What If Something Even Higher Than You Could Imagine Was Working To Reach You? Electricity, Surprises Showing Up In Love. Plus, Mercury Retrograde, Keep An Open Mind…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Mercury retrograde works to refine our view of the future. Plus, expect the unexpected in love – surprises incoming…

Discover more below!

“Upgrading” The Throat Chakra

We head into this week with some complications in focus. Or rather, OUT of focus.

Mercury moves retrograde in Aquarius until 20th February, helping us to rethink our view of the future and what’s possible… To open beyond the fixed ideas we got used to.

Pushing us to reframe how we speak and think about ourselves. A purge and upgrade of the throat chakra, and also around our perceptions of the future.

Above all, we’re being called on to release emotional judgments and criticism.

To rise into a higher detachment. To simply see the future as a choice we’re making, and to do our best with that choice every day.


Love Is Getting Back On Track?

On February 1st Venus enters Aquarius, as another key planet after Jupiter and Saturn moved in here in December and the Sun less than two weeks ago.

It shows we’re becoming more and more aligned between love and our lives/the future.

Things seem to be getting “back on track”, more than before. At the very least, you can see that there is good ahead somehow.

And there’s some amazing positive info to glean from all of the power in Aquarius, including Mercury retrograde.

Something New And Unexpected…

It shows that the new and untraditional is working to reach you – and that you’re being pushed to open beyond what you got used to believing and assuming as “real”.

There are higher heights and visions working to make ROOM to enter your reality – and it involves pushing you to let go of old fixed perceptions. (Clearing your energy system helps this process happen smoothly)

And, with Venus in Aquarius it involves to expect the unexpected in love! Be flexible.

Reach beyond what you got used to thinking of as possible or what you desired.

That stuff feels heavy and outworn, kind of dull now in the “new era” which we’re moving into more and more in 2021.

There’s a higher ceiling in this “new reality”. Rethink your goals, reach higher!

Reconsidering What You Wanted

With Mercury retrograde in the same sign – be willing to rethink your goals and your love life. Be willing to release what you THOUGHT to open to the new.

And, importantly, the new will be better and more exciting than what you expected. (For more on manifesting your desires into actual tangible reality, click here)


So many people spend time visioning, rituals, affirmations, calling in their desires spiritually… and still never receive their goals as tangibly manifest in the physical.

That’s because they’re missing a MAJOR part of the manifestation process.

If you’re trying to manifest something, including Twin Flame Reunion, and it’s not showing up… It means there’s a KEY THING missing. Don’t just hope it’ll get better – because adjustments are needed to make it work.

I take you through the whole sacred manifestation process here, including the crucial “missing pieces”, so you can begin receiving in your “real life”, not just staying stuck in dreaming and wishing.

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Social Media And Groups In Focus…

With so much energy in Aquarius, there’s a new level of understanding working to reach you from your own higher faculties.

And Mercury retrograde’s “fogginess” is actually working to get you to LET GO of the old perspectives and control of the “regular world”…

So your soul, your guidance and the higher information can actually reach you.

Because the more we hang onto a rigid idea of reality, such as what’s possible/not, what Twins are like/not, what men/women are like/not, what we are like/not… The less ROOM there is for the true higher guidance to reach us and guide us to our goals.

(For help with this, click here)

Unclear Until 20th February…

Tech, groups and the untraditional is in focus with this much energy in Aquarius – including in love. You may encounter important info online or through technology, which is designed to guide you to your highest potential (including Twin Flame unity).

With Mercury retrograde involved, you are being told things may not be quite as they seem however, so don’t make any assumptions until after the 20th. Or, the info you receive may not make sense until later.

We’re also likely to see issues with social media/tech companies being reevaluated in society in this period.

There could be new legislation or changes coming – including research that deems social media unhealthy and calls for restrictions or rethinking the format.

You may also be asked to be more conscious with your own activity in social media.

Are you getting drawn into “unconsciousness” via hanging out online and not taking action on your life and your Twin Flame connection?

Make the effort to shift out of these habits now, it’ll pay off in the long run.

Masculine Twin Not Wanting To Conform…

Squares between Venus, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars show that Ego and ego driven action is not aligned with the cosmic “plan”, the guided direction. And/or, the Masculine Twin is not operating on the “same page”.

There’s conflict here. We see the Aries/Masculine Twin feeling constrained and aggravated by outside pressure to especially conform to the highest good or group consensus.

Right now, with Mars in Taurus, they seem especially stubborn and not willing to budge.

