Scorpio Season: Karmic Healing Goes Deep. New Moon Asks: Are You Willing To Lead Into A New Era Of Love Over Fear? Sparks Of Romance And Code Activation Between The Twins.

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:

Scorpio season intensifies, love and communication enters the “underworld”…  Re-evaluation period for the Masculine Twin to help them lift into unity “behind the scenes”. 

Plus, powerful New Moon in Scorpio, and continued preparation for 2022 Twin Flame reunion period…

Discover more below!

Shifting Themes, Authenticity

We enter into this week with some subtle but highly significant shifts in energy compared to recent times.

Love deepens and we’re entering into a new chapter with focus on authenticity and going into our own “unknown”…

The lesson many are facing this week is, that when you go deep enough into the dark to the pit of fear and unconsciousness… there are jewels of love, light and understanding you wouldn’t have expected.

Deep within the center of your own being, you connect to unconditional love and unity. 

Entering The “Underworld”

This week the planets are guiding you on this “hero’s journey”.

But will you be brave enough to follow along with their steps and reap the rewards of finding “heaven on earth” within?  

We head into the week with Mars having just entered Scorpio, joining the Sun that’s already making his way through this “underworld”.

Scorpio rules the sacral chakra and symbolises the dark, the unconscious, transformation, sex, power, primal instincts and also wealth, alchemy and self mastery.


The Pendulum Swings Both Ways…

Scorpio placements and transits are some of the most powerful we have and it’s an intense time of the year…

But something many miss out on, is that Scorpio expresses depending on OUR level of understanding and approach.

An UN-REALIZED Scorpio trait or experience of this time, would be “darkness” and unawareness of shadows – likely coming out as jealousy, paranoia, power complexes, sexual addiction and other outer distortions. 

But a REALIZED and EVOLVED Scorpio expression or experience this time would be transformation, anchoring into authentic soul power and deepening of soul love…

such as the kind of intimate alchemy we Twin Flames experience.

(Read more about Twin Flame sex and the alchemy of intimacy on the journey here … and for help to harmonize and tap into the highest power of this shared sexual connection, have a look here at class 6)


Opening To Transformation

For Twin Flames, Scorpio season tends to bring passion, heightened sex drive with a healing aspect, deepening of the connection, transforming wounds into light and growing closer on a profound inner level. 

However, as explained, it can also bring shadows. Jealousy, suspicion, battles over perceived mistreatment and more…

If this seems to be occurring in your connection, remember that the key is transformation.

Clear it! Don’t try to fight it, but open to the alchemical process.

See what is not working, and open to it evolving to a higher state. Awareness is key. (For help with this, go here)

The Phoenix Rising

Both Scorpio and the Twin Flame connection are often symbolized by the Phoenix, which experiences a continual death/rebirth.

Open to this, and your connection will evolve into a higher and more harmonious state over the coming month.

But know that it will require for you to go deep and face the “darkness” – including in yourself.

Using the alchemy of the Twin Flame mirror to heal and rise.

Masculine Re-Evaluation

As Mars travels through Scorpio, we are shown by spirit that the Masculine Twin is undergoing a re-evaluation period regarding self. 

It’s as if they are being taken through a life review of the last 2-5 months/years on the inner unconscious level.

They will notice this through dreams, feelings, and noticing that there seem to be recurring or mirroring experiences relating to the recent past… 

They are being, in short, presented with the question of:
-Are you happy with how you have behaved?
– Are you happy with the trajectory you have paved out?

And they are, in the next deeper level, being shown the childhood causes and root reasons why they ended up with particular patterns. In order to help them shift.

Confronting Lack Of Empathy – A Test

This deals in particular with any abuse of others in any form. Such as lack of empathy, not being fair and balanced. Not being kind to others, spirit says.

So that they will now get the chance to recognize it, and choose a higher approach.

If they choose and resolve to “do better” they will then be guided and supported in this.

