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How to Deal with Trauma and How to Help when it seems like There’s No Fix. Plus, the transit that’s set to Rattle Awake even those Twins who have been firmly “Asleep in Ego”.

Sensing others’ emotions

Those who are very sensitive to energy may have noticed an increase in fear recently with negative events that have been occurring around the world. Many Twins and Lightworkers are empaths – people who can literally feel others’ emotions and energies. This can be very unsettling, even if you are thousands of miles away and just watching the news.

If you’ve been feeling anxious, on edge or tearful for “no reason” this weekend, you may have been reacting to the collective energy field. Fear is being stirred up in a lot of people right now. If this is the case for you, shield yourself and send Love to those suffering.

Sympathy vs Love

Human instincts trigger us to sympathize with and mourn for other people experiencing pain and horror. However, as illogical as it sounds, this actually contributes to adding more negativity.

The best thing we can do to help others going through trauma, is to send Love. As simplistic and “out there” as it may sound, the energy of Love is a powerful transmutational energy. On the energetic planes, Love transmutes Fear. 

Remember that sending Love means getting into a high vibration and then sending this high vibration energy out. Love feels light and effervescent, not heavy or sad. If you’re feel sadness or pity, you’re not sending Love. If so, take a step back, regroup and try again.

When trauma hits, no matter where on earth, we can set the intention to send love and comfort to those affected. It can help alleviate suffering. We can also connect to the light and send high vibrational energies such as love and peace out to the world. Use the technique from the Free Cleansing Tool to connect to the light, and allow the light to flood out from you and direct it to those who need it most, or direct it into planet earth.

You can also use this yourself to feel better, by connecting to the light and allowing it to flush out all negativity and infusing you with high vibrational energies.

Seeds of Positivity

On a subconscious, and sometimes even conscious level, many Lightworkers and Twins have periods of feeling: “What’s the point? Why am I here? Why am I even trying? People don’t understand anyway”. Especially when negativity hits, it can make you question everything you believed. It can be easy to feel hopeless when we look at the big world out there, and struggle to see how we could make a positive difference. But please think again.

Remember you’re not alone. None of us are alone. There are multitudes of people out there thinking about how to bring positivity out into society, longing to make a positive difference in the world. All over the planet people are waking up, stirred to know that things can be different. All over the planet, grains of ideas and plans carry the potential to change our societies for the better for everyone. Please don’t lose faith.

Neptune Direct – Spiritual Development “speeds up”

This week, we experience one of the year’s most significant events (especially for those with an interest in spirituality and creativity) – Neptune is finally turning direct on 18th November after many months of retrograde movement. We’re finally moving forward again, and the “ether” will feel clearer and less congested for those who meditate and communicate with guidance.

The reason for this is that the retrograde period has coincided with a collective purge of the Crown Chakra – issues involving feeling abandoned by the universe, and feeling disconnected from or unloved by source, or unsupported by God, have been coming up to be cleared. This has put a dampener on many a spiritual link. Also due to this purge of the Crown Chakra, many have felt disconnected from their Twin these past few months. This should improve considerably now.

The Veil Of Perception Thins

It was shown to me recently that each soul who incarnates on Earth signs soul contracts to have most if not all of their extrasensory perceptions shut down, in order to assimilate and learn as much as possible. The issue now we’re here on earth, is that we have forgotten that we volunteered to be cut off from the higher realms, at least to some extent.

On a deep, subconscious level many of us feel abandoned by the higher realms. These old wounds have been coming up to be cleared over recent months – for many this has taken the form of feeling like we have no help on our journey. As Neptune now moves direct through his own sign of Pisces again, however, the Veil of Perception will seem to thin more and more because a lot of this old entrenched energy has been cleared.

We are now moving forward again in terms of spiritual development, after months of tough lesson learning and healing past wounds. You may feel much more aware of your intuition now, and you’ll notice that mental disruptions may settle – experimentation with telepathy, communication with spirit, meditation and astral travel is set to be stronger and more fruitful than in recent months.

Heaviness or Concentration? Your Choice

Another significant shift occurs this week as Mercury and the Sun shift into Sagittarius late this week – over the weekend they both conjunct Saturn, which can feel heavy. However, remember that the Saturnian energies’ upside is concentration and increased focus.

If you can channel these “heavier” energies into finely honing plans for the future and making sure that you’re prepared and know what’s needed, Saturn will support you all the way. “His” wisdom is: we must clear away the excess in order to move more easily to our goals and destinations.

So keep this in mind – What could you clear away in order to lighten your load? What habits, daily tasks, beliefs – even people – are holding you back more than pushing you forward?

Ego Vs Harmony

Another significant transit is set to bring potentially huge positive changes, but also rough patches: Venus in Libra opposition Uranus in Aries continues this autumn’s strong themes of the collective versus self. Turning outwards versus turning within. Giving up the ego in favour of reaching harmony and energetic equilibrium within the Twin Flame pair.

Many Twins who have been comfortable in their old habits, ego patterns or “3D” living are being forcibly awakened now. This strong opposition is set to stir changes and rattle even those Twins who were firmly stuck in “ego”. It’s as if their foundations are being shaken to wake them up to the deeper reality of belonging, their soul self and their divine counterpart. To begin to remember.

Awakening the Still Asleep

Even those Twins who are still “asleep” will be pushed to feel this one. Ego and insecurities might flare up, fear patterns are triggered. It’s all for a purpose – to show the person a true mirror of themselves. To grow past our boundaries, we must first face them.

This is a step towards healing. Remember if trouble shows up this week, that every struggle holds the seed of progress and every wound the seed of healing. It’s not always easy to feel this in the middle of challenges, but try to keep it in mind. All Twin Flames are here to heal and come together. Including those who seem the most resistant.

If you’d like to know more about how to clear your shared energy field with your Twin in order to consciously and smoothly shift your dynamic into increased balance and harmony, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program I’ve created for Twin Flames.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

PS: I’m currently preparing a full Twin Flame energy forecast for 2016, and I’m excited to tell you that there are some very exciting and positive developments, gateways and pivotal phases in store for this coming year. I’m aiming to have the full forecast available for you within a few weeks, so keep an eye on your email!

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  1. Dear Cassady,
    Thank you for your encouraging blog.
    Could you please explain me 3 things?
    1. How can it be that after I clear my energy (either myself through your clearings (mostly) or sometimes with help of an energy healer), after that I start to be strongly pulled down? I think it might be the more heavy energy of my twin that redistributes over us or that I take over from him. Can you explain this?
    2. Another important question is: earth. We are here for an earth experience. To find the soul connection also in 3D. We are do connected on soul level, feel, speak, melt together. But the longing for this connection that I can sense with my 5 other senses is massive. The more I clear, the more that intensifies. It is not enough to have only the soul feeling, why are we otherwise here? How to deal with that?
    3. Another related thing: earthly communications with my twin. I feel that when I write him, my words have large effect (I know they do) and I feel by speaking my truth it might help him to confront his ego issues, it has proven so in the past. In earthly communications we did that always: showing ego fears and resolve these together. Now in physical separation, I feel I still have to do that. Could you explain more about earthly communications?
    Thank you so much, I really would like to understand this all better.
    Love and light. E

    1. I agree with absolutely everything you’ve listed. I also feel much heavier, and disconnected from my twin, since doing two separate energy clearings. If we can’t be with our twin’s in the 3D, yet we have no choice but to exist in the 3D (because that’s just life), how can a human being be expected to “live” spiritually with his/her TF while also living physically with another/others? I sometimes question whether reconciling the two realms is even possible. For me, I have grown increasingly more frustrated by my desire to establish a loving, lasting romantic partnership and my inability (at this time) to develop an interest in anyone other than my TF…yet he is married and raising a family. Where does this leave those of us who are single and wanting to build a life with a partner? The confusion of this whole TF concept is intolerable at times, despite my efforts to cleanse and clear my energies.

