Retrogrades And Powerful Full Moon In Cancer Put Pressure On. Expect The Unexpected. Releasing Early Life Identities And Shifting Manifestations To Open To Your Highest Unity. 

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:

Mercury and Venus Retrogrades continue, powerful Full Moon in Cancer pushes for the ending of a past chapter…

Pluto spotlights your own inner shadows so you can heal, shine and be open to unconditional love for exactly who you are deep down.

Are you ready for this?

Discover more below!

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Cosmic Graduation? Or “Repeat Class”?

The week begins with a powerful Full Moon in Cancer and two major planets in retrograde: Venus and Mercury.

This makes for an unusually intense week, and you’ve probably felt it building over the weekend. Retrogrades bring up the past…

Plus, Cancer and her ruler the Moon both deal with the past…

So make sure you stay aware that we are in a culmination process this whole week.

It’s a cosmic test of sorts, to make sure you are aware enough of yourself and willing to shift out of any past outworn cycles.

So you get the opportunity to “graduate” into a new higher chapter (if you are aware).

(If you’re feeling triggered/facing problems, use the Free Resources here)

The Past Returned? Confusion?

Both Mercury and Venus influence our communication and social interactions, so this can bring confusion, shakeups and intensification of past issues to the Twin Flame relationship.

The trick is to take things slowly and not attempt to make crucial decisions or take actions with major long term effects right now.

Things are up in the air, and the past is coming up for resolution so we can put negativity and limitation behind us for good.

If there’s anything inside of YOU that caused an “outer mirror” of lack of love, lack of unity between you and your Twin… (Such as childhood wounds)

…That’s what you’re being shown now!

Clearing Out The “Junk”

Spirit’s words are, we are being shown the “junk” we will benefit from not carrying forward with us. So that we can open our path to love and unity.

Keep this in mind – any negativity around is showing up so you’ll NOTICE it, resolve that you do NOT want more of it…

And then be an active participant in releasing it and invite in something higher.

Because when you CHOOSE to release and invite in something higher, it has major effects.

A Chance To “Up-Level” As a Twin Flame

Don’t take things at face value. Instead, look at the deeper causes of past cycles and what’s coming up, so you can release them for good and “up-level” your journey.

Areas to look at are:
Love and relationships (The Twin Flame connection), creativity, beauty, self confidence, self love AND your relationship with abundance and wealth…

For most people, the issue of “Do you feel loved and supported by LIFE and the UNIVERSE?” is coming up. 

If trouble or negativity is showing up or intensifying, it’s crucial that you go within to resolve this on the unconscious energy level.

To do so, have a look at the Complete Harmony Healing which will help you shift into a higher state within yourself and in your connection in an accelerated daily format.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

“Your Vibrational Alignment program and  Harmony Healing program have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart program weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined.” – Joy, California, USA

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Perspectives Are Key

 Communication, creation, perception, short distance travel and relationships with siblings are being rattled…

You’re being asked to take responsibility for your own effect on reality – what YOU are pushing into your Twin Flame connection and your life.

This week and the double retrograde is a KEY opportunity to shift out of long standing limitation, stuck situations, old karmic holdbacks and blocks – but you have to stay conscious.


Reassess any issues before moving forward. Go to the root. You have a unique opportunity to resolve long standing issues now.

If you try to skip this step, you’ll regret it in the future as things won’t be able to fully shift on a deeper level the way you want.

Unexpected Changes, New Info

In addition, Mercury Retrograde is square Uranus this whole week.

It can introduce unforeseen events, complications or challenging new information. 

It CAN help you to see things you hadn’t considered in your connection, which will be helpful but you’ll likely be unprepared for it.

In short, this transit challenges you to take a different perspective.

Spirit shows us: For Twin Flames this is about realizing that UNITY IS ALREADY THERE.
As souls, there is no separation.

Shift your perspective, and the “outer” situation will shift accordingly!

Going Within

Take your time to process what is happening lately. It’s a good time to take a step back and go within.

Facing your own inner shadows and looking at your life from a higher perspective is key.

Otherwise it’s easy to get dragged into stress and chaos, which will keep you stuck in the same repeating cycles as before.

Especially if you’re dealing with groups or people who are not in higher awareness.

