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Expect the unexpected as a positive Triple-powered energy Gateway opens up to a potentially magical time for Twin Flames – we are offered a peek behind the veil to remember the full glory of the original Union that was and can be once again.

We start the week with the Moon conjunct Pluto, a great opportunity to weed out any old and outworn energies and negativity you may have been carrying around. A time when the energies will assist you in releasing.

“Divine Intervention” for Twins

Early this week we also have the incredibly beneficial aspect Venus conjunct Jupiter in Virgo – very powerful for Twin Flames – there is a gateway opening. This transit’s highest potential can be described as something akin to “divine intervention” for Twins to come together for a short experience of Bliss (it’s up to us to make it last). On the other hand, the shadow side of this transit would indicate overindulgence in the love department – again it’s up to us to use these energies wisely.

Jupiter’s energy is a high vibration and so is Venus – symbols denote rose petals being strewn along our path this short while. Many could find themselves experiencing Reunion and progress toward Twin Soul Union, most often on the energetic planes (Jupiter rules the brow chakra, center of psychic insight and our portal into the energetic realms).

Remembering the Original Whole

Powerful energies strike yet again in love mid-to late this week when also Mars joins this conjunction with Venus and Jupiter – symbolically these energies describe the male and female counterparts coming together on the higher planes with the help of the king of gods.

So in its purest, highest expression, these energies indicate an incredibly exciting time for Twin Flames where we’ll be stirred to remember the original Union and be shifted towards coming back together again once more.

A Peek Behind The Veil

Neptune in opposition this incredibly powerful triple conjunction underlines this – asking us to remember what was in the beginning, what we had as souls before ever coming to earth, stirring our inner knowing of what that Union felt like and triggering the dormant knowing of how to get back there also in physical life on earth.

This has the potential to be a truly magical time for Twin Flames where we can be offered a peek behind the veil to remember the full glory of what was and can be once again. Encouragement for the remainder of the journey.

Tough Questions in Love

However, Saturn squares this triple conjunction – just like he did with Venus last week – and yet again this indicates a need to revisit and release old fears and insecurities around attachments in Love.

We’re being pushed to answer these tough questions: Is it Love or is it fear of abandonment? Is it Love or is it a need for someone to understand us? Is it Love or is it Ego need to feel needed?

Love is an active polarity, you can feel how expansive the high vibrational energy of Love is. If you’re feeling tightness, fear or heaviness, you’ve got some negativity mixed in – and this will be pushed up until you learn to let go. It’s a part of preparing you for Union. Thankfully, there are energy tools available that can lighten this load considerably.

Transcendent Encounters

Energetically, expect the unexpected at this time. Jupiterian energies stimulate rising higher, expansion – we are receiving more help and assistance from the higher realms now.

Encountering your Twin Flame in dreams or meditation in a way that transcends any previous experience is likely at the very least, or as you encounter each other in physical reality you might notice that things have shifted for the better: Past grievances or negativity can feel as if left behind for now, as your energies have been lifted above and beyond the past for a short while.

Shedding Light On The Shadows

The Sun moves into Scorpio on Saturday, and more planets soon follow: Time for more depth and introspection after our outgoing social cycle while the sun was in Libra. Time to focus on ourselves once more, and go into the shadows.

Scorpio is the sign of sex, death and rebirth – ruler of the Sacral Chakra – so the next month we’re set to be dealing with issues around sexuality and the subconscious shadow aspects of ourselves. Integration of our own shadows is crucial work on the Ascension path and towards Twin Flame Union.

Lessons (Hopefully) Learned

The North Node also turns direct this week, which will feel like a weight has been lifted from the collective energy fields. We’re now starting to move forward again in terms of our collective souls’ development for this lifetime.

The past few months have been involved in going back over old ground to give us a chance to close certain outdated chapters of existence once and for all, learn the lessons so we could move forward into new, positive and uncharted territory.

