Revealed: The true depths of the Masculine’s Love Sacrifice for the Feminine, Twin Flames as way showers into “miracles”, and breakthroughs into intimacy – the new Love Based Reality.


February is set to be a month full of developments for Twins. We are still in “process” and the currents are intensifying.

The Masculine is still receiving help from the higher realms – symbolically, his soul is actively seeking it out now, representing a hunger to return to “his” higher origins and to the Unconditional Love bond Twins originate from.

A soul level stirring from many who are “still asleep” – remembrance is afoot.

As this week and month starts, on 1st February, we also have the Moon in the mix here in Scorpio with Mars, adding emotional intensity to this already heightened situation, translating into Sleeper Twins experiencing a heavy longing that might not be clearly identifiable to their mental faculties.

Sleeper Twins Awakening

In reality this is the soul’s longing for its Twin complement, its other half or “divine complement” – many who are as yet unaware of their Twin Flame connection will be feeling this strongly now. This longing for the other half manifests as a powerful motivator on the subconscious level – this is what becomes the outer and inner search for completion. Awakening of the “other halves” out there who have as yet been asleep.

As for now there may be blow ups, irritation, tension within these as yet Unawakened Twins due to this clash between inner vs outer motivations – the ego self and the soul self conflicting.

Reality vs The Beyond

Meanwhile, Saturn and Neptune are still “battling it out” – a push and pull between reality versus what’s beyond. Many lightworkers and those on a spiritual path are struggling with the balancing of old vs. new. The conflict between what they know factually vs. what they feel intuitively, between what society says vs. what their intuition shows them.

These are times of great shifts, and although it might feel uncomfortable while it lasts (for months still, as these are huge, slow moving planets with powerful gravitational fields) we are now making room for building new, higher foundations.

The old limiting beliefs and energy programs (ancestry, survival, conflict – the old 3D paradigms) must go to make room for the new. For Twins this means “cleaning house” emotionally and energetically in order to be ready for the Union of Souls.

New Worlds Opening for Twin Flames

Twin Flames are now being called on to reevaluate what is possible. The truth is, everything is possible. I’m actually being shown that Twins are now being called on to be leaders in this respect and many will deliberately be shown experiences and connections that defy anything the “mainstream” could ever explain with current theories.


Many Twins will in the coming months and years experience “miracles” – boundaries breaking and “new worlds opening”; unlikely and “impossible” things coming to pass. Stay open to these possibilities.

Neptune is whispering in our ears that dreaming is good. Look inside, you’ll find that there’s a reason you might always have been a dreamer – it’s because your soul knows that limitations and conventions aren’t true. They’re just one version of reality, a “story”.

Explosive Times For Love

Mid-week we have a potentially explosive aspect for Twin Flame Love as Venus conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn – this deals with a purging of limiting issues that the Feminine has been carrying, specifically I’m shown ancestral patterns of female need for protection by the male, and the many repercussions this has had on the energies, patterns, choices made in love.

The ultimate truth is that feminine “meekness” and need for protection is a biologically based illusion based in old 3D programming and survival. The soul is infinite, power is an illusion, no one is ever really “weak”. Old attachments to others based around protection are being brought to the surface, because they have been holding the Feminine back from seeking True Love. The time of Love Bonds forged in need for protection or provision is at an end. Twin Flame Love is Love for Love’s sake.

Your Great-Great-Grandparents’ Sex Life

Ancestral and karmic issues relating to sexuality are pushed up now for the Feminine, with the specific aim of allowing her to clear out anything that inhibits her feeling safe to express sexuality and feeling free to Love.

Spirit shows me that a big block here is the issue of Love versus Sex. For Twins these can both equate to Unconditional Love. In human society, however, these are often contrasted and conflicted and our ancestral history complicates things – a history of sex as power tool, sex as a bartering tool for safety. A lot of unconscious motivators are being brought up. Likewise with the female body as a source of pain and loss of autonomy.

This is a time of freeing the feminine to explore the joy and the happiness in physical intimacy. If you’ve had “feminine issues” physically or emotionally – energy clearing is a powerful treatment. When we remove heavy and negative energy the body can function better and heal any health issues.

The Role of The Mother in Earth’s Ascension

The Venus and Pluto “team” trining Jupiter and the North Node (both retrograde) – show us that this love purification is for the benefit of the collective as well as the individual person and Twin pair. Negativity that’s been holding back the collective evolution is being shown up for humanity on an individual basis now so it can be addressed. The body is central to this.

I’m shown the role of the mother in passing on patterns and energy templates to the next generation – In order for the Earth to continue to Evolve and Ascend into a new Love based Reality (5D), the role of the mother (and the purification of the feminine) is a high priority.

Fear and limitation is in the process of being eradicated. Subconscious negativity is being purged. Again, I would highly recommend assisting this process with energy tools so you don’t have to “live through it” but can cleanse it out with ease.