      1. I am married and so is my twin. I can tell you for certain I feel I live a double life. I’m not even in contact with twin and still feels that way. I get insights and dreams frequently and it’s a delicate balance. I think what also has happened to me for past few months, I have felt disconnected to twin too. so might be Intersting for you as well to see if that changes this week like Cassady says. Also, if clearing and feeling disconnected, I can’t say I feel closer to twin but I personally feel I am cleaning up my end. I feel closer to me and have found big differences in myself and thought pattern due to clearings. It always go back to you and your inner self. Maybe the feeing If disconnect is so you focus on you. ??

        1. The thing is, I am clearing already for a long time and managed several times to get very light. I am also feeling very connected on soul level, where we really engage with each other. However, he has deep issues and is strong in his ego, the sudden pull downs I cannot relate to my own circumstances or clearings. In a healing with an energy healer, my twin actually joined and laid down with me to be cleared. Since then, every time I clear I get heavy afterwards. It feels as if I get a new load to clear, but it is sometimes too much. That’s why I asked Cassady.
          Thanks! <3 E

        2. Thanks, Amber! I believe you are right…perhaps I really should be focusing on myself. I often think I am, in terms of academic/professional goals and achievement. Interestingly enough, I’ve begun to question/ponder many relationships in my life – not just the TF connection. In some ways I feel lighter…different. In other ways I feel heavier. Maybe this is a sign that I truly do need to focus on myself and reevaluate certain aspects of my life. I also wonder if some of this is my twin’s energy, especially the feeling of being stuck…can’t seem to make sense of that since I have complete freedom and autonomy. This is all so frustrating and fascinating at the same time.

  2. Hello Cassady, thank you for your beautifull and really helpful blog. I would like to ask you something, in my twin flame path I understood that I am the chaser AND the runner. I did a lot of healing and I have my twin flame in my life as a friend and spiritual guide… but there is something in me blocking love. I am trying to change any limiting beliefs about love but I found out that I also had some vows and oaths from previous lives preventing me from loving. Do you know any good procedure to get rid of vows?

  3. Hi Cassady, this post is so pertinent. I live in France and used to live right where one of the attacks took place in Paris. There is a stifling heaviness in the atmosphere and its hard to raise my vibration. Your advice is very helpful. Parallel to this my husband and entourage know nothing about my TF. My TF and I are currently in separation which I truly feel we both need. After months of separation and bumping into my TF a couple of times “by chance” my husband has suggested we work with my TF on a project! I don’t know why this is happening? To bring us together in such a strange way? I would be grateful for any advice from yourself or anyone else. Much love.

  4. Thank you Cassady for this article. Your articles are spot on every time! I’m going through this right now and it’s exactly what I wanted to get some clarity about. My twin has been ‘asleep in ego’, what am I suppose to do? Am I supposed to just let it be, thinking that things can or will work for themselves or should I reach out to her?

  5. My twin and I will be reunited this Saturday evening after 24 years apart. I am so very HAPPY!!!! If you just open your heart and remove the EGO completely!!!!

    1. Hi Youvonda, I am so sincerely happy for you!! I wish you both lots of love and joy. My TF and I are in separation. I just found out today that he is moving in with his ex-girlfriend. I am happy if this is in the name of progress. How have you managed to ait so long? Really I’m curious to know?? I show him so much love on a spiritual level…but 24 years is a long time!

      1. Thank you so much.
        Seperation is very hard, but what got me thru was busying myself with hobbies and such. I started writing poems, coloring, practicing with tarot cards anything to keep my mind occupied. Another thing I started was meditation – and my meditation sessions sent me messages about what path to take. You just have to listen to your heart! Continue to love him, remember the other twin will feel the love you are sending and one day hopefully he will wake up. Continue being happy and try not to think about it. I know it is hard to do; trust me.

        1. My way of dealing with my separation was to absorb as much as his personality as possible haha, I think it happened on its own but I would also embrace it. I naturally say things in English pronunciation and make the jokes he would make. It is like I found him in me and helps me to feel closer to him. He was surprised last time I talked to him and said “cheers” lol but I can’t fight what my soul wants 😉

        2. I guess we all need to hear your story… 🙂 I am so happy for you, and for all of us too. I am also about 22 years in it and now in second separation. Being torn between meditating and giving up…
          Thank you! <3

          1. I’m 18 years in-but only discovered were twins through him this exact time a year ago. I also feel the give up too and maybe that’s not necessarily a bad thing?? Really, that is a let go in many ways. I couldn’t feel farther away from him. At the same time maybe that’s all part of the plan?!

          2. I found out about twins last summer… all fell into place but at the same time, it did partly cause the separation I am afraid. I awoke, he did not and that made things more difficult. He is now trying to patch things up with his wife, after telling her all about me. It is hard to let go, in particular because of the life phase he is in… not too much time anymore

          3. What do mean not too much time anymore? My twin heard me mention twin flame after a channler mentioned it to me, I had no idea but we saw all the signs and force of universe immediately. So he saw what was happening but not sure he put much thought into it. Haven’t seen him in 8 months and feels like 40 years in some ways. He might have more insight than you know? I would love to know the messages he got bc it started for him in intense dreams but I know nothing since out of touch. Written at 4:11! Ha!

          4. My twin is unaware of the tf concept, but he (being an atheist) did notice all synchronicities between us, felt and saw our connection in dreams and during separation (I run 13 years) he started to wish for me, calling my name out loud and then I could not resist anymore and came back. He also repeatedly that his soul longed for me.
            With not much time I mean that he is already quite old (we have a large age difference) and sees himself therefore in the last phase of this life. He now tries to focus on head, on being rational and do what he expects himself to do: forget about me and be with his wife. So yes, you are right. I decided to let go. I stop the fight. I have to love myself. Next life. But how much it hurts. More than the first separation (then I ran, convincing myself that he did not love me) because I refuse to close off my love, I refuse to pretend it does not happen because there is no love. I see it cannot happen because he is unable to. And I love him, despite that.
            Although I feel him on soul level strongly (besides the times that I suddenly fall back in atheism 😉 and I am happy I have at least that, I still feel it is so sad that we did not manage to get it done in this life time.
            Love. <3 E.

          5. That’s a tricky situation you have. I do believe we all wouldn’t be going through this to not end up with them. I really do. Again, no idea how it all shakes out but we wouldn’t have all woke up at the same time. I always try to align myself with what feels like a better thought in my body. If it saddens you that you won’t be together then possibly that thought is inaccurate and your sad body is telling you that message. What’s it feel like when you think differently with a positive outcome? That’s what I trust, it resonates and feels better/right.

          6. I suddenly get what you mean… Before when I read it not. Thank you! The sadness and pain can be coming forth from me thinking not my truth, but following fear. That is a crucial insight. I am so grateful, Amber!
            <3 E.

          7. Exactly, trust your body over your thoughts! Your head doesn’t know, the mental doesn’t know, your soul and body do. I hope you played with changing the thoughts and feeling the big difference. I use this for a lot of things in life, it helps me get clear faster bc ego can get in the way quite a bit!

          8. I got a feeling that ur union will b much earlier nd easier than ours. I hope that god gets u out of this illusion of fear nd always keep u in a state of divine love.

          9. Thank you so much for saying that Rahul! Surrendering to the divine is a journey onto itself, but I am getting there. <3 E.

