Triple Eclipse Gateway Opens – Peak Lunar Culmination Sets The Stage For A New Era Of Unity… But Will The Mask Of History Stay Stuck?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

High intensity with the first of three Eclipses setting off a triple gateway until July. Venus Retrograde crosses backwards over the Sun, spelling out old issues flagged around identity and love… Have you been lied to about who you are?

Discover more below!

Conflict, Challenges, Turmoil

We are in the midst of accelerated change in our society, as a collective. Unhealed trauma is being pushed to the surface to open to a state of greater harmony. With Pluto/Jupiter nearing their exact conjunction, both retrograde, we see power structures being challenged…

We see what has been pushed under the surface, being triggered so that we can move into a higher timeline for the long run, as a planet.

Ascension is heightened not just for Twin Flames but for the whole of society. If you’ve been seeing 11:11 and other awakening signs again a lot lately, this is what’s going on.

This is why we volunteered to come here – to be anchors of light at immense times of transition from the old karmic reality of “3D” into unity consciousness, into the higher evolution of society.

(If you’re feeling pressured, worried, afraid, angry… Do use the Free Energy Cleanse audio here to fuel up with new light so you align with receiving the massive “upgrades” and timeline shifts working to reach you at this time.)


Old Love Returning, Phantoms Of The Past

 A major source of intensity this week, is the lunar Eclipse on Friday which opens this summer’s Triple Eclipse Gateway, plus several major love related transits…!

As the Sun and Venus Retrograde cross paths in Gemini, this week we’re dealing with the past – lack of love. On your Twin journey you’re likely to come face to face with a past situation relating to love that may challenge you or cause the past to flare up.

And, that it’s been affecting your Twin connection. It can be a past love showing up unexpectedly, but it’s just as likely to be an old dynamic or a “phantom situation” that’s coming to the surface to be healed.

In some way you’re being shown the past cause of a repeating cycle in love that’s likely been holding you back.

It could even be something like a dream from childhood or about your parents, revealing deeper issues activated under the surface in the now moment…

Somehow, the ROOT of the issue is being shown, so you can release it and move on (for help with that, go here).

Confusion, Opposition? Timelines Recalibrating

This could turn out to be a confusing week because we’re being truly pushed in a major way to:

1) Recognize the past causes of present moment issues
2) Release that past mode/heal the old wounds so we can open to a higher state.

Spirit tells us, there is a key ***Recalibration of Timelines**** going on.

Know that you are being given choices now. The choice whether to repeat the same cycle over… Or to “graduate” into a higher state by using a higher perspective.

(Read about timelines and how they are relevant for Twin Flames here)


How To Open Your Path To Love NOW

When we as Twins take responsibility for our role as co-creators, that we had a part to play in how things panned out in the past between us… When we can forgive and open to the knowing that as souls, we are all the same… And love is the only truth…

When we do that our path, our alignment and our Twin Flame connection DRAMATICALLY changes. This is why we’re faced with lessons over and over. It’s so we get the chance to make those higher choices.

This week it’s as if we Twin Flames are being faced with two doors, two portals:

One leads to a repetition of karma, especially based in female/male conflicts, suffering and struggle – opposition.

The other leads to a bright light filled future based in oneness.

The way you choose, is with your intention, your emotion and your energy. You make the decision. Then you stick to it. And you release what’s kept you tied to the other.

For help with this process, have a look here – I take you through cleansing out collective karmic wounds and baggage to free you up to love and greater harmony in the now moment.


“I have done the new union meditation 2 weekends in a row now and it has truly made a huge difference…me and my Twin are laughing together again…we had been arguing for so long…now I feel there is new fresh energy running through my body and I feel like I’m floating on air every time I do the unity meditation…it is so beautiful…thank you so much…” – Diane

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Have You Got Pulled Into The Historical Dramas Of Woman Vs Man?

As Lilith conjuncts Uranus Retrograde while the Sun conjuncts Venus Retrograde we’re shown that unfortunately it’s not always so simple in practice.

Inequality causes conflict. The cosmic message we get is, that we have been given the opportunity to “up-level” into higher timelines before… But have not taken the opportunity.

So many of us have gotten pulled into conflict paradigms, karma playing out in their reality. So if male/female opposition, hurt and struggle has been a recurring theme for you, make sure you clear out the energy basis for the stuckness in your dynamic so you can truly enter into a new chapter.

This session will release your Twin Flame from negative karma that has had THEM acting out on the typical running issues– such as infidelity, ending up with a non twin partner, blocking their counterpart, ghosting and so on.

11:11 – Remember Who You Are

We are being asked to be aware of cause and effect, and to move into greater harmony.

