Where Have You Been Hiding From Love? Igniting The Fire Of The Twin Flame Heart Bond. Plus, Re-Shaping Physical Reality: Transforming The Creation Of Worlds…


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For The First Time In Almost 30 Years…

Welcome into a week that sets the start of a brand new cycle in physical reality and the very foundation of our lives. Saturn returns to Capricorn for the first time in almost 30 years – and come Thursday we have the Sun, Pluto and Saturn all in Capricorn, Saturn’s “home sign”.

This is a huge new cycle starting regarding manifestation and bringing your dreams into physical reality!

To give you an indication of the power of these all happening in the same period in the same sign: Saturn orbits his axis once every 29.4 years…

So when he returns “home”… This is rare and highly significant!


The Challenge Of Saturn’s Return

Many people are familiar with the term “Saturn’s Return” as a “dark night of the soul” that happens around age 29-30 and 59-60 as this planet returns to where it was at when you were born.

These times tend to involve a lot of soul searching, feeling low about the future and like there’s restrictions all around you. Feeling like there’s “bad luck” all around.

However, the true purpose of Saturn is to balance our activities, to balance the flow of the universal energies. Because with expansion must come restriction.

As if we’re pruning dead branches off a tree to ensure its healthier growth and increased ability to bear fruit in spring – Saturn shows up every area of our lives and relationships where there’s “dead weight”…


Cosmic Responsibility To Help You

This might sound harsh but really, it deals with forcing us to let go of what doesn’t serve a purpose anymore.

Negative habits, our outworn beliefs, fantasies which we’ve not tried to build a basis for in physical reality… These all get shown up when Saturn impacts our chart and the cosmic energies.

And “he’s” doing it to help us.

A key example of this energy would be if you have a huge dream of a successful business, but some snag appears (most likely the *feeling* of things not going anywhere, doors that seem shut) SO THAT you will more closely examine the actual foundation you’re building on.

Check your facts, crunch your numbers, figure out some streamlining that will make your business more capable of growth in the future…

In other words, Saturn is the strict energy of a mentor who helps us take our dreams from mere fantasy to real life actual events. And this can feel harsh.

Saturn deals with physical manifestation and “his” energy can be restrictive, severe and heavy. For Twin Flames this phase is all about the process of building healthy, long term physical world relationships – whether those are friendships or romantic connections.


Chance For A New Beginning

With this multiple cycle restart involving Saturn, we are dealing with a complete new beginning in terms of our physical real life situation.

We get new chances to make our dreams into reality, but we are also likely to be brought face to face with the limitations, pitfalls and weak spots involved.

In relationships, Saturn’s involvement puts pressure on for the long term.

If a relationship is solid deep down and there’s a shared bond of love and mutual respect, Saturn’s involvement will strengthen the relationship and assist in grounding the connection into physical commitment.

Both parties will feel safe and right to move forward. This is why Saturn involvements are considered incredibly positive for marriage.

However, if there are underlying problems in a relationship dynamic this energy will show them up and put the pressure on to either resolve these for good or to abandon the relationship altogether.

Consider Saturn a very skilled strategist. “He” will not allow a relationship or business that cannot survive, to continue.


Karmic Relationship Blocks Shown Up

As Saturn is known as the great cosmic “karmic teacher”, relationship karma is highly likely to be shown up in your Twin Flame connection in this period. To read more about this and take a quiz that maps out your relationship karma – go here.

To make the most of this next month period and the next year, do what you can to implement your desires into physical reality.

If you can focus, be strategic and center in on the diamond in the rough, Saturn will help you bring forth the brilliant treasure that’s there.

Yes, it might be a commitment, yes it might be work, but once it’s done it will last for the long run.

Many Twin Flames will get the chance to move their relationships into the physical more these next 2 years while Saturn moves through Capricorn (which amplifies these energies).

Go here for an in-depth fun session on manifestation, where I take you step by step through clearing out underlying heart blocks and healing old hurts for both you and your Twin Flame, plus sow seeds of positivity for your future path.


Go here to discover more.