        3. Your advice is so real for me as I have rekindled my passion for writing poetry. It keeps me sane. I thank you sincerely for your advice, it is what I need to hear however I don’t know how you managed for so long. I had a knock back today as my TF told me he is buying a house with his girlfriend. I haven’t spoken to him since two months. It hurts and I have started doubting our TF connection which is so sad. Did you doubt? Did you feel you were waiting for him or living your life?

          1. The problem is with your doubt – you are putting doubt in his head too. I did doubt but learned to just live day by day and be happy. I always felt there was something more to life even though I married other people it never felt complete. Now I feel totally complete. The hardest thing to remember is if you are upset, hurting, doubtful it is reflected back to your twin and that doesn’t help with healing. Best of Luck – It Does Work!!!! 😉

          2. Dear Youvonda, Congratulations and thank you for sharing these great nuggets of hope! It seems believing, feeling and just “be”-ing in love with their soul, their energy helps.At least that’s what I am learning since we are not in contact in the 3D sense. I write to his soul and I can feel him. It gets me through. Plus the signs of his name, his car, the city he lives in always grabs my attention even when I’m focused on something else. Did you two experience telepathy within the 24 years?

          3. I didn’t experience telepathy too much with him until very recently. I believe his EGO was still there – he is slowly working on it – and our telepathy is improving immensely. Best of Luck to you and your twin. Be positive is all I can say – it has helped me immensely.

          4. Thank you for replying to me! Yes I will try to stay positive. I guess both twins need to let go of ego and pride to open up to each other’s love. The power of love is truly amazing.

          5. I really am not sure it has to do with ego. She knew her twin for 24 years, mine 18 years and all of us woke up this past year! That’s not a coincidence or ego dropping off, that is divine intervention! The time was now to wake up, I feel strongly about that. He is one of my best friends, I was really drawn to him but let go and all went their separate ways. Then last fall we got the download/dreams/past life and so on. The time was orchestrated for all of us to go through this now. I find it fascinating. I think after the awakening we go through clearing ego and so on but that’s not what opened the door!

          6. You are right, here is an overlapping pattern. Since the end of 2012 I started to feel pulled back towards my twin (I was running already for 11 yeras then) and after giving 1.5 years a fight I gave in in the summer of 2014. I myself learned about TF concept this summer… so also I fit the pattern you see.
            Just like I felt this pul down last week, the lost connection with spirit, not to mention that I notice a lot of twin where the twin told his/her spouse last months about us which led to separation. We do have to work on ourselves, but I feel also that something is pushing us.

          7. Yes it’s not a coincidence all of us are popping off at the same time, I noticed the telling of the spouses becoming stronger as well lately. I got first wind something was up in spring of 2014 but he awoke in fall and told me then like all of the sudden the awakening took place in me. I have also thought I’m not sure how much has to be done, makes it easier and faster but ultimately I really don’t feel there is a choice. It we made the “choice” at the soul level before we came into this body, well then, the choice was made so it’s just a matter of timing. I also know if I try to quit this thing it double backs on me and throws the most insane signs at me to make me believe again. All our spouses found out this past spring in 2015. My twin said he would never go through that pain and stress and sickness again with his wife. He also wants to see his boys everyday and that doesn’t happen when a divorce takes place. I know I’m a twin, I don’t doubt that but I have no idea how this comes together. I also know that if the universe wants this to happen it will make it so.

          8. Hi, I guess you may be right. I recognized that the guy I’ve known for the last 30 years as a good friend has actually been my twin, for the first time this year when we coincidentally reconnected. After 8 months for very intense 24/7 online interaction, both in texts and telepathetic communication as we are ocean apart and on different time zones( we actually managed to physically meet a few times as well), his wife finds out about us and suddenly, he regrets the whole thing, never wants to contact me again. He has been in a bad marriage for the last 20+ years and fear driven by the wife and was in a mentally terrible state when we reconnected 8 months ago. During the months we were together online, we shared everything from our everyday life stuff, thoughts about families, friends and work, and the past struggles we had in our respective life. We laughed, joked, hugged and cried, such an amazing and sweet time we had together. I guess I was like a glimmer of light to his depressing life. But now he is back again to his fear controlled life I guess. I have respected his wish and have not contacted him for almost a month now. I really wonder what this year was all about, what happened between us and what it meant for both of us. I’m hurt by the way he treated me at the end but been focusing on work the last few weeks as not to think about it too hard.

          9. I definitely believe in divine intervention. When I wrote about ego I did not mean ego dropping is what all of a sudden opened the door to the whole connection. This experience is divinely orchestrated. In terms of telepathy, it seems that if one or both twins are firmly living in ego then it is a bit more difficult to communicate telepathically but I have not been on this journey as long as others so I am still learning. I first felt the strong connection to my TF in Spring 2014 too. Everyone’s story is different. I find the telepathy abilities fascinating.

          10. Yes, I figured you knew that about ego, hard to talk about all of this in paragraphs! We had the telepathic communication immediately, not always sure how but somehow the info was delivered, I’m not even sure how we did it. Interestingly enough, since my twin said he never wanted to speak about the woo woo stuff and his walls came up, we lost that communication. So that makes sense to me, what your experience is with ego. That’s the really hard is not having a clue about any of it. It is a fun, wild and exhilarating experience, enjoy, enjoy! It’s like jumping in a pool of love. Thank you for taking the leap, there is courage in those steps and ultimately helps open doors for the rest of us.

          11. i know, trying to write all of my thoughts and ideas in paragraphs is not as easy as I think it should be! =) yes, it does feel like i jumped off a cliff into the unknown of love. there was a time when i tried to push the connection away, detach, stop myself because my ego thought this was ridiculous but in my now moment I am happy to be where I am. I remember one time I asked him something and he answered – all telepathically within seconds just as he was walking by me. My brain didn’t even know I was going to ask him anything? It is quite the experience! Just taking it one day at a time.

          12. Hi amber, i completely agree with u. As if god was hiding the secret about twinflame nd last yr he disclosed to many of us. I too knew her from past few yrs but last yr got the realization nd then started tremendous clesnsing.

          13. Good news for you I’m really happy for you and your twin flame. And I want to say that I agree with you that doubt is an awful thing to have in your head it’s only working against you .

          14. Hi youvonda, its very hurting for u to hear ur twin buying home with his girlfrnd. Bt dnt doubt ur connection. It will make u weak. Its ur twins karmic acc with his gf which he has to resolve inorder to come back to u. Its all happening for ur union. Just have faith and focus on urslf. The stronger u grow the quicker is ur union.

      1. We initially met when I was 16 and he was 18. We were together for about 10 years off and on. Obviously, this was due to lessons we both needed to learn before we could come together again. I actually realized we were twin flames in June 2015. We had just started making contact again in June after he had a horrible breakup with his ex. He was very leary and so was I, but we went on vacation for a week together and we had such an amazing time together. The synchronicities are absolutely amazing – even still!!!! Just pay attention to what the universe is trying to tell you.

        1. Amen. It really is all about removing the ego and living from a place of love and light. So happy for you, that is amazing!

          1. For instance, my flame mentioned on Friday that he wants to marry me – as I was driving home after talking to him – I saw a wedding in progress in my neighborhood. My twin was watching tv one day and saw the name of my employer. Yesterday, he saw another reference to the City I live in on tv. We are costantly calling or texting at the exact same time. I am seeing references to 1111 constantly. I also never noticed before but my house number is 15101 – the year 2015 we would be together – this was another one.

