grateful for him being here with me and guiding me. I’m hoping we can have a relationship like you and your Twin Flame.

  2. I really want to grasp the concept of wanting something while not “hinging” your happiness on something outside of yourself. How can you spend time visualizing/thinking about/meditating on/wanting something while still remaining removed enough to not attach your happiness to it? I’d love your thoughts if you have time. Thank you. What a great piece!!

  3. If I could use emojis on here I would use multiple praise hands. This was beautiful and needed in so many ways. Thank you so much!

  4. This message resonates so deeply. I hold to love. Love is why we are here. It is why we search. And yes, there are so many influences that say it is silly, or a waste.. I answer that no matter how long, how many lifetimes.. the journey is worth every moment.

  5. So powerful. And basically everything I’ve been working through the last few weeks. Thank you

  6. Profound! Thank you! I am so grateful for this love and guidance!!! I feel the strength and the deep love in these words and i am taking them in! I will be re- reading this one often!! As always Cassidy much love and light to you and your twin! Thank you for being the light you be!

  7. First time


    THE HEART TOUCHING ARTICLE ON TF’s PHysical reunion and self-loving 100000%.


  8. Thank you for posting your blogs, with all the varying info out there Ive found you to be one of the most useful and comforting contributors out there. Anyone else having trouble with negative forces trying to interfere with union? Much love to you all x

  9. I’m having a hard time with this as well, it often seems somewhat of a catch22… very difficult. Remaining positive during this can be really tough, but I guess its important to keep sending out the positive energy during this period and not create any negative energy blocks that surely would prevent/delay physical reunion…so hard…

  10. Hi Rich,

    thank you for being here and reading – and I so appreciate what you say! Thank you. I do know there’s some dubious info out there that unfortunately contributes to people feeling worse and being disempowered…

    Re your question, have a look at this article: “How To Deal With Negativity/Sabotage on the Twin Flame Journey”

    And if you want help to clear negative contracts and past life attachments (including low vibration entity contracts) have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program, there’s a whole class on clearing past life issues/negative contracts

    Sending you love and light <3 x Cassady

  11. Words can not convey the timeliness of this. The last few posts have been so eerily relevant. Also I finished reading at exactly 11:11. None of that matters though, because his love is in my every breath. I need to enjoy the no way and not fall into rabbit holes of overthinking. Thank you

  12. I will admit to this as well… The point is not to “want” something that is already there. We cannot control others, only our own perceptions. To visualize or meditate on “wanting” is in a very real way visualizing loss.. And to say we will not be one without the other is self destructive. Having been on this journey an entire lifetime, and closer to the end than I like to think, I finally know without doubt that spirit wants love. Period. It exists.

  13. Eiman, thank you so much for sharing your experiences! I am so happy to hear about your positive growth and insights that can benefit other Twins to read about! Sending you love and light <3 Cassady x

  14. Hi Cris,

    Thanks for the suggestion! I have had requests for translations to Portugese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and a few other languages but I’ve not been able to get it done yet. Hopefully in the near future Twin Flames 11:11 can be translated into other languages! : )

    For now, have you tried using Google Translate?

    Sending you love and light <3 x Cassady

  15. Jedimom, thanks for the interesting question. Spirit immediately says – certainty is who you are. It is always there. It’s about removing the causes of uncertainty…

    <3 x

  16. This resonated with me on so many levels tonight, I’m so happy. My twin came back into my life 2 weeks ago after 2 months of silence and since then I’ve felt reawakened once again. I’ve found that in these weeks I’ve felt a certain knowing deep within that we will reunite in full harmony before the end of this year, and I had been feeling very relaxed with the simple knowledge it would happen without focusing on the specifics any longer. Your blog post here showed me I’ve clearly done more energetic opening for us both than I had originally thought, and I’m so incredibly happy to know we’re back on the right track at last 🙂 Thank you so much for this! ?

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