New Moon In Libra Brings Focus To Unity – Relationships Changing To Bring Your Highest Good. Plus, Secrets Revealed About Why Your Twin Flame’s Been Afraid Of Heights Of Passion: Soul Merge…

Another eventful week in store in the cosmic energies – as Jupiter and Mercury join up at the beginning of Scorpio, challenged by Uranus, we have a strong focus on sexuality and communication right now.

Power issues are likely to crop up regarding position, freedom, responsibility and sexuality.

A lot is in flux these days – many relationships are undergoing changes. The planetary energies seem to above all be pushing us to rework our communication and approach regarding sexuality and romantic relationships.

With the aim of elevating and refining sexuality, old negativity is being stirred up so we can let go of what worked against us – spirit shows us, *what’s kept us from true bliss*.

What’s kept us from true complete intimacy and Twin Flame union (read more about this here)…

Hidden Motivations Come To Light

Heavy focus in Scorpio spells out intensity around hidden motivations, secrets, obsessions, sex, death and rebirth.

A strong indication is that you might finally discover the deeper reason why your romantic partner hasn’t been able to open up fully with you. Or deeper reasons why you yourself have been holding back.

Yes, you might have thought *they* were the one “running” from you when your deeper “shadows” were pushing them away due to unconscious fears…

Scorpio is the terrain of transformation – Twin Flames who can continue to pursue the sharing of intimacy can in this period make great strides in their connection. Confronting your “shadows” is crucial to this time.

Do try to spend some time connecting with your Twin on the soul planes, as this helps elevate your dynamic and bring increased closeness. Use my Free Twin Flame help Kit with Guided Meditations From My Full Program to Connect With Your Twin Flame here.


Chakra Upgrades – Healing Intimacy

We see that the sacral chakra of sexuality, creativity and primal responses is being “upgraded” right now. And this doesn’t mean “someone” is doing it “for” you or “to” you.

Strong incoming energies are triggering this center to purge out old “darkness” to make room for your true inner light. Sexual encounters hold great promise for healing in this period.

But the sacral chakra is also where a lot of unconscious fears are located.

We see the Twin Flames getting closer and experiencing higher heights of blissful communion, as layers of fear between them are cleared away.

Make sure you do clear old fear and residual energies from past lovers on both sides of your connection, as these can trigger Running/Separation issues for Twin Flames. You can help your Twin Soul clear out this old residue, in alignment with Free Will.

I was asked to transmit a channeled clearing session for Twin Flames to deal with exactly this.

In the Complete Harmony Healing Session we go through cleansing both Twins’ chakra systems and the channels between you (which is what often brings triggers of negativity from one Twin to the other).
Complete harmony Healing Tool

We also shield you as a pair, clear and update your Akashic records, unify and uplift your timelines to usher in Reunion and gift you with a new positive energy for your onward journey together... Have a look here for more details


Why You Can Never Really Lose Your Twin Flame

This period is a lot about the spiritual aspects of sexuality, not mere physical encounters but for Twin Flames, the merging of souls.

The chakras “talking” to each other, the two counterparts coming closer together until nothing pushes them apart anymore. Honesty, knowing that the other is a safe sanctuary.

Knowing that we can never lose each other, because we are eternally connected. For some Twins, the possibility of a soul merge can be frightening. To give up the self. If you feel yourself or your Twin with this fear, energy healing is a profound way to release the fear.

To understand that there’s no reason to be afraid because you were never separate to begin with. As spirit says – Twin Flames are always one deep down, no matter how separate we appear as human beings.

“You don’t have to push to reach yourself. You can never lose yourself”.

(We go through Twin Flame Sexuality in-depth in the Vibrational Alignment Program class 6 “Secrets and Revelations”)

For those Twins who aren’t romantically involved, we even share how to experience Kundalini Rising without being intimate. Learn more here.


Creating Sanctuary Between You

When both Twins feel safe to be vulnerable in the connection, union blossoms.

When one or both Twins feel unsafe to open up, Separation and “Running” occurs in cycles over and over – because the underlying reason is not resolved. Fear is still active deep down, creating an energetic repulsion.

Resolving the deeper energetic, emotional causes of why you keep repelling each other, is key to a harmonious Union.

Above all being honest with yourself about your inner shadows right now (read more about this here in “The Twin Flame Paradox”).

Removing old hurts and resolving karmic wounds from prior lifetimes together is a breakthrough for so many Twin Flames. Go here for a full session where we deal with this.



Inner And Outer Changes Coming

As the Sun approaches Scorpio and also opposes Uranus we’re still in a process of shakeups around identity and self perception right now.

Be mild with yourself in this period – know that old patterns, behaviors and perspectives that have been hurting you and holding you back are being shown up, and that new more positive things are being presented to you.

You always have choice. Awareness around choices and what truly serves you and supports your highest potential, is highlighted now.

Many will feel like making changes to their appearance or outer identity, to behave and dress differently – or to recognize that an old relationship, friendship or mode of identity isn’t serving them anymore and take steps to change things.

As Uranus brings shakeups and changes, don’t make big decisions quite yet as change is still in effect. Things are stirred up.

But do make note of feelings and ideas you have – and consider how you can implement these long term, to create a life and relationship that serves you better.

This Sun opposition Uranus hits right as the New Moon in Libra happens, 19th October. A new cycle is beginning on several levels – both inner and outer. Emotional responses, outlook and the way you present yourself to the world and in relationships. 

