Influx Of Light Brings Major Shifts. Illusions Challenged In A Cosmic Self Perception “Upgrade”. But Has Your Twin Been Affected By Someone With “Bad” Intentions?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Grand Trine in Earth and Saturn direct makes way for progress in the physical, and Fall equinox gateway opens! Challenges relating to childhood self perception… And who has been influencing your Twin behind the scenes?

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Master Of Illusion… Are You Seeing Yourself Clearly?

We have a busy week ahead energetically!

Things have been feeling hazy in recent times. We’ve had a push around spirituality, faith and our relationship with the universe… and this continues throughout the week with a powerful opposition between the Sun, Mars and Neptune.

Neptune is the master of illusion and fantasy, the unconscious, and spirituality… And when he triggers the Sun while in Retrograde, we’re dealing with the bursting of illusions and fantasies built up in the past.

Above all, illusions about our SELVES are being triggered. We’re likely to be faced with our own false ideas of limitations… We may be faced with seeing how we’ve messed OURSELVES or our own path up in the past.

Key here are victimhood, “realism” and assuming that our dreams are out of reach… (The truth is we’re infinite!)

With Mars tying in, we see the reason people’s dreams don’t happen is most often because they think it’s “impossible” and therefore don’t take tangible action to reach them. Our beliefs are being challenged heavily right now.

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself!

This is the universe’s gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) way of shaking us out of old judgments so that we can open up to more.

Remember that in order to receive something, to be a match to it, we have to be able to vibrationally align with it. Like tuning into a radio station.

If we’re on the frequency of “life sucks and things don’t change because XYZ happened in the past” the universe is shaking us up right now to let go of that…

So we can begin to open to the frequency of “maybe miracles really do happen” or “Twin Flames really can share blissful love together in the physical.

Reconsidering Spiritual Info From The Past

So  try to take your own thoughts and judgments and perceptions with a pinch of salt this week. If in doubt, write it out.

This is a balancing act and we’re being asked to become more open-minded for our own highest good. The universe says: To receive what you’re asking for, you have to let go of old judgments and the places where you “decided” that things were stuck…

(I help you with this whole process in the new session Divine Breakthrough – Calling in Physical Change In The Twin Flame Connection)


When Negativity Influences “Divine Guidance”

Another big indication for Sun/Mars opposition Neptune R this whole week is to reconsider spiritual assumptions and “insights” from the past. Whether they’ve come from you or others.

This is a strong nudge from the universe that not all has been the way you interpreted it… For best results, use multiple methods of verifying info and always listen to your feelings, your intuition above all.

Don’t take your own spiritual insights too seriously right now. The indication is you may have been influenced/picked up on ego/influence/unconscious material! Sound crazy? Remember that energy has no boundaries.

If you’ve ever watched a sad film and it made you cry, you’ve experienced how this works. You weren’t sad from your REAL experiences in that moment but the film triggered sadness in you.

This is how perceptions and emotions and even energy patterns can travel and “catch” between people.

Little Known Causes Of Twin Struggle

And yes, unfortunately there is such a thing as “negative influence” – whether you call it ego consciousness, entities or low vibrational energies, it can cause severe flare ups of struggle and triggers.

So many Twins experience this without realizing what’s going on!

(I explain how this works and how to navigate around it/remove it for good in the Vibrational Alignment Program module 2, 4 and 8 – plus, read here about how this stuff almost completely shut down my own Twin Flame connection with drama and “sabotage”).

Staying Safe Spiritually…

So this week (but really always) make sure you’re using safe methods when connecting with spiritual guidance or your Twin. Whether you’re using cards, a pendulum, listening to telepathy or interpreting dreams – they are not always divine insights.

Sometimes they’re impacted by our fear and worry. Sometimes it’s “pushed onto us” by ego/low consciousness or picked up from the collective fields.

So MANY people get incorrect insights about their connection and end up on the Twin Flame rollercoaster because of the confusion and drama (I’ve been there!).