Preparing For Physical Twin Flame Togetherness

Be prepared to be thorough about things in this period. Don’t jump into a fantasy, is the wisdom here. Yes, your dream can become reality, but it will require action and planning on your part.

Yes, in the spiritual realm there are no limits, but when manifesting in the physical reality we benefit from being highly aware of cause and effect, resources, planning and being detail oriented.

We see that many Twins are set to move to be in the same place, to begin sharing a relationship in the physical over this next 2 year period.

In doing this, Saturnian energies will support you in staying stable as you do so – to find a job, to find a suitable place to live, to create a stable physical life situation to pursue love from. But the request is that you stay grounded.

(Are you grounding yourself regularly? On the spiritual path we can become open to influence and severe mood swings if we don’t manage our energy and ground into earth. I teach you how to do this and much more here.)


Making Your Dream Real, Step By Step

This week is set to feel intense – again, Saturn energies can feel heavy and oppressive. Try to take feelings with a pinch of salt.

If you feel bad, write it all down, cleanse and uplift your energy and see what baby steps you can take to resolve the perceived problem.

If we allow the negative spiral of this energy to carry us down, we’ll end up exhausted and hopeless. Stay aware, stay practical and you’ll feel supported.

Spirit shows us Saturnian energies “like” to show up our illusions to us. Our deeply held false beliefs about the world.

So if you feel like you’re in a fog right now, this is what’s going on.

If you have had an unconscious belief that all men are cheaters, or like the Twin Flame journey is hopeless and you’re unlikely to end up together…

Or on the contrary, like someone will magically show up on a white horse to save you and give you your dream come true with no work on your part – expect to notice these distortions reflected back to you uncomfortably in some way.


Did You Know You Can Shift Your Timelines?

Spirit shows us, clearing our energy helps remove what Saturn brings up for resolution so we’re free to move forward in positivity. Uplifted.

Go here to discover more about Timelines and how karma clearing, energy healing and raising your vibration can actually shift your timelines for good – ushering in Twin Flame Reunion faster, bringing in new opportunities and aligning with increased abundance.  

Spirit shows us that assisting your Twin Flame’s system in triggering awakening in them – fully aligned with Free Will – has a profound impact on bringing you together, shifting and uniting your Timelines and speeding up your Reunion.

I was asked specifically to channel the new Awakening And Dimensional Anchoring session to help Twin Flames with this. Go here to read more.

twin flame awakening

And in this period, do go ahead and use the Free Energy Cleanse Tool here, as it will clear out congestion and heaviness, and infuse your system with new light.



Twin Flame Love: Dream Vs Reality

This week really is all about Saturn – with a New Moon conjunct Saturn and the Sun moving into this same position in “his” home sign Capricorn …

If you have strong Capricorn/Saturn energies in your birth chart you’ll likely feel invigorated and positively aligned in this period.

This is all about structure, realism, planning for the long run. The things you’ve loved since childhood. You’re in your element right now!

(Go here to read more insights about Capricorn and the other zodiac signs’ love tendencies, plus a message from spirit for each).

Other signs, especially water and fire signs, will likely feel weighed down and discouraged right now.

Because while some love to dream, Saturn is all about the complex process of carrying our dreams out into physical reality. And this can seem a lot less fun…

However, if you can align with the upside of this energy and begin to implement your dream into reality, you can go truly far now.


Twin Flame Reunion: Are You Really Ready?

The Twin Flame Mirror can seem tough this year. Saturn works with weight, the “teacher of karma” – balance is the goal, freeing you from illusion.

For Twin Flames, Saturn is heavily testing our resolve in coming together physically.

We’re challenged to put our “money where our mouth is” –

You say you want Twin Flame Reunion so badly, but are you really willing to do the work? Are you willing to adjust and adapt? Are you willing to potentially change your life around to make it happen?

Are you really willing to address your blocks, be responsible for your manifestations and pave the way for a lasting, healthy, happy relationship?

Or are you more content to keep dreaming?

These are tough questions Twin Flames will be asked in the coming year period. The same goes for the many who are launching businesses and projects they’re passionate about.