Rewiring The Brain to Harmony

While clearing karma and putting old lessons behind us for good is amazing and such a relief, the actual “hardwiring” of our neural pathways and emotional patterns that are stuck in the physical body can take some time to adjust, however (this was something I had to learn the hard way).

Energy changes instantaneously but the density of the physical body and our habits of thinking and feeling require time to “catch up”. To get day-by-day advice on easy and enjoyable ways to maintain high vibrational energy and stay in a frequency where you keep attracting more positivity, have a look here.

Twin Flame Winter Solstice Gateway

Lastly, it’s been shared with me that there is another huge gateway coming up at the winter solstice in December. Those who didn’t notice much of the Blood Moon eclipse gateway in late September are most likely scheduled to “level up” at either the winter solstice gateway or for spring’s equinox gateway (this means being anchored into higher vibrations, but is rarely a “fix-it-all”).

It was shown to me that a few hundred thousand worldwide have anchored into this “new reality” of “5D”, and more are set to follow at the next gateway, and the one after that.

The Blood Moon eclipse gateway was an opening into increased lightness and anchoring those who had gone through the largest part of their ascension already into the new “5D reality”. You’ll have noticed it if you were among those who shifted up a gear then, but if you’re still not feeling the increased lightness, your time will come.

Keep doing your inner work, and you’ll be ready to receive this extra help to anchor into the higher vibration fields when one of these gateways come along.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


PS: I would just like to remind everyone that we always have free will on our journey – so even though the planetary energies support us coming together this week, we are still required to do our own inner work in order to make the most of these opportunities. There are no guarantees on this Twin Flame path, but it’s full of possibilities for those who make the most of what’s at hand!

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  1. Cassidy, the timing of your articles are always spot on. I now realise I don’t believe the reunion is physically possible. My twin is unbelievably happy right now, we are not in 3D contact, they are living their dreams, achieving so much, have moved on completely. I have no value to add from their perspective. Isnt it better I am realistic than to keep on trying to hold onto hope? I feel really low again with the situation and yet true love would be to totally let them go not look to resurface and open their old wounds?

    1. Kelly, I can relate deeply, watching my twin currently be happy with another; however, everything is in a constant state of change. Let go, easier said then done but still love, love them, love yourself, be your highest self and you never know where life can take you.

    2. Kelly, I can relate to your experience. There have been several times during our on-going separation of nearly two years that I logically talked myself into trying to put him behind me and to be “open for other possibilities”. Each time I went through this I pulled through with a deeper understanding and ended up having another very significant “leveling” up when I once again surrendered to the inner knowing that this WILL happen and that I can trust it due to being fully in tune with how I FEEL when I allow the knowledge of our eventual reunion to wash over me instead of fighting it. In a sense it is a running symptom of our own because even though I mostly characterize him (incidently his name is Kelly too) as the runner, I know I have done some running from “truth” myself. It is a hard thing to surrender to an unknown, but the way I finally realize it is truth is that it is the only space to be in where I have absolute peace. If I look at the “what IS” that is going on in my life (he’s not with me or talking to me!) then the logical mind takes over and doubt comes up. I made myself absolutely miserable for about 10 days after the last blood moon eclipse by going into this frame of mind. Still, I’m thankful for that low experience because once I surrendered to the inner knowing that this is the calling of Twin Flames at this time, that we decided to do this before incarnating, that reunion, like Cassady says, is inevitable, then I finally have peace and a sublime lightness has come over me higher than ever before. I have been channeling my guides in automatic writing and learned many more things that have helped me and my primary guide who is here for me particularly to support me in the TF reunion told me last night that he is currently in a relationship with someone else, which I did not know. But instead of feeling devastated and upset I had utter peace and calm feelings about it, fully confident that in the end he will learn from this experience what he needs to know. After all, the Universe has brought me other experiences with men over the last year, including two who I absolutely know are soul mates, in order to help me know certain things about unconditional love and to know what and who it is I really want.
      My advice is to you that only you know what you should do or what to believe, but IF telling yourself that reunion will never happen and that you should just be happy to let him move on makes you feel terrible, I would experiment what surrendering to the knowledge that you will be together again makes you feel like. There are valuable things to learn in every trial, and eventually each experience will come and go with less and less resistance and as you clear it out for yourself, you will be happier in the NOW and you will also be clearing the channels out for your TF.
      In Love & Light, Kimberley

    3. Hi Kelly, this is a deep block, well done for recognizing it!

      Many (if not to say most) Twin Flames have this subconscious belief/energy pattern that happiness or love or twin union is impossible. Often we’ve taken it on from parents who’ve taken it on from their parents – looking back at our family history often gives clues as to the love blueprints we subconsciously harbor – and then we can clear them!