Spirit’s input is, this stuff influences your emotions too – not just information.

If you have been out around people and suddenly feel terrible about your appearance or worried about money when you were fine before, this is what’s going on.

(Read more in “Twin Flame Telepathy – Essential Info Including How To Avoid Dialing Into Ego By Mistake”).

In order to receive true divine insights and communicate clearly with your Twin’s soul, your energy has to be clear otherwise the info can’t get through (blocks) or it may get distorted.

So this week, we see that information or perceptions from the past are being brought up to be reconsidered. Something has not been as it seemed.

The Wounded Healer – Uplifting Love

Come Tuesday (but active in the background the whole week) we have a challenge on our hands, especially for the Feminine Twin. Venus moves into an opposition with Chiron the wounded healer, between Libra and Aries.

This is all about others vs self. Ego wounds that affect how we interact in relationships (especially with our “mirror soul”/“other self”) are being brought up for resolution and healing.

We see above all that childhood wounds around how we see ourselves, have been negatively affecting how able we are to RECEIVE love from others (or not).

Spirit shows us, when we have childhood wounds around not feeling good enough or loved or seen for who we truly are, it creates a deflection to love.

Meaning, even if someone tried to love us, we would unconsciously not accept it or recognize it. In energy terms it means we end up going around thinking no one loves us, but it’s really our energy attracting “phantom versions” of the old childhood trauma over and over. 

The Deeper Reasons For Lack Of Love

So if you’ve had disappointments in love… The deeper childhood REASONS, the roots of the negative dynamic, are now shown up for you.

Make sure you clear this and focus on your now moment amazingness to uplift! Collect images of everything you love. Focus on your good sides and gratitude. This will help.

And above all clear your energy around this.

Remember that when we get triggered deeply it’s a gift from the universe and our Twin, to bring the deepest wound to the surface so we can clear and heal it and move on into a higher state.

So when you feel triggered, use the Free Energy Cleanse Audio here and really set the intention you’re releasing the core trauma for good.


These methods really do work! Have a look here at all the amazing testimonials from other Twins to build motivation and then really go in and handle this for yourself for good…

Karmic Shadow Feminine Gets Involved

Another challenge adds to this healing focus: As Lilith joins Chiron from Tuesday onwards, we’re shown that the karmic shadow feminine is key in this whole process.

What’s causing problems for so many in love is karmic material around the FEMALE. These are cosmic themes over the next few weeks – to help us.

This transit is about wounds from our earliest experiences of SELF vs OTHER – the TEMPLATES to how we interact with others and our Twin.

When did you first identify with your “self”?
What did being a “girl” (or boy) mean to you, and what did others show you about that?
How did you experience others responding (or not) to you?

Fast-forward to your current life:
Do you feel welcome in the world? Do you feel loved?

If not, there is work to do – wounds calling for healing. And these are crucial look into now because they have become deep-seated blocks to Union.

I highly recommend a deep karmic clearing to get to grips with this kind of old 3D separation based content and clear negative karma. Read more here in “What Is It Really Like To Be In Twin Flame Union?”

Grand Trine In Earth – Progress In The Physical

In good news we have a major positive event happening on 18th September too – Saturn stations to turn direct, plus we have a Grand Trine in Earth happening.

This creates a massive push for forward motion in the physical… But it’s a little slow to get started because of Saturn’s station from retrograde.

The day he stations we’re likely to feel a sense of static and edginess, but it’s set to smooth out within a few days to a week, and then the momentum picks up too.

The challenge with this grand trine is we’re being asked to step into our mastery.

We won’t benefit if we sit back and allow happenstance to take the reins. The biggest improvements – and they can be huge – come from you taking charge of the situation and staying in conscious awareness of your goals, your intentions and your power as a manifestor. (Read more about this here)

What Have You Learned These Last 6 Months?

Above all, if we try to wait for outside changes to fix things without our effort, we can end up blocking, distorting or deflecting the positive changes working to reach us. So we’re being asked to become aware of our role as conscious manifestors.

