Mercury Retrograde – Intensity In The Sign Of Oneness And Spirituality. Did You Know About The Masculine Twin’s Multidimensional “Learning” Adventures During Sleep?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Mercury Retrograde continues, powerful New Moon in Pisces, Mars “out of bounds” in Capricorn brings surprise behind the scenes developments….

Discover more below!

Mercury Retrograde – Hold Off On Major Decisions…

Now onto the cosmic energies this week.

You’ve probably already noticed the effects of Mercury Retrograde somewhat already. Happening in Pisces, this particular Retrograde period is set to feel even more confusing than usual.

Spirit shows us, it’s not so much about mistakes and mishaps this time, but a deeper swirling uncertainty about who we are and where we’re going. Of course, there’s a “cosmic purpose” to this but it can really feel unstable while it’s happening.

Their advice is, don’t make any major decisions during these next few weeks because you will likely change your mind (and heart) again down the line.

The purpose of this particular Mercury retrograde is to open our minds and deeper emotions in terms of identity and worldview.

To expand our perceptions of what’s possible – often by dragging back up to the surface the decisions and perceptions we have of what’s NOT possible (read more about that here).

Re-examining our spiritual belief systems.

Where Have You Spoken Blocks Or Negative Prophecies Into Your Path?

Mercury Retrograde has a bad name for chaos and problems but in truth, we can use this time to our advantage. We are energetic beings who can “surf the waves” as we choose, more than we often realize.

During every Mercury Retrograde the energy current “turns” and the collective energy fields of communication are purged of “static” and negativity.

With this Mercury Retrograde happening in Pisces it’s a heightened time for Twin Flames to look into where WE may have SPOKEN blocks into our own path, dis-aligning with unity and reunion in the physical.

Get a Free “Chakra Reading” for Twin Flames here and learn more about how manifestation works through the chakra system!

twin flame chakras

Unconscious “Affirmations” That Mess Up Our Path

Have you talked about how hopeless your situation is, or how true love never ends well, or how life sucks or that your Twin is never going to make an effort or “get it”?

Things along that nature are unfortunately “affirmations” – when we speak something into our life, it becomes like a command our energy and our reality begin to mirror back to us.

Clearing any old negativity we’ve “cursed ourselves with” in the form of words and statements, is a way to really break through into a higher state of love for the long run.

I explain more about how this works here, and help you clear and uplift to call in Twin Flame Reunion in the physical and beyond.

Remembering The Crazy Beginnings – 11:11

During this Mercury Retrograde through Pisces spirit shows us, you’ll be SHOWN in some way during this retrograde, how and where and WHY you’ve done this type of thing. So you can clear it.

Their input is, it’s not “your fault”, it’s the human belief systems that have gotten in the way. The limited ideas of reality and what’s possible.

Their suggestion is, think back to how your connection began – all the “crazy” things that occurred that made you realize your connection was so unique! The synchronicities and amazing “supernatural” things…

Could You Ever Have Believed The Twin Connection Before It Happened To You?

Think of those times, and realize there are no limits for what’s possible between Twin Flames. Open up.

Before you met your Twin, you could probably never have guessed what was about to occur… The same can happen again.

Loosen any projections you’ve put out into your path, onto your Twin and your connection.

Reality is malleable, everything is energy, the universe is infinite, you are both souls of light. Things are not as they may have seemed on the surface!

If you’re finding it tricky to align with positivity and feel tired of the whole thing, like everything is a lot of work and doesn’t pay off. Don’t worry. It’s the unconscious mind’s resistance. Use this to easily reprogram into a higher state.

All you have to do is listen along, and it will help re-align you with a new and more positive high vibrational “inner voice” – calling in more harmony and love on your Twin Flame journey.

Checkup On Communication

Key words for Mercury Retrograde always include:

Rethinking, reconsidering, reworking, rehashing, reconnecting, reevaluating, reorganizing, rehearsing… You might also want to check up on yourself in terms of your thinking processes, your communication.

Are your words positive when you speak about yourself and your goals and desires? Are you kind to yourself in your mental commentary?

If not, take some steps to resolve this now. Energy clearing and shifting your mental habits with mindfulness tools can help you with this too.

Try my Free Energy Cleanse Audio – it only takes 8 minutes but gives a deep cleanse and download of new fresh light codes to help your onward journey!


“Whenever I do your energy clearing meditation my Twin texts me just as it’s ended. It truly has opened up the connection.” – Taz R.


 Mercury retrograde also indicates getting to take a second look at any old information and perhaps clearing up any past misunderstandings…

Maybe something you thought was a problem turns out to be a misperception on your part. (Maybe something you thought was a fantasy or a daydream is confirmed by the psychic advisor and changes the way you look at everything)

Keep this in mind in your Twin Flame connection – when we have that close and intense a connection with another person, we often get challenged to rethink things from a different perspective.

If there’s been conflict, is it’s possible something could be due to a misunderstanding?

5D Interactions Between Twin Flames – Thinning Of The Veil

We have even more focus on emotions and the unconscious this week – the Sun joins Mercury in Pisces – traditionally the 12th house of the unconscious, extrasensory phenomena, spirituality and the “higher octave of love”.

Keep these themes and the “parallel realm” of life (5D) in mind this month and use metaphysical tools to help you tap into the non-physical bond you share with your Twin.

For Twin Flames these next few weeks present a unique opportunity to strengthen the soul bond, telepathy, 5D remote interaction and the heart connection from soul to soul.

