New Moon And Love – How Did You “Learn” Relationships As A Child And How Is It Impacting Your Twin Connection? Plus, Why Others Have Been Wrong About You In The Past…

We have much energy centered in Virgo this week, which can be challenging. Especially as Venus moves in here late this week and the new moon hits. This is considered a negative energy concerning love – not just because it’s the sign of the virginal maid…

Virgo is all about “service”, perfectionism. Others. Not love, not romance, not the self. Love must always involve *you*.

Martyrdom is the shadow side of Virgo, doing so much for others we end up drained and resentful ourselves. Keep this in mind the coming few weeks and you’re set to sail through the period more smoothly.

Work deliberately to pamper yourself, be a bit “selfish” and be kind to yourself to counteract this potential negativity.


Martyrdom Syndrome Vs Love

Many feminine polarity Twins and females are unfortunately trapped in the Virgo cycle of martyrdom, of trying to do so much for others we have nothing left for ourselves. And this is something that’s been highlighted for Lightworkers in recent weeks – to re-conceptualize the idea of “service”.

Spirit shows us, feeling drained is not the only pitfall when we give and give without filling up. When we are always “giving” to others we create an imbalance in terms of love. We are messing up our future path by wiring ourselves to be in the energy of not receiving.

The spiritual truth is you *never* have to “earn” love. Love is your divine birthright, just by being you you are deserving of love.

However, the human belief systems may have caused blocks in you – you may have been taught that you have to behave in a particular way to receive love. (Go here for a session that clears these old falsehoods)

Any belief that you are not deserving, or have to be act or look a particular way to deserve love is false. Always. Look into these old beliefs now, so you can clear them for good.

With Virgo energies, this is highlighted for females in terms of appearance, sexuality, desirability. Where might you be holding yourself back due to perceived lack?

These are blocks messing with your Twin Flame connection – because your mirror self is always reflecting back to you what you hold on the inside. Read more about how this works in “The Truth About The Twin Flame Mirror”

For help with shifting out of self defeating negativity and uplift your connection – have a look at my step by step method here, created after my Twin and I reached union.



Stepping Out Of “Good Girl” “Good Boy” Limitations

On this journey, receiving love is just as important as giving it. If we’re out of alignment with *receiving* we’re not going to be able to experience a healthy harmonious relationship.

The Twin Flame connection is about balancing, about reaching a mutual receptivity through unconditional love.

If we’re not able to receive as we are meant to, this often has to do with issues around deservingness picked up in childhood. Do your best to get to grips with this right now – especially for the New Moon energies to assist you in making a new start.

How can you begin to receive more love? The answer is – go inside and find the shadows that have blocked it. Receiving love is built into you as a soul. When the flow stops, something in our system is blocking it. Remove the blocks to re-open the flow of love.

When you work on your inner self, you begin to change the dynamic between you and your other self for the better.


The Truth About The Twin Flame Mirror

The Twin Flame Mirror is always “on” – if we’re stingy with ourselves, this comes right back to meet us in the mirror self. Be generous and loving with you, just for yourself, and watch love come flowing your way.

As Venus trines Uranus retrograde we see that yes, this is echoed, this period deals with uprooting and releasing childhood programming around love.

Especially for the feminine polarity twin, the female – often taught only to be giving in childhood. We’re told a “good girl” gives and is kind to others. She doesn’t take. That’s the story most of us are given.

Right now we’re dealing with a shakeup and eventual upgrade of the heart and relationship programming we took on in childhood.

If you need some assistance with this, have a look at my channeled Higher Heart Transformation Journey.


In this hour long deep session we go into why self love is so crucial on the Twin Flame journey – “As within so without”. What you hold towards yourself is what you attract in your Twin Flame connection, and self love it is the key to manifesting unity and harmony with your Twin Soul.

To assist with this, spirit helps us to actually download and embody the new 5D programming of self love. Not just as a mental concept, but as a way of living, an emotional state, an embodiment of complete self acceptance and wholeness within. The core key to unconditional love with your beloved Twin Flame.

In the session, which was created as a transformational journey into your soul – bypassing the ego by using a specially formulated meditation – we go deep to discover what old hurts are really hiding in your heart so we can clear blocks, upgrade your love templates and open up the Twin Flame heart bond from a place of harmony once again.

We also engage with your Twin’s soul and guides to deal with anything that’s blocking their side of the connection so the two of you can move into a higher state of unity and harmony.


What Did Your Parents Teach You About Love?

Did you know that your parents’ relationship has deep repercussions on your own relationship as you grow up?

This is called “psychological templates” and is how we learn to form relationships.

