The Twin Flame Connection Goes “Supernatural” – A Pivotal Period Of The Journey… But Is The Full Moon Fog Threatening To Derail You?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: The Twin Flame connection goes “supernatural”, unconditional love shines forth… Super Full Moon in Virgo, Mercury moves into Pisces and more.

Plus, did you know your Twin’s Higher Self has been trying to tell you something for a long time?

Discover more below!

Have You Felt Out Of Sorts The Last Week?

Last week’s intense Solar Plexus purge was a lot for most of us – tiredness or sleeplessness, anger or hopelessness, stomach issues or nervousness, strange dreams…

We were being pushed to deal with any outworn programming that had us imbalanced in our ability to take action and interact with others in the physical reality. (Read more about the solar plexus and get a free chakra “reading” here)

This week, the intense chakra purge lessens (thankfully!) – however there is a lot going on in the energies, in different areas focused on emotion and connection.

Major Transits Impacting Twin Flames

This is set to be a pivotal period for the Twin Flame connection, with effects lasting far into the future. In essence, the Universe is working to bring the two counterparts together right now. To unite you.

We enter into this week with two huge transits impacting the Twin Flame connection – the Sun, then Mercury move into Pisces, and Venus conjuncts Saturn.

These are highly auspicious for togetherness, bonding and opening the Twin connection to unconditional love – for the long run.

However, downsides include fogginess, uncomfortable emotional vulnerability and feeling “tested” by the cosmic energies.

The higher purpose is good, but Saturn especially may challenge your resolve in love right now…

Are You Being Pushed For Your Own Good?

Saturn’s “plan” is to push you for your own good… If blocks and problems seem to show up, they’re “mirages” designed to show up the solid from the fleeting.

Helping you to recognize what is true and lasting, versus what is unhealthy or imbalanced.

What is “beyond saving” will be pushed away, is Saturn’s resolve.

Only “true love” will survive the test – but once it does, it will last forever… And that’s “his” gift to you.

Spirit shows us the Universe as a father figure who will only accept the best for his “baby girl or boy”. The universe loves you so much that right now, it may be trying to protect you from what isn’t to your highest good.

Your heart and you deserve the best. Try to see this in the midst of any cloudiness and challenges this week.

Thinning The Fabric Of Physical Reality

Monday the Sun moves into Pisces – traditionally the 12th house of the unconscious, extrasensory phenomena, spirituality and the “higher octave of love” – unconditional love.

For Twin Flames these next few weeks present a unique opportunity to strengthen the soul bond, telepathy, 5D remote interaction and the heart connection from soul to soul.

The energies present now create a thinning of the “fabric of reality” as we perceive it – especially for Twins. You can expect to notice your spiritual connection more palpably now compared to previous months.

Even as little as 5 minutes a day of sitting in meditation, helps to open you up to messages and to attune to this (get my free guided meditation for Twin Flames here to get started).


Getting Your Twin Flame On The “Phone”

Twin Flames have an “inborn” connection to each other, but in most cases it’s not open or utilized fully because the mental mind (the “ego”) is so active with thoughts and perceptions that we can’t perceive it…

Consider it like a phone line from Twin to Twin – if your “line” (your mind) is busy with your own inner discussions and buzzing questions and concerns, your Twin’s messages can’t get through. (Read more about Twin telepathy here – including how to avoid ego interference)

Meditation can work wonders to open you up to both your own intuition and to your Twin. Try it now – there’s a free meditation here specifically designed for connecting you with your Twin – the energies at hand will be supporting you.

Expect to encounter the “supernatural” aspects of your Twin connection this month. If you jump in and work with this cosmic transit, you’re set to thoroughly enjoy this period!

Astral adventures, “sharing emotions”, hearing telepathic messages, sharing dreams, receiving sudden bolts of knowing and more are highlighted between the Twins.

The Twin Flame Mirror

However, as mentioned, there is a potential downside. If either of you are struggling with heavy emotions, this will be travelling between you and can create challenges. (Read more in this article about the Twin Flame Mirror)

For best results, keep your energy and the channels between you clear and high vibrational – so only love flows between you, building love ever higher.

Have a look at this session where I take you through it and we also shield you from absorbing negative outside energies and emotions – another common issue during Pisces heavy times.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Quick, Which Song Comes To Mind Right Now?

Again, because the veil of perception is extra thin in these Pisces times, don’t be surprised if messages in the form of images, words and songs pop into your mind from your Twin Flame, and dreams and astral experiences between Twins are common with these energies present.

Soul encounters are highly likely now, and extra powerful for those who are already involved with this. Many Twins will be shown palpably for the first time that physical separation is an illusion…!