      Remember that realism is a human concept. Energy is infinitely malleable and you are the creator of your experience. You can create limits or you can create freedom. You can create love or you can create disappointment. It’s up to you how you channel source energy through your physical body vessel.

      Spirit’s advice is – clear away any limitation and “realism” so that you are at least free to create openly. Then, when you’re free and open you can always choose “realism” again if you so desire. But as long as it’s an energy pattern you’re operating on, you’re not free to create “beyond realism”.

      Ask your guides to show you a peek beyond what you believed was possible, so you can awaken in your heart the knowing of how limitless you really are <3

      Cassady x

  2. Your post always speak to me and have become one of my favorite reads of the week. My question is who I believe in my heart to be my twin is with another, how do I make the most of this week? We currently aren’t really talking at all, he says he wants to be faithful and is committed to her, I can only respect that, we have never lived within 1000 miles before. It wasn’t until the first day of retrograde, he is a Virgo, did he out of no where decide he wanted to commit with her again, she is his ex, while after they broke up at the begining of the year remained super close living down the block from each other. He told me he couldn’t be romantic with me anymore nor did he want to keep our long distance love going while she was there and he still had feelings for her he wanted to pursue. We’ve known each other longer and our first separation, due to being so you’d and distance, lead to karmic relationships, one I am recently completely over, my twin obviously still has some work in this karmic relationship he is in, everyone who is close with us both shares me view point, actually on their own have told me these things, to be patient and still love him, to focus on myself, it isn’t our time yet but it will be one day, how he is still learning how to love. She is a part of him he needs to learn from and let go of, she shares almost all his bad and she is a part of me that I had to face to see my own flaws to be able to let go of. So back to my original question, my heart aches for reunion, with my current situation given, how can I make the most of this week? Love and light.

    1. I understand what you are feeling Alexandra, the things you write are similar to my situation. I too know that he must still have things to sort out within these other relationships and I also know that sometimes they go back to what they know because they are afraid of deep love because they fear abandonment. It is difficult to want union right now and accept that we can’t have it right now because it is not time. Do not lose Faith, you are not alone in how you are feeling, many people struggle with this same issue. We have to work on us and our blocks and why we feel stuck in the “waiting game,” when we focus all of our attention on our TF union/Reunion we put other things aside, at least this is how it is for me sometimes. I find that when I start to obsess over what to do or say I am losing sight of the bigger picture so I force myself to do something else and refocus on myself. I’m also interested in seeing what Cassady has to say in response to your question. Love and Light to you~

      1. Hello, thank you for your words, I too am interested in what cassidy has to say. Who I believe my twin to be has visited me in my dreams the last two nights, it was so nice, just cuddles really, but felt real enough for my heart to be content as if I actually saw him. Its dreams like these and how are spiritual life took full force upon meeting that makes me believe he is my twin but in reality I see and hear nothing but happiness about his current relationship. I feel there happiness, how he has given her his everything and how they are only bringing light to each other, this makes me think I’m wrong in my beliefs about him. I feel foolish to think we have a future together as lovers when I can feel he is in love with her and she is him. Lost and confused on how to feel. Love and light.

