Mercury Direct – Incoming News About Love. Plus, High Intensity, Aries Full Moon Puts Pressure On Masculine Twin’s Repressed Emotions. “Darkness” Rising…


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:

Mercury and Jupiter direct, bringing positive news in love.

However, deeper challenges brew for the Masculine. Full Moon In Aries pushes self betrayal and childhood hurts to the surface…

But did you know love has the power to heal?

Discover more below!

Mercury And Jupiter Direct – News About Love

We’re headed into this week with Jupiter AND Mercury both going direct Monday, which will begin to create more forward momentum and ease.

Mercury turns direct in a trine to Venus – this shows there’s set to be some incoming news about love that will clear up a recent misunderstanding…

Or bring things back online for you in your connection.

There’s a chance the past has been dragged up during the retrograde, and now you’ll get clarity. Good news is reaching you regarding love!

Not As It Seems…

In fact, Jupiter trines the Sun and Mars as “he” goes direct, so we see that this is a general theme right now…

You’re seeing that things are better than expected, compared to what you thought in recent weeks. 

However, Pluto is still in a Square to Mars/Sun, which means un-conscious toxins are likely coming to the surface. Especially for the Masculine/Aries Twin.

This means: If there are problems between you, it’s not about the NOW moment, and it isn’t really about the “outer world”.

It is inside, and in the PAST.

In other words, past trauma is crying out to be healed.

Twin Flame Secret Sources

Be aware that if you’ve been experiencing struggle with your Twin Flame even though you’ve been doing your own inner work, it’s highly likely to be coming from your Twin’s side.

On the Twin Flame journey, and especially when Twins start to enter into the soul merge process – energies and information begin to blend between the two Twin Flames’ energy systems…

This can cause triggering and “issues” as negativity, residue of past sexual connections and other emotions and “baggage” travels back and forth.

To help remedy this, I was asked to channel a complete energy healing and clearing that solves these exact issues.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Shifting Out Of Shadows

The healing is in full alignment with Free Will, and your Twin’s higher self will be releasing what they are ready to let go of.

This session gives you a complete chakra and aura clearing, including removing karmic blocks, ancestral toxins/limiters and shifting out of shadow timelines – so your systems are restored to harmony!

Plus, it shields you from toxic outside energies, clears out potential triggers of running/chasing/separation and ensures that only high vibrational energies are blending between you.

cassady cayne review

Click here to read more and download

Aries Full Moon – Masculine Upsets

Staying clear and in a high vibration is definitely key this week, as Wednesday we have the added pressure of the Full Moon in Aries.

This tends to push for an intense culmination around “self vs other” themes. Around groups and the pair, versus the individual. 

And this particular Harvest Aries Full Moon hits in opposition with Aries’ ruler Mars… Which gives many signs regarding the Masculine/Aries Twin and their situation.

They may be feeling very foreign to themselves, like they don’t “recognize themselves anymore”.

Existential Crisis Brewing…

There may be sadness about where they have “ended up in life” compared to where they wanted to go, and who they thought they were.

Aries is the ruler of the child self, so inner child issues are likely coming to the fore in this period. Emotions that have been repressed may be surfacing. 

Especially situations where they have been made to be responsible, logical, live according to other people’s expectations instead of their OWN truth…

Spirit highlights this is a HUGE thing and it could be a major cause of them seeming out of reach to you – that they weren’t in their OWN truth.
(To help them resolve this, use the Inner Child Healing for Twin Flames)

The Pain Of Self Betrayal

There is sadness because they likely feel they have betrayed THEMSELVES.

And they may have repressed it… And it may unfortunately have “bounced back” in the Twin Flame mirror as them betraying you…

During the Full Moon it is highly likely that this wounding is coming up, via the inner child. 

Sadness Masquerading As Anger

It might not come as sadness, because people who have repressed pain are not willing to go that deep… So it often comes out clad in anger.

Anger and arrogance are protective mechanisms designed to cover up inner hurt, says spirit. 

Deep down, we see they are in pain. It’s as if they have broken their OWN heart.