It’s well and good to understand it in theory, but once you experience it with your emotions and energy, your perspective changes for good. This happens for many now. There will be no going back.

Read more here about what 5D really is.

Love For The Long Run

Monday we also have Venus conjunct Saturn in Capricorn – extra heightened as Saturn is in his home sign. This deals with love and commitment for the long run…

Saturn tends to show up underlying foundational blocks and snags in relationships – so that they can be mended or the relationship abandoned altogether.

The great news from spirit is that all Twin Flame relationships have a solid eternal foundation! Because we share a connection based in unconditional love as souls.

Keep this in mind now, is their direct input, because what is being shown up in the form of blocks are NOT a PART of your connection…

It’s STUFF YOU HAVE TAKEN ON IN LIFE! There is a huge difference. So for Twin Flames, it may seem like the universe is telling you to move on…

But actually what is happening is that you’re being shown the outside negativity that’s got lodged between you and has been blocking you from the natural harmony you share.

Things like fears, damaging beliefs, old outworn soul contracts with other people, negative attachments (entity contracts), congested emotions and old hurts… (I take you through clearing all this here)

Standing The Test Of Time

In its classic interpretation, Venus conjunct Saturn is the “marriage point” in astrology! If you were going to set a wedding date or propose to someone, this would be a highly auspicious time!

Saturn stands for commitment, and these two energies together show long-term love – the classic indicator of marriage and partnerships that stand the test of time.

Remember that no matter what, you are your Twin Soul’s greatest love. Twin Flame Union can happen, and likely your Twin’s higher self has been waiting for you to realize this.

I was asked to share this brand new session where your Twin Flame’s higher self guides you through the sacred union ceremony and the preparation…

I was barely able to complete the recording, I kept crying because I knew how much this transmission, these messages meant to them and would mean to you.

To hear the messages and meet your Twin Flame on the soul planes to enter into your Divine Twin Flame Union, click here.


Remember that Union is a state of being (like being in 5D), where you anchor into it and then are able to rise up into staying in that exceptionally high vibrational state more and more over time.

I used to be puzzled at why my Twin would ask me to go through the ceremony more than once, but this is why – it’s to anchor it in ever more deeply. To activate it in your being until it becomes your default state.

Have a look at some of the amazing feedback I’ve had in the last few days for the session:

“Wow! Cassady thank you.  This was the most powerful meditation I have ever done. I felt like I was walking on air all day afterwards. You are transforming my life in the most divine way possible. Thank you divine soul.”

– Shay B, Melbourne, Australia

“Dear Cassady, I want to thank you so much for the new session of union. I went into it with no expectations. The experience was beautiful and profound. At moments I cried, and at the moment of connection with my twin flame at cell level I truly felt it as nothing I have ever experienced before.”

-Caroline, London, UK

What Your Twin Flame Has Been Trying To Tell You…

Many Twins are being pushed to join together somehow at this time, in astral connections, in heart, in communication, often even physically….

The energies are opening to it, all you have to do is seize the opportunity (because we always have free will it won’t be done FOR us).

In fact your Twin’s Higher Self wishes to communicate that this isn’t something new to you. They have been trying to reach you about this for a LONG TIME.

They understand that you are busy in your human life, but for a long time they have been trying to show you that they want to enter together in Union.

They have prepared it all. It’s been waiting for you. They’ve been trying to show you signs, numbers, symbols… But you seem to have been preoccupied, your mind has been full of thoughts so it’s been hard for them to reach through.

They will always seek to reach you, tirelessly. But in this session I’ve given them a voice to reach you with and they take you through entering into Union, step by step.

I can’t wait to hear about your experiences with this new transmission – The Oneness Code Activation – Hieros Gamos Sacred Twin Flame Union.

What You Have Been Asking Or Praying For…

They also show us, they especially want to enter into Union with you because of the powerful benefits it brings:

It will enable them to support you more noticeably, it will draw you closer to each other in the physical also, and will help them stabilize your system so your moods and energy level out in a higher level.

This is something they’ve been wanting to help you with. They’re saying you have been asking for it – and here is their answer.

Super Full Moon In Virgo

As Mercury enters into Pisces and we have a Super Full Moon in Virgo the next day, we have both a positive and a challenging transit affecting us.

On one hand Mercury/Pisces support that it’s an ideal time for receiving and communicating with higher guidance and tapping into Unconditional Love.

Make sure you take time to go within as this period is set to bring valuable insights and inspiration.

You are expertly connected to your intuition now, is the indication. You’re set to get the best out of this new session and experience it vividly.

