Twin Flame Energy Forecast 18th-24th November: “Shadow Speak”



Course Correction In Love, Spiritual A-Ha Moments Incoming. Plus, Cosmic Challenge For Masculine Twin To Rise Out Of Ego And Into A Higher State…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:
Mercury brings spiritual insights regarding the past before going Direct… Mars receive challenges to push the Masculine to rise out of Ego, plus Venus and Jupiter join together to bring increased light and positivity – one of the year’s cosmic highlights…

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Discover more below!

Scorpio Season, Mercury Retrograde

We’re into the last stretch of 2019 and we’re still in “Scorpio Season” with Mars moving into this terrain from 19th November and Mercury continuing his Retrograde of the sign until 20th November.

Scorpio is the realm of the unconscious, death/rebirth processes, sexuality, power and inheritance… So this week as for a while now, there’s increased focus on these themes in the Twin Flame connection.

If your intimate connection with your counterpart is healthy and love-filled, this can be a wonderful time of depth bonding, blissful intimacy and happiness…

However, if there are wounds, or you’re not together and especially, if there are “outsiders” involved in your connection… It can bring challenges.

If your Twin is with someone else, it’s more likely than usual to “sense” this and it can understandably be very triggering.

Is Your Twin Flame “Unawakened”?

If you’ve been experiencing struggle with your Twin Flame even though you’re advanced in Ascension and have been doing your own inner work…

Know that it’s highly likely to be coming from your Twin’s side and any outside attachments and involvements they’re “inviting in” to the connection via their life.

Because Twins are always on the same “wavelength” as souls, it means it’s highly likely to be picking up on stuff like your Twin’s past (or current) romantic experiences with others, fear energy and so on…

Especially if your Twin Flame is as yet “unawakened” or a Runner.

Make sure this doesn’t derail your journey. As spirit said earlier this fall, many “unawakened” Twins are effectively in “training” in non-guided relationships, in preparation for coming together with their true divine counterpart.

If you’re not together right now, make sure you keep your shared field free from “outside baggage” and cut any cords to others in order to free your systems up to TRUE love. It will help bring an end to “karmic” connections with outsiders.

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Re-Aligning Shared Twin Flame Timelines

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New Info Incoming – Spiritual A-Ha Moments

As Mercury Retrograde moves “backwards” into a trine with Neptune Retrograde just before he turns to direct, we see that there’s new info forthcoming about the past – especially as regards spirituality and the higher realms.

Spirit immediately jumps in with this insight: many Twins (including the unawakened) will in this period get flashes of knowing of how they ALWAYS had intuitive abilities…

Latent memories surfacing from childhood, reminding you that you have always had “extra” abilities or been in touch with the unseen.

They show us, above all you are being reminded that you have always been supported and protected in some way – to the extent you have allowed/restricted it on the soul level.

The resurfacing of these latent memories and insights are meant to give you confidence for your journey forward, because you never are alone.

Nothing happens by “accident”. Yes, we are a creator of our reality, but there are multiple layers of factors that determine what we attract into our lives and experiences…

Learn more about that here in What You Need To Know About Twin Flame Timelines.


Do You Know Your True Power?

With a simultaneous trine to Pluto, we see that this resurfacing of old memories and feelings going on, is meant to give you a sense of your inner power.

You are being encouraged to know how powerful you truly are.

We’re shown you may suddenly remember feelings or situations of mastery, fun and positivity from childhood that you had forgotten.

The cosmos is helping you muster up motivation – TRUE motivation based in real experiences – from your OWN system!

To activate in you the blueprints and programming of “I CAN DO THIS!”

Because truly, you can. Go with the feeling, because it’s opening your path wider than you may have thought possible. You really are powerful.

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Extra Boost Of Positivity – Expansion, Benefits

Throughout the week, Venus moves closer to Jupiter in Sagittarius, bringing optimism, positivity and a sense of fated higher love. As Sagittarius is Jupiter’s home sign, this is extra heightened!

Venus and Jupiter are the two major “beneficents” in the Zodiac, meaning that their influence is positive, expansive, uplifting…

So this is set to be one of the year’s peak experiences of high vibrational energy flowing into the earth plane!

