Going Deep: Sexual Tension And Vulnerability In The Twin Flame Mirror. Shadow Mother Figures And The Masculine… Are You Willing To Face Your Ultimate Fear?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:
Taurus season begins, and as Venus leads the way we’re asked to trust our heart over logic and analysis.

But challenges brew deep down for the Masculine – childhood and the mother figure in focus…

Discover more below!


Momentum “Speeds Up”!

 If you’re feeling both energized and paradoxically a bit cloudy right now, it’s due to the Sun and Mercury teamed up on the border between Aries and Taurus.

It means life is likely “speeding up” for you, there may be change working to reach you or you may be feeling more driven to take action on your desires.

However, you’re likely a bit unclear on what exactly lies ahead or what is the “right choice” mentally.

The key is to follow your intuition and heart, as the intellect and our self perception is clouded up right now due to the Sun/Mercury conjunction.

Use this momentum early in the week, and you’ll pave out great developments down the line – because as we move further into Taurus territory, things will begin to slow down somewhat.

Taurus Season Starts

With Venus already in her home sign Taurus, and the Sun and Mercury joining on April 19th, we’re headed into a month of calmer waters than in recent times.

Taurus is the “home of love and relationships”.

Over the coming weeks, Venus leads the way through her own sign, ahead of the Sun and Mercury. So we see that love and the heart are seeking to guide us, ahead of intellect and logic.

It shows that things may not be making that much logical sense in this period, but the heart knows what it wants.

Love is the goal – AND the path and the reward.

We’re being asked to not chase after love in this period, but to BE in the present moment. And then, love will be able to actually REACH us.


The Heart Leads the Way

So right now a major theme is about EMBODYing love. BEing in your own essence as the lover of your life, self and others…

Then, the love you’ve been “missing” will begin to show up, spirit says. Because your alignment and vibration will be completely different – a match to love!

Taurus season is a perfect time to enJOY life. To focus on things that bring you pleasure, and to try not to worry so much.

To ALLOW yourself to be happy here and now, even if things don’t seem “perfect.”

Anchor into the love and appreciation you have here and now.

And if your reaction is, “But there IS no love here and now!” that’s actually not true!

Your Twin’s higher self is ALWAYS there wanting to give you unconditional love and eternal support. To tap into this and open to their love more and more in the physical too, have a look here

“After I did it, he messaged me! I knew it was the Universe trying to tell me to stop trying so hard and to just focus on furthering myself. BAM! Just like that – got the meditation, did it, and there he was.” – Indi, New York

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Manifestation Through Voice

Taurus rules the throat and singing, and there is an added emphasis now on how the voice carries energy vibrations and “light codes”.

There is a strong connection between heart and throat right now. Be aware of what you’re speaking and expressing into your Twin Flame connection.

You’ll likely be shown “automatic” unconscious programming that have been active in the background causing negativity.

Make sure you clear this now.

Spirit highlights that this will in most cases open Twin connections that have been shut off with ghosting, separation, running and more.

Once you clear the block, the connection opens again.

To do so, use the Free Twin Flame Energy Cleanse here.


What Causes Twin Flame Ghosting

When energy gets stuck in particular chakras, it blocks the free flow of light — and clearing our chakras uplifts our journey in so many areas at once. Doors that were once closed, open.

Again, this powerfully affects the Twin Flame connection — if there are communication issues such as ghosting, there are ALWAYS throat chakra inner blocks and distortions causing that outer mirror.

Clear the inner block, and the outer situation opens again.

This is why I hear from Twins every single week who tell me their runner or Twin they hadn’t heard from in months, even years, suddenly got back in touch after they did the Free Twin Flame Energy Cleanse.

When we remove the inner blocks, the outer situation begins to flow once more!



New Templates of Love

We also have powerful love related change and the Twin Flame mission in focus this week.

Mercury and Venus both conjunct Uranus toward the end of the week, and spirit shows us this has to do with the soul path forwards in love.

Society is rejecting the old karmic models of love and relationships, on some level. And Twin Flames are being called on to step up into the new model of higher relationships.

SOUL level love.

Beyond the physical karmic based, “3D” outer need, dependency and fear-based connections.


The “3D” Model of Relationships Phased Out

We see that at this time, the old historical programming is being broken apart, on an individual level and the planetary templates, the collective fields are…

Not quite able to hold that old distortion anymore.