          2. Hi Cici! Help! I don’t know what’s going on, but suddenly my twin is getting extremely romantic with his wife??? I think maybe she’s clocked on that I’m still in the picture and he’s suddenly slammed the door shut on me and gone running to her! What should I do? I remember the last time she caught him looking at my photos on Facebook when she already threatned him to stay away from me. I don’t know if that’s happened again because he’s so bad at hiding his feelings, or whether he’s just trying to patch up his marriage. If he is trying to patch things up with her, I don’t want to get in the way. I don’t want him thinking I’m that desperate for him! But then it doesn’t make sense that he would all of a sudden be in love with her again, after wanting to leave her all this time. You have this uncanny way of tuning into my situation that’s why I’m asking you, and also your situation is very similar to mine. I don’t know what to do!!! I’ve been doing all his clearing work and sending loving support cryptically obviously, and now he’s run the other way! What in Thundera?! Xxxxx

          3. HI Angelsophy, i know what you are going through. Similar Situation here. his wife must have felt that his mind is somewhere else and started getting closer to him. And he has also distanced from me. There is this blog Cici mentioned to me abt Twinflames in other relationship. Just go through Cassady´s Q&As…u will find it there. It was very helpful to read that, as it gives u a better understanding. The only Thing we can do in this Situation is to let go. Let him do and try with his wife. He will realize sooner of later that its all fake and not true. I know its difficult. At the Moment i feel that i´ve lost Connection to him…..cant feel him the way i used to feel him. Until last Weekend i was very disturbed, but i shifted my thoughts and started thinking abt myself and my well being. Am also starting yoga today and am very excited abt that :).

          4. Hi Angel, before I weigh in I have 1 question…how do you know that he has gotten more romantic with his wife? Did he tell you? Did you see them together? Was a dream/vision or was it Social media?

          5. He is on Facebook, but we’re not friends. We have a mutual friend and what he doesnt realise is that I can see all his stuff through his friends account. He thinks his account is private. When he posts cryptic messages for me, it’s always on Twitter. So as far as he is concerned, I cant see anything on Facebook and he’s very careful to not post anything about his wife on Twitter because he knows it’ll upset me. I don’t know what made me check Facebook today but I did and then I saw that he had posted a love song for her and she liked it. He has been distancing himself from her for months now and all of a sudden he’s done this. I don’t know if I need to watch my back because the woman will come after me or whether he’s genuinly giving his marriage a try…

          6. Just wanted to chime in here. my situation is similar in that my husband feels there is something going on but there is no proof. TFs have an inner world that they go to and the energy is strong that others can sense something but can’t put their finger on it. It is protected by the Divine. As CiCi says below, your twin’s spouse can’t stop what is about to occur, it is bigger than all of us. I too am learning to just love myself and get clear and pure within. And within is where your twin is as well. It all helps.

          7. Angel it is always a pleasure and honor to speak to you! I understand the need for guidance and confirmation but what I’m trying to get you to see is how strong and powerful you are! What I meant by saying love your twins choices is accepting what you cannot change not for his sake but yours! You don’t have to like it, of course not but remember the opposite of fear is love and where there is love, there is acceptance and where there is acceptance, there is peace. He’s not comfortable because your sending him love and light per say, he’s comfortable because you are taking on all the burdens of pain, shame, guilt, anger etc.

          8. Hi Angel, I don’t mean your doing it at this moment but I just meant throughout the cycle of the relationship. We normally do this by holding on to these lower energies instead of letting them flow through us and we do this by resisting when we should be trusting!

          9. Hi. I lyk ur comment to angel nd totaly agree. This connection pushes us so much to the inner world.

          10. Hi Rahul, thank you. The inner world is more loving and peaceful. I got caught in my ego yesterday feeling sad and today I saw a clear sign on a license plate “INYRHEAD” – to me it says “in your head” which is definitely where I was. When I go back into my heart and soul I feel the love. This is a totally new way to look at things, it takes time and practice getting used to.

          11. Hi Cici, I just posted a question at the top and it would be great if you could take a look for me? Thanks!
            <3 E.

          12. Hi Cici,
            Could I mail you? I deleted my question, I felt too vulnerable out in the open.. Sorry for that. Thanks!

          13. Keep up with ur energy cleansing nd lifting up ur vibration. Soon u will realize what i mean to say. Ur cons nd my cons cant b different since we r moving to the same goal. The energies will keep on pushing u towards soul cons since u will nt b able to feel ur twin by being in body cons. I wish u get ur luv soon nd get all the happiness u desire.

          14. I didn’t say our consciousness is different, I said my view is. Your belief is that the physical body doesn’t belong to us, but for me, the physical world as a whole is a mirror and manifestation of our inner world because our thoughts create our reality. So with all due respect, please can you refrain from telling me what to do and imposing your beliefs onto me, because my conversation was actually with someone else. Thank you.

        2. I find it fascinating that my knowing twin for 18 and you 24 years and with others, the time frame of KNOWING was recent! I mean the universe helped people come to this knowing at the same time even with years of knowing them?! That blows my mind, think about all the events that had to hold off till past year and then BAM!! We woke up. That’s is so divine intervention at its finest!!! That in itself is truly remarkable.

          1. It is pretty incredible when you realize that all this time – all we had to do was wake up. But as they say; we chose this timeframe/path before we were incarnated – very interesting.

  6. Great piece, I definitely feel the low energy, I don’t know exactly what it is, but haven’t been able to stop crying, over the last couple of days. My energy is so low! Me and my TF are in separation now, its been 8 months. I reached out to him and he is not responding. I have been writing poems to get my emotions out. I sent two, one called My heart aches for you and one called God doesn’t want you to run. He hasn’t responded at all. My question is is I wrote another poem yesterday called God I miss you. Do you think I should sent it to him? I know my intense emotions scare him and will only make him run more. I am afraid that if he does not know how I feel, I will lose him forever. I might already have, everyone says that no response means I am DONE…. The more work I do on myself, the more I pray, clear my energies etc. The more I want to reach out to him. I am def in the energy of need, which is not good, I know… should I reach out to him or no absolutely not? And if I give him more time and he meets someone else or already has met someone else, how will that affect our future? Thanks for any reply!

    1. Its interesting bc I know how you feel and something to consider, since you say you know your strong emotions make him run…maybe you are the runner as well?? Does that make sense? You’re almost pushing him away if those are your true thoughts and the feeling needy is making you anxious and in some ways the runner. You’re also healing you and those anxieties so it’s all about balance. Also, keep giving your own self the love you are giving him, even more so!! Love on you, all day long.

    2. Gia, I can feel your pain and relate as I went through something similar during my first separation, I am now in my second separation. My recommendation would to not immediately contact your twin if you have reached out with no response. Pray for yourself, ask for the strength to overcome and accept separation instead of praying for your twin, every time I catch myself asking for my twin to come back to me I change my prayers to something that would help myself grow. If you find yourself not being able to go without trying to contact your twin I would recommend a lighter approach instead of pouring your heart out all at once. Trust your path, change is the only constant and finding peace with your current situation does not mean it is forever. Love and light <3

      1. Alexandria, thanks for your response. I know your right. I need to work on myself and have been, just having a very emotional couple of days. I did send him a couple harmless emails. I have been seeing so many little signs. One being, seeing his numbers 318, his name, and my number 113. I emailed him one day at 318 and just said hello its 318. And the other was letting him know that the first message he sent me was 11/3 1:08. Thought this was crazy since he was my 318th friend and we had 13 mutual friends. Still, no response… I get so frantic, when I think of the fact that I may never see him or talk to him or be with him again. I know that it is not healthy to be this attached to someone. I don’t even believe that this is happening! Like in Cassidy’s clearing call its like having all the money in the world but not having access to it. (something like that) Its right there, but I cant have it. I also wonder it I even want this because his mind is so negative, I cant imagine him ever being healthy enough to have a functional relationship. One that nourishes and both of us and everyone else…

        1. I saw signs too of my TF…I thought this was supposed to mean him thinking of me too. But since he didn’t reply to my 2nd text…I left it alone. I concluded either the signs were just a coincidence or served a diff purpose other than us getting back together.