Your Strongest Self

Fortunately, Mercury Retrograde conjunct Saturn will help you see things logically.

You’ll find it easier to be focused, rather than falling prey to things like empty wishing and hoping, or negative influences.

Saturn can challenge us… But he also helps us be more “realistic” and engaged with our inner strength, so use this to your advantage.

You may feel downhearted, but Saturn will also help you cut through any illusions, and be willing to start over… To above all change YOUR approach and perspective. To embrace your power.

The Universe Shows You The Way Forward

It’s likely you’ll instinctively feel “done” with parts of your life and your approach this week.

You may feel pessimistic now, but if you stay focused and practical, you can cut through these emotions and use Saturn’s power to turn the ship around to a better future. 

In addition, Venus Retrograde also squares Chiron, which means you’re likely to be VERY hard on yourself. Be aware of this.

The reason this is happening is so you can recognize it and release. It’s “past voices”. Not truthful.

Clouded Perspectives

You’re likely not seeing things clearly – especially YOURSELF.

The past is “filtering” your experience so again be aware of your PERSPECTIVE.

Spirit’s input is that if you clear your energy system, this negative filter and heaviness will leave… Making it easier to use the POSITIVE potential of this time to re-align with a higher future.

You can get started for Free here…

However, this week’s intensity deals with unconscious inner wounds and childhood, so you may need deeper work.

Due to this week’s themes and “cosmic lessons” I would strongly recommend the Inner Child Healing, especially if you’re dealing with wounds around self worth, abandonment fears, feeling rejected or similar.


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Love Wounds Coming Up For Healing

Venus represents romantic attachments, as well as your own inner self-esteem and self-worth.

One of the biggest lessons and challenges for Twin Flames is this:

If you don’t love yourself, you are not fully OPEN to love from your counterpart. You may actually be “deflecting” them, without realizing it.

Consider this: If we treat ourselves with contempt, hatred, resentment or have shame, guilt or feelings of inferiority… we are unfortunately not a match with being appreciated and loved by others. 

It might be tough to revisit old wounds that led us to close our hearts…

But facing our fears and inner wounds is the only thing that can permanently help us heal, so we can be fully open to love and unity.

(More on this in “The Magic Of Twin Flame Self Union” here)


Deep Transformation

Another HUGE source of impact this week, is The Sun and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn this whole week.

This adds to the pressure for transformation and healing/purification of our IDENTITY.

Pluto tends to bring unconscious issues to the surface in a “detox” process, and sheds light on any repressed wounds and traumas from the past.

Rejection wounds are key.

This transit brings a purge/recalibration of the sacral chakra, which rules sexuality, kundalini energy and intimacy… Plus the solar plexus and our center of self. So it can get intense.

Know that it’s for a purpose and work to stay in higher awareness.

Do your inner work, clear your chakras. Invite in a new higher energy. (I teach you more about chakras here).

If you do this, it will make the week a time of POSITIVE transformation, rather than a struggle with the immense power of this cosmic “detox”.

Pluto, Challenging You To…?

Because Pluto can feel “merciless”. It’s all about showing up where we have been hiding from our true soul power, running from our fears.

“He” confronts us with all of our inner darkness, wounding and doubts…

So we can awaken to our deeper soul power. To true love. Light.
If you open and work with this process of deep cleansing, a new beginning will emerge.

If you keep running or hiding from your power, Pluto WILL seek to shake you up by bringing you to your own depths.

Working consciously with this process and recognizing that it is for your highest good, is key to making it smooth rather than full of turmoil. 

Why Do We Get Tested?

Because with this, the Universe is trying to help you open to a higher state.

By releasing all the old holdbacks and the limits you’ve accepted into your reality – which have been blocking your Twin Flame connection and your path.

Your identity may seem to be changing, but really it’s your soul that is beginning to shine through. Your highest self. 

This process is slow because it goes to the roots of your family/social conditioning – to uncover the experiences that blocked or limited the expression of your authentic self.

Being Your Own Detective

Stay alert to memories and old tendencies arising.

Perhaps someone criticized your personality, passions, and way of being, and those memories have lingered in your UN-conscious mind, preventing you from being open to love with your Twin Flame.

You may need to spend some time going within to fully recognize, release and shift these things.