Life is changing. Love relationships are changing. And it’s to the highest good.

Twin Flames are soon to be activated more, if ready and high vibrational enough, is the message.

Latent coding coming into the field. But first the old distortions must be broken.

Like with a bone that has been damaged and has healed badly, sometimes it needs to be re-broken and re-set so that it can heal in balance. The way it’s supposed to.


Surprise Information and Twin Flame Connections

Uranus is the planet of sudden change, electricity and star seeds, so you may also encounter unexpected information regarding love at this time.

You may receive visions, ideas, inspirations – if so, note them down because they may be important guidance for the next chapter.

You may also hear from or meet a soul family member for the first time, or connect with your Twin unexpectedly this week – especially online.


Mars in Cancer — Challenges

But there’s a chance they’re not very forthcoming — because they’re not feeling quite at home with themselves right now.

They may be seeking away due to fear of being wounded. They may be trying to avoid risk, even just staying at home and with the safe and trusted for a while.

The reason is that Mars enters Cancer on April 23rd.

Mars is not comfortable in Cancer, it deals with contrasts, between strength and weakness, courage and fear.

Masculine Twin – Insecurities, Deeper Fears

It’s a destabilizing position for the Masculine, which tends to trigger insecurities.

We’re shown this: On one hand, the Masculine/Male longs for and thrives in the acceptance and unconditional love of the Female/Feminine…

Unconsciously longing for the safety of childhood, and deep down the womb existence of shared oneness.

But in this, there is a fear of “ego-death” which can be intensely triggering for them! A fear of surrender – defenselessness.

(To help your Twin deal with this kind of ego block, click here)


Messenger of The Shadows

Mother-son (or mother-child) relationships are key over this coming month. Your counterpart or you may have had a wonderful childhood and if so, they’ll thrive on this dynamic and the energy current around…

But if there have been challenges either through feeling rejected or smothered, there can be hostility, drama and unexpected problems as this flares up.

Remember that what is going on right now is a “messenger” for the unhealed parts of them.

Ask yourself this, **who was the first female that rejected them?**

(Even if it’s just a feeling impression of being rejected, not intended that way). This is a core wound that is responsible for any hostility and triggering around the feminine.

Childhood and infancy are in focus.


“Mirage Play” — Twin Flame Phantoms

If your Masculine Twin is running or has accused you of trying to control, smother or otherwise challenge their Masculinity in some way…

Know that it’s really about these past wounds.

Your mere presence has triggered them because of their earlier wound. Your connection has been drawn into a “phantom” version of the past.

And it’s your souls orchestrating this “mirage play” so that you both can release the old blocks and heal those wounds — opening to unconditional love.

Sometimes your soul will even push you to display behavior that triggers your counterpart deliberately — so, they can realize their own issues and release them.

Because spirit tells us this — any “issue” is rooted in a past trauma. No one gets triggered unless there’s something there to trigger!


Restoring Harmony in The Twin Flame Connection…

If you’ve been experiencing struggle, have a look at the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames, created to bring all aspects of your journey into harmony.

To my knowledge there is no equivalent healing or clearing available out there that deals with these particular issues.

We go through a deep cleanse of both Twins’ chakra systems and channels — cleansing out negativity, outdated ancestral programming, outsider cords and common triggers of running/chasing and separation.



Land of The Unconscious…

As Mars travels through Cancer this coming month, do your very best to keep this in mind that it’s not about you and your Twin… Any issues are due to the past, and other people. Again, the mother figure is key.

As Cancer is the land of the Moon and the unconscious, emotions are set to be unstable in this period.

Dreams are also set to be extra deep and expressive — watch for symbols and significant messages.

This time can be challenging as we’re dealing with the “shadows” — what lies beyond our conscious awareness.

But there are major rewards too. Deep change can happen – if you’re willing.


Why Ego Can Be So Defensive

Be aware that Ego is ALWAYS a defense mechanism. It’s created as a shell, a shield against the world — BECAUSE there are inner feelings of fear and vulnerability.

The crab in Cancer symbology shows us that:

The more defenses and aggression someone puts up on the outside, the more vulnerable and afraid they’re feeling deep down!

— So, has your Twin been pushing you away?

— Have they been trying to “run”?

— Have they even blocked you or “ghosted” you?