But it’s a test they must pass. They have to observe that the lack of love was damaging for THEM as well, and to want something more.

They have to make the connection of recognizing the pattern. Then it can shift. 

(To help them, go here)

Click here to read more and download

The Unconscious “Speaking”

As Mercury also enters Scorpio late this week, the process deepens and you may actually pick up on their emotions and unconscious content as they are pushed to the surface.

When Mercury is in Scorpio the unconscious is more noticed and “expressive” than usual – including between the counterparts.

There is a “bridging” of our unconscious faculties, says spirit.

This means we’re more likely to have shared Twin Flame dreams, visions that show the counterpart’s past, emotions, fears and worries, telepathy via EMOTIONS, and being close on a “background” level we may not even fully understand.

Transformation Of Communication

Again as with Sun in Scorpio, this brings the theme of detox and transformation.

With Mercury, Sun and Mars in Scorpio we’re set to have a detox of the throat chakra, solar plexus, sacral chakra, sexuality and our identity structures over coming weeks.

It means things might get uncomfortable as the universe pushes you to purge and release underlying blocks, repressed emotions, fears and distortions from your systems, so you can open to love.

Energy clearing is highly recommended to make this process smoother. 

twin flame cassady cayne review 2021tstimonials11112021Click here to read more feedback from other Twins

Preparation For “Second Twin Flame Reunions” In 2022

For Twin Flames this detox period makes complete sense when you consider that we are still in a “purification” and preparation process in advance of Mars and Venus conjunction in Capricorn in February…

This is the event which you may remember I’ve described as the “second Twin Flame reunion” period…

The first one being a heart bond re-ignition or deepening in July this year as Mars/Venus joined in a rare conjunction back then. 

So in order to shift the Twins into being a match with physical unity and togetherness…

This whole autumn into new year is a period where we are pushed to cleanse out old limitations, distorted patterns and paradigms of conflict, opposition and separation. 

To open us to a lasting and harmonious physical togetherness.

Are You Willing To Let Go?

The issue is, you can always hang onto negativity and blocks if you choose – even if negativity comes to the surface.

The secret to benefitting from this time is to stay aware. And to not “buy into” the negativity by believing it as “real” and accepting it into your reality and connection… 

How do you know? Well, your soul’s truth is unconditional love.

So if there are conflicts, separation, “running”, infidelity, male vs female type scenarios, those are outer expressions of the toxins “wanting” to leave.

If you “accept” them as real, they unfortunately tend to stick around.

Raising Your Alignment Into Unity

Be aware that negativity surfacing in this period is being shown up for a REASON!

So you can see if with a new perspective, choose love and a higher state instead, and clear out the old negativity for good.

Make sure you clear your energy to cleanse away what comes up. Just like with a detox, the toxins have to be flushed out.

This will mean your system is in a much higher alignment by the time Mars and Venus join together again, priming you to be a match for a lasting, harmonious union.

To get started, go here to get a Free Energy Cleanse Audio that will clear out heaviness from your chakras and aura, help you re-center into self love and infuse you with new high vibrational light!

Soul Love And Marriage In Focus

We also have Venus conjunct Juno the asteroid of soul mate connections and marriage this week.

It’s an indication that yes, what is happening IS a part of the guided TRUE love relationship. Spirit shows us an activation, a trigger point of awareness.

Although this week may feel deep and kind of heavy, there will be a moment or times of anchoring into the REASON, the true love that is the “payoff” to this process.

You’ll notice having a subtle “a-ha” moment on an almost invisible level, of just KNOWING that this is the path and this leads to love. 

Remember the deep heart felt love you’ve felt on this journey, if things get tough this week. 

Scorpio New Moon – Karmic Reset

November 4th we also have a New Moon in Scorpio.

It hits opposition Uranus Retrograde and while Lilith Retrograde conjuncts the North Node Retrograde on the border between Gemini and Taurus.

This has some important messages for us.