However, when we tune in deeper we see that Venus has a “wake-up call” for us…

If we are NOT being true to our hearts, this conjunction can be trying to shake us up to realize that.

Venus is the “love goddess”, the vibration of the open true heart, so her signature is by definition to bring us back into unity with our true selves. Our bliss.

What Message Is Venus Trying To Bring To You?

If we have journeyed far away from that, we may feel dismayed right now at how things seem not to be “working out” for us.

If this is how you experience the week, know that it is a warning sign. The planets are trying to show you where to make a “course correction” in order to align your path with your highest expression!

Pay close attention to what transpires this week, because there are signposts working to show you where you may have veered off course from your truth.

The good news is, you’re being supported to recognize this and make a change right now. Whatever is going on is for your highest good.

What Would Your Dream Come True Really Look Like?

It’s suggested that you sit down and take a few minutes to write out what you TRULY desire in life. From work, lifestyle, finances, love and relationships…

Write out what would TRULY fill your heart with joy.

This is a powerful signal to the universe that you are now ready to invite in a new state, that you are CHOOSING to re-align with your truth. This invites in change and more light.

And now: notice where you feel sadness, disappointment, upset as you read your list.

These are the blocks! Venus is “showing” us, this is the exact material that has had you aligned with less than your highest good…

So make sure you get to grips with clearing that damaging material now to open up to light, love, enjoyment – your bliss.

(For help with this, have a look at the Higher Heart Activation Journey here)

Will You Take This Chance For A Brand New Beginning?

Whenever we settle for less, it’s due to limiting beliefs. Now, the cosmic energies are giving us a chance to step out of limitation and into a higher state.

A brand new beginning.

Make sure you don’t let this opportunity pass, as Venus and Jupiter transits are known for being so pleasant that people often sit on the sidelines and don’t use the breakthroughs that are being made available to us.

This transit can also indicate receiving love from others – not necessarily romantic love but expressions of appreciation from colleagues, friends, family members and others.

Strangers smiling as you pass them on the street.

In general the mood is positive and “sunny” especially toward the end of the week and into next. Spirit reminds us, the positivity and increased optimism you’re feeling is the truth about what is REALLY possible.

Remember this, next time heaviness tries to creep in.

(If you need some help with lifting into positivity and creating PHYSICAL WORLD change in your Twin connection, have a look here, I take you through it)

And if you’re a musician, actor or other creative person, this week is set to be extra fertile for work and also for receiving praise, support and outside validation for your work.


Sagittarius Season – Twin Flame Control Is Challenged

Come 22nd November, the Sun moves into Sagittarius, setting the start for “Sagittarius season” – a time of increased positivity, focus on freedom, fun and aiming high.

For Twins this can present challenges because Sagittarius is a sign known to balk at feeling controlled or constrained.

Try to enjoy love for love’s sake this coming month and not to put too many demands on others – it will likely backfire if you do.

Spirit shows us, instead ask yourself why you feel the need to control things (control is always based in fear, they point out).

Work to resolve these fears so you can let go of worries and heaviness, and enjoy life for all it can offer. We’re only here for a short time, and you are meant to be able to enjoy your journey.

If things feel hard or bad, it’s a sign that the “human baggage” is getting in the way of your natural light.

I explain how this works and what to do to resolve it in this brief video.

twin flame video

Recent Challenges To Self And The Future Continue – To Get Us To Lift Higher

These last few weeks we’ve had several powerful oppositions with Uranus R which is currently moving through Taurus, sign of love, partnership and creativity.

We’ve had a shakeup of love and relationship patterns, identity, communication and self perception…

And now, Mars moves into the same opposition. This signals an overhaul of our motivations, actions and programming around self vs other going on.

Ego patterns are being challenged and broken apart in order for a higher state to rise forth. This is above all happening with the Masculine Twin and Aries dominant individuals.

Mars is still “far away from home” and as Uranus brings challenges, we see that there’s a real feeling that the world and outer surprises, instability and sudden problems are making people very very uncomfortable.

Especially Masculine and Aries dominant individuals feel like they are losing control, or doubting that they ever had it.

They feel worried about the future, and suddenly unsure whether they are quite as capable and powerful as they thought they were.