And spirit shows us, this happened because someone taught them to repress their true self, taught them that love was not real, that they were not loved for who they really were…

Twin Flame Revelations

So they constructed a false self to function in a reality that made them “wrong” for who they were…

This has caused so much anger and hurt.

And it has likely come out in your connection, asking for healing – because it has kept them from being open to love.

So this time is a key “gateway” to healing.

Going to the inner child will be deeply healing and helpful, even if they are not able to be open on the “ego level”, the inner child will work with you.

Feeling Aggravated Lately?

Spirit also shows us, YOU may be picking up on your Twin’s emotions that they are not willing to admit to themselves.

If so, tell their soul you’re experiencing this, then work to release it together. Send their Ego self love. Tell them you are OK with who they really are.

That you love them no matter what. This can change EVERYTHING. 

New Inspirations

Thursday we have the Moon conjunct Uranus Retrograde in Taurus, which can bring new impetus to change things and to live MORE in alignment with our truth.

So make sure you note down ideas and inspirations that come to you at that time… Especially if you notice that you yourself have not been true to yourself in the past.

It will help you, moving forward. Especially when it comes to soul purpose, your Twin Flame connection and your path. 

Scorpio Season Starts

Friday October 22nd, the Sun enters Scorpio, setting the stage for a new theme for the coming month. Scorpio is the sign of transformation, alchemy, life/death cycles, secrets, power and sex…

So this period tends to be intense. We enter into the “darkness” of winter in the northern hemisphere, and emotionally, into the unconscious. 

This year during Scorpio Season Pluto, the planet’s ruler, is stationed in Capricorn in a square to the Sun this whole week.

The message we get, is that there is a key OUTER transformation happening in the world. Usually, Scorpio transits involve US transforming.

Waiting On The World

But this time, Pluto “says”, YOU may have worked on yourself, by facing your shadows and healing.

That’s not what is holding things back for the main part – if you have done your inner work.

The WORLD is in transformation. That’s the holdback. There is a collective alchemy working to happen on a planetary level.

And it means you may be feeling blocked or like things aren’t moving forward.

(To help speed up the process, use this)

Detoxing The Karmic Grids

But now, the rest is having to catch up with you. The amazing thing is that your healing and inner work actually makes that POSSIBLE on a higher level.

We are changing the world, says Pluto. Energetically, the actual earth and the karmic grids are being de-toxed.

We agreed to be here during this shift, we’re reminded.

Because we are uniquely equipped to hold light and a perspective of love where others often get lost in fear and opposition.

And, we’re told, we are the ones who will change the world. Not by going out and trying to “fix” people or get involved with battles.

But by loving with a heart so pure and full of love that it changes the very energy of the planet. That it creates a gateway to a higher state to be ABLE to come forth.

(Read more about that here).

Secret Gateways Between Twin Flames

The solution Pluto offers us for the now moment is, if things are blocked on the “outside”, go to your Twin’s soul self. Allow them to shower you with love.

To remind you of the reason you came here.

And we see that we will be helped with this, that an inner gateway is being unlocked deep in your system and every Twin Soul in this period.

 To open to love from the inside out. Pluto shows us, to re-ignite the flame. 

The Truth About “Being Of Service”

When you heal your fears and your wounds and when you love… You help the planet, you help nature, you help the animals, you help people, you help the whole…

Because this whole universe is (scientifically proven to be) energy in motion.

The energy of love unites and heals. Whereas conflict and opposition keeps things stuck in suffering.

And we Twin Souls, when we love, it is a soul love so powerful that it changes and uplifts the whole.

The Power Of Shifting Energy

To illustrate. Did you ever feel so down and afraid or sad that you felt everything looked dark ahead…

But then you saw a baby smiling, or a pet came to you and was so loving that your sadness or hurt felt like it melted away?

Or you heard a song that you loved and that changed your state in just a few minutes? That’s the power of what shifts energy. And when you love, you do that. 

Even if you don’t intend to, your love helps people. (Do share any experiences you’ve had with this in the comments!)

Why You May Have Felt Opposed

So what does this mean for you?