          Take the signs if you will but do not obsess about them or over him…it is really not doing you any good nor do I think it good for your health. I know its hard but just come to reality that either he doesn’t feel its the right time to see you again..he is not ready…or it could be he is no longer interested and has moved on for good. Leave it alone…you have done enough to let him know you still care about him. Hell, even with me just sending my TF 2 ” friendly” texts…I am sure its obvious to him they are not just ” friendly” texts but a way to see if there is still romantic interest. It doesnt matter how “harmless” your emails are…it all still means you want to still be in contact. He knows. Let him come around one day if he wants to.

          I am learning that I can’t control whether or not my TF wants to talk to me, he has free will just as your TF does. By constantly contacting him, you are trying to control the outcome.

          1. I know, your right Theresa! I have no control over any of this. Maybe that’s the lesson! thank you! <3

          2. You do not have any control over what he does but you have control over how you deal with it. Until he makes a move or if he does…you got to go on with your life. Instead of obsessing that this is your TF….treat him as a regular person. If this was a non TF scene, you would just dismiss the person..thinking if they are not replying…they are not interested and you would leave them alone. I was in anguish before lamenting that my TF and I were meant to be and how could he be so foolish to let me go and not even fight for me when his exes have done him 10 times worse…..but now my attitude is like ” he is not desiring to reach out to me now so why should I invest so much in it?” Shouldn’t it be 50/50? I miss him still but I have to get myself up and face reality.

            It is ok to still cry over him…is hard not to miss someone when you love them so much…but at the same time, you need to ground yourself into reality…knowing that it is wasting your life away focusing every second on this person. As for myself, I quit watching romantic movies…it only conjured up the fantasy of a fairy tale and Twin Flame relationship and glamorized it more.

            The most you can do is send him love spiritually. Otherwise, just carry on with your life.

    3. Been in your position…my TF left me almost 6 months ago and accused me of something I didnt do. wouldn’t hear what I had to say and even worse, I went on dating site in order to get over him as he was the one who wanted to end things…YET he saw me on the dating site, wrote me a nasty email swearing at me for moving on so quickly then proceeded to tell me off via text. He didn’t just run…he pointed the finger and shed blame on me like I was the bad guy. I reached out to him 2xs trying to be on friendly terms without mentionning the past…he didnt reply.

      I know how you are feeling…it hurts when you miss your TF dearly….my heart is in actual physical pain until today. I still have no closure and am so mad that I m getting punished when all I did was try to love him but sometimes life isn’t fair and you have to accept reality. If he is not making the effort to reach out to you…why should you with him? I was gonna write my TF again with a long text message apologizing ( even though I was NOT in the wrong)…just to make peace but then I got really mad thinking why should I still go out of my way for a guy who clearly is avoiding me and lost interest? If you keep contacting your TF….WHAT DIFFERENCE will it make? NOTHING. Switch the shoes around, if someone kept contacting you when you clearly have no interest to reply back…would it make a diff? Probably not.

      I also have tried working on myself and self growth. As I moved one step forward, I would start to cry again thinking of him, missing him and in anguish over how much he hates me. So even though I tried to work on self love w/in the last months…let’s face it, its not the same when that person is not there around you physically, it feels void without their physical hug and kisses.
      I get so tired of ppl saying all you need is self love..well humans are social creatures…sooner or later we want that interaction and touch from a significant other…its human nature.

      Leave him alone. If it was meant to be, he will come around. As for me, I have given up. I still miss him like crazy but I have given up on us ever seeing each other again.

  7. Cassidy, thank you for this post, you are spot on! i had brought up the twin concept to my twin after a year of no communication- his wife confronted me, but she kept telling me about his curiosity of the twin concept! Im pretty sure this means he will finally awaken and become aware of our truth! im so excited! 🙂 i have been questioning if his curiosity is a positive sign, and this post confirms that it is!

  8. Wow this has been such a relatable article that helped bring such a peace to my heart and mind. I couldn’t handle the loneliness and caved in and called my twin because I just wanted to hear his voice. This was the first time since he seperated from me 2 momths ago and although he reminded me he is devoted to who he has choose to be with, I could hear in his voice how much he misses me and was happy to hear from me. Because of you have I been able to see the bigger picture, I can understand the divine plan and how he needs her right now as well as she needs him. How I really believe it is only a matter of time until we come back together to be stronger then ever and fulfill what he came here to do. Thank you for all your words Cassady, you have helped me in so many ways nobody else could, giving me hope and allowing me to trust myself and my journey. Love and light <3

  9. Wow – this article speaks to me in so many ways. I am be taking action to change a situation that is no longer serving me, and actually very overdue. I know that my twin and his dad (my dad in spirit) will want this for me; for me to be safe. I am really struggling to have clear communication with this same spirit dad who has crossed over the veil and am so excited for that to improve!!!! I had a dream about my twin last night and he was acting weird and sort of distant but it was nice to see him so maybe it was a lucid dream, and I have been awakening even more lately. I know it will be hard for my twin to awaken but I believe in him — I know he is so so strong (like me) and I will keep sending him love and encouragement. You can do this Chris ??????

  10. Cassady,

    Can I submit a request for the Q&A articles? I have not been able to talk to any of my friends about Twin Flames. I don’t think any of them would understand… honestly, I’m pretty sure most of them would think I’ve lost my mind! The only family member I can talk to about Twin Flames is my sister and I can feel that she doesn’t really understand… but then again, without being in our shoes how could she? So, if you could post something about how to cope with this problem that would awesome. Keep up the great work, this site is amazing 🙂 Scott

    1. I totally understand! I think that people would think I was totally out of my mind. I’ve tried to talk to a close friend but she keeps hitting me with religious talk. She’s trying to understand but she just think he’s the devil lol. My old best friend was the only person in the world I opened up completely to about it. It’s a tough situation to be in. It’s still so taboo. If you wanna talk leave your email. It would be nice to be able to talk to someone who understands.

    2. I have found it hard to talk to friends/family too about twin flames (my dau is only one who empathises for me as she was living with me when i met my twin and saw firsthand the beginning of this healing transformation) . They just see the pain i have been feeling from the healing journey it put me on and say negative things to me instead – e.g piss him off etc. i gave up talking to anyone about it as no one else in my life has had a twin flame relationship. Before i started on my journey of house sitting i wished i could meet some twinflames and i think my guides granted me that as when i arrived at my first house sit i discovered they were twinflames!! Their journey was easy so talking abt it never really answered many of my questions lol but felt like i was travelling the right path in regards to twin flames.

  11. Can someone please answer this if you can relate. I asked on a older forum. Can you feel the cord of attachment between you and your twin? I can feel this sensation in my back when he’s thinking of me heavily.

    1. I think it’s different for each twin. For myself, I have a block in my heart chakra at the moment so my Twin communicates to me through my solar plexus area by sending me energy surges. The more energy blocks you clear, the easier it is to communicate with your Twin and feel the connection between both of you. Scott

      1. Thanks for answering Scott. I just wanted to know if others could feel the physical sensations as I can. Good to know I’m not the only one!

    2. Hi CeeCee, love your profile name btw:-) I always feel it in my chest next to my heart center…Scott is right each twin is different!

      1. Thanks 😉 I actually used to feel it there but recently it’s in my back for some reason. Now that I think about it I’ve blocked him from my heart chakra. It’s too painful and it consumes me too much so I had to. I hate that achy longing feeling I get when I open my heart fully to him.

