The Inner Voice Gets Louder – Twin Flame Secret Connections. The “Supernatural” Is Working To Reach You In Your Daily Life. Are You Listening?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:
Pisces season! Feeling “foggy”? It’s for a reason. Discover the deeper purpose of what’s been going on lately, and how to navigate the coming week for your connection…

Discover more below!

Pisces Season – Is It Really You?

We’re in Pisces season officially, since the sun and Venus both moved in here last week.

It tends to create stronger “supernatural” phenomena between the Twin Flames, however, there’s a major downside too…

During this time we’re more “energetically sensitive” than at other times. Pisces energy is very floaty and tends to be lacking in boundaries.

This means we’re more likely to unconsciously absorb outside energy, emotions, thoughts – and it can cause issues in the Twin Flame connection.

The Trouble With The Twin Flame Soul Song…

Keep in mind, any issues you experience right now may not be “yours” – stay on top of your energy work and shield yourself daily for best results. It’s not dangerous per se, and you’re an infinite being…

But when we’re walking around with other people’s “stuff” in our space it tends to pull us off our own soul’s path and it distorts the Twin Flame Soul Song.

In other words, it’s a complicating factor I’m sure you don’t want.

Use the Free Twin Flame Energy Cleanse here over the next few weeks to remedy this.

Spiritual Connections…

In Pisces season we have a major paradox on our hands. There’s a “double edged sword”.

On one hand, the sensitivity around makes us more likely to tap into higher love and Twin Flame soul connections…

Such as dreams, spiritual guidance, signs, remote romance, telepathy and more…

But we’re also more likely to pick up on collective static, which can block that spiritual channel and info…

Spirit shows us, we may have clouds covering us from receiving the sun’s light. Our system can more easily be clogged up.

So how do you know if that’s happening? Ultimately, if you’re not noticing your Twin’s soul deep love and spiritual info on a daily basis – especially now – there’s stuff blocking it.

I help you clear it all and re- activate the spiritual link between you here.

Get Ready for A Shift in Energy

March 3rd, we have a major shift of energy as Mars moves from Taurus into Gemini, where it will remain for the next seven weeks. You’ll have the mental impetus and curiosity to help you on your journey.

Gemini is the realm of thinking and communication, and when Mars, the planet of action, is moving through this sign, we get a lot of power behind our intellect!

This energy is great for working on something new, making a new start, and deciding where to go next. It’s an ideal time to grab what excites you most and take the initiative to get things moving.

(However, make sure you stay in awareness as mentioned above, as the heavy Pisces energies can cause listlessness, heaviness and avoidance…

To make the most of the new momentum, stay clear of collective static which will just cause fogginess and lethargy if left unchecked.)

Your Path “Speeding Up!”

Mars moving into Gemini also means if the Masculine Twin has seemed agonizingly slow, stubborn, and frustrating in recent times, this is likely to change. They’re set to be more open and energized.

Life will appear to speed up, and it can be enjoyable . . . But people also tend to lack patience, which can lead to all sorts of arguments if you’re not careful. Intellect is in focus, so it can mean clashes in perspective.

Keep in mind that everyone sees the world based on their personal “filter,” and you’ll understand and flow through this more easily.

This time is key to deal with helping an unawakened Twin release “ego filters” and outworn belief systems, so they are open to awakening.

Because the reason so many stay “unawakened” is the layers of patterns, congested energy, and rigid programming they have taken on from the human world.

Deep down, they’re always aware, it’s just that it’s been “covered up.” Read more here.


Being The Captain of Your Ship!

Make sure you stay focused on YOUR desires this period, and you’ll get the best from this transit, is spirit’s input.

Otherwise, Mars in Gemini combined with Pisces intensity can end up pulling you in multiple different directions or even being drawn into others’ priorities that have nothing really to do with you and your goals.

With the atmosphere being quite hectic and confusing on the whole these next seven weeks, you’ll need to be conscious and aware — be the captain of your ship, as spirit says.

Remember, every choice takes you closer to your goals or further from them, so be aware, and this time can be incredibly helpful. For more help with this process, click here.


Expect the Unexpected in Love

What makes things really liven up is the sextile between Venus and Uranus early this week. People generally want to enjoy each other’s company more, and you can prepare yourself for some excitement in both your love and social life.

It also means expect the unexpected in love, as Uranus is the bringer of change and surprises!

Now Uranus is moving direct, he’s bringing NEW developments, as opposed to in recent months when “his” effect was often to break apart what was NOT serving us…

Expect an infusion of inspiration, something that brings back light and hope to your path.

You’re feeling more brave than usual, and you have a feeling that there’s nothing really to lose and life is short. You’re right!

Go For It!

Add to this that you’re an infinite soul, and you can’t really go wrong. Take action on your desires!

