Gemini Season – Duality In Focus. Tapping Into Your Inner Wisdom To Open The Path Of Love… But What 3D Beliefs Have Secretly Taken Hold Of Your Connection, Keeping You In Drama?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Venus continues her retrograde – bringing past love back for resolution, Gemini season begins and sets the stage for new perspectives and opening to allowing for duality…

Are you ready to start over in each moment? Will you release control so the universe can show up your highest good?

Discover more below!

Reevaluation In Love, Venus Retrograde

We have a very special week for the Twin Flame connection, as so much energy is shifting into Gemini, sign of the Twins. The sun enters Gemini on May 20th, and on the 22nd we have a New Moon in the sign.

Gemini is an air sign, all about duality. The expansion of differing perspectives and balancing polarities.

With Venus retrograde still, we see there is a lot of re-evaluating going on, in matters of the heart.

Something from the past is likely to return in love – it could be a love reignited, or it could be old shadows reactivated so they can be resolved for good. Pay attention to your dreams, as the inner messages are working to show you what’s going on for you uniquely.

Soul contracts that have outworn their purpose in love are also key in this period – they are being brought to the surface so they can come to an end.

(I take you through clearing outworn soul contracts, such as past life marriage bonds and other complicating factors here)


Twin Flame Past Life Karmic Trauma…

You may also be faced with past life and even other dimensional facets of your Twin Flame connection over the next month, as you may have lingering issues that need to be resolved in order to open your path in the here and now.

Many Twins have past experiences of being separated via war, illness or death, which cause deep abandonment issues in their now experience.

And that can keep the Twins from feeling safe to come together fully, as there is an underlying fear of the loss being repeated.

To resolve these issues, again have a look at this session where we deal with karma, cords, attachments and clear key soul contracts to open your dynamic to harmony and physical togetherness here and now.

Powerful New Moon In Gemini

With the New Moon in Gemini, this is a new beginning for Twin Flames – provided we are willing and open.

To make the most of this week, work to keep an open mind and take a playful approach.

Instead of being serious and trying to pin down who did what, when and who is “right” or “wrong”, know that it’s all about perspective. Be a little relaxed about it. It helps you open to powerful positivity.

Geminis are experts in knowing that the truth changes based on our vantage point. They often infuriate other signs, because they do not choose to take sides but rather jump around.

In spiritual truth, there is much to be gained from not judging.
From not categorizing and pinning things down.

Learn more about the wisdom of Gemini here, and check what your zodiac sign’s Twin Flame path and “mission” involves.


Releasing Control To Invite In “Miracles”

And this coming month, if you can avoid judgment and labelling in your Twin connection you’ll discover that things begin to open up almost “miraculously”.

Why? Because when we avoid judging and labelling and expectation, we allow the energies to shift.

This is why we are often saying in spiritual circles to “release” a situation, a person or a desire. It’s to let go of the tight control we are holding over it. Control keeps things stuck energetically.

When we can “release” control and open to the highest good without judgment and pushing, the situation can shift into a higher state with more ease.

Moon Wishes Fulfilled…

So right now, spirit suggests the following exercise for the Gemini New Moon.

Write your Twin Flame wish onto a piece of paper. Write out what you desire. And put it under your pillow, not thinking about it until the Full Moon.

You will see that your wish has been answered or is on the way to being answered in some way, is the message.

But it only works fully if you can truly release the tight grip on the situation. To do so, it’s hugely helpful to clear your system and connection of fear and other emotions that tend to keep things stuck.

Click here for my Free Twin Flame Help Kit which contains the Energy Cleanse tool where I take you through it.


I hear from so many Twins who have had “miracles” happen with this tool, including Runners returning or getting back in touch literally within an hour of them using the guided meditation

(To specify, the runner didn’t use it, their counterpart did – and because their energies are connected, it affected the runner so strongly it changed the whole dynamic).

Click here to read more testimonials here.

Duality Perspectives

And to learn more about Twin Flame Running, what are the true underlying causes and how to resolve them, have a look at this article.