The Masculine’s Gift of Love

The Venus/Pluto conjunction also trines Mars, indicating powerful encounters between the masculine and feminine this week. A message is – your Twin might be the one triggering your negative ancestral programming to come up, but he’s doing it as a Gift of Love. Ultimately, any blow ups right now are helping you.

The Masculine’s Love goes so deep he’d rather hurt his Beloved right now so she can be free to feel his true Unconditional Love completely. Because right now she might think she’s open, but there are still barriers, blocks that are so deep and unconscious she’s not even aware of it.

What Brings the Twin Pair Together in Love

A very heightened time for Twins this week – a message here is that Pluto, the god of the underworld, of purification, death and rebirth – is helping the Twin Flame pair unite by showing up the blocks between them. Purification and eradication of subconscious blocks is what will bring the Twins together.

Pluto is also the ruler of sexuality – showing another deep truth about the Twin Flame connection, which is the healing power of physical intimacy and sexual love between Twins (regardless of gender). Twin Flame Sexuality is, on the soul planes, an act of love that’s also an energetic process.

Harnessing Twin Flame Kundalini Power

This is what happens when Twins experience chakra climaxes where the two are connected back to their origins and infused with light. If you’ve experienced it, you’ll know it. This is Kundalini. A powerful energetic event that has strong repercussions on body, mind and soul.

Twin Flame sex is (especially with these current energies assisting) a site of healing, uplifting and unification for the pair. You can also try the yoga exercise included in the Vibrational Alignment Program – specially designed to allow for Kundalini experience between Twins who are not sexually involved with each other.

Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

Cassady x

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  1. “Love for Love’s sake” Amen to that Bro.!! The rest is Survival of the fittest!! “Un-natural selection” Darwinism at its worst!!! Mere fleshy animals seek after this, But Spiritual beings seek Love, the currency of the Soul!!!

  2. Wow!! Cassady!! As if you had a peek into my life. Again. 🙂

    Indeed suddenly blocks were coming up, hard to understand what it is exactly, but deeper than I had for a long time. Luckily I know by now how to deal with it, thanks to you dear Cassady, but I feel it is not yet done. Besides running energy and clearing, I write down all negativity and then burn it, I decided to keep on doing that till I feel cleared and more light. And I try to trust that I do not have to know in detail what it is all about. At least for now.

    These blocks also trigger indeed the battle between head and heart, mind and intuition, knowing and feeling, which remains a continuing block for me: surrendering to faith and belief VS the ‘commonly accepted reality’ remains a lesson I need to learn. I sometimes feel I fight to hard to take it down, but in this respect clearing does not help enough. Would you have a tip how to shift my perspective towards this block?

    And lastly, also sexuality was an item this week, me rediscovering the potential of the energy that lies in the sexual energy between me and my twin (even though we have sex only on soul level at the moment), I suddenly understood that this energy can create worlds on its own 🙂

    It is bizarre and uplifting at the same time how your blog resonates with my life.
    So, thank you, as always for your insights.
    Love and light to you. <3 E.

    1. And then the miracle occurs: I asked what my block was, decided to let it go for now and just clear it, and then my answer was delivered to me this morning. Just a simple remark of someone brought the deep insight. Finally I understood why letting love in brought me so much pain that I rather gave then received.
      It is released and cleared now and suddenly all is flowing, my heart is suddenly open and it is as if a heavy rock is lifted from my chest and I can finally feel the softness, tenderness, gentleness of receiving love without pain.
      I am so grateful for being a twin flame, to have the opportunity to release all negativity and find love all over, and in and for myself. Grateful for Cassidy’s guidance, grateful for all my lovely friends that give me so much love to feel and I can finally feel it. I am so grateful for my daughters, who start to discover their own paths since I am allowing myself to be simply me and nothing more or less.
      I am so grateful for my twin stirring up all that has to be cleared, without him physically separating from me, I would not have gone through all this in this short period of time. This morning I told him: I want to feel like I feel when I am with you, even when you are not physically present. And then it occurred, deep within: when I do, he is with me for ever. We are not separated, never. This is love, and we do not need proof of that with our eyes or ears or skin: our hearts tell it all.
      I love my life, I love me, I love all that is, I love my twin, I love you.
      Love and light from Me. <3

    2. Hi Me –

      The shift into faith/belief doesn’t necessarily apply universally. It’s not a question of dismantling facts completely – spirit suggests this for you and many others: what if your particular “mission” is tied up with activities of “proving” these new things using real earth science?

      I.e. you might be meant to go in a slightly different direction – not dismantling what you know, but to shifting your perspective so that you can open up a new realm forwards, new scientific/factual “niches”, if you will.

