Major Developments For The Twin Flame Pair – Higher Blueprints Brought “Online”… Revelations About Recent Challenges.

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:
Major “starseed” activations for the Twin Flame pair – Saturn enters Aquarius, the dawn of a new age. Plus, Masculine Twin boosts the connection – do you know the real reason they may have been holding back from love?

Discover more below!

A Message Regarding The World Situation

First of all this week, I’ve been asked to share a message regarding the worldwide virus outbreak most of you are already aware of.

Stay calm. We are infinite souls living physical life. Work to release fear because it disrupts  and causes more fear (use the Free Kit here to step out of fear and infuse with calming light).

At the same time, life is precious, and so we must be mindful right now. Be sensible, and considerate toward those who are vulnerable. Everyone is in this together.

It’s time to respect nature, and act accordingly. When something has manifested into the physical, we must take action from that place.

Spirit explains: If we were cold, and they saw a jacket next to us, they would advise us to put it on. As the fastest and most direct solution.

Allow this to be a guideline. Seek inner calm but have respect for the physical, as that is where we are currently living.

Avoid focusing on the virus as an “enemy”, as it is simply a “malfunction” – one expression of nature, which in combination with humans, becomes potentially dangerous.

It’s a “malfunction” that can with time be fixed, but until that fix arrives tangibly, let us be responsible and in solidarity with those who are vulnerable.

Breakthroughs, Changes In Fortune, “Rebirth”

This week Mars is moving closer and closer to Jupiter (and Pluto) in Capricorn – action is moving closer to a transformatively potent triad of powerhouse planets, in the sign of physical reality.

With Pluto’s increasing influence, we’re dealing with potential complete changes in fortune. We have a potential rebirth to an earlier “death”…

Forming a positive trine with Venus in Taurus, this bodes well for love and the Twin Flame connection – and as we’re currently seeing in the world, an attitude of oneness and love is rising forth in response to danger (Pluto/Saturn).

Masculine Twin’s Deeper Feelings…

For Twin Flames, we see a Masculine Twin who has been feeling doubtful about their value, now having more confidence in approaching his counterpart on some level (this could likely be online).

And spirit reminds us, despite what many females tend to think, males have extremely high standards for what they consider being “good enough”…

And that many Feminine Twins have not realized that the real reason their counterpart has held back or deflected them, was their own insecurity. (To help them with this, have a look here)

They show us, the masculine or Male Twin Flame being concerned with being financially successful and appearing and feeling powerful – if you’re female you may not have realized how inadequate your counterpart has felt…

(Read more in Keys to Unlocking The Masculine Twin’s heart here)

We see increased confidence in them at this time, makes them more open to love. Or an urgent situation is causing them to reach out. 

In particular, we see them wondering if you’re seeing them doing well. Or reaching out to express regret over the past.

They may not be saying anything, but they are wanting your acceptance. They WANT you to notice and appreciate them!

The “Magic Words” – Open, Sesame…

Something as small as a “stay well”, “I care about you” will be much appreciated and can give them the opening they need to truly begin to respond.

Spirit shows us, it’s like a “secret signal” to them that officially shows it’s safe to open to you because you won’t reject them. (Sound strange? Read more here about the true deeper reasons for Twin Flame Running).

As Pallas is the “go-between” for Mars and Jupiter we see the Feminine Twin’s higher self consciousness is guiding her counterpart and that this is an instrumental part of what they’re experiencing.

(Read more about this here in “Do Twin Flames Share The Same Higher Self?)

Historical Karmic Purge – Why You May Feel Abandoned

While mostly unaware of it, you are there with them all the time guiding them. As Lilith and Neptune join up intermittently this week in Pisces, we see you unfortunately feel blocked from this.

You seem likely to feel like nothing good is happening, that progress is stalled and above all that the higher realms and your Twin Flame aren’t “showing up” for you.

The truth is, they ARE. It’s an illusion. The reason things seem blocked off, is because of collective karmic content from the human consciousness pools in your system. At this point it’s extra heightened, with fear on the rise.

 Do please make sure you clear this material because you will open up so much more to love. Being aligned with receiving love (because this content causes a deflection in our system).

I take you through this work here in the Oneness Activation Session.