With the start of “Gemini season” we have a heightened focus on duality perspectives. Being mentally oriented and seeing both sides of the story.

If you can start over now, you will experience major shifts in your life and your Twin Flame communication. Try to see each situation, each experience with “new eyes”…

Because in essence, each day is new. We have constant new chances. But we ourselves keep responding the same old way to life and our connections with others…

What keeps negativity and frustration around, is in essence that we keep matching to it. We keep thinking about it and identifying with it.

Mystery Of The Unconscious – Who Is Really Running The Show In Your Mind?

Like a person who feels like a failure or like they always get abandoned, and keeps manifesting it because it’s always how they’ve seen themselves…

Forget what came before, and you will open to a new beginning. Easier said than done? I know. That’s because of the UN-conscious mind.

Our identity is deeply rooted in un-conscious thoughts, and the unconscious mind is said to be responsible for over 95% of our thoughts.

And therefore it massively impacts our manifestations, our timelines, our experiences and our Twin Flame connection. So to really move into a better situation, it’s key to deal with the un-conscious.

I explain more in this article “Whose Beliefs Are Mapping Out Your Twin Flame Path?”

… And for practical solutions, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program which powerfully is designed to re-program the unconscious mind to create major shifts to harmony in the Twin Flame connection.

twin flame path

Castor & Pollux – Twins Across Heaven And Earth

Again, this coming period is strongly focused on finding balance – well suited for the Twin symbol of Gemini, named after Castor and Pollux, the Twins from ancient Greco-Roman mythology.

In the beautiful story of the Twins, both shared the same mother but one was the son of a mortal man, the other of a god.

When the mortal twin Castor died, his brother Pollux was so distraught that he begged his father Zeus to grant the other immortality so they could always be together.

In the end the Twins’ wish was only partially granted. Castor, the mortal son was given the gift of sharing immortality with his divine brother Pollux.

The two would alternate between living among the gods of mount Olympus, and in Hades the land of the dead below.

Twin Flames, Past Lives, Alternate Incarnations

For Twin Flames, who have throughout time shared incarnations where one would stay behind and guide their living Divine Mirror Complement from the higher realms, the sign of Gemini resonates as a symbol of the truth of the connection.

Most Twins have “shared” their time on earth this way at one point or another. One leading and assisting in spirit, while the other was incarnate in a human body.

We also have this unique connection with our Twin’s higher self at all times – and they can be an invaluable help on the journey. For more on how to do that, have a look at the article: A Message From Your Twin Flame’s Higher Self.


Steadying The “Twin Flame See-Saw”

The Twin Flame connection is pointed in the direction of being equals. To reach balance. To be in harmony no matter how uneven the situation has been before. That’s where the connection of love lies. In the point of precise harmony.

Like the nexus of the scales – when the energies are aligned, the connection flows and the hearts are open. That’s when the connection is at its most open and positive: mentally, emotionally, energetically, telepathically, sexually…

When the Twins are out of alignment, the connection distorts and “breaks up” – literally and metaphorically.

We are facing these themes now on the Twin Flame journey – seeking harmony and balance between head and heart, action and inaction, masculine and feminine, the higher and “lower” realms.

Spirit recently channeled a Clearing for the Twin Flame Pair to assist with this: it includes cleansing the pair’s system of triggers and negativity, as well as shielding the Twin couple from outside negative energies and interference, plus uniting and uplifting the pair’s timelines and energies into the highest vibration possible.

To read more about this, go here.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

“Your Vibrational Alignment program and Harmony Healing have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart session weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined.”

Joy, California, USA

The Twins – Wisdom Of Choices

Gemini brings the message that every moment presents us with a choice. Every thought is a choice. Every focus is a choice. To align with fear or love is a choice.

Everything we think, feel, speak and do is leading us in a certain direction. Aligning us with a particular eventual outcome. We’re now being asked to become more aware of these choices …

Are you moving in the direction of your desires, or are you moving away from them? Think like if you were driving a car – you follow the roads that lead to your desired destination, avoiding turnoffs that would move you further away.