      Cassady x

      1. Oh wow. Chills! I am working in the sciences, after a career in arts, and I more and more feel that I need to bring those two ways of researching our world(s) (my take on it 😉 together and help to shift the scientific perspective (which might be a challenge, in particular in ‘old’ Europe). But then again I sometimes think: who am I to think I can provide evidence that might alter the scientific perspective slowly, when even I have such a struggle sometimes to do so 🙂 Thank you so much for telling me this, it gives me confidence that I should listen to my intuition, also in matters of the mind and intuition.
        Love and light! <3 E.

  3. This post gave me a huge sigh of relief because it puts into words what I’ve been feeling lately as I’ve been working through old issues relating to love, protection, and abandonment. This post is a great reminder to continue meditating and continue clearing old issues. Thank you, Cassady, for the information!!!

      1. Yes, it resonates a lot! Thank you for responding!!!
        I don’t know if my twin is aware of the twin flame concept or not so I’m really trying to focus on myself. Cassady, are you able to tell if my twin has knowledge of our twin connection on a conscious level? We’ve discussed (and chuckled about) our synchronicities and deep connection, but it seems inappropriate to use the term “twin flame” with him, given our current 3D situations. I’m not even sure I’M ready to use that term with him, but I’m curious….Is there a way to tell if he knows or do I just continue on my own path and wait for things to happen in their own time?

  4. Amazing! I’ve actually been struggling alot between the “knowing factually and feeling intuitively”. I’m the only awakened person amongst all my family, and most my friends. I have 1 awakened friend which is great. But its impossible to explain intuitive knowing to others. Sometimes it makes me feel crazy but all week I’ve been seeing my twins name everywhere! And 111. Haha. Any advice? Should I just keep my intuitive knowing to myself? For example; my husband works with a girl that is completely on his vibrational level and that’s what he said, I know he’s really into her, but he denies it. So it makes me second guess myself sometimes, even though I know deep down, I’m correct.

    1. Lotusflower, I completely understand.

      I was for the longest time the only person I knew who was even remotely “spiritual” – but it can be great thing! Because you have space to figure out your own journey without other people getting involved with their opinions and perceptions. I’d suggest you start journalling, this way you get a new perspective on what you’re experiencing and it helps open up to guidance too … And your guides are there for you to talk to any time you want (or your higher self, if you feel more comfortable with that).

      I do believe that my extremely quick “progress” or “development” on my journey was due to the fact that I was more in contact with spirit, their info and my Twin’s input than other human beings and their perceptions and beliefs. It gave me space to experience openly.

      Sending you love and light <3

      Cassady x

  5. Seriously! I don’t think there is one item in this report that I didn’t feel/know was taking place! I felt my twin more than I ever had in a long, long time. It felt like he woke up, as he was last year but then shut it all off and now it felt like he can’t ignore it anymore. He seemed so angry that it’s not in his mental control, like his heart can’t be ignored anymore, I could feel the inner turmoil that was taking place. I wasn’t sure but felt so accurate and then you post this! Also, the sexual surge for myself felt like it was about to be unleashed but I was contemplating some clearing for sacral chakra but didn’t know really where to go with it. After article I became very clear with the ancestor line and that was a HUGE shift! Thank you so much Cassady, honestly, it’s so unbelievable, the amount of help that you offer us!

    1. Also, interestingly enough, I went through the same thing this weekend. I had a dream, separating from my husband, I was really upset about it because I could feel that there was no choice it’s just about going forward. Which surprised me but naturally there’s love there too. Just Intersting how things come up to clear.

    2. I’m so glad this resonates! I do get nudges to cover certain themes and developments every week – messages about what’s going on for everyone and what might need to be said!

      Yes, ancestry is such a big deal for us in Ascension, it’s easy to forget in our modern society that the human body physically hasn’t changed much since human beings lived in caves and that we carry the energetic and biological lineage of thousands of generations that have come before us – the brain is actually 99% the same as back then even though our society has changed. Our body consciousness definitely requires “upgrades” too along the way if we want to move out of these deeply embedded patterns of survival, fears, opposition, conflict and so on.

      I’m so happy you noticed a shift with that! <3

      Sending you love and light x Cassady

    3. Ah, that is very interesting to know that you can clear individual chakras since I’ve been having similar blocks. Thank you for sharing your experience! 🙂

  6. Thank you I can see all of this as well this week. The message about the masculine is very helpful. I have been clearing old issues from my past that are linked to this ancestral feminine role. It has been good these things have been in me far too long. I am grateful for all that is getting stirred up still. I keep asking “what else is there? Please let me see so I can be clear completely.” The pull to connecting in physical union is increasing and I find myself running through my mind how I will react not so much so I can control it anymore but so I can see any negative reactions I may have when it happens. To clear them now is indeed a gift even within my inner masculine push of the feminine aspect that is yearning to be met halfway. The kundalini activation is amazing though I know I have been blocking it when my ego wants it to happen not just on the astral plane but here in the physical. It is counter-intuitive to block it this way and I am working on relaxing my ego so I can receive and actually have the physical reunion happen. This is not a bad thing, I see how it is all showing up blocks to clear. I am also feeling very drawn to talking with my daughters. My desire for being in a healthy, deeply loving, spiritual relationship on the physical plane is very tied into wanting to show them a good example of this.