The energies present now create a thinning of the “fabric of reality” as we perceive it – especially for Twins. You can expect to notice your connection more palpably now compared to previous months.

However, with Mercury moving retrograde through the same sign it can mean twists and turns, misunderstandings or missed connections.

Are You At “Home” To Receive Love’s Call?

Spirit shows us, to be at home with YOURSELF, is a requisite to receiving your Twin’s love and communication fully on the spiritual level.

When we’re “out in the world” and busy with frantic activity and involvement with other people, we’re not fully able to receive and perceive what’s trying to reach us.

We’re shown a telephone ringing but no one’s at home to answer it. So do make sure you take some time to go within and recharge.

Process your feelings in healthy ways with journalling, energy work and hobbies.

Even as little as 5 minutes a day of meditation, helps to open you up to messages and to attune to your Twin.

Twin Flames have an “inborn” connection to each other, but in most cases it’s not open or utilised fully because the mental mind (the “ego”) is so active with thoughts and perceptions that we can’t perceive it.

(Read more here in this article about Twin Flame Telepathy)

twin flame telepathy

Opening The “Phone Line”

Again, it’s a lot like a phone line from Twin to Twin – if your “line” (your mind) is busy with your own inner discussions and buzzing questions and concerns, your Twin’s messages can’t get through.

Meditation can work wonders to open you up to both your own intuition and to your Twin. To try it now, I have a free meditation here specifically designed for connecting you with your Twin.

And if you want to learn more about how to fully develop your Telepathy and also enlisting your spirit guides’ help on your journey, click here.

I take you through how to do this in class 2 and 4 – even if you never had “psychic” gifts before! (Neither did I until I started using those methods).

“Behind The Scenes” Developments With Masculine Twin

In the midst of all the watery energy and floaty, somewhat confusing atmosphere this week, Mars is thankfully providing some grounding and solidity – a sense of real world progress.

We see, the Masculine Twin is learning and expanding his understanding and gradually his “higher self” is becoming more involved in his life…

But he’s not shouting from the rooftops about it. It’s happening without a lot of noise.

So even if they’re not talking about their experiences, or seemingly thinking about you – don’t think the surface tells the whole story.

Being “out of bounds” in this period, Mars/the Masculine is experiencing new and unexpected things and they are bringing changes into their physical reality.

Light Body Experiences – Training For The Future Path…

We’re also shown, grounding in new light codes to their path. Leaving their body at night and having light body experiences where they are receiving training that will be put to use in the physical.

(If you’re an Aries or Aries dominant, this could be you experiencing it).

They won’t remember it consciously, but it will gradually rise up from the subconscious. Suddenly feeling drawn to getting further education or reading something new, or travelling or exploring new subjects…

It could involve their counterpart but initially it seems to be regarding their own progression as a soul. The evolution of their personality into a higher state.

To help them with this work and above all cleanse away the ego patterns that have blocked them from remembering the truth about your connection – the content that’s not really “theirs” but has clouded their perception – click here.

Spiritual Encouragement – Deja Vus From The Future?!

February 20th we have a positive sextile between Jupiter and Neptune, which you have probably felt for a few days beforehand – this is a high vibration current of expansion, inspiration and optimism.

Coupling the energies of Jupiter and Neptune, you’re set to be feeling more positive and clear-sighted on a spiritual level about the future, and you’re likely to receive inspiration and feel more divinely guided than usual.

You may have “deja vu” moments where you even sense “future memories” about your path… Spirit says, make sure you write down the insights you receive at this time!

They could come through dreams, ideas that “pop in your head”, visions during meditation or symbols and recurring information that shows up.

Make a note because it is specific guidance to answer you – you’ve asked for help or prayed for certain things, they show us, and what shows up now are answers.

(It can involve steps to take to get to your goals and answered prayers.)

New Moon In Pisces – Oneness “Reframed”…

February 23rd we have a New Moon in Pisces, setting the start of a brand new cycle in terms of spirituality, oneness and unconscious emotions.

One key theme spirit shows us for this New Moon, is releasing human history and traditional perspectives.

 Releasing the idea of suffering as a necessary part of human life, and knowing that we are here to thrive and that there are always solutions. Releasing identification with hardship.

Opening to a new conception of what it means to be human, to be a lightworker and to share love!

That when we step into our highest bliss, we are living our purpose! And our purpose never truly involves suffering or sacrificing for others.

Aligning With Infinite Flow – Stepping Out Of Sacrifice

The universe is so keen to show us that when we live our bliss, that’s when we uplift others the most.

We’re not here to be “rescuers” of others but to align with the infinite flow of light and support from the universe, and then show others through example how to do that themselves.

That every one of us step into our own connection to the divine, and through that receive the guidance and nourishment we need to thrive – from the inside out.

When you live your bliss, your positivity uplifts everyone around you, without you even trying.

When you align with your divine passions, your Twin Flame Soul Song is activated and becomes a strong clarion call drawing in your counterpart and activating in them THEIR soul song.

Remember, you and your Twin didn’t come here leaving things to chance, you deliberately pre-engineered so much of who you would be, from childhood circumstances to key karmic contracts. (Read more about this here in the message from the Divine Masculine)

divine masculine twin soul

A Week For Inner Breakthroughs…

This week is set to bring immense INNER breakthroughs in perception and alignment if you can open to it.

Your outer physical reality may seem like it’s swimming in a haze of confusion at times, but it’s actually a gift from the universe, working to open you to a new state.

Helping you to take a step back from habit, ego and analysis so you can re-ignite what truly matters and tune into the compass of your heart.

Are you tuned in?

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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