Twin Flame Revelations: Deeper Karmic Experiences That May Have Pushed You Off The “Timelines of Reunion”. Will You Claim Back Your Love?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Spotlight on the Feminine Twin – where may you have been “tricked” into accepting love and Reunion as out of reach?

The Universe is pushing you to claim back your “timelines of Unity”!

Plus, Saturn Retrograde highlights past life causes of Twin Flame division.
What hidden experiences are the real reason for what you’ve been experiencing?

Discover more below!


About The Path Forwards…

We enter into this week with a powerful transit still active from last week. Venus and Lilith conjunct the North Node show us that love is needed for the forward path…

And that a reevaluation is needed for the Feminine/Female Twin. Something toxic has gotten into her system and distorted her path – especially regarding love.

We’re shown that the Feminine has been turned against HERSELF in many instances, that she has become an “inner enemy” to herself… (Lilith transits are mainly focused around biological gender).

We’re shown that this toxicity, limiting negative beliefs and projections, have been a major block to love.

In feeling unloved by others or being taught to NOT love herself, and not expect love from others…  Her system has “deflected” love – on a deeply unconscious level…


Healing Inner Divisions – False Ideals Of “Perfection”

As this happens in Gemini, we see that the Twin Flame connection will highly benefit from any inner work the Feminine Twin can do…

To heal her OWN inner division, hurt and wounds. To open to unity with her counterpart – for the long run.

Issues include, where she may have been shown that her worth was less, due to being female, or that she had to be “perfect” to deserve love…

A release/triggering is happening.

And it’s as if the universe is showing us that this must happen, must be cleared in order for the forward path to be smooth. For Union to fully happen – especially in the physical.

We’re shown, someone who is fighting THEMSELVES deep down cannot run the programming of unity in their system… They cannot FULLY love or receive love.

So inner healing is needed.

(You’ll find this Inner Child Healing for Twin Flames helpful)


Which Shadowy Info Pushed You Off Track?

Because the North Node symbolizes soul path, we also see that the Feminine Twin may be doubting their path forward in love based on “shadow females” and their input.

If this has happened to you, be aware it’s meant to shake you up to stop listening to toxic outsiders.

Or, it could be a shadow karmic involvement with your Twin Flame, that seems to be blocking your happy union…

Again, there’s a reason it’s being shown up. So try to see it as a gift from the Universe.

This stuff is being shown up so that you’ll see it’s there, clear what caused it and move on to be aligned with and reunite in love.

Because “shadow karmic gender programming” will otherwise continue to create the same negative cycles on repetition.

I take you through clearing “shadow karma” and download the templates of Unity – the “Hieros Gamos sacred marriage” of Masculine and Feminine here.


Did You Think Love Was Out of Reach?

Lilith stays with the North Node this whole week’s beginning, and it tells us there’s a deep triggering going on around where you were pushed to THINK your ideal love was out of reach…

Based in gender perceptions, most of all…

Such as, messages saying: “Women never end up happy”, “Men never choose from the heart”, “Men are always unfaithful” and other common societal patterns.

It can also be a sign that you’re running familial shadow timelines in your field, which block you from unity, by keeping you tied into a grid of repeating family cycles.

(You’ll notice this is likely if you have many close relatives living similarly, patterning the same love/relationship karma).

Make sure you clear this negativity so it’s not in your system in the background, affecting and blocking your Twin Flame path.


Ancestral and Collective Blocks That Weren’t “Yours”

Because Lilith and North Node are both Retrograde, this is highly likely to deal with showing up where old ancestral and collective karma is still active in your field…

So, you can clear it. This is such a common “secret” block for Twin Flames.

These are some of the foundational issues that are the reason so many Twins never end up together.

But the amazing thing is, it’s quite easy to clear once you know how – and where in your system(s) it’s stored. (Again, I take you through it here)

Why “Baggage” Is Triggered Between Twin Flames

Nearly all Twin Flames struggles are actually based in energy blocks and negative karma. Because the spiritual truth about the connection deep down is all LOVE.

So when there are issues, it’s due to “human baggage” in the counterparts’ systems.

This is why energy work is so key to a harmonious Twin Flame connection – and why Ascension tends to trigger a purge.

It’s because we’re meant to release and clear the negativity to shift into a higher state of unity, love and harmony, not let old “baggage” play out in the connection and creating cycles of struggle.

Click here to learn more and get Free Energy tools to uplift into a higher state.

Claiming Your Twin Flame Reunion Path!

The truth is, your path can be completely different than you ever believed!

Amazing beyond what anyone ever told you or believed possible for you – because you and your Twin Flame are infinite souls.

You didn’t come here to stay stuck in struggle. That wouldn’t help anyone.

The connection is so powerful and intense, to rattle us to understand that it’s for a purpose, to keep us coming together and trying… To reunite in unconditional love.

That’s the “Twin Flame Mission” – love. Twin Flames are not here to suffer. If that’s happening, it means there’s something up. Inner work is needed.

Dealing With The “Twin Flame Purge”

And to help with the “purge”, the releasing of negativity in Ascension or what is triggered by the astrological transits — I would highly recommend using energy clearing and management.

I created the step by step Vibrational Alignment Program especially for Twin Flames for this reason, and you can get a “sample” with a powerful energy cleanse tool in the Free Help Kit.

