Twin Flame Cycles For 2022 Usher In “3D” Togetherness… But First, The Spotlight Shines On You. Will You Allow Heart Magnetism To Heal You And Call You Home To Love?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:
Physical world developments and cycles preparing for 2022, Twin Flame purification and the soul connection “strengthening”.

But what “misunderstandings” have gotten in the way of your happiness, messing up your ability to attract and receive true love?

Discover more below!

A Year Of Soul Alchemy

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What Have You Missed?

So now onto the energies at hand:

Multiple retrogrades and major oppositions are still creating an air of introspection and slowness in terms of forward progress this week.

We are being challenged by the cosmic current.

Be willing to take a second look at your situation or anything you may have been wanting to move forward with.

The planets “say” – the solution, the key, the fix to what we are seeking… lies within US. If things aren’t “working”, WE have to make a shift happen on the inside to create a different outer result.

“Life Review”

There are things you may have missed, or that the universe is working to bring your attention to.

Likely, it has to do with your inner perspective and state of being regarding your SELF.

Feelings of incapability or doubt may have caused you to dismiss something that could work out amazingly, for example.

You may have been stopping YOURSELF from moving into your “highest destiny”, likely because of limiting beliefs saying it won’t work.

Second Chances to Correct Course

Past hurts in love may have convinced you you’re un-loveable on an UN-conscious level.

Be willing to take a second look now, and resolve any INNER issues so your path opens. Otherwise, the planets show us you’re unconsciously deflecting the good that you’re wanting to invite in.

How do you know if this is happening to you?

In short, look around. If your OUTER reality is not blissfully happy and filled with Twin Flame love, there is something up on the INSIDE.

Because love and harmony is the truth about your soul and the Twin Flame connection deep down. Anything else is due to “baggage” and distortions from human life – so it’s important to deal with it.

For help with this, go here and I take you through it step by step.
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The Wounded Healer

Chiron went Retrograde at the end last week, and at the beginning of this week he ends up in a complication.

As he receives a square from Mercury and a sextile to Uranus, we’re shown that thinking differently IS healing.

But the challenge is that we may feel resistance around it.

Be aware that understanding something from a higher perspective can begin to dissolve hurt. Be willing to reevaluate.

It releases the constriction and knots that were tangled up in trauma. Experiment with this now. Shift your perspective.

This is especially key when it comes to love, as Uranus is stationed in Taurus sign of love and relationships (home of Venus).

Focus on Home and Self

Healing inner love issues and dysfunction is key this week in general.

Also on July 19th Vesta, asteroid of the home, enters Libra. This indicates a focus on balance within ourselves and in the “home”.

For Twin Flames, balancing and opening to harmonious duality is key this coming period.

How do you feel — do you feel at “home” with yourself? And with your Twin?
Do you feel well within?

If not, working to harmonize this will make a huge positive difference for your Twin Flame connection.

Twin Flame Reunions — Physicality Likely Later This Year

July 21st, we have a new chapter in love starting, as Venus travels ahead of Mars and moves into Virgo (they meet again in February 2022).

Unfortunately, this is considered a detrimental placement for Venus and for love.

However, for the TWIN FLAME connection there’s a key purpose – a clear reason!

Because as Venus and then Mars move through Virgo these next few weeks, PURIFICATION of the counterparts is pushed to happen…

Preparing for the second “Reunion of Masculine and Feminine” when they meet again in Capricorn after New Year.

Purification Opens To Unity

Because the purification NOW is needed in order for the counterparts to be able to RECEIVE physical unity.

And for it to last and not “break up” into separation.

(This is the kind of work we do in the 12 month coaching, so it’s an ideal time to join. By February 2022, your energy will be alchemized and aligned with a much higher state of unity.

How? We are fundamentally shifting your state as a pair on the quantum level into the “3D physical”. Read more about the details here)

Physical World Focus — Next Meeting

Last week, as Venus and Mars met in Leo, the heart connection was re-ignited, whether in person and/or spiritually.

Now, we are asked to heal and clear our own INDIVIDUAL inner state, so that we are in a state of inner wholeness and fully prepared for the “next reunion”…

Which happens in Capricorn… which you may know is the sign of the PHYSICAL world domain.

In other words, the preparation you do now WITHIN, will be instrumental in paving the way for “real world” unity and higher levels of love in a few months’ time.

Venus Pushes for Self-Love

Over the next month or so Venus in Virgo will likely highlight issues of lacking self-esteem and self-love.

The spotlight is going to be turned on YOU in this period.

You may have to work harder than usual to feel good about yourself, but any work you do on self-love and shadow healing is set to be even more rewarding than at other times.

Why? Virgo is the seat of purification, healing and perfection.

(However, be careful these energies don’t tend toward overly critical thinking.)

Twin Flame Love in Uniqueness

Remember you are who you are for a reason. As souls, Twin Flames are the perfect match. “One soul in two bodies”.

And if your physical situation is not reflecting love and unity, it means there are issues that need resolving on the INSIDE.

Your connection is always a mirror showing you in some way what you hold within.

Remember this month that Twin Flame love is NOT about being like everyone else. Or an artificial “Twin Flame Ideal”.

Magnetic Uniqueness

We are made for each other, perfect for each other as who we naturally are.

Again, Venus in Virgo will likely trigger issues you have around perfectionism that are blocking you from SELF love.

You may have to make an extra effort to bring the warmth and openness that love and self-love requires this coming month – but it will be worth it!


Spirit highlights that expecting and WANTING love from others and becoming resentful when it doesn’t arrive, is something many are dealing with.