Firstly, it you have felt blocked or “attacked” by darkness in your life or experience – that you’ve had people be mean for no reason or as if something is trying to block your Twin Flame connection…

You’re not wrong. There is a lower consciousness that does NOT want the shift that Twin Flames bring when they unite in love.

It may try to block, to deflect, to “trick” the Twins into separation. However, the good news is it’s powerless against love. That’s why it uses “tricks and illusions”. 

Work to notice it. And remember that it is weaker than you, that’s why it’s trying to trick you.

And, when you cleanse your chakras and shift into a higher frequency of unity it can’t affect you anymore.

You end up on a frequency it cannot reach.

Love Vs Fear

The second point is, you don’t have to do anything except LOVE, and release blocks that try to get in the way of love. Because love is an energy that heals and dissolves darkness.

If in doubt, go to your Twin’s Higher Self. They will ALWAYS help you and explain what is happening, and help shift out of any negativity.

Because when we’re down low it’s not always easy to shift into that higher state of love and resist negativity in the moment.

For more on negative attachments and how to remedy them, and help to connect more reliably with light and open your channel, have a look here (class 2, 4 and 6).

twin flame story

Shining Your Light

Shine your light, and negativity dissolves. 

Saturn is also square the Sun, and echoes the same message. You may be encountering blocks or challenges via people in your life or society.

Maybe YOU have learned the lessons and have “graduated” out of karma, but people around you or the WORLD may NOT have.

So do your best to be an example of peace, love, and unity in your daily life.

Remember Who You Are

This transit also shows us, there are people out there CLAIMING to be of light who are not.

So be careful who you trust and allow into your space. Scorpio deals with power and secrets.

There are spiritual leaders who unfortunately promote separation consciousness, division and fear. So use your intuition – with the Sun in Scorpio it’s set to be even more on point than usual.

You’ll get a feeling for who you can trust and not, and who really is working for the highest good, if you tap in and “listen”. 

Karmic Impacts On Reality

As Venus opposes Lilith and Squares Neptune retrograde, we see an issue is that there are Feminine dominants/Females out there who are unfortunately NOT contributing to love.

Who have claimed to channel the divine or to be awakened but who are not. Or who have misguided the feminine Twin regarding love, whether or not it was deliberate.

Use your intuition when you come into contact with people and information. 

Anyone who has a position of prominence, a platform to speak from, is being asked to please speak from love and lead with unity.

Because they have such a big karmic impact on the whole.

Conflict Vs Unity

So if you are someone whose writing or speaking or presenting is impacting big groups of people, remember to speak from love.

Remember that your words can mean the difference between someone aligning with their light, or giving away their power.

Your words can mean the difference between peace and conflict, between unity and division. 

 Work to stay in your heart, where you FEEL the truth. You will KNOW on a deeper level what is guided for you and what isn’t.

Twin Flame Struggle?

Above all, remember that the Twin Flame journey isn’t MEANT to be a struggle.

It’s a human misconception that the suffering of Twin Flames is somehow “divinely decreed” or “romantic”.

You’re not meant to be in pain.

You didn’t come here for drama or struggle. If that’s happening, it’s due to blocks in your system.

Twin Flames ARE meant to Reunite!

Twin Flames really are “meant” to reunite.

But we have Free Will and often get in our own way.

So how fast you reach that point or whether it happens, is a lot up to you – how much “baggage” and wounding is in your systems and whether you deal with it effectively…

And as we see this week, who you listen to and what you take action on. 

Cocoon States

This is set to be a month where you might be in a “cocoon state”, going deep within yourself and your connection.

And it can be enjoyable, if you are whole and well within – or you allow your Twin’s soul to help you get to that point.

With two planets moving direct, there will be some improvement this week, but you’re being asked to stay aware of your soul’s truth.

Otherwise you might get pulled “astray”. 

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3 

Cassady x

“I have done this 2 weekends in a row now and it has truly made a huge difference…me and my Twin are laughing together again…we had been arguing for so long…now I feel there is new fresh energy running through my body and I feel like I’m floating on air every time I do this session…it is so beautiful…thank you so much…” – Diane

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