Your Own Depths Are Calling… Themes From Fall 2019 Return, Feminine Twin’s Wake-Up Call. What Divine Guidance Have You Missed?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Mars and Mercury Retrogrades both continue. Vesta enters Virgo, bringing a clean-up in home, emotion and our own input, while the Sun enters Scorpio – marking the start of a month full of depth and intensity.

Discover more below!


This is set to be an intense time, so remember to use your Free Twin Flame Resources (and if you haven’t already downloaded you can do so here)

“Whenever I do your energy clearing meditation my Twin texts me just as it’s ended. It truly has opened up the connection.” – Taz R

Mars And Mercury Continue Retrogrades…

As in recent weeks, Mars Retrograde is happening in the background throughout this week – until November 14th. As the “ruler” of the Masculine, this has big repercussions for the Twin Flame connection.

This is a period of “upgrades” and processing for the masculine collective, Aries natives and our action, sexuality and karmic blueprint… Have a look here for more on what Mars Retrograde means for Twin Flames.

We also have Mercury Retrograde still going on in the background, travelling through Scorpio and causing a stirring up and purge in communication and thinking around the unconscious, power, secrets, sex and transformation.

Feeling Triggered? There’s A Divine Purpose

These Retrogrades can complicate things right now, so instead of trying to hash things out by “regular” communication and potentially triggering misunderstandings or fear, use different methods.

Go within. Go deep. Resolve the INSIDE and EMOTIONAL/ENERGETIC side of the situation, and the outer “reflection” will flow smoothly. 

As these retrogrades are stirring up past hurts, old karmic attachments and ancestral programming, it’s important to not just try to wait it out.

It’s coming up for a reason – to be cleared.

Use the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames to cleanse out any outdated programming, attachments, negativity and hurt – both from you as individuals and from your shared connection.

Retrograde Intensity – The Higher Purpose

We may feel bothered by the intensity of this fall’s retrogrades, and many have been surprised at how much disruption there’s been.

But the cosmic purpose is to help us.

Think about it like this: If we kept walking around with negativity in our system pretending everything was OK, we’d never be able to move out of the cycles of problems.

So the universe is doing us a “favor” of pushing it to the surface so we can release it once and for all (even the unconscious negative attachments and all the astral static we’ve been carrying around).

So we can ascend into a higher state – as a pair.

Learn more here about what is really happening during retrogrades, and why it’s truly a divine gift to us – no matter how tricky it can feel.


Functioning On “Automatic”? Themes From 2019

Again, please don’t just wait for the retrogrades to pass. That will just keep the negativity around. Clearing now will mean the bad stuff leaves for GOOD.

If you could use some help with this process, click here for my guided method. I’ll take you through it step by step.

Mercury Retrograde means a time of purging any old wounds and traumas relating to communication, from our Throat Chakras, as well as for communication in the world as a collective.

Especially intensive this time is the push to release unconscious negativity.

Mercury was Retrograde in Scorpio LAST FALL too, so it’s highly likely you’re being faced with echoes of issues from back then.

In Scorpio, Mercury is working to resolve our unconscious, automatic communication and creation. Because what we think, focus on and speak, we manifest.

Stay aware of yourself now. Listen to what you’re REALLY saying. Pay attention to your thoughts.

Changes Around Love And Marriage…

We still have a major transit in effect from last week, Mercury Retrograde and Juno, asteroid of marriage and soul mate relationships, in opposition to Uranus R.

This signals we’re still dealing with a purge and refinement around our perceptions of marriage.

What does romantic union mean? What can we genuinely expect from another person? What are our motivations in seeking a romantic union?

As said previously, if we seek unity out of a desire to control the partner, or out of fear we’ll lose them otherwise… Those are fear based motivations.

Fears Causing More Fears…

So unfortunately they will only attract more and more experiences of NOT being married/in unity/secure in the relationship.

So if you resonate with any of that, make sure you clear those fears and insecurities! Because otherwise the cycles will continue to play out.

I take you through it here in the free energy cleanse session. And to go deeper, have a look at the Complete Harmony Healing here:

The Twin Flame Secret…

We’re reminded with this opposition, that Twin Flames are ALREADY married. It’s just a matter of clearing out the HUMAN world programming that’s caused distortions and kept it from being so in the physical world.

As souls you are eternally united. When you focus into this, you bring it about in the physical.

However, when you focus on the ABSENCE or the seeming SEPARATION you bring more and more of that.

Go within and re-activate the unity between you, and you will lift into a higher state and above all you’ll FEEL so much more supported and loved.

In this session your Twin’s higher self activates your heart with unconditional love, and that has the power to change EVERYTHING.

Twin Flame Supernatural Experiences…

Another transit still active and noticeable from last week is Venus opposition Neptune Retrograde. This can cause a feeling of fogginess, confusion but also heightened spiritual experiences and Twin Flame dreams…

But there’s a challenge – illusions are involved. Something is not as you have wanted, or you fear that things won’t work out the way you hope.

With Neptune Retrograde involved, “he” is showing up the false limiting beliefs you were given about love.

The Truth Detector…

Things such as “love hurts”, “men cheat”, “Twin Flames never end up together/always suffer” and so on. If you’re feeling bad in this period, it’s Neptune working to show up the lies in your system.