  12. I have been feeling the ‘seperation’ from spirit etc too lately and wondered what was wrong or happening, i’m glad to know it’s not just me 🙂 and that it will return soon. In regards to my TF i also in same situation where he is still ‘in ego’ and living in same house as his wife in a seperated fashion. After 2 1/2 yrs he finally told her of me 3wks ago. At first things looked good except both of them said the unloading of their baggage made them see they still have some feelings for each other and all this honesty now between them (she had also taken on a secret lover) had them thinking in way that blew up in their faces… personally i chose to see it in a good light that the outcome will now be more positive for all involved as kids are included. Her lover took it hard which is understandable as i could of too as what they thought might happen was a kick in the heart. Instead it has helped me let go and still love him ‘no matter what’. he still feels unworthy of love except i can feel the connection is getting stronger between us and he is partially awake spiritually as he feels my energy and has astral travelled to me on different occasions. Loving unconditionaly is my lesson atm i feel and knowing this is a time to just send spiritual nurturing by holding his hand so he feels safe to walk into the doors of light to fully awaken. This morning i even did a meditation where i showed him how to connect to the light, then down into mother earth and bring her light back to heart space so he could feel the love then expand it outwards to himself then the planet and willing accept love coming back to him (basically Cassady’s energy clearing meditation but i added my own twists ). 3 months ago had me totally leave the life i knew (job, flat etc) and travel around house sitting. Discovered this was a self journey that helped me surrender my ego to the divine. 3 weeks ago i was brought back into the area where my TF lives and feel there is a reason for this even though he has only seen me once since i have been around. Maybe this forecast is a possible reason with the shake ups about to happen and i have read of reunions abt to take place in nov/dec this year by a lady on youtube, a link that was below reading this week’s oracle reading by doreen virtue. It is a constant thing to keep myself cleared and stay positive that miracles abt to come true or soon anyway. I remind myself i feel him energetically a lot. The energetic orgasmic feelings seem to be increasing a lot lately too and they only started the day after i severed ties and fully moved out of my flat. i send love and healing to everyone and everything on a daily basis as that helps me feel connected to the divine and less lonely 😀

    1. Nice to read your story, I fully relate to it. My twin told his wife (after 20+ years) about us and basically I am in the same situation now. Unfortunately I can see clearly what happens there: two people grasping on to ego, fear and unwilling to see the truth inside, feel the love for themselves that will tell them the truth.Today I decided to stop waiting, to let him go and focus on myself. Maybe in the next life time. Maybe in this (although in particular he is already in the last phase of his life). I hope I will have the strength to remain on this path, because I feel like dying inside. I count on my self love to remedy that, but it remains so sad. Luckily I feel him on soul level, I will have to grasp on to that (although that always brings up the physical longing)
      I hope everything for you will work out as you and he deserve, if there is time in life things will get there. I was running away from him for 13 years, so I also blame (and then possibily one day forgive) myself for loosing time.
      All the love and light. <3

      1. Hi… thanks ME for your reply of support.. I can barely imagine what it must feel like for your long journey and waiting. I know the past 2.5yrs has been a turbulent and amazing ride… I discovered Reiki a year ago as that is where my journey led me. Reiki has been a huge help with balancing and clearing all my baggage. They say ‘letting go’ and live our own life helps bring twins together but it can be a tough ride when you yearn for their touch and presence everyday. I can see small changes in my twin since he opened up about me.. I can only hope it snowballs as it has put him on a path of healing that usually has a life of its own lol. I have days when i feel like i’m on a seesaw of total faith as my heart sings when i let my knowing shine then it can swing into self doubt that its real etc. It’s been good reading other people’s stories as it shows i am still sane (kind of, LMAO). I truly hope your twin gets his shake up no matter what his age.. (mine just turned 60y and i know from his life history our connection is the most intense thing he has ever felt and i can understand why its easy to remain somewhere that he can hide as there is no true happiness there and can keep him in denial of the love we share)

        1. Thanks, Heather. I recognize very strongly what you describe as your seesaw, although I would call it a roller-coaster going from being up full of faith, soul connection and bliss (and the feeling I can wait forever) to the depths of despair and no connection and no hope leading towards exhaustion. I guess I now have to stop the roller-coaster, because I feel it is destroying me.
          Funny thing is, since I discovered the TF concept last summer (only July) and finally understood all dynamics between us from this perspective I started to really work on myself. (although I guess I was unconsciously already doing that for a year since we reconnected) I have grown so much since then, shed all these layers of childhood fears and pain, starting to speak with my ego instead of listening to its fear. That had (I guess) as effect that my twin first got ill (recovered by now) and then told his wife. With now as result our second separation. (the first was after having a few year affair with my twin and I decided to run, which I did for 13 years. The last three years his ‘pull’ got stronger and stronger, the dreams intensified until I had to contact him (with as a result I found my truth, and left my husband that I got married with and have children with in the meantime, and although the marriage was not bad, I knew I would never be able to love him like my twin and I decided to live with my full truth)). It is sometimes hard to follow this path, knowing others can settle more easily with a second choice, whereas I know that my true life is either alone or with my twin.
          And now he is full into ratio, being rational and ‘wise’, pusshing it all away and convince himself it is not important enough. In particular because his wife (who is a beautiful and remarkable person) is very afraid of being alone and abandoned and full in ego: forbid all contact between us. I off course also understand her. And him. My twin is in the beginning of his seventies, I am well in my forties. I understand his struggle, his being unable to choose for his soul, for love, in particular in regard to his past and upbringing, not to mention his belief that being loyal is more important than love. I also love him for that, paradoxically.
          I will have to take care of myself now and move on. Make the best of my life, full of self love and teach my kids to love themselves. And then leave it up to him to remember, to love himself if he can. And if not, to accept. But oy, is that hard to do! Meditation, clearing, it helps to a certain extent. I often feel like I get his negative energy as well, when I am light and clear, I tend to get more heavy afterwards. And although I want to do that for him, it is also hard. And maybe he should do it himself? I don’t know. I sometimes doubt the TF concept, and try to let that notion go, but then I cannot explain all these metaphysical stuff that is going on. I want to believe what Cassady says, that I can clear it all for him, that I simply have to connect on soul level, work on my energy and be positive, but I still need more tangible evidence to make me really go for it ALL THE TIME. And whereas that evidence is not tangible available, and my belief in spirit is coming and going, I guess I gave to make an earthly decision.
          Thanks for listening and reading, Heather. I now feel it really helped me 🙂
          Love and light <3

          1. I can relate to it being like a roller-coaster esp in the first 1.5yr as I was a distraught mess with no idea why for all the abandoned feelings and crying… the more we heal the less the roller-coaster feeling.. it’s still a daily thing to say I want to share my life glued to each other but I accept I have no need to as loving myself is more important.. I try to imagine being with someone else and only see my TF as he is only one I’ve felt these things for and he has said same abt me but says his kids happiness is more important than his.. which is sad as telling him happiness breeds happiness is falling on deaf ears.. he cannot see that both of their miserable state is deeply affecting the 2 kids.. I had to also cut the tie of my egoistic expectations and that has helped as it draws him whilst energetic neediness pushes him away.. send him love if it feels right without expectations and low vibration.. mine feels my reiki too as he loves it and helps him . I’ve been also inviting him to join me when I shift to higher planes where other lightworkers and twins join me hand in hand to collectively radiate divine love to whole of earth inwards and outwards, so he can see what I do and that this kind of spiritual work is beautiful and safe.. for me this seems to be part of my life purpose and helps me step into a leadership role.. it’s not something I dreamed I’d be doing now lol.. I love it though. I know we have to look past their action toward us when it looks like they choose someone they feel. sorry for and I’ve seen that in a lot of men I kind of dated before I met my twin.. love and light dear one.. I’m in my 40’s too!!