You are so capable, and your future is never set in stone to be negative.

Shifting Your “Twin Flame Timelines”

The truth is, you can shift into higher timelines ANY TIME YOU CHOOSE!

If Reunion seems lost, or far away, you can go in an energetically recalibrate your timelines from the “inside out”.

To bring more harmony, ease, to “speed things up”.

You really have that power as a soul. Because it’s all about frequency, vibration and intention.

Read more about that here


Communication in Focus

May 20th, the Sun moves into Gemini and we have a new energy theme for the coming month. Gemini energies are cerebral, mentally “busy” — it’s all about communication, ideas, socializing.

Duality and opposing perspectives are set to be more in focus than usual. In fact, as the Sun joins Lilith on Sunday, make sure you USE this to your advantage.

We see “stories” you may have been told (or that are being pushed onto you) about men and women, feminine vs masculine…

Remember you have the right to opt out! Anything you don’t want more of in your reality, you get to intend “no, I choose a higher state.” You can deflect it.

Just because someone else thinks something, you don’t have to agree. You don’t have to accept it or make it real in your life. Use this right to opt out now.

Journaling can be a big help in this process.


Staying Grounded and Stable

Because Gemini is such a cerebral energy, this is a good time to make sure you stay grounded. Imagine growing roots into the center of the planet.

Avoid overthinking and staring at the computer for too long without taking breaks, and try to spend some time out in nature even if it’s just going to the nearest park for a few minutes at lunchtime.

It will help counteract those intense air energies that can easily leave us feeling stressed out and racing around in our minds while really going “nowhere”.

This will be helpful in the run up to Eclipse Season and Mercury Retrograde which begin in a few weeks too.


Saturn Retrograde — Past Cycle Repeats

May 23rd Saturn goes retrograde.

This means, over the next four and a half months, we’re set to be experiencing an intensification of karmic lessons and dealing with the past.

What we’re being shown is, sometimes our current situation/challenge is kept on a “loop” because of an unresolved issue in the past.

Clearing the deeper CAUSES of the cycle is how you end running/separation permanently, for example.

Running/separation cycles are a clear indication of karma at work, when we experience repeating cycles of what is in essence the “same” situation.


Past Trauma Causing Current Phantoms

The amazing thing about karma is that it can be resolved and healed — and when we do this, it can COMPLETELY transform a situation for the better.

Karma is in essence the re-experiencing of an old unhealed trauma over and over.

To read more about karma and how it can impact the Twin Flame connection, go here — abandonment fears, running cycles and separation issues are nearly always rooted in childhood or past life karma.

Discover here how to clear and update karma for both you and your Twin Soul to resolve these issues for good and move forward into increased harmony and love.


Twin Flame “Secrets”

Hardly anyone enjoys Saturn’s influence because “he” is often there as a strict presence, showing up all the pitfalls, the problems, the issues, the karmic wounds…

But it’s happening to ultimately DEAL with those things once and for all, and thereby to open the future to a higher state.

Known as the Karmic Teacher, these coming months Saturn is likely to show up all the underlying issues that have kept your path – and Twin Flame connection – from being the highest and most harmonious it can be.

Remember, it might not be obvious. In our human life, it often feels like being stuck for “no apparent reason”. When this happens, we have to go deeper.

Reasons Why Twin Flames Don’t Reunite

As an example, many Twins have a karmic wound of separation from past lives that makes them feel afraid of reuniting PHYSICALLY in this life – on a deeply UN-conscious “hidden” level.

I’ve had Twin clients who say they don’t understand why things aren’t progressing…

And when I tune in deeper, there is ALWAYS a karmic fear. A deeper wound

Usually a past life experience of being separated by death/force/illness or other trauma, which is in this life causing a deep underlying UN-conscious feeling that it’s not SAFE to physically be together…

That they will only lose each other again and that it will be unbearable.

Shifting Twin Flame Dynamics

When we clear that karmic pattern, things open up again. Because their energies and unconscious emotions are no longer deflecting each other.

Make sure you’re not pushing uselessly on the OUTSIDE, when the real key lies WITHIN.

Learn about karma mapping and clearing in more detail in the Vibrational Alignment Program here (class 7 and 8) and start shifting this deeper part of your connection into harmony.

(For testimonials on what other Twins experience with this work, have a look here.)


Unpleasant “Gifts” From the Universe

This week, we’re above all being awakened to our own power of choice, and we’re likely being shown where we haven’t USED that consciously…

Where we may have accepted false ideas, scenarios and timeline outlines that caused problems for us, especially with our Twin Flame…

Or where we may have given up our power of definition and allowed others to dictate our path, our future and our chances of happiness.

Know that the inner work you do this week can help you massively for the long run.


A Week for Reaching Higher

It literally can change the rest of your life, if you go within and make the adjustments you’re being called to by the cosmic currents.

Don’t believe anyone who says that Twin Flame harmony or Reunion is impossible.

Take ideas and beliefs very SERIOUSLY right now, because as the universe is working to show you…

Those ideas and beliefs tend to become your reality.

I believe in you! And until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

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“Your Vibrational Alignment program and Harmony Healing have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart session weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined.” – Joy, California, USA

Read more testimonials here

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