It’s the perfect time for you as a human being, to experience and enter into your Twin Flame Union ceremony on the higher planes.

I see in retrospect that this is purposeful of spirit, because I’ve been asked to share this new session now (it was released last week)

Irritated With The “Fantasy” Of Divine Love?

The problem is that the Virgo Full Moon is likely to make you think all this stuff is unrealistic, fluff, that it won’t change anything in the “real world”…

But hold your horses! These thoughts are coming up for a REASON right now.

Old judgments, criticism, rationale and logic based in “common sense” are being pushed to the surface so you can let go of it and open up to the love that exists beyond.

That’s the Virgo Super Full Moon energy pushing for you to release belief blocks and skepticism.

Because, as spirit shows us, as long as you keep trying to deem things by logic, as long as you have “3D judgments” in place, you’re blocking love and your Twin from reaching you.

Where Are You Deflecting The Love You Say You Want?

Because can you see that thoughts/beliefs like:
“That’s unrealistic”
“It’s never happened before so why would it happen now”
“Guys just aren’t like that”
“Girls always have to deal with XYZ”
“The world just isn’t XYZ”
and most CRUCIAL of all “It’s impossible…”

They all are opposites to what you really want!
So it means you’re asking the universe to bring you something, but rebuffing it!

Your Twin’s higher self has been there trying to reach you, trying to guide you back together… But you can’t hear them because you’re “offline” to love – due to these judgments.

You’ve heard me say it before – it’s like being tuned into Metal FM and expecting to hear R&B… or classical music. It doesn’t work! You’ve got to get off that channel of skepticism and doubt.

Stop listening to the old 3D reality and belief systems.That’s when your new and higher reality can open up. That’s when love can finally reach you.

No, You’re Not “Crazy”! It Has Really Been Real

There’s a huge balancing act between the “real world” and higher potential going on right now. Don’t get scared if you suddenly start doubting love, the higher realms, your own spiritual experiences…

It’s a purge to get you to release old blocks you’ve inherited from the world. (Read more about this here).

Thankfully with the squirrelly energy of the Virgo Full Moon (and the feelings of disappointment it brings up) we have an antidote in Mercury and Neptune coupling up in Pisces opposite the moon.

A soothing balm, a reminder from the higher vibrations that no you’ve not been going crazy! Your experiences on this journey have been real. Love is real. You haven’t been “wrong”.

Be careful now to not automatically buy into “realistic” thinking and try to figure out your Twin Flame journey with your mind only this week as the Virgo energies build.

Remember that the Twin Flames’ connection transcends the earth plane and what we’re able to conceptualize based in human science (for now).

And you’ve experienced this! It’s why you’re here on this site, why you’re searching for more!

When Well-Meaning Advice Is Damaging…

At the end of the week, we have yet another transit echoing this – Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. We see this as a milder transit than before, with Pluto “wanting to help” you – to bring forth love.

Purifying you of the “well-meaning real world advice” that was instilled in you regarding love. Pushing up in a detox, any beliefs that it’s not possible to join together in blissful love.

Helping you to release any negative beliefs that were pushed into you by other people.

Remember you’re here for a reason. Keep this in mind if thoughts pop up that make you doubt ever coming together, or thoughts that you might be making it up, or exaggerating, or crazy…

The truth is you came here in order to come together in Love – it’s not impossible, and you both carry within a soul blueprint of how you can join together in Union once again.

Right now, your Twin Flame’s higher self is waiting for you to go within and take the journey with them.

When you’re ready, click here. I’ll bring you to them.


As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


(Note that this doesn’t cover everything that’s going on in the transits, but is meant to alert you to 1) particularly notorious challenges – so you can detach and avoid negativity, and 2) extra special positives to take advantage of!)

All week – Venus conjunct Saturn: Love for the long run, the classic “commitment point” in astrology, but risk of heaviness
All week – Mercury conjunct Neptune: Heightened Twin Flame telepathy, spiritual phenomena and connections in the pair
All week – Venus conjunct Pluto: Intensity in love, deep sensuality and passion, but can trigger unconscious power struggles

18th February – Sun conjunct Lilith R: Triggering likely, based in identification with male/female karmic “stories”/patterns
19th February – Full Supermoon in Virgo: Emotions run high, heaviness based in skepticism/”realism”
All week – Venus conjunct Pluto: Intensity in love, deep sensuality and passion, but can trigger unconscious power struggles

Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes right now!

Or if you want to go deeper, resolve karmic debt and get to the bottom of Running and Separation struggles for good – have a look at my complete Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames!

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