They want comfort, and they want their own way. It seems they may come around later but right now, know that they’re likely focused on a “me first” perspective.

It means you can absolutely get them on your side if you keep this in mind.

Changing Their Mind? Not … Quite Impossible

They’re wanting to stay in their comfort zone right now. They don’t like the changes happening in society or around them.

It’s stressing them out and draining them to have to adapt to all these new adjustments and shifts.

If this is the case for you or your Twin, try to remember that change can be for the best. And it’s not rational to assume it will be worse.

Change can often bring amazing things we wouldn’t have expected!

For more help with this, and to assist an unawakened/runner Twin Flame counterpart in rising into awareness, have a look here. We help them begin awakening, in full alignment with Free Will.

twin flame awakening

“This healing completely blew me away. Not only did it impact me on an enormous level, I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The change in him was the biggest I’ve seen to date. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers” – Sarah (via Facebook)

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Bridging The Lowest With The Highest…

We all may be feeling a little pressured due to all the change going on lately.

But Neptune sextile Pluto — which is a LONG transit lasting for months — say that the deep transformations going on truly are happening to our highest good.

Bringing heaven to earth, says spirit. It’s all about bridging the lowest with the highest. Creating a more even playing field.

Bringing spiritual guidance and unconditional love into even the “darkest” places of shadows and wounds…

For society and Twins, also to have compassion for what is operating on ego, fear, wounding and other “darkness”. We’re “detoxing” and it’s for our own good. This will benefit us moving forward.

(Remember not to just hope it will go away though, like with a detox, you have to purge what is brought up in your system – use the Free Energy Cleanse here to clear your chakras and aura and infuse with new light and high vibe energy in just 9 minutes)


Healing Old Grief…

We also have an interaction between the North Node and Chiron throughout. This shows us that humanity as a collective are healing old grief. It’s rising to the surface, what we repressed in the past.

It seems this will be less dramatic than last year’s major turmoil, marches and the pandemic, but we’re still dealing with a lot of the same themes… It’s the emotions surrounding

Feeling unsupported and unloved… By other people… By society… But most of all by the universe, god, source – our “spiritual origins”.

And for Twin Flames, it’s feeling abandoned and unloved by our counterpart…

This is the backdrop to what’s happening right now.

A New State Of Seeing The Universe

Saturn sextiles Chiron and is assisting in this work. We’re shown that with new understanding, a higher state of SEEING, these old hurts fade away.

In particular, we’re shown that new scientific perspectives that show us how the universe functions, will help us understand that no one was “denying” us.

No one has been rejecting or deliberately causing us suffering.

And we are not weak and small the way we used to think in ages past. We are powerful souls.

The truth has been different from how we thought. (For Twin Flames, I take you through the info here – they’re never ignoring you, it’s just whether you’re open and able to perceive their love).

The Truth About How Life Pans Out For Us…

The laws of energy and the universe are becoming more widespread knowledge. We are beginning to slowly but surely understand our own role as creators more.

Our identification is shifting to the soul, not just the physical body.

And through this, we realize that we are co-creators of our reality every step of the way.

Life doesn’t happen TO US, it responds to what we emit to it. Our thoughts, intentions, energy and emotions…

This is the key to moving forward. Because in the state of powerlessness, feeling victimized by the universe and by life, and that it was all about suffering… We cut ourselves off from flow, from our own good.

(For more on this process, tying in Pluto and ongoing until 2024 – affecting the Twin Flame connection strongly, have a look here)


A Week With Likely Surprises In Love

This is set to be a week with some pleasant unexpected surprises, especially in love and your Twin Flame connection – if you can stay open and your system has room to receive (i.e. you’re not full of old congestion and limiting beliefs).

Remember that with Mercury retrograde, what shows up may not be quite clear until later this month.

Enjoy what transpires and take an attitude of experimentation, exploration and fun. Even if things seem challenging, they ARE moving forward.

And the more open and high vibrational your attitude and energy state, the more good you’ll “allow” in.

Next week with the New Moon in Aquarius, we see some interesting surprises showing up for you, something that will completely change your perspective.

Can’t wait to share more on that!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

“This has been truly amazing, every time I use this my Twin Flame texts or calls me immediately afterwards. It’s really crazy! And then we always get to some kind of different level of communication or we express ourselves in different ways. We are continuing to heal. It’s amazing that I can do this type of thing and my Twin be so affected by it as well!” – Teresa B., USA

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