Twin Flame Energy Forecast 1st-7th July: “Igniting Instinct”



Total Eclipse Of The Sun – Major “Underground” Developments For The Masculine Twin, Self Restart. Are You Ready For The “New You”?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: Eclipse Gateway, unconscious patterning coming up for resolution, Masculine Twin searching for your love, physical body in focus – this can make or break your reunion…

Discover more below!

Fire Meets Fire – Change Of Pace For Masculine Twin

Things are set to be intense this week headed into the Eclipse July 2nd/3rd – depending on where in the world you are…

We start off the week with Mars entering Leo, setting the scene for a brand new energetic theme as regards the Masculine polarity, action, sexuality and progress.

Coming out of the nurturing – and often heavy – domain of the moon, emotions and the mother, Mars is rearing to go in fire sign Leo.

Fire is Mars’ natural element so fire sign natives and the Masculine Twin feel more at home this coming month, it feels like a new breath of life comes through!

Optimism increases, and progress is possible on an outer level once more!

Childhood Issues Causing Twin Flame Trouble

While Mars was in Cancer the focus was on inner healing, emotion and the relationship between self and other… The mother-infant bond and any trauma from childhood has been triggered to rise to the surface.

If you feel like you or your Twin could use some help with this, have a look at the Twin Flame Inner Child Healing here – this is a profoundly effective method used by psychologists with proven results for decades.

When we can go into the part of consciousness that experienced trauma, and release it from there with a higher intent, it heals for good. Yes, there may be layers of work, but this kind of healing work resolves the deeper issues…

This is key info for Twin Flames because if there are deeper issues of trauma causing conflict and repelling you and your counterpart from each other, creating cycles of running and separation…

It won’t go away through hoping and wishing, because it’s being held in your bodies, your emotions, your consciousness.

Releasing it and healing in a lasting way is the inner change that will change your OUTER situation. Moving out of struggle and into a harmonious attraction.

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Total Eclipse Of The Sun – Complete Restart

The big event of the week is the New Moon Total Eclipse of the Sun in Cancer – this deals with emotions and a “restart” in terms of self.

Happening in an opposition to Saturn in Capricorn we’re dealing with issues of safety and childhood programming (Cancer, the “mother), versus higher aims and desires for the future (Capricorn, the “lord of time”).

Spirit shows us, what if your deeper body self – your instinctual self – is not actually on board with Twin Flame unity?!?!?!

This is a highly likely a-ha insight right now.

Yes, your heart wants it, yes your mind wants love and happiness ever after… But we are complex beings and our biological BODIES are an ancient consciousness programmed for survival (read more here on how this can trip up Twin Flames).

twin flame timelines

The Primal Self – Secret Twin Flame Blocks…

Spirit shows us that where Twins think their COUNTERPART is pushing against them, the body consciousness is often involved. In fact, your own system could be emitting fear energy, pushing your counterpart away.

To map out how your body and instinctual primal self feels about your journey, your counterpart, your future, do this:

Think about your Twin Flame and feel into your BODY.
– How is it responding?
– Does it feel light or heavy?
– Dark or like it wants to pull away?

Now think about the future and feel into the body again.
How does it respond?
And now ask this – what does the feeling mean?
What is the concern or fear based in?

This exercise shows you where there may be issues. And now, to really open up your path fully, clear the negativity.

Use the free energy cleanse tool here, or to go deeper into underlying negativity and resolve it for good, have a look at the karma clearing for Twin Flames here.


The Universe’s Way To Shift You Into A Happier Future!

Right now with the Cancer Eclipse, the universe is working to help you realize what inner primal blocks you still have, that can get in the way of your desired future – unless you clear them.

So this time may feel heavy, you’ll likely feel triggered – it’s the past and the primal body programming speaking.

Phantoms of old trauma might show up again…

If there are issues with your Twin, ask yourself this: Who was the first person you experienced this dynamic or issue with?

There is your answer! That’s what’s REALLY going on inside you.

Your Twin’s presence is merely re-activating it so you can clear it… as per your divine soul contract with each other to help mirror back hurts until you rise into unconditional love. (Learn more about that here)

The Mother And The Infant – Deep Blocks To Physical Twin Unity

Don’t be fooled by what appears to be happening at this time, spirit is saying. What’s going on is not really due to the now moment. It is past issues re-arising to be released and healed!

Cancer is the realm of the mother and the infant so it’s highly likely this is where the issues come from.

Remember that even if your mind can’t remember this stuff, your body has stored it in its consciousness.

This is why we sometimes get psycho-somatic symptoms, “illness” which doesn’t have a medical cause… It’s trauma calling out to be processed and healed.

Ask yourself this:

Do you feel safe and well and good in your body?
If someone reached out and petted your shoulder, how would your body respond? If your Twin was with you to embrace you, how would your body react?

These are clues to what’s going on at the hidden underlying level.

And perhaps your Twin is also dealing with this kind of deeper unexpressed trauma. Either way, it’s key to heal this so your bodies aren’t working AGAINST reunion.

Especially if you’re wanting to reunite PHYSICALLY – your bodies are the vehicles that can block or enable that!

So it’s crucial to deal with these issues.

I take you through cleansing your system and your Twin’s and fuelling in with new light in the Complete Harmony Healing – this will help you so much and cleanse out any of the triggers that may be causing negativity between you.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

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Spiritual A-Ha Moments, Next Steps Lighting Up…

As Neptune trines the eclipse, we see that the higher realms are involved – subtle new insights and crown chakra light codes are being transmitted.

Make sure you “have room” to receive these new “upgrades” by cleansing your chakras (use the free cleanse tool here to do so).