  7. Thank you!!…It helps so much to read these weekly reports because sometimes, like today, I wonder, “What am I doing all of this for??” I don’t see anything freakin changing!!…and then I see a post like this and I keep going<3

  8. This is crazy! He’s been on my mind a lot compared to the past few years, and my sexual issues with myself and him have been driving me nuts in so many ways, even though we haven’t talked to one another in months. This whole post was on it.

  9. Thank you Cassady. Indeed this post is very timely. Recently, I was told to balance my masculine and femine side as I am mostly on the masculine. With so much sychronocity happening, I related this new found knowledge with the persistent idea that my twin is more feminine. I just need to find more light to the concept of masculine’s love sacrifice in terms of my twin relationship… would the masculine be him or me as I have the more dominant masculine trait. I look forward to your reply soon!

  10. I am a male twin. And only i know how hard it is to deliberately ignore/distance my female twin. Your article perfectly explained my situation even to me :)(I think this is called validation)
    “The Masculine’s Love goes so deep he’d rather hurt his Beloved right now so she can be free to feel his true Unconditional Love completely”

    While reading it, i was having a feeling that how can this article be completely related to our situation. And then at night while sleeping, i had a realization that it was my support team, my angels, who had pointed me to this site just a month back. They probably must have felt that i had reached a particular stage in my ascension and thus they showed this site to me.
    Last week’s article was also exactly matching to my situation.

    I don’t know what my female twin is going through, but i hope her support team gives her strength to conquer her fears of biological dependency.

    BTW, i had also started following ‘vibration alignment program’ and i am seeing amazing results in just 15 days. So i guess we are moving in right direction.

    Thanks Cassady for all your help and insight,
    Thanks to my support team of angels, spirit guides and master spirits.
    Last but not the least, thanks to the all might God whom we refer in my native language as Waheguru.

    1. I’m so glad you found this site and are finding the articles useful, Param, and that the Vibrational Alignment Program is working so well for you!

      Your Twin’s team is absolutely assisting her, and both your teams work very closely to coordinate your development side by side <3 The twin flame ascension and union process is very well assisted from the other side (high priority, so to speak) – you are always welcome to ask them to step in even more directly if there's something specific you feel would benefit the two of you

      Sending you love and light x


  11. Cassady! I just realized you have renewed your website: AWESOME!!! I love the animation you created, and it is so clear, happy and nice. You are a wonderful, creative, loving being, on top of all other compliments we have already given you to express our gratitude: you must be an angel.
    <3 xxx

  12. Yes it is! <3 I've had some crazy experiences these past few years I've not even had time to write about yet, it can really blow your mind once you open up to experiencing manifestation, the untraditional, the seemingly "impossible" – making a fun "bet" with the universe, almost. Like – "ok, I'm open, show me what you've got!" 😉

    Cassady x

    1. Yep i feel like our power of manifestetion / belief is increasing so much 🙂 , i truly believe that anything is possible ! Love your posts i did recommend it for a few friends to come over here, i think we need more people like you 😀 spreading positivity on earth .

      Btw just one personal question for you, if you have time do answer me : How do you connect with your spirit guides ? I feel energies around me, i receive random thoughts sometimes and sync stuff a lot related to myself. 11-11, 222, 333, 444 , etc. But to me it’s a random experience, i wish i knew a way to know for sure that i’m in a direct connection with them, or even ask them questions . Maybe you that are more experienced in this process can give me a clue how this works, it is possible to have a direct conversation with them or your just ask and things come up ”random” ?

  13. Friday I had to tell my TF I’m walking away from him. We hit a wall, he’s avoiding important conversations with me, and I felt like there was nothing more I could do. I said: “let me make this easy for you, contact me when you are done her” (other woman)

    I know with all my soul he wanted to find to make this work, but doesn’t know how to leave this woman. Anyway, tonight I felt his struggle.. I started to panic. I turned to my oracle cards and it confirmed that it was him, and I didn’t do anything wrong, stay confident, I’ve done nothing wrong etc. It feels natural to me to not be in fear of losing him, and I’m strong enough to keep my ground. Reading this newsletter helped me BIG TIME on what is going on with him.. thank you SO much for this news.. I religously read your newsletters and they have always resonated.

  14. I confirm that ! I’ve just overcome the running dynamic. Yesterday, I texted my twin flame and I received a very cheerful message from him, and we entered into a hearty conversation for a long time. Thank you so much Cassady, your article was very helpful for me <3

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