Because if left unchecked they “play out” in your reality as real – because your energy and what you have in your system is always mirrored out as your reality. “As within, so without”.

It’s time to clear those things once and for all.

Check-In For The Feminine Twin

We’re also given the message that the female or feminine Twin Flame may have been going out from a point of trying to force love to happen, from an entitled or demanding point of view.

The true Divine Feminine does not seek to push her control on a counterpart.

She attracts “him” (or her) with her spiritual power of ALIGNMENT.

Neptune is asking us to consider this: Are you acting in a way that is gentle and inviting? Are you being in the state that is ALIGNED and a match with unity?

The truth is YOU can affect the whole dynamic this way.

If you go out from a place of demand, conflict, blame or other states of anger and negativity, they are aligned with SEPARATION.

The Truth About Love

Love does not divide. Love does not point the finger. Therefore when we blame, no matter whether it’s justified or not, people tend to pull away.

And above all Twin Flames because we’re so affected by one another (watch more on this here).

So in this period you may be shown the “error of your ways” and be guided to a more effective INNER SHIFT, we’re shown.

Neptune is working to guide you to love, but it’s highly likely to involve showing you where you’ve been pushing love away.

I show you the INNER aligned method for Twin Flame union here. “As within, so without”.

Tough Love From The Heavyweight Planets

You may have to be a bit tough and put in some work this period, “say” the supportive planets Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter… But it will pay off for the long run.

The planets are asking us to change our habits. To implement a NEW METHOD of operating in the world and above all in relationships.

It won’t necessarily be easy, because the human brain and system want to stick with the automatic programs…

But if you put in the effort, keep an eye on yourself and work at this, you can fundamentally uplift your whole experience of life for the long run. And call in a lasting Twin Flame union.


Opposition And Blame Breed Separation

The KEY thing above all is, don’t feed into opposition. If you can ONLY do that one thing, let it be that.

Did you know? Opposition and conflict are energy programs nearly all human beings have running in our system because they’re so common in the world.

Therefore, they tend to be brought to the surface in the Twin Flame connection – because they’re such big blocks to love and unity.

The fastest way to “fix” a Twin Flame connection, is to energetically clear out the programming of separation, conflict and opposition.

It truly fundamentally shifts the connection into peace, unity, harmony and a sense of calm, togetherness. I was asked to create this session here to take you through this exact process.

Anger Towards Unawakened Twin

As Lilith joins up with Mars retrograde in Aries on Tuesday-Wednesday we see you may be REALLY angry with your Twin Flame, or men in general…

In fact, you may be picking fights with people… Or you may be feeling really down and disheartened about love.

What’s going on is that you’re picking up on collective female karma, towards men. There’s a lot of unconscious energy and emotion around this in the collective fields. And with this conjunction they’re rising to the surface.

Pushing Love Away Without Realizing…

And again, unfortunately this negativity just brings more of the same. It will keep you stuck in a pattern – and it wasn’t really yours to begin with, it’s from the collective fields.

So make sure you clear this. It will positively change your connection for the long run. Your counterpart won’t “run away” or withdraw, feeling your anger toward them… They will feel safe to open up.

I take you through this clearing of “false gender based karma” here. It’s my own favorite session and I use it every week because it uplifts so profoundly.

Scorpio Season: Life/Death Themes…

Tuesday October 22nd we have a new chapter in the energies beginning as the Sun moves into Scorpio. For the next month, we have a focus on depth, intensity, passion and transformation.

Themes of life and death abound right now – nature is shedding her “life” in the northern hemisphere, “dying” now only to come back again in spring.

These are eternal themes, reflected in religion and cultural traditions worldwide. All of existence is a series of deaths and rebirths.


The Phoenix Rising…

The old fades, the new arises out of its ashes – an age-old symbol for Scorpio (and Twin Flame love) is the Phoenix rising.

We on the Ascension path are fortunate to experience the “death of the old self” and the “rebirth of the new” while we are still on this earth. This is a true gift!

If you feel stuck and low, know that you are simply in one particular phase of this process, the rebirth and the inner feelings of light and expansion are eventually to follow. (Read more about that here)

Deeper Perspectives…

The Twin Flame journey is full of seeming death, followed by glorious new births as we let go of old negative patterns and attachments and welcome in the new.

In order to join together in unconditional love, to be ready for the final merging of the Twin Souls, we must let go of any old outdated permutations of what we believed Love to be.

As the sun passes over Mercury retrograde on his path into Scorpio, we see our perspectives need to and will likely change. To realize that we’re going through an endless series of changes, transformations, evolution…

That for every ending, there’s a new beginning. And that this alchemy is a natural and sacred part of life and the Twin Flame journey.

A Week Of Pressure…

This is set to be a week that can bring out real irritation in you, triggering opposition patterning and aggravation to the surface if you have this in your system…

But if you can cleanse out those old world programs, this will feel like the beginning of an amazing new chapter, where you slip into an alternate flow of existence.

Where you begin to sail smoothly with the universal current, and you begin to realize that magic and spiritual support is being revealed all around you.

Like little winks from the universe, you begin to notice that nothing is as it seems on the surface.

That the human version of existence is a dream. And now, you are awakened. That means, your power returns. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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