Moving Retrograde, Neptune is also likely to show up insights regarding recent months’ developments spiritually for you.

You may receive new info or “a-ha” epiphanies about the deeper reason for your Twin’s behavior or your experience… And a subtle feeling of inner knowing about what next steps to take.

How Did You “Learn” To Process Love In This Lifetime?

As Venus enters Cancer on July 3rd spirit shows us, for the coming month the theme in love is that you will be shown where you “learned” how to love in this lifetime.

In other words, your mother or other female figure taught you in programming, habit and approach how to experience, give, receive (or not) love.

(Take the love blueprint quiz here to get clarity and map out how this impacted you – and how it’s affecting your Twin Flame connection!)

Whether or not you or they realized it, your parents or caretakers gave you a “recipe” for relationships and love and how to interact with a partner (or not).

And this recipe they passed onto you may have been severely dysfunctional.

Keep this in mind throughout the next few weeks, as the universe is working to help you see what problematic experiences and patterns weren’t really “yours” to begin with …

So you can release it and step into your soul’s divine blueprint for love, which is unconditional bliss and smooth harmony with your Twin!

Twin Flames – The Most Perfect Match In The Universe!

Remember as mentioned before that you and your Twin are the most perfect love match in the universe!

You are one original consciousness turned two. The ONLY things keeping you from the blissful unity and love you come from, is the human material you’ve absorbed.

Watch this video for a short explanation of how it works.

This is the ONLY thing you really need to know on your journey. Unity and bliss was always your divine birthright! But the human world and programming has likely got into your system and affected your connection.

So in order to open up to the divine unity you are here to share, it’s imperative to remove the kind of “virus programming” that’s gotten in your systems.

That’s what the universe is working to push you to right now, and you’ll benefit from using effective tools so you don’t end up getting dragged down by the purge going on.

I help you with this in my deepest clearing yet, the Twin Flame Oneness Activation session, where your Twin’s higher self and I go through clearing out collective human karma and any 3D grids keeping you locked into struggle and opposition…


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Why You Should Question EVERYTHING!

If things aren’t happy with your Twin, question everything, is spirit’s input.

It’s never because of you or your counterpart, it’s due to outer negativity getting into the connection.

This is also why you’ll read that I advise you to avoid online Twin forums and discussions because they will tend to reinforce the Ego perceptions of the Twin Flame connection – instead of resolving the REAL deeper issues!

When you can begin to cleanse out of your system all the baggage the world has likely pushed onto you, you will notice yourself and the connection rising into a higher state.

You begin to attract each other in harmony, the way you were divinely made to.

Masculine Twin – Soul’s Calling For Love

With Mars and the Moon joining Mercury at the beginning of Leo, there’s a lot going on this week. It feels like a lot is happening.

There’s a sense of impatience on behalf of the Masculine, he feels restless and wanting more to happen quicker. To get to happiness, fulfillment.

This is good, spirit shows us! This inner impetus is really his soul calling to reunite in love, to reach a state of “heaven on earth”.

And they assure you nothing else will truly satisfy your counterpart than this unity with YOU! It’s programmed into their being. And now, it’s being triggered by the cosmic energies.

Working To Bring You Closer

Spirit is working with your counterpart bringing you closer, and they ask you to please do your own inner work so you are in alignment with unity and can be open to receiving the bliss you’ve been waiting for.

They show us, if there are unresolved issues, your energy will unfortunately be deflecting their attempts at bringing you closer.

Try to pull back your mind from worry and fear scenarios, and instead resolve your inner situation. Face the shadows and heal (read more about what they mean by that in this article).

Then, the outer connection will flow more smoothly – and they will be taking care of steering your counterpart ever more to you and helping you unite in a permanent and happy way.

The World’s Belief That True Love Is “Impossible”

With the fiery triplet Mars, the Moon and Mercury opposing Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, we see that the real struggle and source of irritation for your Twin (or likely you, if you’re an Aries, Leo or other fire sign dominant) is the world telling you love or happiness is “impossible”.

The Masculine Twin feels pressured by the world, which keeps trying to impose its negative outlook on them.

They feel in their bones that something more is possible, but there are likely forces around them right now trying to tell them to keep their expectations low, to not dream so big, that love can’t happen, that men/women are like XYZ, that things “never work out” and more…

Mercury is stationing to go retrograde this weekend so the past is set to be highlighted…

Maybe you perceive this skepticism and negativity through your own mind reflecting what was taught you in the past. If so, you’ll notice it as a heavy feeling.

Asteroid Of Marriage – Heart Focused Power To Burn Through

The truth is, of course, that you really can have, be, and do anything you choose – that’s spiritual truth.

This triplet also tie in Juno, the asteroid of marriage and partnership, so it’s highly likely you’re dealing with pressure around what the world has taught you about this.

Happily, Leo’s fiery energy and heart focused power will support you in dismissing this 3D negativity once and for all.

It will serve you well for the coming months as the physical journey of union progresses more and more!

If you need some help with this, have a look at this complete clearing session where I take you through removing the most common 3D belief blocks for Twin Flames, and much more.

This is one of my most popular sessions and also explains in a straight-forward way how energy works for Twin Flames and how to raise your vibration to align with union.

A Week For Transformations

This is set to be a watershed week for the Twin Flame journey – yes, you’ll likely be triggered, but remember it’s the past talking.

And it’s happening SO THAT your journey can open up to more and more to love!

If you spend your time wisely now, you’ll look back in a few months and realize that major shifts were happening to uplift your journey for the long run.

Remember your counterpart is also going through changes and challenges they’ve volunteered to face in order to return to you and to oneness…

I believe in you! And as always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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