When The Universe Gets Involved To Bring Lovers Together… Activating “The Highest Good” Code. Are You Ready For Some Amazing News?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:
A KEY week for love, rare event joining masculine and feminine together tying in the point of marriage and partnership, plus Jupiter brings added support for physical world positivity, and more…

Discover more below!

Venus And Mars Meet – Lovers’ Encounters

This is set to be a key pivotal time for love and relationships, but particularly for Twin Flames!

Already at the beginning of the week, we have a rare event where Venus and Mars join together, representing Feminine and Masculine.

It hits exact on August 24th, but increasing this whole week – and the extra special thing is they meet close to Juno the asteroid representing marriage and partnership!

Spirit shows us a HIGH likelihood of Twins coming together physically this week…

Even unexpectedly, but we see there’s an inner feeling knowing that it’s close to happening before it does (click here for 10 indications of an impending Twin Flame reunion).


Aligning In Service Brings Reunion

Mars just moved into Virgo, the earth sign associated with service and work, and Venus travels over Juno at the tail end of Leo to join Mars.

From this we can see that the Twins and their physical world reunion is likely to happen when the pair align in service – the Twin Flame Mission.

It could also mean you might encounter each other in a work setting or while focusing on a charitable cause. Including some Twins meeting for the first time.

Spirit shows us a key point for this time, it is that as Twin Flames you are “already married”! The Twin pair are one since the dawn of time, which is why we feel so at home when we meet.

We see that past life marriage and romantic contracts between the pair are powerful now in drawing the pair together tangibly in the physical. (Discover more about this here)

The Unawakened Twin Dreaming, Remembering…

As the Sun progresses to this point too, we see the “unawakened” Twin is likely to have dreams about the past… or experiences of “remembering” the Twin Flame bond on a deeper level.

Spirit shows us, they are triggering latent memories in Twins who have as yet been unaware of the connection’s truth.

Epiphanies, dreams and subtle feeling memories are key. It’s likely they have a dream that you are married, in the past.

These are little stepping stones put out to guide them back to reunion, spirit shows us. More and more “crumbs” that build up into understanding over time.

We see the unawakened Twin excited about these “mystical glimmers” of recognition, hope and “home”. It’s leading in the right direction, is spirit’s input.

(For more on how to deal with an Unawakened Twin Flame, have a look at this article)


Major Changes Happening

As the whole quartet Sun/Juno/Venus/Mars are trined by Jupiter and Uranus this week through, we see that there are major changes happening.

Yes, it really is possible, is spirit’s comment. We see that changes in the physical are happening to shift the connection into a higher state.

Union is supported by the cosmic energies, and you can probably sense it.

As the “union” between Mars and Venus happens at the beginning of Virgo we see that for best results, it’s helpful if you can keep your focus on the “mission” and on “service”.

Focusing On “Service” – What Does That Mean?

Feel into and think about how amazing it would be for the whole planet and society that you joined together in unconditional love.

Visualize it, the two of you meeting in an embrace and the pink love between your hearts spreading in waves to encompass the whole earth…

It would heal and uplift so much! And it would be bliss for you and your Twin!

Focusing on this type of scenario will help uplift you into receiving the most amazing physical reunion. Remember that when we lift out alignment we attract more positive life experiences, especially with our Twin.

I was guided to create a quiz here to help you pinpoint whether you’re actually open to and aligned with reunion and love, or “set” to struggle and separation.

How To Show Up Answers To Your Prayers More Quickly

Spirit shows us this again, and I might have told you before, my example of how quickly our prayers are answered when we find a solution that is good for EVERYONE involved.

Last year when I moved home I had a very noisy neighbor who kept throwing parties and I asked spirit for a solution.

I was shown that if I could benefit the neighbor AND myself, the answer would come much more quickly… so I asked for him to get a girlfriend or wife and calm down.

Someone who would be amazing for him but also calm him down and so he wouldn’t party all the time.

Why The Universe Always Supports Win-Win Solutions

Lo and behold, after less than a month the partying stopped. I heard via another neighbor that he had indeed got a girlfriend and she was moving in with him.

He hasn’t had another noisy party since. I’m happy, he’s happy. That’s what spirit refers to as the super-solution to problems.

When we can attract solutions that benefit EVERYONE involved. When we do this the universe quickly steps in, much more than if we push into anger or conflict.

So onto our Twin Flame journey – spirit shows us again that when the Twin Flames unite in unconditional love, it benefits everyone. It raises the vibration on the planet, that energy opens up gateways for love to fuel into the earth plane, it heals old wounds…

Reaching For The Highest Good

So when we can shift our perspective into asking to unite not only for ourselves, but for the greater good, and for our counterpart’s highest good, there’s a change.

We begin to attract it on a higher level. We begin to attract from a win-win perspective.

Spirit shows us this is an incredibly powerful mindset. And again, visualize it and feel into it. (I take you through it in an immersive guided journey here)

You and your counterpart (even if you don’t know them in person or they’re on the other side) embracing and golden light or pink love spreading from your hearts to reach out bigger than the entire planet.

Remembering that what we’re really here for, is love.

Are You Experiencing An “Inner Union”?

What’s unusual right now also is that there are no squares or oppositions hitting this “cosmic reunion” between Venus, Mars, the Sun and Juno. There is nothing trying to block it. There are no lessons pushed into it, so to speak.