        1. From what I have learned from all of Cassady’s posts and live clearings is that all the other relationships we have and our Twins have are for a reason. We also made soul contracts with these other people before we came here. My Twin is in yet another relationship that he is not happy in but he has abandonment issues and “runs” from his feelings for me. He needs to be in relationships with women that he doesn’t have strong feelings for because if they leave him he won’t be hurt. I know when my Twin ran and got involved with this new woman that he was happy for a short time and that broke my heart. I had all kinds of thoughts about “not being good enough” etc. I didn’t know at that time why he just left me without a word. I found out two years later.
          My point is, your Twin may very well be happy in this relationship he is in, he is meant to be. There is something he needs to learn from this relationship and you have things to learn about yourself as well. I learned that my twin leaving me had nothing to do with me not being “good enough” those were my insecurities. He left because he was afraid of being hurt and couldn’t handle it, but I spent two whole years wondering why I was not good enough. Do you see where I am going with this? We as human beings and especially as woman, always think that if we just did more, or did something differently or that we are the ones to blame somehow. We put all this negativity onto ourselves and we obsess over men that we aren’t able to be with. It can be very hard to stop seeing ourselves in a negative light or blaming ourselves for everything, I know because I have done that all my life until I realized it. But, in reality those are the feelings that are holding us back from being our best self and that blame and guilt is what we need to get rid of. I hope that makes some sense for you, it was really hard for me to figure it out but now that I have I know what I need to work on and I have peace now because of that. My Twin is still in a relationship with the same woman, he is still unhappy, but I know he still loves me and I have peace with that as well. I am letting go of this control problem I have, I always feel that I need to control the situation and when I can’t I obsess and get very anxious and my life feels out of control so that is something I am learning to let go of.
          Try and stop obsessing about your twin being happy in his relationship. Just love him, but love yourself as well. You are putting yourself in a place of self doubt and confusion. I understand, I have done it too, but it isn’t doing you good. Trust your heart not your head and figure out “You” and the things you need to work through and evening will come together as it should, WHEN it should. I know you want him right now, I truly do, but until you can give up that control and that obsessing you are creating another block in your path. Have faith in what your heart tells you to be true and just let that be enough. You will be surprised at how much better you feel just by doing that.
          Love and light to you, I wish you the very best and that you find self love and acceptance.

          1. wow, thank you very much that made a lot of sense in deed, I have learned so much through this blog. It wasn’t until my twin flame ran back to her, I think just because he knows the relationship and she is conveniently always there, im not, did I even research the facts behind twin flames. It all started to make sense then, why he ran from me two years ago, why he made his choice he did two months ago, I thought for sure when we reunited that this would be it, but im learning im still learning to love me and be my best self while he learns how to love with respect, something I never set a boundary on, and clear his own karma. Thank you again for the hope and guidance, love and light.

  3. Cassidy, I know I’ve asked lots and you have taken time to answer so not trying to hog the board! I feel the lightness and the openings and so forth and can feel the forward movement BUT work wise and other areas of life just aren’t flowing and haven’t for awhile now. Intuitively, I get that there is a lot going on download wise and maybe that’s why I’m on hold but can’t help but wonder if I’m not on hold till the twin flame part is figured out. I feel like I’m waiting for my life to start but can’t quite launch?! I know I can launch with or without him but I can’t get the rest of life off the ground. I trust its all in order but I do need to make a living! Thank you for all your help.

    1. Hi Amber,

      No worries about asking : ) Well, the ultimate thing here is that our Twin Flame connection and the rest of our lives are intimately connected and everything in our energy field influences everything else.

      What is most likely happening is that the energy blocks you’ve been clearing with your Twin have impacted your life in other ways too – if there are things that feel blocked, connect to the light and clear them. Anything you’re unhappy with can be cleared and unblocked.

      Then connect to the light and ask for a baby step to take in each of the areas you feel stuck in, then start taking action – you’ll feel much better! Action shifts you out of the feeling of being stuck, promise! xx

      Cassady <3

  4. Very exciting. Can’t wait to meditate tonight after work. The Mars/Venus/Jupiter conjunction occurs on my 9H cusp and trines Pluto on my SN in my 1H. My chart is ruled by Jupiter, Venus rules my 5 and 10H, and Mars rules my 4H. The fact that the conjunction happens on my 9H cusp makes sense with what you’re saying about divine intervention. I feel at peace and filled with faith.