That’s what 11:11 is all about. Awakening.

We also have this theme echoed as Pallas Retrograde moves backwards into Capricorn.
There are issues of inequality coming up for resolution. Because love resides in harmony, never in hierarchy, ego or power.

We are being asked to become conscious of where we ourselves may have sold OURSELVES short – and each other. Held back from creating, taking action, holding ourselves as powerful and worthy.

It’s time for a new era, but we’re being reminded that this does not arrive magically from the outside. We have to actionably choose the new states.

And when we do, the scales of balance equalize. Read more here in a Channeled Message From The Divine Feminine.

Triple Eclipse Gateway Opening

On June 5th we have the Triple Eclipse Gateway opening. This is a time of immense transformational potential. The opening between worlds.

Where we can dramatically “up-level” our journey, jump levels in fact is what spirit shows us.The struggle through 3D learning and via clock time can be bypassed more than usual. And it’s all about energy.

This triple eclipse gateway (until July 3rd) is a key to the “Changing of worlds” theme that’s coloring the whole of 2020 strongly. Major transitions are happening.

New light templates are fuelled in, and old density is triggered to rise both individually and for the human collective.

Therefore energy management is even more crucial than usual. This can uplift into a higher state for the long run. Choice is key. Receiving important guidance is also highlighted.

Your connection with your soul and your Twin’s higher self are stronger than usual (but so is the awareness of darkness in your being and others, comments spirit, so make sure you shield yourself).

To help your Twin Flame gain benefit and rise into a state of harmony with you together in this period and beyond, have a look here at theHigher Dimensional Anchoring And Activation Session.

twin flame awakening

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring was the absolute most intense healing I’ve ever done – it completely blew me away. Not only did this seem to impact me on an enormous level, I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The change in him was the biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

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Old Karmic Content Triggered To Release…

On June 5th the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse hits – directly opposite Venus Retrograde and the Sun.

This is an intense time. You may feel alone in this period. Even, abandoned – especially if you’re the female Twin and your male Twin is a “runner”.

Really, what’s happening is the past is working its way out of your system – and for the human collective. It may not even be “your past” – it could be collective female karma or ancestral baggage.

Things aren’t really how they seem right now. We are are actually experiencing past lineages and karmic timelines pushing to be released from our systems and the planet.

So first of all, they’re being triggered so you become aware of them.
Know that this is what’s going on. Only love is ultimately real for Twin Flames.

The “Play” Of Physical Reality – Masks, Illusions…

The earth drama is a “play” many Twins get drawn into due to the “human baggage”.

You are being put to the test right now. Do not accept negativity at face value – especially the archetypal human relationship dramas of infidelity, abandonment, unhappiness, jealousy and so on.

The truth is, your Twin Flame is as a soul, higher self and energy being there with you ALL the time.

You are a team. NConsider this. They and you exist on many planes. There are more of you as spiritual beings (astral body, etheric body, spiritual body and so on) than your physical body…

It’s something like 1000/1, or more depending on how far up into consciousness you go. (Read more here in “Do Twin Flames Share A Higher Self?”)

Leveling Up Into Togetherness And Light

Align with the love that exists between you on all those planes. It’s right there with you, and more palpable than usual (unless you’re blocked with static – if so, click here). Know that any physical world dramas are “false”. And they are merely one small part of existence.

This will open you to a whole new level of togetherness and light, and it brings it in for your human existence too.

Now, reading this it might seem simple, easy. But the emotions and triggers coming up for the Eclipse will likely show up suddenly and powerfully.

Work to stay in control of your choices and mindset, even though triggers may push you along with the undercurrent. (You might find this article useful right now – How To Find Inner Peace On The Twin Flame Journey)

Eclipse: Darkness On The Rise

Eclipses are always triggering issues of unconsciousness vs consciousness, awareness vs unawareness, “darkness” vs light.

Try to take a step back from yourself and see yourself from the outside in these coming days, as keeping a neutral standpoint will help you avoid being dragged into old “autopilot” behavior.

Staying calm will also help you release this stuff with more ease and speed and you’ll find it a much more comfortable experience than if you get caught up in any drama. If there’s trouble on the horizon, it might be wiser to leave any “show-downs” for next week when the energies have settled.

And, in addition, refrain from complaining about your connection to other Twins as your “speaking/writing reality” is extra heightened during this timeline shift.

When you put out into reality that you are upset, and focus on the negatives, this is a strong act of creating and cementing it.

To make the positive shift for the future, to align with the higher timelines, focus on what you want more of. Focus on the positives. And if you can’t, work to focus on something happy other than your connection while this period lasts.

