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Flashes From The Past: Your Shadows Are Calling For You To Go Within – Have Body Issues, Insecurities and Beliefs About the Opposite Sex Been Secretly Sabotaging Your Journey From Behind The Scenes?

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Another interesting week ahead in the cosmos! With Mercury moving retrograde there’s been some static in term of communication – with the deeper message being “go within”, the mind isn’t everything…

This is an excellent time to go deeper in meditation or to begin spending some quiet time regularly so you can connect with your intuition and make Ascension a joy rather than a struggle. To get started, download the free meditations here!

As if we’re celebrating Venus’ recent direct turn, she runs into a positive sextile to Mars on April 17th straight off the bat.

This is a beneficent transit, but we sense slight hesitation on behalf of the feminine at this point.


Waiting For The Masculine To “Prove Himself”

There’s a sense of fear of disappointment.

It seems the Masculine has quite a bit to “prove” before she’s willing to fully open up again. With everything her heart has been through, dragging up the past in recent weeks, no wonder she’s feeling a little unsure.

As the Sun trines Saturn on this same day, we get an echo of this same point – there have been disappointments in the past and they’ve kept colouring the present moment connection between the Twin Flames.

So if you’re the Feminine polarity or female Twin, ask this – what male person disappointed you so deeply that you find it hard to trust in men?

This situation is part of the core of what keeps you and your Twin from coming together harmoniously. So make sure you go in and assist yourself in resolving this for good now.

Life is too short to carry this wound – if you don’t trust you might avoid disappointment but you’ll also shut off from a lot of joy.

Energy clearing enables you to heal and disentangle yourself from this old stuff so you can be free to move forward with an open heart. Try the Higher Heart Transformation Journey, where we bypass the ego and go into the deeper consciousness to resolve blocks and open up the Twin connection once more.

If you’re the Masculine or male Twin, inner child healing will help you help your Twin. Have a look here.


The Zen Way Of Life – It’s About BE-ing, Not Doing

As the Sun enters Taurus on April 20th we’re officially out of “Aries Season” for now. Things will begin to calm down a bit more. Taurus is all about enjoying the good life, BE-ing.

Many people with strong Taurus energies have a slow, Zen way about them that can be infuriating to others – they don’t rush for anyone, but choose to enjoy life along the way.

Taurus’ wisdom shows us we don’t have to do anything to deserve love or for the universe to take care of us. That what we desire on the outside already exists in its potentiality inside us.

Mercury retrograde is already in Taurus “waiting for the Sun”, and this emphasizes this knowledge. It’s about going within right now. You can afford to relax your outer activities for a bit in order to resolve what’s going on inside.

Taurus as a sign is all about practicality, creation – the home sign of Venus, planet of Love. Taurus energies speak volumes about manifestation – don’t give up if things haven’t happened just yet.

Taurus energies are attuned to deliberate, patient manifestation and reminds us that like with a flower planted from a seed, there is quite a lot of growing that has to be done below the ground before we ever see the plant emerging over the surface.


Don’t Lose Faith In Your Dreams

So if you’ve been working on manifesting something that hasn’t yet shown up – don’t lose hope, your manifestation could be just out of visibility. Keep nurturing those “seeds” daily and you’ll manifest surely and quickly.

Doubt, skepticism and so on disrupt the energetic attraction and just makes it take longer or block the process completely. You might want to address any blocks to receiving.

We manifest when we consistently send energy and emotions and thoughts out, in a particular vibrational match with what we desire.

Needless to say, if our subconscious feelings and thoughts are revolving around stress and fear while we consciously desire to manifest joy and love – it’s not going to be easy. We’re fighting ourselves.

If you realize you’ve been drawing in negativity, you can cancel and clear this. When you notice yourself thinking and feeling negatively, state “cancel and clear that” to stop the energy transmission. This helps a lot.


Body Issues As Blocks To Twin Flame Reunion

As fast as they “met”, Mercury then swoops back into Aries shifting the focus back onto self and ego perceptions, highlighting how you see yourself.

Are there any body issues or niggling shame about appearance that’s keeping you from fully opening up to your Twin Flame?

Realize that your self perception is probably skewed. No one else sees you the way you see yourself, because you’ve most likely scrutinised your appearance in the mirror every day most of your life. Relax your grip on your self perception.

Allow your Twin Flame’s higher self to step in and assist you by lighting up what they like the most about you. Maybe you have a dimple they find adorable, maybe you’re curvy in just the right places, maybe they swoon over your broad shoulders, maybe they find your eyes magical…

Allow this loving part of your Twin to show this up to you now – and believe it or not this is what they truly think as a “regular person” too. Under any fears, this is how they feel.

Discover how to begin communicating with your Twin Flame’s higher self here.

Spotlight On Fear

April 20th we also have one of the heaviest planetary energies turn retrograde – Pluto begins to move “backwards”, stationing today and will be retrograde until late September.