Be aware of your early experiences with love and relationships in this period and you’ll see deeper motivations lit up – and do make sure you clear the old outdated programming so you can move forth in higher, happier love and relationships.

As an example, was romantic love seen as worthy in your upbringing? Many Twins carry ancient templates that *familial* love is acceptable but that they are not “permitted” energetically to seek out romantic fulfillment. To be that “selfish”.

Read more about this here, childhood programming can be a deeper underlying block behind ongoing Twin Flame trouble.



Be-You-Tiful! Be You-Nique!

As Mercury in Virgo oppositions Neptune Retrograde we’re shown that many old perceptions of self given to you by others, were damaging, hurtful, negative. Our identities are being reworked right now.

The higher realms want so badly to show you how glorious you were all this time. The mirror you were faced with from others during your upbringing was skewed by the inner fears of those around you, is the message.

Others were wrong about who you are, and you’re being shown this now. Your habitual beliefs about yourself are being challenged. So you can open up to your true limitlessness!

Do try to be open to these attempts to show you your true soul’s self. You are always beautiful, you are always worthy.

Anything else is impossible for you, you are a soul of light. Anyone who ever talked down to you or criticized you were wrong.

When they return to the eternal state after their lives are over they will realize this too. Try to let go of any old hurts and look instead into the true purity of your eternal light

You are you for a reason. Be-you-tiful. Self love and self acceptance are highlighted as methods for inviting in love.

Go here for an in-depth session on this. This is the most fun session I’ve created so far, we go “undercover” into your unconscious, delve into your heart’s truth, clear old pain and heal old wounds for you and your Twin, plus we sow new seeds of manifestation for a happy future! I hope you’ll join me on this adventure. Have a look here for more.



New Start For Twin Flame Relationship

On September 20th we have a powerful New Moon in Virgo, a clear message for Twin Flames: we are entering into new territory entirely. The past is being reworked so we can go out from a higher state.

This is a brand new phase for the Twin Flame relationship.

We are now being asked to approach harmony and balance from a new starting point from the inside out.

Instead of the Twins battling each other over “right” and “wrong” and for control or freedom – we are asked to act as a unit, a team reaching ever higher upward in frequency and balancing our communal energy field until it is clear and free from past attachments and negativity.

This is where love and bliss lives.

And in order to get to this point, there’s now a focus on the feminine polarity twin to let go of old limitations in terms of self perception and identity.

Discover what energy vibration your connection is in – a channeled quiz to map out how open you really are to Twin Flame Reunion and Unconditional Love




What Have You Spoken Into Your Twin Relationship?

With Mercury trining Pluto at the very same time, this is again echoed – the way we’ve thought and communicated about the Twin Flame connection is what above all needs refinement, clarification, uplifting.

Pluto is all about detox – moving retrograde he is asking us to clear up the past in terms of what we have pushed into the Twin Flame connection, what we have spoken and thought and intended into it.

All the times we’ve been aggravated, depressed, feeling hopeless and funneling this into the connection.

Make sure you set the intention now to infuse your reality field and path with pure light (do it when connected after this free cleanse tool) and ask this light to transmute any negativity and blocks you’ve pushed in there.

This will eradicate so much congestion and negativity that would otherwise be attracting more trouble.



New Models For Relationships

As the Sun moves into Libra at the end of the week, we’re entering into a month full of focus on the relationship.

Not two people together, but one unit. As Jupiter and the Moon oppose Uranus retrograde, the shakeup around human relationship templates continues. To upgrade how love is experienced together.

The historical model of relationships was one of conditional love, bartering, power structures, inner conflict between male and female especially.

The new model is harmony, unconditional love, mutual support rooted in recognizing the eternal soul within, no matter gender or body.

In order to reach into this, we’re being pushed to let go of all the old holdbacks and damaging templates.

And until next time I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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  1. WOW this resonates on soo many levels. Everything I have been doing this past week. I have been doing a lot of prayers for self-love and acceptance and also alot of things from my past childhood been coming up that I learned from and my parents relationship and siblings watching theirs and they do not know what love is and a lot of things remembering when people called me stupid as a child and the way I talked as a child was different and people called me names because of this, even teachers made fun of me, this has been coming up as well. I did a meditation the other day and they have told me to remember who I am.

  2. Thank you once again Cassady! I finally see this block. As a people pleaser, far too often I sacrifice my own happiness for the benefit of others. The TF journey is ultimately about learning to love yourself. No more will I do things that make me miserable just to please others, including my twin. I am worthy of a life filled with happiness, joy, and love. We all are!! Love and light to everyone!

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