Imagine the kind of fear and insecurity deep down that creates this desperation . . .

Read more about the real reasons behind Twin Flame running in this article and discover how to help your Twin shift out of the fear that creates this struggle.


Emotions + Sexuality =?

If you are on good terms, this month can bring increased bonding and shared love — but it will require honesty and patience with each other.

Sexuality can be strangely emotional… Be careful not to make your “Masculine” Twin feel judged or humiliated.

Even if you usually consider yourself considerate, be EXTRA mindful of their emotions this month. There’s more going on under the surface than they’re likely showing you.

And spirit highlights: Any outer “issues” in our lives stem from INNER imbalances. “As within, so without.”


When Fear of Losing Your Twin Creates… “Losing” Your Twin?

And ask yourself, what fear lives in *you,* deep down?

What inner darkness are you running from? Do you fear losing your Twin Flame?

(In truth you can never lose your Twin! If you fear losing them, don’t try to rationalize it and tell yourself it’s only logical. It’s not.)

You and your Twin are “one” spiritually — you couldn’t lose them if you TRIED!

The fear is a human 3D construct that will keep playing out in the form of separation bouts if you don’t get to grips with it.

That’s why it’s coming up.

So, make sure you clear the fear energetically. This will truly revolutionize your connection. Because when you clear the energy of fear from your own system, you change the dynamic between you.

WHat Happens When You Clear Fear

Your Twin Flame will no longer be reacting to your “desperation” (i.e., fear of losing them), by being pushed the other way.

They will open up more – because the whole energy alignment will have changed!

When there’s a “running/chasing” situation between Twins it’s ALWAYS a sign of negativity and imbalance in the energy field – and this can be resolved.

(Do you want to learn how to master the secrets of energy and alignment, to uplift and harmonize your Twin Flame connection? I take you through it step by step here).


The Masculine’s Inner Battle…

So deep down, what do frightened people long for more than anything? To feel safe!

To feel fully accepted and UNCONDITIONALLY loved, so they can open up without being hurt.

As Mars travels through Cancer, we see this excruciating pull:

Between wanting to merge with the counterpart (as was the case in the womb with the mother and before dividing as Twins) versus fear of letting go and opening up…

It’s an unconscious weight on the Masculine. Most males are raised and shown by society that they have to be “strong” and “independent” — when really, they have a deep need for love!


Forgiveness — The Fastest Way to Shift Out of Conflict

This push and pull are “tearing him in two.” Be aware of this deeper dynamic, and do what you can to show you’re there for them. Send them love. Help them heal.

Let them know (telepathically) you don’t judge them and you want the best for them. You accept them no matter what.

This can change everything. It’s one of the fastest ways to shift out of conflict and blocks.

And if you’re the Masculine Twin, be extra kind and gentle with yourself this week. Re-parenting is in focus.


New Approaches in Love…

As Venus and Mercury both conjunct Uranus at this same time, this is echoed.

A major way to resolve problems and change things around for the long run, is to use a different approach.

Forget the past. Forget any hurt between you. Forgive, so that you can release the hardships and move into something better.

Unfortunately, when we hold onto conflict, we keep it stuck in our experience and dynamic.

So work to see beyond any negativity expressed in the “3D” — which is what your counterpart may have taken on from other people and society. It’s not really “them”!

Read more about how that works here


Venus/Uranus Themes

Because Venus is in her home sign, this is a key time both for Twin Flames and for society. Foundational shifts are happening.

The human collective is being pushed to change how love is perceived and acted on. Boundaries are breaking open.

The universe is pushing for a return to a state of pure love on a higher level.

We are being called on to “tear up the rule-book” — to begin approaching the connection from the heart, rather than trying to analyze and control from Ego.

We see that healing ourselves and leading with the heart is what will lift the connection into unity.

And that this has the power to shift and elevate the COLLECTIVE Twin Flame Timelines for physical reunion.


The Week That “Everything” Changes

This week, you’re likely to come face to face with outworn beliefs and realize deeper blocks that have been active in your connection.

So you can release and open up to the soul level unconditional love that truly exists between you.

Your Twin Flame’s higher self is standing by, willing for you to know how much they love and support you.

We see that the “finish line” is not far. Things really are evolving.

Open your heart, release your mind’s skepticism and know you are being guided.

I believe in you!

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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