This signals that we’re going even deeper within. With Mercury and Pluto now both moving retrograde, this transit is all about lighting up our own inner sabotage, our shadows, our fears.

And if that sounds scary, please don’t be alarmed. Our shadow aspects are those parts of us that are locked in fear.

Read more here about how the outer Running, Separation and Struggles are actually your Shadows calling for you to go within and heal them…

When we can illuminate them and shine the light of love onto them, we can integrate these into a new, harmonious whole. Be aware that this is what’s going on in this period.


What Do You Really Believe About Other People?

I’m shown by spirit that first we begin peeling back the layers where mind, ideas and beliefs have caused fear in you – especially fear around not being “good enough” – and then we move deeper onto the realm of emotion.

Unconscious fears of not being enough, or of people taking their love away from you. Fears you might have taken on before you were old enough to think logically.

Energy healing is an amazing help in this, as we can clear the things we’re not quite able to articulate into words.

A yucky feeling or a sense that the past is repeating itself, a flash of a childhood home or a person we haven’t spoken to in years – when we begin the journey of healing our soul is always trying to let us know where the block is. Where the cause of any unhappiness lies.

Expect these flashes of insight in this coming 6 month period…

But instead of just thinking “Wow, how weird, I haven’t thought of John from primary school in 20 years”, feel into the feeling accompanying the memory. What was it you connected with that person or situation that might be blocking you now? And then clear it.

Doing this regularly is like having an expert personal energy healer at hand. Your soul shows it up to help you, and you effortlessly press the “delete” button.


Cutting Negative Attachments

Venus Squaring Saturn shows us that a lot of these things are set to be old attachments to lovers and friends which are unfortunately distracting you from the future.

Saturn seems to be indicating that it’s time to deal with the past once and for all so you can have the blissful future you’ve been praying and asking for.

And that means cutting the cords that have kept you connected with the past and the people and situations there.

When you find it easy to remember a place or a person down to the details and feel the feeling intensely, this is a good indication you’re closely connected still.


The Great Karmic Teacher

As Mars moves into Gemini on April 21st you’ll have the mental impetus and curiosity to help you out with this. Gemini is the realm of thinking and communication, and when Mars the planet of action is moving through this sign we get a lot of power behind our thoughts.

Make sure you use this power for your own good by resolving ongoing issues and working out what you’d like to change in the coming period as Mercury is set to turn direct next week.

As a final sign-off for the week Mercury retrograde trines “the great karmic teacher” Saturn, reactivating a milder version of the energy Venus just triggered earlier in the week.

Again, it’s got to do with the fact that in order to open up to the future, the past must be resolved. As the saying goes: “You’re not ready for your new chapter if you keep re-reading the last one”…

Until next time I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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  1. It’s amazing that I was led to work on my intuition and felt I needed to go deeper after I had an issue with my father trigger some surprising self esteem reactions. As I have become more aligned I find these flashes of inspiration come to me at specific times , often for reasons I don’t understand yet. Thank you Cassidy, the energies of the week you describe really put the bow on the package for why I am led to go so much deeper to resolve issues I wasn’t even aware existed deep inside me.

    1. How amazing Tabitha, that’s your intuition speaking! Listen to the flashes of inspiration as they are answers to what you’ve been asking about xoxo <3

  2. Thanks Cassady!!! It’s amazing how this articles describes my actual feelings.I’ve improved a lot since I started The Ascension period and I really feel stronger on self love, energy managing and on connection with my Twin but … there’s a “but” !!! I’m trying to figure it out and be open on what is coming up. The great point is that at least I don’t blame or I’m not angry with my twin each time I sense a negative energy, I’m much more detached and easy on managing negative issues or bad feelings or trepidation or anger.
    I thank you from The deepest of my heart and send you back love & light.

  3. Thank you again for all you give cassady. I’m feeling like I am now at a stage where I can connect to the twin flame space without letting other people’s negativity block it. Feels good to be back inside me without confusion and knowing that it is real. I finally read your posts like a guidance sites manual, rather than trying to get my head into the depths of it to understand it. Connection nd my channel I be coming clearer. Now I feel there is some real human stuff to resolve between us- why we waked away from each other. I’m writing to his soul to see if we resolve our joint hurt by speaking or through meditations. As I write this, the neighbours music is blaring ‘nobody said it was easy, I’m going back to the start’- cold play. Aso have my twin flame twin around me of other twins and we’ve been through almost identical stories with the same timelines and we grow identically so it IS getting easier and better. I kee getting the messages now to just keep clearing clearing clearing and I’m almost there. I had been focused mostly on resolving so many relationships and now it feels time to go deep and resolve properly mine and his

  4. Hey Cassady, thanks for these consistent blog posts. I find them helpful and very relevant to the current situation with my twin. It’s almost like you’re writing them about us! She is a taurus, I am a scorpio. We both have leo rising. We aren’t together yet, but I know we will be very soon!

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