This is how we create. Your earlier thoughts/feelings/patterns/energies/actions have all been a part of creating this now moment and what you’re experiencing right now. “As Within, So Without”

The more conscious we become of this power, the more we can use it to our advantage.

(Read more about that here in “5 Secret Keys To Twin Flame Harmony”)


Tuning In With The Heart – Your Infinite Compass

We’re reminded that if this sounds like an overwhelming task, don’t feel bad because it’s actually simpler than it sounds.

It’s only when we try to figure it all out with our minds that it’s difficult.

The key is to begin to listen to the heart. Your heart is the key “spiritual compass” you have – it’s always giving you signals about whether something is to your highest good or not.

The heart is the center of the electromagnetic output of the human body. The heart is always monitoring what energy you come into contact with, and sending you signals.

(To receive these messages clearly, remove congestion and old wounds from your heart and activate its true power. I take you through that here).


Stepping Out Of The Wheel Of Karma

The easiest and best way to think/speak/focus/act in a positive direction, is to sense the feeling of what we interact with:

Does something feel good, light, exciting, positive? Does it feel heavy, congested, low, bad? This is your compass.

We’re shown that this system is infallible and will always tell you when something is positive and to your good, or when it’s negative and will lead to pain or frustration.

What gets in the way of your inner immaculate Guidance System working is overthinking, entrenched beliefs that block out the insights, emotional repression, fear energies, congestion…

3 Key Steps To Your Desires

The first step is to be aware of the choice available, true freedom to think, believe, feel and act – not just automatically, but consciously.

The second step is to become aware of the signals we’re constantly receiving that are pre-creating our choices, making us automatically react instead of being aware of which consequences await at the end of particular choices.

These sources of influence include genetic patterns, others’ priorities and desires for us, ego negativity, fears… All of these will try to make the choices *for you*, to jump in and steer you on automatic.

So the third step is to become so energetically clear that you get clear signals and can be using your energy compass to perfection, as a habit.

So you’re only hearing and feeling YOUR true intuition, not static or “automatic” content. This is when your path becomes luminescent, clear, easy to navigate. Your soul’s voice will be loud and resonant and you will move to your highest good.

“Every day the world will drag you by the hand yelling, ‘This is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!’ And each day it’s up to you to yank your hand back and say, ‘No. This is what’s important.’

— Iain Thomas

Trusting Your Inner Wisdom – You Already Know

If this sounds complicated, don’t worry – you now already know the first step, that you have the choice. The rest will unfold bit by bit…

Remember that every moment presents us with a choice – the Twin Flame connection presents us with choices, life is full of choices… You are always making choices, which lead you either toward your desires or away from them.

This is the wisdom of Gemini. We are “one soul in two bodies” and that is both the beauty of the Twin Flame connection and the challenge.

Know that you are here because you are capable of being together in harmony, of living a blissful love beyond what regular people could ever dream of.

Turn away from the voices of the world, and listen to your heart. It knows the way.

A Week For Recalibration

This is set to be a week that may feel confused, and like the old dregs of the past are being brought up in love, relationships and how you see yourself.

Do your best to keep your focus positive and on your ideal goals, and clear away what is heavy and outworn.

You truly are being supported to your most blissful state, and in order to get there the cosmic energies are now pushing to clear up some old underlying content that’s kept you out of alignment.

Stay strong, and face in the direction of positivity. Use your power of intention and above all CHOOSE love, wellness, positivity in each moment.

When done consistently, it will open even doors you thought were bolted shut.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3


Cassady x

Do you want to make the journey to Union and beyond lighter and more positive? Take the path forward with me as your “personal” guide with the Vibrational Alignment Program!

twin flame program

“My Twin Flame is a Runner and something amazing happened today… I’ve done the clearing two days in a row so far, and guess who called me this morning after doing the meditation and energy cleanse? Yup, you guessed it… he called on his own without prompting from me! I am so darn happy, it’s a miracle!”

– Kristine D, Mass., USA

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