For Saturn, passion and belief isn’t enough. This is all about the real world implementation.

Discover more about the Twin Flame Mirror and its power to transform your journey here.



How To Step Out Of Repeated Hardship

While Saturn was in Sagittarius we have learned big lessons the last few years around clearing karma from the past which had kept us locked in repeating cycles of negativity. Another theme has been about the nature of limiting beliefs versus freedom.

How freedom and perceived freedom is about our beliefs, not our real world situations. The lesson that we as infinite souls are creating our hardships, no one else. Embracing a new freedom through conscious creation.

Because the truth is, when we create on automatic, based in inherited karma and patterns of energy – we experience hardship by “default”. Taking back our power of creation is essential. An essential step is clearing negative karma. I teach you this and more in the Vibrational Alignment Program.

Saturn has been going back and forth through Sagittarius and Scorpio in recent years, tidying up and cutting the excess and illusions over the last two years.

When he moves into Capricorn on December 21st he brings a completely new focus to the physical reality and the collective soul development. We enter into a period of overhauling and re-constructing the areas of authority, long term creation and outer achievement.



De-Throning Gurus, New Authorities

De-throning gurus is a key theme over the coming year – shifting from the traditional human hierarchical systems to inner power of the self and intuition. Tearing down old authorities, reworking the “rule book” as the old rules don’t apply anymore.

(Read more about how this impacts Twin Flames here)

We see self employment as the new path forward, the one becoming their own authority – a “meritocracy” spirit is showing us. Where good ideas and projects that benefit the whole will succeed.

Outer realities begin shifting now, as what’s not been to the highest good starts getting pulled down. Destruction brings way to new creation.

Heaven on Earth is preceded by tearing down the walls that have put blocks between us and owning our own creative abilities and standing in our power.

It can seem tough as what we’ve gotten used to begins “falling apart” but it’s to make room for what will serve us better.



Have You Embraced Your Inner Light?

Spirit shows us the ongoing theme for this period as stepping fully into our own power as creators, pathfinders, pioneers. Embracing our own divinity.

We are being shown that seeking outside for “fixes” and saving is futile – we are our own answers, we are our own saviors.

Until we open up to the inner light, many will keep encountering outer “sabotage” with the specific purpose of getting you to look within and step into your own power.

So many great things can happen with Twin Flames over the next few years, but it’s clear it won’t happen without us taking action.

The key is becoming your own savior, finding your inner wholeness to ignite the twin flame heart bond and enjoy a connection of love with your other self.

If you’re ready to start action on creating your “heaven on earth”, have a look at my step by step method here.

I believe in you!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“I started with your free toolkit and immediately felt results so much that I had to get the full program and wow! I’ve been doing it consistently and I love the energy clearings and exercises. I feel lighter, and my lover and I are so much closer. Every day gets better and better. And since my vibration has become higher and higher, I’m attracting in wonderful opportunities and amazing abundance as well. I’m so grateful for your work, Cassady. Thank you!”

– Jessica N. California, USA

twin flame program

Want more? For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union within 18 months of our first encounter – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. And you can read here about other Twins’ experiences with the program!


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  1. I love this post Cassady! This is exactly where I’m at right now… very serious about grounding dreams into reality… just in the past few days that is the lightbulb that has lit up for me! Thank you so much for this resounding message and wishing everyone else out there the best of good vibes in their endeavors!

  2. Wow, the part about putting in the work vs simply dreaming really resonates with me. It seems lately I have been dreaming more than I have been doing. Thankyou Cassidy <3 blessings to all twins near and far from their counterparts, especially at this holiday time. x

  3. “If a relationship is solid deep down and there’s a shared bond of love and mutual respect, Saturn’s involvement will strengthen the relationship and assist in grounding the connection into physical commitment.

    Both parties will feel safe and right to move forward. This is why Saturn involvements are considered incredibly positive for marriage.” My twin and I just got married, after a long period of separation (physical AND emotional. Lived in two different countries.)
    Plus, it’s his Saturn. JESUS. So much is going on energetically, it’s surreal.

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