We are working on breaking up and dismantling the old karmic grids and “reality” structures of men and women as opponents…

And of love and relationships as based in conflict, need, guilt, exploitation, protection or survival. 

Unconditional Love Coming Forth

This is happening in order to open to a new and higher state of love as harmony, soul purpose and compassion. Un-conditional love. (For help to anchor this in, go here)

If you can keep this in mind, what’s going on in this period will make a lot more sense. So we’re being pushed to let go of those old structures…

And with Scorpio season so strong we see it’s not that we don’t mentally UNDERSTAND – it’s that those old structures are present on an UN-conscious level.

The primal programming. The physical human fears of being hurt, of survival. 

Will The Past Try To Trick You?

Remember this, and work to focus higher.

This IS a potential new beginning… But the past may “try” to keep you stuck, especially in terms of perspectives regarding females as mistreated, males as exploitative or bad, of relationships not working out…

All the karmic SUFFERING programming, in short.

Know, that just because it was that way for someone ELSE, doesn’t mean it has to be for you. In fact, that’s why Twin Flames are here!

To pave the way to a higher state. So don’t let those old horror stories pull you in.

Reaching Beyond “Impossible”

Happening in an opposition with Uranus and a trine to Neptune, we’re being shown at this New Moon that we as a COLLECTIVE need to rethink what is possible.

What we experience in our physical reality is only a fraction of what truly exists. There is so much more. There is a whole higher spiritual level of existence and possibility.

We are reminded that love is the truth of the Twin Flame connection. 

But the human karmic baggage and our beliefs can block us off from receiving that love. When we have strong beliefs that the karmic reality is “real”, we “wire” our reality to it, and block out any other possibility.

(Read more here)

Why Some People Struggle More Than Others…

This is why you often see people who believe life is hard… experiencing exactly that… And people who believe that Twins always struggle… Well, they very rarely experience anything else, unfortunately.

This opposition to Uranus challenges us.

It shows that in order to invite in that higher state, we must let go of the old patterns and beliefs (above all the UN-conscious content) and the past.

Spirit suggests cutting cords to exes from the sacral chakra, to make sure sure old connections/attachments/cords to exes on either side of the connection don’t tangle up your love and reunion. (I take you through this here)

The Universe Will Help You!

In essence, we’re hitting the reset button in terms of power and sexuality, but other potentials include old karmic love being brought back to life, or old tendencies recurring.

Sunday, the Moon joins Venus and Juno.

We see again that you’re being shown glimmers of the true love that “wants” to reach you or be with you.

However, it may not be fully complete yet. You’re being encouraged that this is not the end. Whatever is going on. There is more to come.

Your Twin’s Message For You

You are still in process. We are still moving toward the “second reunion point” set for in February 2022.

If things feel tough and it’s hard to believe and have trust that good things will happen right now, give YOURSELF love and go to your Twin’s higher self.

They are wanting to comfort and help you and love you.

They show me, there have been hurts in recent times and they KNOW that something was unfair. Whether caused by them, by “life”/”destiny” or other people…

You deserve better.

Boundaries, Self Love

They are wanting to help you but a key part of the “lesson” in the situation is to love and honour yourself.

They show us, other people may have disrespected your boundaries or wellbeing.

If so, make sure you go within and check that you are not allowing that – that you’re not aligning with not respecting yourSELF.

Once you heal that wound and shift out of that cycle, your connection will grow more balanced and strong.

For their help with this, go here. 

A Week Of Progress

This is set to be a week of deep progress towards unity and love if you can take some time to go within and “listen” to what’s happening on the unconscious level.

If you work with the universe and clear out toxins now, you will notice love shining through more and more and we are shown you will receive tangible signs of this. 

We are headed into the peak of preparation for the 2022 reunion period over the Christmas holidays, so use this time wisely to be ready for that time of “re-shuffling” that awaits you then.

There are exciting times ahead!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your journey! <3 

Cassady x

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