Dismantling Ego – Refining The Masculine

The purpose of this is to “dismantle ego” and those with issues of aggression and conflict will be affected most strongly.

Uranus is working to “teach” these individuals humility and re-direct them to true meaning and value, by seemingly “sabotaging” what they built up through ego motivations.

And yes, this is highly likely to involve non-Twin relationships or romantic connections.

It may come in a subtle form, such as feeling like people close to them suddenly don’t understand them or validate their ego, or like a promotion at work going to someone else…

But the purpose is the same. To get them to question why they do the things they do. To go deeper. To get in touch with the soul, beyond the ego.

How To Recognize Ego At Work…

How do we know if something stems from the ego? When it seeks to impress others… When it seeks to prove that we are better than someone… Or to prove to others that we are worthy… Or to make others seem less worthy.

I heard a funny phrase about this on a sit com recently. That if we can sum something up by saying “Hah, that will show him/her/them!” THAT’s ego speaking.

The “separate self”, the “constructed identity”, the fear/opposition based perception of self vs other.

Remember because we Twin Flames are here as teachers of UNITY consciousness, this kind of ego/opposition mentality is a major block to love.

Twin Flame Soul Self Working To Shift Into Higher Alignment

If your Twin seems extra hostile or you meet “difficult” people in this period, know that they’re experiencing these struggles.

Really it’s their soul self and the cosmic energies pushing them to reach higher by forcing them to open up and let go of old states of being and perception.

On a human level they feel unsure of themselves, and the fear is triggering them to lash out.

If your Twin was born between 1982 and 1986 this Mars transit also conjuncts their natal Pluto, which is set to bring out latent power/aggression/sexuality issues and stirs a purge of the solar plexus and sacral chakra (learn here what that means).

If you feel like this sounds familiar but your Twin was born before that, it’s because “their version” of this Mars purge happened a few weeks back…

And it’s set to affect those born later, coming into the next few weeks.

Beware Repressed Anger And Frustration “Speaking”

This Mars transit can affect females too, but above all biological males and Aries natives.

If your counterpart or others seem to fly off the handle for no good reason in this period, please try to not take it personally. It’s repressed anger and frustration “speaking”.

You can help your Twin open to their soul’s light and avoid the hardships of this experience, bringing you together faster, by cleansing out the ego programming and negativity they have absorbed in their life.

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Expect The Unexpected!

For Feminine dominant Twins and other signs, this transit coupled with Mercury R can mean last-minute disruptions and changes in plans, surprising factors that push you to make changes you weren’t counting on.

It can feel bothersome, but when used well, Uranus retrograde’s effects are designed to help us open to more freedom, to a lighter state of being where we are less attached to outcome.

(Learn more about the wisdom of Retrogrades here, and how to benefit from the gifts they are meant to bring)


Preparing For Saturn/Pluto’s Conjunction Building Toward 2020

Spirit yet again wants to highlight the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which is increasing in effect and peaking in January 2020 (read about that here).

In essence, this conjunction is bringing a “dismantling of the old” to make room for a brand new creation. “Worlds changing”.

Both Saturn and Pluto are a “destructive” presence of what is not divinely guided or harmonious. Many are experiencing it as if things are uncomfortably out of control right now, as if things are falling apart.

Remember that when we pray for love or amazing experiences, the first thing the universe asks, is whether we have room to receive.

In this period, what has outworn its use is being broken down, so that when the time comes we have room in both our lives and our systems for the light and the new and higher reality we’ve been praying for.

Timelines In Flux – What Are You Choosing?

Timelines are in flux: We now have the choice between continuing an old cycle, or lifting into a higher state. Stay aware of yourself, stay in your power.

Do not allow darkness and the “human illusion” to fool you into thinking your dreams aren’t possible.

Use your energy tools to cleanse out any old darkness that is stirred up, and open to your inner power.

There are so many exciting things set to blossom over this next year… But first, we are being pushed to let go of what isn’t worthy of us anymore.

What are you being asked to let go of?

What behavior/feeling pattern/friendship/work situation/love tendency/etc are you being pushed to reconsider so you can invite in a higher state?

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x


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