Be aware that the healing process can’t take place if you’re in constant stress mode or just mentally “thinking” that you release the past.

Because it’s stored much deeper. It’s all about the inner shadow areas of our being which we often run from, rather than deal with…

Becoming Your Own Ruler

Once Pluto’s purification process is complete and you have truly gone through the release process…

This transit will lend you more power and magnetism, activating new cycles, people and situations to be brought into your life – including with your Twin Flame.

For help to navigate this whole week’s Plutonian intensity, I would recommend this session where we deal specifically with Pluto’s impact on the Twin Flame connection…

Claiming back anywhere you’ve given away your power (and keep doing it unconsciously) and so much more…


Click here to read more and download

Heaven Vs Earth?

It’s likely that one of your main sources of frustration is that your counterpart or the physical world may not be living up to your higher hopes.

Because Mars squares Neptune this whole week as well.

Spiritual potential and physical reality are at odds. 

Our actions and desires, and the path forward, seem unclear and difficult to grasp.

The more we try to control situations or other people… The more confusion and “elements beyond our control” seem to get in the way and sabotage it…

Reaching Higher

This transit can be frustrating but it’s a message to go higher.

Sometimes we need to slow down and re-align WITHIN…

To listen to our intuition so we don’t make hasty choices or take badly advised actions…

But instead get into a space of love and higher emotions within, then ALLOW ourselves to be guided to the right choices and actions to take… and when.

Neptune square Mars also shows us that influence is on high. Meaning, whether it’s you or your Twin, you are absorbing outer emotions and content from groups and people…

And it’s affecting your experiences and even behavior and thoughts.


Negative Interference?

Make sure you manage your energy and stay grounded and self aware. Otherwise you can get pulled into a roller-coaster based on other people’s drama.

Many Twins get pulled into ego interference and steered off track by “false guidance”, so make sure you stay aware!

Neptune is also the master of illusions, victimhood and escapism, so be careful what you consider “real”.

This transit indicates that any guidance you THINK you have received, or people you have believed, may have lead you down the wrong path or not be truthful…

Your own view of the future could also be distorted.

Key is: you’re not seeing the true potential – especially regards the Masculine Twin and/or physical action.

Are You Who You Think You Are?

Midweek, the Sun conjuncts Mercury Retrograde, which moves backwards past the Sun. This deals with recalibrating our identity.

We’re getting the chance to take a look at our past/habitual behavior, mindset and how we have approached life… So we can shift into a higher state.

Spirit shows us, it’s all about removing the veils of illusion we have had about ourselves and our capability.

Anchoring In The Higher Self

Mercury has transited the Sun “moving backwards”, during all his recent Retrogrades, so this is a key lesson that lasts several years.

In short, you are not seeing yourself clearly.

You do not SEE your power, your capability, what you COULD have in your life. And now, the universe is working to remove these veils.

To anchor in your soul power.

Pay attention!


Diving Deep Into The Self

As Mercury Retrograde joins the Sun and Pluto, midweek we have a massive focus on transformation.

Your whole life situation is likely shifting. And if not, you are thinking about change.

Pluto is helping you pinpoint the core causes of any negative cycles you’ve had in life – including with your Twin.

Transformation is encouraged, but you must know your own depths so you don’t repeat past negative cycles all over.

 You may take drastic action to change your life or reclaim your power now. 

However: Your tongue will be extra sharp, frustration may ride high, and you may hurt people you love, so be careful with your words.

Major Twin Flame Transformations

This week is a period of MAJOR transformation.

The journey goes deep. Beyond where you thought it could go.

 Our unconscious is extra active, which means you could be pulled down by the “riptide” if you don’t stay aware of yourself or are full of inner “issues”…

But it’s also a ripe time to resolve what has held you back from having your desires show up physically…

To “upgrade” your identity and perspective on yourself – which will powerfully shift your whole Twin Flame connection.

Deepening Commitment?

If you are close with your Twin Flame, this can be a period of deepening commitment if you work together to heal.

However, for most pairs, it’s likely that past hurts will rear their heads so it’s crucial that you approach this wisely.

This can be a time for opening to a higher new beginning.

But you must stay in your wisdom, remain calm and keep an eye on your perspective.

(If you could use some help, go here, and I’ll take you through it step by step.)

Until next time, as always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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