Spirit’s input is we’ve learned lessons these last 6 months during Saturn’s retrograde, about how NOT to approach our journey… And so we have more wisdom now. We have more experience to base things on.

Their suggestion is, write out 10 aims and goals for the coming Saturn direct period and note down a baby step you can take in the direction of each goal.

This in itself will be very powerful in helping you make the most of this coming time of progress!

Inner Changes For The Masculine – Ego Masks Crumbling

Late this week we have a powerful trine between Mars and Pluto – tying in the grand trine. This creates a tense atmosphere and can trigger aggression and conflict to surface. Be careful and keep a cool head as best you can.

The Masculine (or Aries dominant) Twin is being pushed to reform and get themselves in order “within” – getting control over emotional turmoil and focusing their efforts on a higher aim.

There are deep inner changes happening with them in the PHYSICAL, in order to open up to be of service.

Old ego masks are being broken down and this can feel traumatic for them, so be extra gentle when reaching out. Spirit shows us, any anger directed toward you isn’t actually about you – it’s old conflict being purged from their system.

Who Holds Power Over Your Twin Flame?

In addition, Pluto traditionally symbolizes a powerful and influential person showing up or becoming active in the situation, as an agent of transformation but not always for the good.

This is likely happening with the Masculine (or Aries dominant) Twin. We see them being unusually docile in “following” a powerful person or aligning with their perspective.

This powerful person (often a Scorpio or Scorpio dominant) holds sway over them in physical life… And the universe is now pushing for this to end!

Because sexual cords or control energy in many Masculine Twins’ space is what’s blocking them from “awakening” spiritually.

They are unaware of this, as they don’t understand the spiritual workings of energy and attachments, but their soul is requesting you help them with cutting cords. They are being influenced on the ego level but are unaware of this.

Use the Higher Dimensional and Awakening Session here to help both them and you by clearing ego masks, negative attachments and activating their light in full alignment with free will here.

twin flame awakening

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring was the absolute most intense healing I’ve ever done – it completely blew me away. Not only did this seem to impact me on an enormous level, I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The change in him was the biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.”

– Sarah (via Facebook)

Fall Equinox Gateway – Influx Of Light

This weekend we have a new influx of light for the Fall Equinox on 21st September.

There is a gateway open now which triggers a release of collective density and thins the veil of perception and allows high vibrational energies to flood into the earth plane.

Equinox and Solstice gateways are known to create shifts and space for major developments to show up. Spirit shows us this: Sometimes, we’ve uplevelled our own energy and mindset and are “in waiting” for our intention to come to fruition…

And this “match” happens when the COLLECTIVE energies rise high enough. That’s when “divine timing” occurs.

Big breakthroughs can happen now, so do your best to stay positive and open-minded. Make sure you shield yourself, as you don’t want to pick up on the heavy collective baggage being stirred up.

The “Final Exam” For This Chapter Of Ascension

This is set to be a challenging week but it’s designed to create space for a higher state of openness and positivity down the line. It’s highly likely you won’t feel like the universe is responding to you or helping you this week.

But it’s a “test”! It’s like a final exam in this chapter of our Ascension process. To prove that we can put our spiritual understanding into practice in the physical.

That we can LIVE in the awareness of our true selves, our infinite light.Dis-identifying from the old mode of being and historical human baggage. 

I know you can do it, it’s why you’re here – to shine your light as the amazing being you are! And when you do, you become effortlessly aligned with love inside and outside.

Cassady x

“Dear Cassady…I want to thank you from all my heart for creating such a program & making it reachable for everyone.. without which I know I would still be wandering and not knowing how to resolve my core issues that I was working very vigorously & with awareness from 2013 but unconsciously whole my life. Your work is pure, exact, impeccable and most of all highly refined. I would like to follow your example and integrate your guidance in my everyday life. You are my inspiration <3“

-Nilgun, Turkey

twin flame program

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