    2. Wow yeah, my twin just told his wife about me and him, and she confronted me! I mentioned the twin concept a month back, and she knows about that too. He kept having her ask me, but I wasn’t going to discuss that with her haha. He was very curious, and the way I see it, if he wants to know that bad, he can look into it. That was 4 days ago, and since then I have also felt spiritually disconnected with him. I think he needs space. I predicted her finding out in a dream a few nights prior, and I was meditating the night she messaged me, and I felt a painful knot in my chest, and seconds later, I got her message. I kinda feel like I should leave him alone for now so I won’t ruffle any feathers. She is already mean to him, he told me his pain and desperation in a recent and very real dream. I have been sending him love, but the fact of his curiosity and this post, he will probably be awakened soon, and I know its alot to take in and accept, so I think it’s best to leave him alone energetically right now haha. Unless anyone thinks the opposite. Maybe he needs more love now than ever?

  13. Thank you so much Cassady for your wonderful site and articles full of words of wisdom. Such a blessing to have a “safe” place for us all to share without judgment.

    Love and Light to You and All xoxo

  14. Wow, this post really resonates with me as I can relate to almost every part of it. I have definitely been feeling the fear lately. I got back into contact with my Twin a week ago after no contact for 4 months. All I could feel was this overwhelming, gripping fear. That the same things would happen to cause problems between us that happened in the past, that we would be doomed to not work out, that I would get hurt again, that she doesn’t really care about me, etc. etc.. There have been nights where I just cry out of fear and just wanting things to work out and not be so hard. My twin told me she missed me very much and wanted to get back into contact much sooner but felt she couldn’t. She expressed, classically, that everything between us has always been so “massive” and it just made her scared and she ran. She told me though, that the feelings have always been there and even shared with me her desires to have a child in the future but that she would want it to be with me.

    We ended up seeing each other in person this past Friday and she seemed distant. She ended up telling me that her getting back into contact with me had nothing to do with any feelings being involved and that she had no expectations for things between us. She told me she wonders why we even keep trying to make it work and why we didn’t just stop trying after our initial break up about 3 years ago. This obviously crushed me and was in direct opposition to what she first said to me when we started talking again. Before I left she told me she still wanted to talk and see me, but how can I after she said those things? She said she would talk to me soon but I haven’t heard anything from her since that night. I worry she’ll just stop talking to me now, or that she simply just doesn’t care.

    I’ve definitely been feeling the fear and the disconnection from my twin and the universe. I’ve been feeling so down the past few days and I’ve been starting to wonder if she’s my Twin at all. But this post renewed my faith, just knowing that others have felt this disconnection as well. I’m hoping her reaction to me was just her being scared and not genuinely how she feels about us. She is also not awakened at all and lives very firmly in ego. I believe this may be why she believes we “won’t work”, because she doesn’t fully understand the connection and what it means. It gave me peace and hope knowing that even those not awakened at all will be called to wake up.

    Has anyone else experienced their Twins reacting like this or saying things like this to them? I’ve been having a really hard time accepting it and dealing with it.

  15. I’m curious abt another phenomenon I experience with this twin flame connection and if anyone else has anything similar.. after I met my twin his deceased parents came to me all happy and hugging me we had finally met.. I still see the occasionally. 2. my twin has adult kids from 1st marriage and in the dark still abt me but energetically they know who and what I am as many times 1 to 3 of them will show up when I’m in a mediative state.. they already love me and keep wanting to know when everything will happen in the physical world.. all I can do is say they have a part to play by really looking past their dad’s mask he has on..

  16. Dear Cici, Scott, Heather, and others that are able to connect with me in spirit. I need your help.

    This is about earthly connections with twin.

    As I have written before, after 20+ years (from which I ran 13) my twin has told his wife about us. They are now in therapy, checking out their relationship and she has forbidden all contact between us.

    He is at the moment full in ego, being rational and believing he needs to make it work between them. He describes how he pushes away all feelings for me, he feels he is not allowed to have these. He feels a strong responsibility for his wife to stay with her, not to drop out. Extra comes that he is much older than me (beginning of 70ies, I am in my 40ies) and considers himself to be in a different phase of life, another ego reason for him to be afraid to choose for me. He does not trust the feeling of love, because I am the only one he ever felt that for, it is not relevant for any decision, he said.
    At the same time he does not really chooses, because he asked me to check in on him (with no contact now) after a few month (he gave a timeline) to see how it is then. Fact is, I cross all my own borders of self love if I continue to wait. I have to do something to stay sane and take care of myself. I know and feel he loves me, but I am not sure whether he is able to listen to that love.

    Last time, when I ran, I just gave up, let him to become happy with her. But when I returned (after feeling his ‘ call’ on soul level, through dreams and so, it turned out they were in the same convenient but not very connected marriage. So I now feel I need to ‘ fight’ instead of let go.
    How? I need to do things for me now. 1. To tell him what I really want, rather than adjusting to his dilemma. 2. To hold up a mirror and tell him my analysis of what he does (namely letting her decide for him instead of truly looking inside what he wants (which might not lead towards me, but at least it is his real truth) and 3. break off with him completely if he does not start to look inside, but indeed wait out his time frame if he does. And then, in any case, focus on me.

    Why like this? Because just waiting kills me. Because just breaking off will not help him to go inside. Because: I know my words touch deep, always, and reach him to search his ego, it was always like that. Also unconsciously, and I was always able to let him connect with his emotions, wishes and needs. Without me, he is in ratio. And everybody around him seems to facilitate him in that ratio, I believe.
    And also, I feel it is part of my growth, my self love to make boundaries towards him: I love you, I understand your pain and dilemma and past hurts, but I need to take care of me. So this is it: if not, the you will loose me.

    On soul level we are very connected. I get his energy, which is heavy and hard to clear, but I manage every time. On soul level we are really together, we feel each other and speak and laugh and make love. Our chakra’s merge, I speak with his inner child and he with mine (which he felt, because in the brief contact we had he mentioned something about that funnily enough). We were even married by our mutual guide, I feel the ring as if it is really there.

    Having that said, I was raised atheist (just like he was) and my faith comes and goes. It is not strong enough to always feel like this, in particular when I get negative energy. Besides that, the more I feel our soul connection, the more I long for physical reunion. (long? ache!)

    I learned about the TF concept in beginning of July and went through a massive growth, shed off all these layers, all this childhood fears and pain and hurts. I grew enormously. I now clear energy daily, I meditate, I listen to my soul and inner wisdom. It affected all parts of life well (divorced my husband with whom I was in a comfortable marriage but I was not living my truth, my kids are doing much better now with a mother that listens to her soul, my work place is much better now) just here. I am afraid to trust. I know. It is just so hard to see his struggle, I understand it is so hard for him. But still, I know it is possible. I have to let it be up to him, although Casidy says I can do it all: I cannot really believe in that.

    I could really use some reflection from you guys. Thank you so much!!
    Love and light to all of you! <3 E.

    1. Hi Me,
      Thanks for sharing this. I am in an exact same situation as you are as I was all of a sudden told by my TF that his wife found out about us and that he wants no contact from me ever. He has been in a very unhappy marriage for over two decades and been verbally tortured by his wife, to the point he was mentally ill when we reconnected early this year, but unable to leave her because he loves his kids. He has been terrified of his wife during his entire marriage and I guess he still is, or even more, now that she found out he has been in a relationship with me. He is filled with guilt and hates himself. I am sure he hates himself even more for having hurt me although the text he sent me to terminate the relationship was very cold and thoughtless. Like you, I am totally confused as I still feel he loves me at his soul level but feels I am a risk for him at an ego level.
      All I can do is wait while loving myself more and treating myself well. I need to do this as if I literally take his final words and what he has done to me, I feel like a trash and can’t be feeling that way. I learned from this that his feeling of fear and guilt are creating damage for everyone who cares for him, how negativity can ruin others. I hope to stop the negative spiral by staying positive, loving and as happy as possible despite the tremendous hurt he has given me….very challenging.

