Who are you playing small for? A powerful Full Moon in Leo promises to cut through your illusions, whether you like it or not. Drama is in the air, but it can actually help you – and the planet’s Ascension – if you work it right…


We’re still in a significant phase of collective development where the energetic currents are pushing for the ascension of the planet. The Twin Flames, represented by Venus in Sagittarius (the higher vibration version of love), are still being called on to help the planet’s and the collective’s evolution.

Twin Flames who are incarnate on earth right now carry new templates of unconditional love which have lain dormant in our energetic DNA throughout early life. These templates are triggered by the initial Twin Flame encounter, brought to the surface more and more during Ascension and illuminated through Twin Flame Union. (For more info on the Twin Flame Stages, have a look here)

The message from the higher realms these days is that Love is what is missing on earth. Love is what will bring balance back and rectify the negativity in our societies.

The Light That Never Goes Out…

This theme is being brought to a head now, and you may be seeing it around you – the desperate need for new thinking, for love, for change, for higher vibrations. If you’re seeing negativity and lack and limitation all around right now, be aware that it’s a message. You’re being called on to remember why you’re here, to get going with your journey.

We are well served to be mindful of not buying into hopelessness right now – there is always good in the world. Spirit gives us this analogy: “The sun is always shining. It might just be obscured by clouds right now. When you rise above the clouds, you will see it and feel it once again.”

Your Power of Choice

We are creators, we are never powerless. Another strong message right now is the power of the individual – something spirit has been showing up for me time and time again throughout my journey.

Contrary to how history and human development is communicated to us through the education system, much of history has been determined by the seemingly small choices of individual human beings. People who saw that things could be different, who had big ideas and wouldn’t let anyone’s ideas of “impossible” deter them.

Many big changes have been the results of one individual making one strong choice. Often this action and choice comes as the final tipping point of a wave of energy building up, but it is a choice nonetheless. Be aware of your choices. Especially on this Twin Flame path.

Building your own Blocks

You’re now being called upon to remember who you are, to step up, to speak out to recognize your true value, as the Sun and Mercury trine this Jupiter/Node conjunction. You are infinitely capable and smallness is a lie. There is no such thing as impossible.

Mercury retrograde emphasizes the need to go within to get clarity in this: Currently in Capricorn, Mercury is showing up for you where you have made yourself incapable mentally in the past, in other words, where you have talked yourself out of things, where you have bought into beliefs of limitation and negativity.

This period’s energies will show you where you may have been selling yourself short or creating blocks for yourself with your thinking and self talk.

The Lion’s Wisdom

The powerful Full Moon in Leo on 23rd/24th January concurs with and underlines this same theme – if you have been playing small or playing the victim, expect your illusions to come tumbling down now. It might not be pleasant but this Full Moon will be pushing you, for your highest good.

Do remember this Leonine wisdom: although this journey is one that can flow with openness and sometimes surrendering past beliefs and ideas of self, you’re not meant to be a pushover.

To flop over and wait for the universe to tell you what you’re meant to be doing or for some higher power to determine when you’re worthy, will not serve you.

Where Have You Been Hiding From Your Power?

Use these powerful Leo energies at their peak to find the god in you (your higher self, your eternal soul). You’re not small. The Leo Full Moon calls for you to stop hiding from yourself.

This can manifest as drama right now, but for a good reason. Keep this in mind: maybe you’re the one who’s been placing the most limits on yourself, building your own blocks to hold you back.

Tear down your illusions of smallness, and your subconscious mind will allow you to move past your comfort zone – because every fiber of your being will be set to create expansion and newness, not just the same over and over.

Change the recipes of creation, and you change the results. This is what the Leo Full Moon is all about. Upgrading your self perception so the rest of your life (and your Twin Flame connection) can follow.

Twin Flame beliefs and limitations

Pluto is all the while still helping us to uproot hidden subconscious blocks in terms of manifestation – again echoing this theme – all the limiting beliefs we’ve taken on about how things are and what we can expect in life are being brought up so we can clear away this debris that’s been holding us back.

The Twin Flame journey is full of limiting beliefs – all you need is a few minutes on Google and you can read all about the downsides and the horrors of being a Twin Flame. Remember that everything has multiple polarities – when perspectives change, what is being regarded changes.

Someone else’s story isn’t your story. Not all Twin Flames’ experiences are the same. Learn what works for you – empower yourself.

The Power of Choice

For one person, the Twin Flame journey can be a pain. For another, it can be a joy. It depends on your energy, karma, mental patterns and belief systems. You are not powerless here – you define your own journey more than you might ever have realized. This is the reason why I’m running this blog – to show you how to shift into the positives. I know it can be done, because I already did it. And I had a heavy case of negativity and energy blockages.

Yes, sometimes life or relationships hurt as we are triggered energetically or negativity comes to the fore, but don’t ever let anyone tell you that it’s impossible to come together or that being a Twin Flame is meant to be painful.

You choose. You are the creator of yourself and your experience. Don’t let others’ disappointments set you up to replicate a reality and a connection filled with pain. Matching our energy to limitation, creates limitation.

If you want to create differently, an amazing help is energy clearing. When you clear and shift your energy, your outer reality and relationships will also shift.

Creating New Circumstances

When you dwell in the higher vibrations of joy, love, harmony and peace, you will attract circumstances that mirror these.

Life expands and your Twin Flame connection becomes harmonized and the unconditional love you share as souls will shine through more and more into the physical world. The baggage that created dissonance, separation and conflict is left behind.

Growing Beyond Expectations

A few years ago when my guides first started showing me what was possible for me in life, I didn’t believe them to start with – simply because I’d never considered it and because of the circumstances I’d grown up in.