Making Way for New Light

In advance of these Eclipse release points, the low vibration energies that will be released are stirred up in preparation to be cleared out.

If tension has been rising in your personal life the way it has in the world recently, take a few deep breaths now and know that things will settle down again very soon.

Do hold off on judgment on any Twin Flame situations and issues until the energies settle again. If things feel tense or troubled right now, it could likely have more to do with the energies at large than with your relationship.

Powerful Cosmic Shakeup – New Beginnings In Love

Again, Eclipses function to clear out the old to make way for the new. In the aftermath of the release from this eclipse we’ll have an influx of new higher vibration energies, and Empath Twin Flames will certainly be able to feel this, perhaps even physically.

Headaches and tension in the body is not uncommon during heavy cosmic events. Energy management will help you with this too.

Especially because this eclipse ties in Venus Retrograde and occurs with Uranus R and Lilith joining up. This is a MAJOR cosmic call for a new beginning in love and equality in terms of relationships and identity.

Anchoring Into 5D And Beyond To Help Twin Flames Reunite

We’re being nudged powerfully to move into new and higher territory instead of staying stuck in past modes – it might be uncomfortable while it lasts. Again, we’re in a major cosmic transitions out of the old karmic reality.

Make sure you’re aware of your “issues” so you don’t react based on karmic patterns, ancestral programming and past hurts.

Know that it’s fully possible to move into a more joyous and loving future, but it requires us to let go of what’s come before.

Rare Solstice/Solar Eclipse Simultaneous Hit

Mid way till the Eclipse window closes July 3rd, we have a powerful simultaneous solstice and Solar Eclipse on 20th June which will be bringing up a lot of collective negativity from the earth itself.

From the old karmic fields which essentially are collections of human beings’ thoughtforms, emotions, energies and experiences from thousands of years.

So be mindful of yourself and what you react to over the coming weeks. Shield yourself, connect to the light and do what you can to stay up and out of the way of the collective chaotic energies rising up to be released.

(I take you through a powerful shielding and protection in the Golden Light Infusion And Activation session here)

“I did your Golden Light Infusion meditation several hours ago and immediately felt calmer” – Moira

“This new session is exactly what I have been hoping for, as a help and support.” – Jessica

“As an empath I’ve been feeling the collective fear and negative energy daily and it’s been so strong! Since doing this meditation I’ve felt so much at peace. I’m already feeling that guidance is incoming” – Wendy

Click here to read more and download

Stay Aware Of Dreams, Symbols And Intuition


This Lunar Eclipse is set to give us insight into our Shadow Selves by bringing up hidden unhealed aspects of our personalities – what’s been getting in the way of harmony and unity for the Twin Flame pair.

Keep an eye on your dreams and intuition – guidance is working to reach you.  What strange fears have shown up in dreams? What underlying unease may have been brewing?

You are now being asked to heal an unconscious wound and integrate yet another aspect of your subconscious, healing ever more and unifying more with your own self and with your Twin.

 Be on the lookout for signs from the non-physical, seeking to guide you to release and heal now.

 And again, do shield yourself now as collective negativity will be more noticeable than at other times because it’s coming up to be released with the Eclipse.

Connect to the light with the tool in the free kit and allow the light to flush negativity out of you.


Eclipse: Reset, Planetary “Upgrade”

Be good to yourself and remember that it will pass – especially when you use your energy tool.

If you do feel out of sorts, go out into nature, where the energy is calmer and more grounding.

Sitting in front of the computer or being on our phone all day and night makes us ungrounded and open to influence and can drag us into a spiral of negativity.

When we’re ungrounded, we react more easily to outside chaotic energies. So take some breaks, go outside even for five minutes, or have a shower if you feel on edge. (You might also find this article useful)


Dispelling Illusions Of Smallness…

This is set to be a week that can bring major positive shifts for the long term. Above all, dispel the illusions of “smallness” that may show up, and step into your higher knowing of self and your Twin Flame connection.

The truth is, you are a soul of light! The truth is, you and your Twin Soul always share an eternal bond of love and nothing can break that.

And right now, we are going through a major overhaul as a collective. Just like we Twins go through the Ascension process and healing old trauma, society is dealing with triggering of old wounds…

Long term, the shift is happening to open to greater harmony, but while this old trauma is on the rise it can feel challenging.

Remember the timeline recalibration and the immense positive opportunities available to you at this time. You are the boss. No matter what’s happened before, you can shift it with your intentions and your focus.

Keep choosing and taking steps toward the higher version of your reality and society. Keep choosing love. Together, we’ll get there.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3


Cassady x

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