      1. Thank you for sharing Angelinamuffin! I deleted my story it suddenly felt so vulnerable… I send you love and self love and a lot of strenght to be and remain listening to your soul.

      2. Hey angel plz dnt loose ur faith on this divine plan. If u think that u got hurt from his actions then u will become even more sad nd weak. This will make ur twin weaker. But at this phase he needs strength nd ur energetic support which u cn gv by strengthing urslf. He is in great pain. He is bound to clr karmic ties with his wife inorder to cum back to u. It will happen so hv faith. U ned to meditate nd get to higher energy level. If u clr ur energy nd get to higher states then he is bound to get to higher vib as well which will clr his karmic ties much quicker. Much depends on u. So dnt waste tym in thoughts nd jst focus on urslf. We r all deeply connected.

  17. Thank you. I don’t have visions, I can’t see anything through my third eye, I can’t communicate with my guides, can’t feel their presence at all, so that’s why I have to at times go through my landlady to get an answer. For some reason, my inner vision is completely blocked, been trying to clear it for years! I’m no way humble enough to love the truth that my twin is married, that he lives with her and that he’s sending her loving songs. Makes me ill thinking about it. But what to do, that’s the reality. At the moment I just feel like the only thing my support is doing is making him daydream. he still won’t take action. That’s why I’ve withdrawn my love and support. It’s just making him comfortable. You’re right I do need to work on myself and forget him for some time. Thank you again and sorry for bugging you with so many questions. Xxx

    1. Just keep on practicing that u r a soul and nothing even the physical body doesnt belong to u. Soul consciousness is the ultimate secret for self love and twin union. Body consc is the biggest obstruction between u nd ur twin. The more u get in the soul cons state the more u will feel the intensity and magic of this divine love within urself which is impossible to hold being in body cons. Then u wont feel the need to run after ur twin or worry about union. Its such powerful and maddening. Life will blossom and u will feel complete even without ur twin. And then the miracle moment will come.

        1. Soul cons is a journey which every twin unknowingly starts after meeting their twin and it will continue throughout their life. Theres no choice. The universe will force u in this alien path which is completely unknown and feels lyk living in a different world where every bit of ur entertainment and hapiness has been taken away from u. U will continue to live in pain till u stop looking at ur twin and intentionaly put ur efforts in being in the soul state.

          1. Thx for your reply rahul! Well i Dont want to live in pain and prefer looking inwards. My happiness is the most important for me. Life with my twin would be great but life without him has to be great as well. Btw are u from india?

          2. Yes i am from india. Enjoy every bit of ur lyf bcoz ultimately nothing belongs to u, nt even ur twin. The more u stand on ur feet with self respect nd power, the more u get detached internaly from this world nd be in soul cons the more u will step forward towards ur union. Dear friend u hv no choice.

        2. If u analyze ur lyf u will see that the way u used to think nd feel lyf has changed. Everything related to body con will irritate u. Thats bcoz u have started ur journey of soul con nd everyday it will improve. Its not something where u can get. Its a feeling which will keep on deepening till the end of ur lyf. Yoga will definitely enhance ur state. But its a thought pattern which u hv to keep on reminding urslf nd uplift ur state from the illusion of physical world. Plz stop sending love to ur twin. This will hamper ur state nd push u towards body cons. U will naturaly feel divine luv in soul cons which is madening.

          1. Hi Rahul, When you write “Plz stop sending love to ur twin. This will hamper ur state and push u towards body cons.” – I thought we are supposed to love our twin? Or do you mean like don’t depend on getting a reaction from our twins when we send them love? Either way we have no control. The Divine will open the doors for us when ready. Total Surrender.

          2. Dear frnd u r right. The divine will open doors when we r ready. So we need to completely focus on ourslf nd uplift our state.

      1. My view on consciousness is very different to yours, I’m more in line with Cassady’s view on that. Plus I’m not chasing my twin so your advice is misplaced but thanks for the input.

  18. Hi cici, hope u r doing well?! i just love your comments :). I really hate the social media. I miss the times when there was nothing like fb, whatsapp etc. My tf and i used to communicate on whatsapp and when we had our no-contact phases he used to go just online without writing anything. Just with going online he gave me the signal that he is thinking about me. Same i did. That was so beautiful. In our current no-contact phase he stopped doing that. I even think he has deactivated whatsapp. He is running like anything and i dont even know why. I feel that he is trying to cut all chords which of course hurts. I am trying to stay calm though….

    1. Hi Sunrise, first please know that cords between twins CAN NEVER BE CUT, BROKEN or SEVERED. Secondly, you twin is not running from you, he is running from himself and what this connection is making him face, he’s trying to makes sense of it all…he is out of balance and his energies are shifting and that can be scary as hell, add to that, the supernatural elements that twins experience and well…you know what happens next lol My twin would point blank not answer my texts or only when he felt like it, not answer my calls, respond to my work emails days after the fact, would flirt with other women in front of me, leave and not speak to me ignore me flat out and I did 2 things…1) I had a conversation with him and let him know on my terms that I didn’t appreciate his behavior and either it changed or I would leave and would not come back with no hard feelings and 2) I became the change I wanted to see in him,,I stilled myself and turned inward and I opened myself up and became as loving to him as I wanted him to be to me and slowly he started to do the same. Just stand still and remain calm and see the end of the storm, as the sun is always shining even when it rains, you and your twin is always connected and he never away from you on the spiritual level…p.s. I’m not a fan of social media either, that’s why my pages are boring, i’m never on lol i’m ding great btw thank you for asking…

      1. Thx for your replx cici! The problem is that i would love to tell him that his behavior hurts but thats not possible as he withdrew and i dont want to bug him during this time. Yes but i can send him love which i am already doing. Yesterday i went to my first yoga class…. Yayyy:) it was so cool. I never used to believe but it really helps to settle mind and soul. And during the yoga meditation i sent him love. I asked my guides to give him a push and send me a sign. Guess what…. Just now i checked whatsapp again and he was online again :). What i really have to learn is not to lose my mind but trust god and my angels. Love & hugs to u

        1. Yayyyyy! You do what you feel comfortable doing, always! I will say never be afraid to speak your truth to anyone, your responsibility in life is first and foremost to yourself. As far as trusting God and angels, I could not have said it any better than you just did! Love and hugs!

          1. Cici your comment “your twin is not running from you, he is running from himself and what this connection is making him face, he’s trying to makes sense of it all…he is out of balance and his energies are shifting and that can be scary as hell” makes so much sense now. He was so confused in our last phone conversation, neither he wanted to let me go, nor wanted my presence. He couldnt explain what he was Feeling. I couldnt understand at that Point, but your words make me understand his behaviour more and more….you are an angel 🙂

          2. Thank you, Sunrise! Shifting your perceptions and beliefs on this journey is crucial!!! I’m happy you are starting to remember!!! Your an angel as well 🙂

        1. Hi Cally, I had the conversation in person, as I work with my twin. My twins higher self is not the problem, he is very loving to me…it was my twin’s 3d ego that I needed to have this conversation with because I knew that,his true self would hear me and do what was needed…and he did.

          1. Thanks Cici for your reply. Is the conversation happened with your twin’s physical self and requiring dealing with his 3D ego? How did you go about it? I’m having similar challenges and might be able to learn how you dealt with the situation. In light and love, cALly :X

  19. I have to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m not in the exact same situation, but this speaks volumes. I just need to chill out lol. Thank you.

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