However, do make sure you’re in alignment with things working out and/or your Twin being receptive – from the INSIDE OUT.

There’s a difference between guided actions versus desperation and “chasing” (as so many Twins experience).

That means being in a consistently high vibrational energy, and not acting from DESPERATION (which has a deeper root in FEAR), but from a place of inner light and love.

Have a look here for more info on how this works.

The Power of Intuition – Twin Reaching Out?

Really, your intuition is your secret weapon. But I know it can often be hard to tap into what it’s telling us or whether we’re dealing with ego or fear. I’ll help you out here.

If there is already someone special in your life, you may feel inclined to introduce change, to spice things up a bit.

People have fewer inhibitions under this influence, so you may be surprised — in a nice way. Even if you’re usually a fairly reserved person, or your Twin is, it’s much easier than usual to be outgoing. Connections are more likely to be made.

But it’s important to remember that not all connections made at this time will be long-lasting, and not all changes will stick under this influence.

With Pisces season, they may not even be as they seem initially. Illusions abound.

The best results come when you can understand the inspiration and guidance working to reach you, make a note of them, and stick with that positive shift.

The “Medicine” You Need Right Now

Remember to enjoy this week because it’s set to be a time where things feel more in flow than in recent times. You may even feel spring in the air, energetically.

It could be something so simple as your hobbies and friendships are in focus tihis week, and you feel more easygoing and positive than in a while.

And that it fills you with a sense of purpose and enjoyment of life “for no particular reason”!

Deep down, this is the kind of “medicine” that may seem insignificant, but can lift your path and truly anchor you into being magnetic to your desires.

Sometimes having a good time is just what you need — being fully in the present moment!

Getting Clarity Around Info/Events from Last Month

March 4th brings with it an air of optimism as Mercury makes conjunction with Jupiter — moving directly over the retrograde point from last month.

This conjunction shows us that you’re likely to hear back about something that was unclear last month around February 14th–15th (about five days on either end)… and that it’s positive.

You may also suddenly realize the true significance of something that happened then, even a dream you had. Or you might realize why something was the way it was in the past.

Luck and Expansion in Career, Life, And Love

Mercury/Jupiter deals with positivity, opportunity, and luck – and during the retrograde any past disappointment, pessimism, and limiting beliefs were shown up…

If you cleared the toxic material shown to you back then, this week should be much more positive!

(If you’re still struggling, make sure you clear your system and infuse with new light — use the Free Resources here to do so in just nine minutes).

In essence, now Mercury is moving direct, you’ll see how different things are in a good way. Something you thought was out of reach back then, is not.

Good News Coming?

You see the opportunities and positive connections. It’s even likely you receive help, guidance, and something that shows up in your life to help you get to your happiness.

With Jupiter being the planet of expansion and luck, this could be work-related, career, or hobby related to your life circumstances, including your love situation.

Happening in Aquarius, it’s likely showing up in an unorthodox way…

Such as via the internet, technology, in a positive group setting, or spirit says, simply while you’re pursuing enjoyment – such as a hobby.

Don’t Let It Fizzle Out!

It’s much easier under this influence to see the big picture and stay focused on where you’re going in the long run. However, it’s worth making an effort to keep an eye on the details and be aware of the finer points of any situation.

Big ideas are great, but as mentioned, illusions and uncertainty are a theme right now. Go within, to really anchor into your soul’s truth and “hear” your intuition as this is key right now.

So make a note of everything for the long run as things can then develop and be grounded in — I would advise all Twin Flames to keep a journal for both healing purposes and staying on track with guidance.

(I teach you all the most powerful methods I’ve discovered for a harmonious Twin Flame journey in the Vibrational Alignment Program)

The Power of Enjoyment

Difficult though it may be this week, forcing yourself to be a bit more patient and focused can make all the difference.

Because there’s a lot of air and water energy around, the challenge is to ground in the positivity so it doesn’t “slip through your fingers.”

Relaxing and enjoying the present moment and being fully in your body, is key.

It will allow you to be more open to what is going on around you and perhaps see an opportunity you might otherwise have missed.

Busy Week Ahead

With all that’s going on this week, you could end up feeling frazzled and unsure, even if you’re enjoying yourself.

The key is to listen to your inner voice of wisdom.

You always have an “inner compass” via your soul and intuition, and right now, you’ll be more able than usual to receive guidance and the next best steps for your path.

That is, IF you take the time to go within. Otherwise, the voices of the world may drown it out.

Although it could take some extra effort, giving yourself a little time and space to reflect on what you’re doing and what’s going on around you could make all the difference this week.

Stop and reflect — go within — it will help keep you on the right track.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

“Your Vibrational Alignment program and Harmony Healing have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart session weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined.” – Joy, California, USA

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