Mull over what you can change, what you’re ready to adjust, leave behind – where you want your path to go. Be ready when the opportunity arises.


Brand New Phase of The Twin Connection

Spirit shows us this is a wonderful time for relationships, a new cycle where we get the chance to leave any old disruptive patterns behind.

New Moon in Libra is a clear message for Twin Flames: we are entering into new territory entirely in terms of relationships.

With the Sun and Venus also in this sign of unity and harmony, and now a New Moon here – this is a brand new phase.

We are now being asked to approach harmony and balance from a new starting point from the inside out. To shift our perspectives to unity – realizing that we are one soul already.

Read more about how this impacts your situation in this article about the Twin Flame Mirror.

Instead of the Twins battling each other over “right” and “wrong” and for control or freedom, we are asked to act as a unit, a team reaching ever higher upward in frequency and balancing our communal energy field until it is clear and free from past attachments and negativity.


Why Forgiveness Is Key To Twin Reunion

This is a time for new beginnings.

To make the most of it, do take the time to forgive and release the past no matter what’s happened before (read more about the benefits of forgiveness for the Twin Flame journey in this infographic article).

The unfortunate truth is that when we hold onto old hurts we just keep the hurt around, attracting more of the same. Unforgiveness puts up blocks, especially between Twin Flames.

Clear and release old negativity and conflict now so you have the chance to move forward into harmony and unity – aligning with and attracting a physical world Reunion that’s both loving and lasting.

We go through the process of clearing your Akashic records of the past, downloading new positive energy for your future path, and go through forgiveness on both sides of the connection in the Higher Heart Transformation Session. Have a look here.


Come October 22nd as Mars also moves into Libra sign of balance, harmony and relationships, this is yet again echoed – this time is all about relationships.

And the way to “uplevel” into the love and romance you truly deserve and desire, is about clearing the past out of the way and starting over from a point of “we” instead of “me vs you”.


How To Uplift The Twin Flame Dynamic Into Harmony

Ultimately, what determines whether your Twin Flame connection is harmonious or fraught with problems is your energy vibration and your core beliefs. The actual hows and whats of your journey actually make very little difference.

Try my free energy cleanse tool here to connect back to pure light and begin to experience what it feels like to dwell in high vibrational energies – that’s where love lives!

It doesn’t matter what’s come before or what we call it – when your energy shifts, your connection and your situation begin to shift too!

Learn how to uplift your Twin Flame connection into Love and Reunion with this step by step program I created after my Twin and I reached Union within 18 months of our first encounter.

Or you can try a “sample” from the program with the Free Downloads here!

(You can read here about other Twins’ amazing experiences with the program – and know that no matter what’s happened before or what pain you’ve experienced, things really can change for the better! I’ve seen it happen time and time again)


Is Your Light Switched Off?

Yet again Venus is unaspected this week, meaning we’re in a period where outer love is put “on hold” while we’re asked to resolve other factors such as self perception, identity and what we bring into relationships.

Your inner relationship with yourself, and your ability to love yourself, are keys.

As Venus stands alone: Do you have love inside you, just as you are? Or are you looking for others to always bring you love?

Spirit showed me a very important lesson a while back: When we don’t have inner self love, we are always trying to outrun ourselves to “get” love from others… never fully grounded into our being or body, never fully able to enjoy the moment, never fully able to find peace with love even with another.

Because inside, there’s a void. There’s darkness, fear, shadows. We’re not “turning our own light on”.

And to make ourselves a space inside where we feel safe and love no matter what, “can truly change the course of our lives” are the words.

Connecting to the greater light is a wonderful practice that can help you feel more at peace and whole as an individual – and this again attracts a harmonious reflection in the Twin Flame Mirror.

Go here for a Free Guided Meditation that takes you through connecting with the light and infusing your system with new high vibrational energy.



What Is The Twin Flame Mirror Showing You?

Many of us are actually born unable to find that inner sanctuary, because no one around us had that self love either.

Many Twin Flames deliberately chose to reincarnate into families who had no patterns of true unconditional love.

For many of us, it’s necessary to consciously “install” new positive programming of self love and self acceptance to truly give you that inner peace and glowing feeling of sanctuary within yourself – the “magic” which will draw out love from your Twin Flame Mirror.

Because as long as we approach the Twin connection from a place of need and fear, we’ll only be pushing each other away.

Being Open With Your Shadows

Above all this month, be honest about your fears. “Listen” to your shadows, seek to understand them and why they likely have been seeking to keep you “safe” by blocking you and your Twin Flame from coming together…

What’s the secret “payoff” in staying apart? What hurt do you fear deep down if you were to come together?

These are the secret reasons Reunion hasn’t been happening, or why conflict keeps arising. Clear them so you can move higher into love.

Look deep enough, and you’ll find the key that opens the door to unity.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


“I downloaded and used the free download for 14 days and noticed a huge change in my mood and communication. So I purchased the Program and I use it daily for the meditations and to re-read and use as reference points. I have noticed huge changes in my approach, mood and understanding over the past 6 weeks! I am in a totally different place than I was 6 weeks ago and can never go back. Too many coincidences have happened to mention! But without program I know I wouldn’t be halfway to where I am now.”

Clarity., Victoria, Australia

twin flame program

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