  5. I have been seperated from my twin since early July… We broke up in mid-April, but were trying to stay in touch, and in July he shut me out completely.
    I have tried to come to terms with it, and trying to keep the faith that we will be re-united when it is time. I have been growing and evolving rapidly, have broken through so many walls and blocks and my career (in art) and life has just become wonderfully fulfilling these past 6 months.
    Yet… I miss him. Being completely shut out was expected – he is 7 years younger, and we both know that his emotional maturity was something that is one of his battles. I hate not being able to share the things that are in my life and think about him so many times during the day. He is literally the first thing that pops in my head when I wake up. I try to just let it go, and move on and not feel like I am waiting. And I am successful most times.
    And then there is a day like today, where my soul hurts. And I hate this internal battle that swings between being at peace to crying from just missing him.
    It has been a few weeks since things have felt “quieter” with him. Before, I would “meet” him in dreams, and would feel content. And now, I just feel like our connection is gone. Which is interesting to me, since I have been working on clearing negativity and past things… So I am sort of in one of those “why?!?” Phases. Which I hate & I realize is not helping.
    Anyway, just wanted to vent a bit. Thank you for your writings and helping me to not feel so insane and alone in this.

    1. I think the insane comment is so interesting … Today my family repeated that no one can understand why I haven’t moved on. In truth I am now wondering if it’s an obsession and in fact I am mentally unwell. How could we even tell the difference? It’s that knowing that is the only bit I can relate to which makes me think this stuff just could be true.

    1. Hi Angel, Soul Mates share a similar energy frequency too so it will absolutely work – if you set the intention to clear for anyone, you can do it. Connect them to the light too and intend that the clearings are done for them too. In order to adhere to Free Will, you might want to ask their soul for permission first, but most will be happy and willing for you to clear any baggage that’s been holding them back.

      Sending you love and light x <3

  6. Cassady, Thank you for this email! When I received it on Monday I read through and On Tuesday I had dinner with my twin. And Tonight only 2 days later I had an unexpected encounter with him & his wife! I handled it with Grace but when I got in my car I balled
    Like a baby. When I Was leaving the restaurant I waved goodnight and he came up to give me a hug. I dint understand why this happened tonight. A part of me is saying the Universe is telling me to walk really run fast away and surrender that we will never have a sacred reunion. But then deep in my soul I truly believe we belong together. May you explain why this happened tonight of all things during this energy we are going through. Thank you and I will continue to work on your course I purchased. It has been amazing because ever sense I began the meditations he has been coming closer. In gratitude of your work love you…Katie

  7. Cassady, Thank you for this email! When I received it on Monday I read through and On Tuesday I had dinner with my twin. And Tonight only 2 days later I had an unexpected encounter with him & his wife! I handled it with Grace but when I got in my car I balled
    Like a baby. When I Was leaving the restaurant I waved goodnight and he came up to give me a hug. I dint understand why this happened tonight. A part of me is saying the Universe is telling me to walk really run fast away and surrender that we will never have a sacred reunion. But then deep in my soul I truly believe we belong together. May you explain why this happened tonight of all things during this energy we are going through. Thank you and I will continue to work on your course I purchased. It has been amazing because ever sense I began the meditations he has been coming closer. In gratitude of your work love you…Katie

    1. I understand that must have been difficult, Katie. Our Twins trigger us deeply because we are the same energy – remember that life is but a part of existence, on the soul planes the situation is very different from how it looks in life. Earthly existence is like role playing for Twin Flames, where we practice love with others so we can evolve and develop as souls before coming together again xx

      Sending you love and light <3


  8. Cassady,

    I’m very excited about the upcoming Winter Solstice. I have been clearing regularly and I’m hopeful that I can anchor into a higher vibration. If anchoring happens is it a sudden change that most Twins feel or is it more of a gradual process? I assume there would be increased closeness with our Twins in 3D after anchoring? Scott

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