It’s spelling out masculine, feminine, uniting together in a conscious aware partnership. In love, but also for service.

For those who are not Twins, this can symbolize a time of “inner union” the alchemical process of uniting with self and rising into a higher state of understanding and mastery of the soul, living as a human being.

Agreements Being Reached…

In society, you’ll likely notice agreements being reached. Different perspectives meeting. New coalitions or collaborations for the betterment of all.

And we see there’s a shift happening in many people all over the world, where they are realizing the healing power of love.

That when we get into anger and conflict, we feed into more of the same, and that love is the consciousness that truly heals and provides solutions.

On a general level you’ll likely experience increased harmony in certain areas of your life, disagreements shifting into a more collaborative effort. Making progress for a shared goal.

Positive Trine – Dream Big!

Monday as this process intensifies, we have a trine in fire between Jupiter, the moon and Mercury, which brings positivity, optimism and a higher mindset. You likely have big plans for the future or a project, and this is a peak time to make progress!

Write things down, dream big! You’re set to benefit from this later. We see those of you with creative projects making big progress. Enjoy this fiery yet short transit!

This weekend we have the exact conjunction of Venus and Mars at 3 degrees Virgo, and Juno and the Sun at 0 degrees of the same sign. This is a powerful restart in several related areas.

We see that your self conception meets a “reset”, where you see your deeper self more clearly.

You receive some perhaps outer perspective changing input, an experience or a nudge from your own higher self, that helps you see how incredibly special and valuable you really are!

Seeing Yourself Differently – Positive Eye-Openers!

And it opens you up to step into a new state of deservingness in terms of relationships and life path.

We see you understanding, finally, on some fundamental level – that YOU are here because everyone wants you to be!

That YOU are here because you’re appreciated and because you were NEEDED just as you were. And that your uniqueness is a blessing.

And it makes you the perfect partner for your counterpart.

It’s hard to put into words, but it’s like someone’s hitting the reset button in you.

Like where you were clouded and not able to see your own value clearly… Because of advertising or self comparison or past hurts… You can now see crystal clearly.

You have no doubt, in some way, of the divine being you are. We see you shedding a few tears over this profound realization and we’re shown it will change your entire future path. A new chapter is beginning.

Surprise Revelations: The Unawakened Twin’s Prophetic Dreams, 11:11, Remote Romance…

As Venus and Mars meet we see many Twins experiencing insights, hunches and epiphanies that they really were together all along.

Spirit shows us, the shock of discovering you weren’t alone in your experiences but that your counterpart was going through something similar the whole time.

That they dreamed of YOU all the time. That they heard songs from YOUR higher self, and felt YOU holding their hand or sleeping in their bed.

That they secretly longed to be together, no matter how it seemed.

We see you aligned in a powerful way. Your systems resetting. Your minds communicating effortlessly. You as a TEAM for love.

A New Beginning – Lessons Learned

For a few days over the weekend into next week, Venus and Mars travel together at the beginning of Virgo. Again, spirit echoes that this is a new beginning.

Their message is, you have learned so much these last few years or this recent period of life. Especially if you have done your inner work.

You have experienced much together, gone through hardships most likely, but it has all been for a purpose.

Now you understand.

You understand the differences between love for love’s sake and the human version of love. You understand the nature of separation consciousness versus unity. You remember, and you understand from the HUMAN perspective.

(See a video to understand what they mean – Twins going “undercover”)

A Time Of Awakening – Did You Realize There’s A Whole Higher Level?

This was the purpose. Something big is set to shift in this coming period – with an emphasis on those who have understood these things…

Because yes, our free will does mean we can choose to hold onto old conflict paradigms if we want to. The work doesn’t magically get done FOR us.

We are in a time of awakening, says spirit.

Many who thought they were already enlightened, will realize there is a whole other higher level to what that even means. The effortlessness of existing in light.

Gaining mastery of self and the world around you. Living from a state of existence with oneness.

Opening To Major Shifts

This is set to be an incredible week if you’ve done your inner work and are able to align with positivity. (If you’re still full of heaviness, you’ll experience positivity now but the major shifts may elude you).

I want to encourage you to not think too much about HOW or WHAT exactly will happen.

Because when we hold something very highly, we can get into worry and stress about it and unwittingly block things from happening the way we desire.

Think about it this way, you’ve done your inner work to be in a high vibration and aligned with love (if you haven’t already go here)…  

And now the cosmic energies are delivering physical world tangible “gifts”!

Spelled Out In The Cosmic Energies

Sure, you don’t know exactly what the gifts are yet but they’re good and they’re happening very very soon. Something good will happen for you this week – it’s spelled out.

You can’t “mess it up” and neither can anyone else. It’s already taken care of!

Feel into that excitement and now let go of any worries, allowing the cosmic energies to follow through.

Remember you are here for a reason! I’m excited for you, and I’m so glad to be able to bring you good news this week!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

“I’ve been following Cassady for almost a year now and I have to say the information she provides is simply life altering! She gives both the knowledge and tools to not only bring higher awareness, but also help shift your vibration. I have been blessed to be guided to this information during some very challenging transitions. Her insight has really helped me move through deep soul work that my partner and I have been moving through towards. Thank you Cassady!”

Jeanine, California, USA

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