“I have done the new union meditation 2 weekends in a row now and it has truly made a huge difference…me and my Twin are laughing together again…we had been arguing for so long…now I feel there is new fresh energy running through my body and I feel like I’m floating on air every time I do the unity meditation…it is so beautiful…thank you so much…” – Diane

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From Human Struggle To Divine Love – Twin Flame Mission

Think about this:
Have women mostly been happy and felt loved in history?
Have they mostly been treated with respect and appreciation?
Have they mostly been undyingly loved by men?

That’s the kind of karmic shadow material we’re dealing with when it comes to Neptune/Lilith.

When left unchecked, it becomes like a frequency block that keeps us from perceiving, opening up to and accessing the love that truly is possible for us.

So, what’s your karmic debt? Is this stuff stuck in your system?
What is karma really? Click here to learn more and get an accurate assessment.


Clearing Way For The Feminine To Rise Forth

Wednesday we have a major transit as Mars, Jupiter, the Moon AND Pallas the asteroid of the higher feminine archetype all join together in Capricorn.

For the human collective, we see that recent events are tying in to a cosmic effort to shift humanity out of the Masculine polarity distortion of materialism and lack of empathy, and into allowing for the Feminine to rise forth.

Reaching BALANCE above all.

(If you’ve been feeling stressed and uncertain about the future in recent times, have a look at this article. It will help you ground into a deeper sense of peace and meaning in the middle of this)


Runner Twins – They Feel Your Feelings

For Twin Flames, we see that although the Feminine Twin may not realize it, her counterpart DOES know what’s going on with her on an emotional level. He feels it, and he feels sympathy for her.

However, in the case of many “Runner” Twins, he’s been holding back because he feels if he gets involved he will make things worse.

That he will disappoint her again in the future. That he will hurt her without even meaning to. So he’s been staying away to protect her.

This is a situation that can be resolved but it requires work from both sides. A balancing of energies.

That the Feminine Twin shows that she can thrive in her OWN wholeness, so he feels safe to enter her life again…

And for the Masculine Twin to resolve deeper beliefs about “men hurt women” and things like “women are pure and men are tainted,” which have likely been playing out in the connection and creating negativity.

(This can be resolved, use the Higher Dimensional Anchoring Session here to cleanse out this kind of fear/guilt material and the “ego facade” to help them become conscious and open to reuniting in love.)

twin flame awakening

“The absolute most intense healing I’ve ever done – it completely blew me away. Not only did this seem to impact me on an enormous level, I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The change in him was the biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

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Mercury Gives New Clarity On Something From February…

On March 16th Mercury enters Pisces (again), moving back over old shadow terrain from last month’s Retrograde.

Despite what communication issues there may be between the Twins in the PHYSICAL world, Mercury/Pisces support that it’s an ideal time for receiving and communicating with higher guidance and tapping into Unconditional Love.

Connecting with your Twin Flame’s higher self is highlighted. (I take you through that here.) Make sure you take time to go within as this period is set to bring valuable insights and inspiration.

You are expertly connected to your intuition now, is the indication.

Telepathy, dream activity and artistic expression is in flow – plus, you’ll likely get clarity on something from last month as Mercury now moves DIRECT over territory from back then.

Spirit says, you’ll realize the higher REASON why something happened or didn’t happen back then. (To activate telepathy between you and your counterpart, and learn how to get reliable guidance, have a look here – class 2 and 4)

This time may also bring solutions and clarity to what was confusing or uncertain back in February.

The “REAL” New Year – Aries Return/Equinox

Come March 19th we have a major event for the year – astrological new year! Every year when the Sun enters Aries we have a “new year” astrologically, as Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.

This heralds the coming of spring in the northern hemisphere and is energetically considered a time of new fresh lease of life, a truly excellent time for new beginnings and new projects.

This is the Spring Equinox and usually carries energies of light, effervescence and optimism. A high time for new perspectives, forward momentum.

Energetically there is an equinox gateway open now which thins the veil of perception and allows high vibrational energies to flood into the earth plane for a short while.

More Twins are set to be anchored into the 5D energy grid at the equinox as a high vibrational gateway opens up. In fact, the human collective are experiencing this fusing out of negativity and being encouraged to activate new and higher timelines for the future.

More Twins Being Anchored into “5D”

We have an opening between the “dimensions” where old density is fuelled out of earth, and new light is infused. This is why you may feel either heavy and light during these times, depending on whether you have a lot of baggage in your system.

Use the Free Energy Cleanse Audio here to make the most of this time so your system is aligned with higher timelines and light codes of unity!