If you’re experiencing this, the message is, you need to give YOURSELF love first. THAT is what will unlock the situation.

And if it feels hard or weird or blocked, it’s a childhood issue that needs resolving on a deeper level.

In fact, SO many Twin Flame issues are based in inner child wounds that once healed, would open the pair to harmony more than they ever expected.

Have a look here at the Inner Child Healing for Twin Flames for more (includes helping and healing your counterpart’s inner child).

Leo Season Begins!

This childhood wounding may flow over into battles as on July 22nd, the Sun enters Leo.

Leo is a sign of creativity, romance, pride, glory, “kings and queens”… And drama.

The collective development themes are changing, and there’s a strong possibility that Egos will flare up during this time.

People are NOT flexible and accommodating with Leo energies. The expression “it’s my way or the highway” is a fitting description.

With Ego comes conflict and very often Twin Flame separation, because the Ego is based in deep inner programming of processing the world as “you vs me”.

For Twin Flames this poses a HUGE problem — as we’ve discussed before, perceptions of difference and separation are one of the core blocks to Twin pairs coming together.

The Lion’s Wisdom

At its highest expression, Leo energies are about the wisdom of living from an open heart… while anchored in your authentic truth.

So this month, you’ll benefit from using Leo’s guidance to figure out where in your life you could stand up more for yourself.

Where have you been letting others run the show? Where have not been true to your soul? 

Allow the Lion’s archetypal traits to guide you to see where you can align more with your strength.

Leo energies can help you tap into your own infinite inner power and shift out of any disempowering patterns that don’t serve you.

(Lion spirit animal is closely connected with this energy, of course, and has more to “say” here.)

Rare Full Moon “Bridge”

July 23rd, we have a Full Moon on the Capricorn/Aquarius border, which bears a rare message.

Full Moons on the cusp between two signs have to do with bridging, and this particular one activates an earlier conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter from early 2020 and fall 2020.

We therefore see that there’s a culmination of emotion from the period of difficulty around the pandemic, and spirit is showing that many didn’t fully process the intensity of that time, and instead repressed their feelings.

This is set to be coming up now.


Humanity’s Karmic Lessons

Capricorn is the sign of physicality and karma, and Aquarius the sign of technology and the future, so these themes are in focus.

Repressed negativity HAS to be dealt with in order to move forward, otherwise it will cause blocks…

And we’re shown that the deeper causes of difficulty these last 18 months have been KARMA. (Individually and collectively).

It wasn’t something “new” – it was a repeated trauma of what humanity has experienced so many times before.

Spirit says, feeling powerless. Feeling afraid and unprotected by the divine. (And many Twins have experienced this on their journey as well)

Who Is the Divine?

We see humanity as the child, versus the Universe/God/Source as father figure. When experiencing difficulty, humanity has tended to feel persecuted, punished and unprotected…

But as karma “says”, “as you sow, you shall reap”. It’s a neutral process.

In other words, many of our biggest challenges individually and collectively happen, simply because WE caused them.

We may have gone against divine guidance; we may have gone against our intuition. No one forced it on us, in truth. We were learning something.

(Often negativity happens because we have had inner wounds or inherited baggage that “created” something on autopilot – we were attracting it without realizing)

Old Emotions Rising

The truth is, deep down, we ARE the divine. We are not weak little humans incapable of affecting change.

We are not being punished. We are experiencing cause and effect.

So, any old emotions of frustration, hostility towards the divine and similar, will likely come up for resolution at this Full Moon.

Including personal level content — feeling stuck, feeling like the world is against you, like things don’t change.

Again, it’s not a punishment. It’s a matter of cause and effect. And it CAN change. You just have to know the right steps to take, the right method.

It starts with taking action to CREATE change. To embrace your mastery!

Twin Flame Soul Connections on High!

Lastly this week, we have a positive transit for Twin Flames — but it may add to the feeling of emotional clouding and uncertainty from the Full Moon, which is already around.

As Mercury trines Neptune, we see that Twin Flame SOUL connections are on high!

However, it’s also likely you’re picking up on your counterpart’s emotions and “baggage” and mistaking it for your own.

Is It Them Or Is It You?

An extreme example would be, they are angry with themselves deep down and you feel it and it triggers anger in you.

Or they’re depressed about life, and it triggers you to feel negative about the future as well, without fully realizing why.

To combat this “negative emotional mirroring” between Twin Flames and open to the positive soul/astral/”5D” interactions, use the Complete Harmony Healing here.

Visions, Twin Flames Dreaming Together

If you’re on good terms and your connection is already flowing well, Mercury trine Neptune tends to bring deeper experiences of the soul bond.

Including dreaming together or about each other, telepathy, visions, experiencing your Twin as “with you” spiritually, remote romance and more…

In short, “The Supernatural” side of the connection is likely more active than usual.

Repeating Themes From March 2021

This is a more beneficial flow than we had earlier this year in March when Mercury was conjunct Neptune.

Think back to the first to middle weeks of March this year, and you may see echoes of what was going on with communication between you.

The truth is, they DO want to reach you every day, so make sure you check in!


A Week of Uncertainty… Preparation

This is set to be a week where you may feel somewhat confused about where things are headed, and even what you’re feeling.

Spirit’s input is that this is a period of “catching up” with emotions and reactions we likely repressed or rationalized previously.

Take your time, don’t be hard on yourself, and know that the processing and inner work you do now will help you for the long run.

“Second Twin Flame Reunions”

There are exciting developments in store in early 2022, especially if you get your inner world into harmony.

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And until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x


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