They’ve since proved to me that they meant every word, and many things I considered extremely unlikely and even impossible back then, have come to pass.

As they say: “Bigger dreams than yours have come to fruition before. Don’t be afraid to aim high. If you aim low, all you’ll ever get is that low point.”

So if you were going to go down in history for something, what would it be? If you were going to tell your grandkids a story about your life or about being a Twin Flame, what would you want the story to be?

You are the author of the book of you: be mindful about which stories you tell yourself about who you are and what you’re capable of.

Shifting Energy, Shifting Love

If you feel like you could use some help in dealing with negativity and blocks, and resolve any recurring issues from your Twin Flame connection, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program I’ve created for Twin Flames.

Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit

On my own journey, it took just 18 months from my first encounter with my Twin to us reaching Union – the course contains the tools we used to get to that place of harmony and togetherness.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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  1. Great post cassady <3 Things getting better and better =D =D =D , just curious.. you going to post one post per week now ? Thank you <3

    1. Hi guys, I wasn’t able to get posting last week but this week there’s 3 posts! No plans to reduce long term : ) <3 Glad you appreciate the articles and thanks for being here! Cassady

  2. The truth of your powerful words resonate deeply. I get chills all over how accurately you describe exactly what I am facing now. I now understand the reason why I am facing specific blocks this week. Thanks to your VA course and clearings, I know how to deal with them. Thanks to this blog I ‘understand’ more deeply why now is the time. Your words go beyond words, the energy behind it opened up the door to my inner truth.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love, joy and light. <3 E.

    1. Hi Me,

      Thank you – you know I’ve actually been reminded lately of how chills are often our guides communicating with us that something is highly significant. My guides often give me chills and tingles to show me that they would like to communicate something or for me to pay extra attention to something I’m experiencing or reading about : )

      I’m so glad this could be helpful for you on your journey! Sending you love and light <3 xx


      1. Yes! Thank you for telling me that, that is so helpful!
        In my experience, there are these two ‘signs from the body’, the chills that come from outside (I cannot influence it) which occurs when truth pops up (mine or when someone is truthful to me or when I simply ‘know’ things about something or someone).
        The other is a sudden energy upheaval somewhere in my body as if it gets stuck for a moment and then pushes through (happens when experiencing or seeing or hearing or thinking something that brings about emotion) this latter one I can also ‘create’ myself by thinking, which is teaching me more about the effect of thoughts and emotions on my energy.
        It is a true work in progress, and the deeper I am in, the more I embrace the fun of my journey rather than the longing for the ‘end goal’ (which actually does not exist, while I want to keep on growing and expanding and learning for eternity – that was quite a lesson I had to learn as well 🙂
        Thank you for your love and light, I finally start to be able to receive.
        I cannot describe my gratitude for you offering all your knowledge, love and experience to help me (and the rest of us as well of course) find my own way, in my own way, with my own power. So: thank you so so much. Love and light to you. <3 E.

  3. Beautiful Cassady, So well said…. thats exactly what my TF awakening has been about for me.To really learn to LOVE myself unconditionally so I am able to resonate it out to the collective consciousness.Although I have had physical reunion with my twin for me this ascension is about and for ME. Such a loving experience. Thank you so much for the beautiful articulation of this amazing experience!

  4. I also have realized that as a light worker and the field that I am in that I was a bit off and am now going full speed to the original path of work that I’m so passionate about. I all along thought that I had that part down, it’s like I have reawakened to that original passion and that I must dive deeper in and come out of this self doubt that I have always had with it. Feels almost like no choice just like it did 10 years ago, coming back to the authentic me in every way possible. Also clearing blocks that side tracked me with those doubts in my abilities with your tools. It’s time for this disbelief in myself to go, for good now. It’s so old that I find myself bored with the old thoughts and find I can’t go there easily like before, thank goodness! It’s a big leap but I want it, possibly more than anything else! Thank you for keeping us aligned and on path!! I see how all must be aligned, not just thoughts about myself, ALL of it,

        1. Thank you Amber. I never forget how you helped me understanding the relation between body and thoughts: it helped me to make such a shift then. I am so grateful for you being here. Happy to read that you are doing so well, finding your path. Love and light. <3 E.

  5. Thank you so much Cassady. This post resonates so deeply and is so helpful, and your blog and the Vibrational Alignment tools are like a source of pure light in my day and guidance on this journey for me at this time. It’s as if it is all meant for me to be able to read this and have these tools, and it feels like such a blessing. With gratitude, hope, and most of all with love. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

  6. Wow Cassady, your posts always speak the truth. As things happen you pop up and put the energy into words, it’s actually a confirmation that I am in the flow of the universal twin flame grid, and we actually go through the same influences vibrationally, what you offer is a compass towards positivity, how lucky we are to have you here ! *Always eager to read your post and listen to your programs <3 Today I actually saw you coming out of my laptop screen and giving me affectionate kisses saying that I am on the right path. And I was like: Cassadyyy please help me 😀 I guess we could call this communication in Spirit ? telepathy ? 😀 And God did help, I feel so much better and so close to reunion. Thank you for your generous contribution !

  7. Hi Cassady- I feel like I met my twin flame. And the signs of runner and all the stages match really well. The accelerated evolution I went on also matches. But how do I know I am not just completely in love with a soul who is not as deeply connected back to me? It happens all the time I assume. I feel very strongly connected in a deep way to this person- but don’t know if he is my twin. Should I trust my heart? I would also like to ask something more personal – is there a personal email i can write to you on instead of a blog?

  8. luvd d post. i’m so far away from where i began, u been guiding me, i’m enlighted and closr to the light. i love u so much cassady. i love u like i love my higher self.

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