Being anchored into 5D or above means that you will be assisted in living from a place of higher vibrations, gradually lifted higher.

But we have a responsibility to prepare for this.

It is only when you have cleared out enough of the old 3D programming, low vibration energies and negative karma, that your system is ready to be brought into 5D more and more.

(When Twins say they’re interacting “in 5D” – that’s not necessarily true!
Usually, it’s really happening on the ASTRAL plane. Read more here about what 5D, 3D and more really means!)


Anchoring Into 5D/The Age Of Aquarius!

Again, it’s a process, but the anchoring assists you in lifting yourself up and removing you from the collective energy fields of humanity’s heaviness more and more.

In order to speed up your (and your Twin’s) anchoring into 5D, you can consciously clear your energy and karma to get to this point sooner.

March 21 we have yet another major event as Saturn enters Aquarius. This hasn’t happened in 38 years.

What we’re set to experience over this next year has been heralded as the beginning of the “age of Aquarius”, as both Jupiter and later Pluto will join him there this fall.

When this heavyweight ruler of the physical enters the air sign of electricity, groups, organizations, technology and starseeds, we have a brand new chapter beginning.

This heralds a time of new and unexpected developments regarding physical reality. We’re talking “supernatural” subjects becoming more commonplace, people becoming more open-minded and accepting of uniqueness. A new era of unity.

Star Templates, Double Pair Twin Flames Activating

For Twin Flames, we see a brand new chapter of the connection starting. We see pre-life templates of unity from “other realities” coming online.

What I’m being shown is literally, aspects of the Twin Pair’s consciousness from non-human lives, coming spiritually and energetically into their reality as a “double” pair – thereby bringing online a blueprint of unity into the physical…!

It may seem strange… But it’s still you. It’s a different part of you. For many Twin Flames it’s the “STAR SELF” pair.

And although you may not notice it in your daily lives, these aspects of your consciousness will now be present dimensionally. (Again have a look here for more on what that means)

I see them like two beings behind your human selves. Not quite as tangible (not in the physical), but just as real.

And their role in this is to journey “behind you” guiding you directly to unity and to “fulfill your mission”, is spirit’s insight.

To seed higher vibrational consciousness into human society.

Dream Activity, Behind The Scenes Healing…

We see some Twins receiving help with healing their energy system, from these “other selves”, with some they involve in dream activity to seed the launch of reunion in “unawakened Twins”.

Remember the more inner work you’ve done on yourself, the more transformational their assistance can be!

Because if you’re full of congested density and human grids from the “3D” there’s a lot of work that must take place before you can be open to major changes.

When we’re locked into the human grids, we’re by “default” aligned with negativity like separation and conflict programming.

(Again, get started for Free with my Twin Flame help kit here – and watch a video on why it’s so important to do your inner work as a Twin Flame instead of sitting on the sidelines waiting for things to “magically” get better)

twin flame video

Are You Really “In 5D”?

Here’s a test for you to assess:
Consider the political leader you most disagree with.
Consider a person who hurt you deeply or was just not very nice to you.
Consider people who hurt others.
Consider a sickness that hurts people.

What feelings and thoughts come up? If hatred, anger, resentment, blame, judgment, sadness are among them, it unfortunately means you’ve still got conflict/separation programming in your system.

When you’re TRULY high vibrational and “in 5D” you know everything and everyone is of light, from the same source of consciousness and that there is a harmony to existence no matter how it appears on the outside… it’s just a question of being in or out of balance.

Major Developments – Unity Consciousness

Your open mind is your gift this coming period. With the increasing Aquarian energies focusing into the physical, we are entering into a new era.

Major developments are on the horizon for both the Twin Flame connection and for humanity.

Remember why we’re here – to show the way to love, to unity. That’s the key. That’s what unlocks the whole journey. Love.

Keep looking forward, and know there’s a reason you are here at this crucial time in earth’s history.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Do you want to make the journey to Union and beyond lighter and more positive? Take the path forward with me as your “personal” guide with the Vibrational Alignment Program!

twin flame program

“My Twin Flame is a Runner and something amazing happened today… I’ve done the clearing two days in a row so far, and guess who called me this morning after doing the meditation and energy cleanse? Yup, you guessed it… he called on his own without prompting from me! I am so darn happy, it’s a miracle!”

– Kristine D, Mass., USA

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